Power Rangers Super Legends.



Cole Evans (former Red Wild Force ranger, Red Pirate Ranger)

TJ Johnson (former Red Turbo ranger and Blue Space ranger, Blue Pirate Ranger)

Ziggy Grover (former Green RPM ranger, Green Pirate Ranger)

Sydney Drew (former Pink SPD ranger, Yellow Pirate Ranger)

Kathrine Hillard (former Pink Power Ranger, Zeo and Turbo ranger, Pink Pirate Ranger)

Trip (former Green Time Force ranger, Silver Pirate Ranger)

RedLegend (Name TBA, spirit of the red rangers)

Returning characters:

Tommy Oliver (Mentor, former Green, White, Red Zeo and Turbo, Black Dino Power Ranger)




Nick Russell (former Red Mystic Force ranger)

"Z", Jack Landors and Commander Kruger (former Yellow, Red and Shadow SPD rangers)

Casey Rhodes (former Red Jungle Fury ranger)

Jayden and Lauren Shiba (former Red Samurai rangers)

Trent Mercer and Ethan James (former White and Blue Dino Rangers)

Leo and Mike Corbett (former Red Galaxy Ranger and Magna Defender)

Mack Hartford (former Red Overdrive ranger)

Dana and Ryan Mitchell (Pink and Titanium Lightspeed rangers)

Shane, Tori and Dustin (former Ninja Storm rangers)

Rocky DeSantos and Adam Park (former Blue and Green Zeo rangers)

Scott Trueman and Dillon (former Red and Black RPM rangers)

Andros and Zhane (former Red and Silver Space rangers)

Eric Myers, Wesley Collins and Jen Scotts (Quantum, Red and Pink Time Force rangers)

Jason Lee-Scott and Zack Taylor (Red and Black Power Rangers)

Justin Stewart (former Blue Turbo Ranger)

Mega Force Rangers

New Characters:

Luke Edwards (steals Cole's red samurai key to fight off Master Xandred)

Rebecca (replaces Sydney when she returns to the future for 4 episodes)

More to come as the series continues.