Chapter 1: The Legend War: Recruitment Part 1



Mighty Morphin:

Jason, Zack, Aisha, Billy and Kimberly


Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Tanya and Kat


Robot Rangers and Justin

Lightspeed Rescue:

Carter, Chad, Joel, Kelsey, Dana and Ryan

Time Force:

Wes, Lucas, Trip, Katie, Jen and Eric

Dino Thunder:

Connor, Ethan, Kira and Trent


The Alliance of Evil

Zangyack Foot Soldiers

Lord Zedd

King Mondo

"Earth, a place where humans had lived happily for years and years, until 1993 when Rita Repulsa, who Zordon of Eltar had sealed away at one point. But she was freed by mistake after astronauts had opened her dumpster on the moon. A group of teenagers were chosen to protect earth by Zordon. Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly and Trini were chosen to protect earth from her and her minions. They were later joined by Tommy who was Rita's evil green ranger but was freed from her spell. They went on to save earth, but Tommy's powers were destroyed but he soon became the White Ranger, Jason, Trini and Zack were chosen to go to a peace conference in Switzerland, but needed to pass the power onto 3 new people. So Rocky, Aisha and Adam became the new Red, Yellow and Black rangers and in the end Kimberly left to go to Florida for a gymnastics competition and gave her powers to Kat. With Billy being the only ranger from the original team and the original Blue ranger, he was the longest Blue ranger to hold the power. But on Kats birthday, Rita, her husband Lord Zedd, Goldar and Rito Repulsa had successfully turned back time with the help of Master Vile. With the rangers being the only people to regain their memories as kids, Billy makes a machine to turn them back old again, but Goldar destroys the coins and the old powers are gone forever and they all remained in child form except for Billy who used the machine first , but there was one last hope, the Zeo crystal. The 5 former rangers travelled in time to different countries to find the crystals. But the Alien Rangers of Aquitar had come to defend earth whilst they were on their quest. But that was only the beginning of things to come. New powers, old and new rangers, and a…"

"BANG", a loud noise speeded across earth, interrupting a man, who was completely covered up in his uniform.

In Valencia, California, 2012

"Guys you ok… Connor? Ethan? Kira?" spoke a voice "Yeah, were fine Doctor O. The bang just gave me a fright that's all" replied Connor. "Same here, that was nothing like before" muttered Ethan.

"Guys? You might want to come and take a look at this!" shouted Kira" The TV was at a bad signal, just about showing the 4 Dino Rangers what is going on..."A group of monsters have invaded earth, there is no help anywhere. Where are the Power Rangers? Where are the Beetleborgs? Where are the VR Troopers?" announced the news presenter, Connor said in a confused tone of voice "Erm, who are the Beetleborgs.. and the VR Troopers?" "I swear the Beetleborgs were comic books I read when I was younger" said Ethan "Well we need them to help us defend earth" told Kira. Tommy looked at the 3, they looked hopeless, scared, unsatisfied. "Well we need to try and get are dino gems working again before anything"

The year 3011

"TRIP! JEN! KATIE! WHATS GOING ON?" shouted Lucas. "I have no idea, but the city is disappearing, we need to get out of here" replied Trip. The two Time Force rangers ran away into the distance, "Hey, wait there" shouted Jen, "We need to find out what's going on, all of the town is fading away". Jen and Katie ran towards the Time Force HQ with Lucas and Trip following after. "Trip, try and contact Wes and Eric, we need to find out what's going on in his current time.

"beep..beep..beep.." the super computer was trying to get contact with Wes.

"Guys, you need to get to the year 2012 right now, there is a group of monsters destroying the city" Wes shouted to his 4 former team mates. "But Wes, what in the world is going on?" asked Trip "The world is under attack, we contacted Lightspeed Rescue and there here helping us, and so are the Beetleborgs" explained Wes but Lucas replied "hang on, Beetleborgs? My grandfather told me about them, but he said they were comic strips" "GUYS! WE NEED TO GET TO 2012! NOW" shouted Jen. The 4 of them ran into a room. Inside this room was a door, locked and could only be opened by typing in a certain code. Trip went over in a slow pace, worried whilst walking and typed in 2012. The door opened and showed what was happening to the Silver Guardians and Lightspeed Rescue. Trip jumped in, without a fear for the world to the year 2012 with the other rangers following after.

Silver Hills, 2012.

"Carter, there's too many of them, we need to get the zords and crush all of these!" Eric shouted, Joel replied for Carter "We can't, it will just destroy the city even more! We need to fight these guys, we need to morph!". Eric and Wes ran to Joel, joined by Carter, Joel, Ryan, Dana and Kelsey. Wes shouted "Let's do this!" "WAIT!" a voice had been heard from a distance, 4 figures appeared from a distance, walking through the dust. "You can't start the party without all the guest's", the 4 Time Force rangers had landed safely to the present day. The Beetleborgs were already transformed and it was a matter of time till the others would be. "LIGHTSPEED RESCUE" "TIME FOR TIME FORCE" "TITANIUM POWER" "QUANTUM POWER", the rangers transformed.

The rangers began to fight, but the monsters had grown too strong for them. The rangers were forced to morph down. A heavy breathing Chad told the other rangers "We can't keep doing this, we need to get reinforcements, let's get back to Lightspeed HQ for the meantime" "Ok then, let's go".

Reefside High School

The 4 Dino Rangers had left Tommys house in order to try and regain their powers, they were walking through a forest to try and get there faster. "Doctor O, How long is this short cut" Connor asked, "We have a good 10 minute walk ahead of us, we best keep going" Tommy replied. They kept walking but they saw a figure running through, they stopped to see if they could reveal the person. Tommy looked very confused but then the person was revealed.

"Hi there tommy, it's been a long since we saw each other. I was about 'what'… 12 years old at least?" He took his hoodie down, revealing himself. "No way, Justin? Is it really you?" Tommy asked, the man replied "Yeah, it's me Tommy" the two walked towards each other very slowly with a grin on their faces, Tommy put his hand, ready to shake hands with his former team mate. Justin looked and said "You finally got rid of that stupid haircut then", they both laughed and shook hands.

The Dino Rangers and the Blue Turbo Ranger ran towards the school.

"WHITE RANGER! DINO POWER" the White Ranger had regained his powers. A shocked Tommy said to him "Trent, where did you get your powers?" Trent unmorphed with a grin, his body turned around and he pointed and said "That team over there, I haven't seen them before but I think there rangers, and there all red". Tommy looked at them with a confused glance, they walked towards them. "So you are the one Zordon spoke about, all the years ago, you're the first Green Ranger aren't you?" said one of them, "Yeah, I'm that guy but… hang on, did you say… Zordon?" Tommy replied. The man in red said "Yes, we finally found you, and yes Zordon was are leader, we are from the same planet as him and he chose us to be part of the Power Rangers but we haven't used these powers in so long because Ivan Ooze was finally locked up, but us Red Rangers defeated him and kept him locked up" explained on of them but Tommy was not interested in that "All I want to know is who you guys are, I don't know if your rangers or not!"

"Well that's why we're here, Zordon predicted a day where Earth would be doomed so he told us when and where to go, and that's right here, because the Power Rangers of Eltar are all on their way, were the Red Rangers of the group!"

"The first warrior of the planet Eltar, Go Red"

"Here to lay down the cards and fight evil, AceRanger!"

"Stopping evil and being a good sport, Marvel Red"

"Saving electricity and zapping evil, Power Red!"

"With the power of the sun, Vulcan Red!"

"Go Ranger" "Game Ranger" "Hero Ranger" "Power Ranger" "Sun Vulcan" "We are the first 5 red warriors, Defending planets in need"

"Well I can finally reveal myself to you now Tommy" said Go Red. He took his helmet of slowly, and got slower as it lifted up until his mask was completely off. Tommy stared at him, wondering who it would be. "No way. David?" Tommy asked, the man had replied with a tone of happiness "Yeah, its me Tommy, but there isn't time to explain how im a ranger, you're going to have to wait till later, now follow the other red rangers, we are all ready to risk are lives for this world, Dino Rangers, this may be the last battle we ever fight but it will be for the safety of this world, now we need to get to Silver Hills, it isn't far from here, we need to get the other rangers too, as many as we can find".

Back in Silver Hills.

"I just called the Zeo Rangers, they are going to get into contact with Tommy and then find a group of people to take the Turbo powers and get the original rangers" Trip informed the group, Wes and Eric had not heard as they were trying to fix the truck Lightspeed Rescue had used to get too Silver Hills earlier that day. The Lightspeed rangers had remained in there suits, Wes and Eric had also remained morphed, the truck was smashed at the front which had made it nearly impossible to drive, "There, I got it working guys, now we can get out of here" shouted Carter, but an earthquake began. The rangers all stood there in silence and were in a surrounded completely by a group of monsters.

"Who are you?" Trip shouted to them. The monsters all separated into 2 sides to reveal a human, he looked at the rangers and shouted at them "Don't let them get you, for god sakes run, for every human in this world, just leave me and run!" and the rangers had ran. The rangers got into the truck but before they could, the monsters surrounded it, "Now it's time to feel the wrath of the mighty Alliance of Evil" said one of them, Carter and Wes attacked him, but he was too strong for them. "Hey, if you're going to pick on the rookies, have a go at getting us" shouted a voice. Suddenly, a dash of rangers came and attacked the Alliance of Evil. They slowed down and the Time Force and Lightspeed Rescue rangers looked at them. Wes walked towards the red rangers and said "Jason, Tommy, TJ, it's good to see you guys again" but the Turbo ranger said "I am not TJ, I am a Robot from Eltar who has gained TJ's powers so he can fight with the Space Rangers". All the teams unmorphed, The Zeo rangers went towards Wes "I hope you're ready for this dude" Rocky said, Wes looked at him strangely and said "Ready? For what?" Adam interrupted Rocky and sharply said "To gather every existing Power Ranger and fight against the Alliance of Evil"

A few hours later, they all planned out where they were going to get the rangers, Tommy explained the plan, "Okay, my brother has already gone out to find the brand new team, the Mega Force rangers, Troy, Emma, Jake, Noah and Gia. They are high school students so they have less experience than us, so that means they must be recruited last, Me and the Zeo rangers will go and find the Space, Galaxy and Wild Force rangers, the Mighty Morphin rangers will go find the Ninja Storm rangers, Meet up with the Dino Rangers and then get the Mystic Force rangers, the Robot Rangers and Justin will get the Overdrive, Jungle Fury and Samurai rangers and then the Time Force rangers will be sent to the year 2030 with the Lightspeed rangers to get the SPD rangers and then to an alternate universe to get the RPM rangers. This may be the last battle we fight, so we need every ranger possible, even if that means destroying are powers and possibly dying" Tommy looked at his fellow rangers and shouted once more "Let's do this guys, ITS MORPHING TIME!"