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Chapter 7: Introduction and Elimination Round of the WDMMT (or The Winter Duel of Monsters and Magic Tournament)

The Winter Duel of Monsters and Magic Tournament was one of the two biggest events of the year. An international Tournament, where only the best were allowed to come through an invitation, the elimination style rounds started on the very first day of the holidays all over England.

The real Tournament was to be held from the 28th to the 30th of December in a randomly picked Country, then with the Dartboard of Decision was used to choose the area where it would be held. The thrower of the dart, thus the one who would bestow the honor of hosting such a Tournament, was the winner of the Summer Duel Monsters and Magic Tournament. (Vice-versa for when the dart would be thrown for the Summer Tournament.)

During those three days, thirty-two duelists would be pit against one another for the glory of winning. There was also the title of the Oak King (the Summer title was the Willow King) as well as a hefty sum of money. The notoriety of the win made it quite a big win.

The date for the Summer Duel Monsters and Magic Tournament was the 28th to the 30th of June. It had the same prestige as the Winter Duel Monsters and Magic Tournament with the exception of having more participants and its category of tag-team duels.

In fact, you could compare those annual Tournaments like the Olympic Games, since these Tournaments brought tourists to the area where it was hosted, the same fame and the same glory as those Greek Games that came every four years.

This year, the 27th annual Winter Duel Monsters and Magic Tournament was to be held in France, in a small city not far from Paris (about 45 minutes by car or 30 minutes by train) called Reims. It was famous for its champagne and its magnificent Notre-Dame Church where many French kings had been anointed. It was a beautiful little town, just right for those wanting to Duel in the open air.

— PotS —

The Hogwarts Express had arrived at London at the end of the 20th of December. There was barely a night of rejoice before the very next day, the whole Bakura-Ishtar family went for the Big Ben Square to participate in the elimination rounds for the Winter Tournament.

There were two divisions for the Tournament: the Junior division (for those between the age of six and eighteen) and the Senior division (for those that were sixteen and above). Harry, despite the fact that he really didn't like it, was signed up for the Junior Division once again. Aapep and Marik signed up for the Senior category, just for a little bit of fun.

The Square was packed with people under the barely visible rays of the eight o'clock rising sun. The sky was of the clear bright blue variety in the crispy cold air. A perfect day for the first duels to be. The first two day was reserved for entering the Tournament as well as the Junior's elimination rounds. The next three days were only for the Adults Division (there were quite a bit more people who entered that category). The 26th and 27th were days off where people celebrated Christmas, letting also people organize their trip for Reims.

Harry was bouncing up and down on enthusiastically. The excitement was getting to him. He was part of the first group that were to duel. Knowing that a dueling outfit was needed — it was like a signature of the person —, Harry had decided on this year's outfit. Just like his decks, Harry had a hard time decided what his signature outfit would be.

Take the Pharaoh and his Consort, they were renowned for their leather style with a quantity of silver chains hanging from everywhere on their bodies. Even being around the age of thirty, they could still pull it off quite well.

Harry's father, Aapep, was known to wear dark colors. Usually a long-sleeved black shirt, with only four buttons, dark grey jeans and dark brown Italian loafers. To complete the assembly, Aapep would wear a dark leather trench coat that would float near his feet. This highlighted his long white spiky hair while making his skin a ghostly pale skin tone that it was certainly not. Harry thought that his father was, altogether, a dashing figure when he dueled. His opponents, on the other hand, were already frightened out of their wits when they saw him. Which didn't help when they faced his Zombies from his deck.

Harry's Daddy, in reverse to his father, went for more neutral type of color. His outfit was more of a sleeveless (if it was warm) dark beige shirt with some light brown dress pants. At his feet were brown leather boots, that were mainly hidden by the pants. To complete the outfit was a black Fedora, making him, in all respects, a very distinguished person.

It was to bad that Harry's papa had left the Dueling Scene a couple of years ago. Five years to be more precise. Ryo had wanted to be more of a stay at home parent so that Harry would get all the love he could need. Although, there had been rumors of a meekly looking man, dressed a bit like a nerd with his much to large white sweatshirts, light grey pants and grey sneakers, that was a devastating opponent. He had earned the nickname of the White Death. Surely it couldn't have been his Papa-Ryo, right?

Which would bring us back to Harry's own outfit. This year Harry had decided to go in with a simple outfit that would reflect his deck's theme, while reflecting his House colors. Due to the fact that the temperature circled around the 0 degrees Celsius this early in the morning, thus acknowledging a warmer afternoon, Harry went for a two-layers outfit. The first layer was a simple white t-shirt that would peak out from his rufous colored — a sort of reddish brownish type of color— sweater. Impressed in the back, with a bright gold to be visible, was a stick with two serpents intertwined around it. The Caduceus, as it was called, was both a medical symbol — what it was most known for — and as an alchemic symbol. He wore, for the bottom half of his body, dark blue jeans with a brown belt and black sneakers. To complete the look, he had a scarf with large red and gold stripes that matched his red fingerless wool gloves where golden thread was weaved inside to form the elemental star on the back.

His opponent of the hour was an older boy with mousy yellow hair that framed a very freckled face with dark brown eyes. He was taller than Harry, however the boy was at the same time very lanky. The clothes that he wore were similar to a character from a television show that Harry had watched once a long time ago. The dark haired boy thought the show might have been called Pokemon, if memory served him well. And that the character that the boy was imitating in the style department was called, of this Harry was very sure, Ash Ketchum. That meant that the boy was wearing light blue jeans, red and white sneakers with matching cap, a dark t-shirt and a blue vest that had white short sleeves to it.

Around them, other battles were being set up with other children, ranging from young to older teenagers. This was London where everyone in the United Kingdom who wanted to participate in the Winter Duel Monsters and Magic Tournament had gathered today.

The rules for the first round of elimination were simple enough. Each participant had been assigned to a group that ranged from the letter A to P. The number amidst those groups varied while still remaining an even number of contestants. Each group would then take turns on the square to fight in a sort of Battle Royal style. The duels were one on one, but anyone could challenge anyone. Once a duel has been engaged, then nobody could intervene. On top of that, the looser of the duel had to leave the 'arena'. You only had one chance in this Tournament, if you lost it, you would have to wait for the Summer one in six months or the Winter one in twelve months time.

Harry had only stood in one spot, letting his opponent come to him. He was known in the Dueling World but not that famous for his prowess in dueling. In reality, most of Harry's fame came from his family. Having only entered the Dueling Arena for three years, more seriously for the last year, Harry had the greatest advantage of looking young, inexperienced, and generally overlooked. His cousin Satoshi had the same home court advantage as he did.

So of course, the older boy with the bad cosplay idea of a show imitating Duel Monsters would strut over to what he thought was one of the weakest links. An easy win but not for the person who thought it would be. At least the older 'bully' — he wasn't really mean and who wouldn't choose the best strategical maneuver to stay in this tournament? — had the decency to introduce himself politely.

"My name is Harris LeGrange. Would you agree to a Duel between the two of us?" Harris was at a respective distant for a possible duel, not to far, nor was he was to close to be crowded.

Harry shrugged. "If you want to. My name is Harry Ishtar-Bakura. Please to make your acquaintance."

"No, no, the pleasure is mine. I was looking for some fun, you just fit the profile."

They activated their duel disks, right after they had shuffled their decks and put their cards in them. Through the game of rock-paper-scissors, they choose who would start first. That would be Harris, since his paper defeated Harry's rock.

Harris' Life Points: 6000

Harry's Life Points: 6000

Each boy drew five cards. Harry hid his smile of glee at the excellent hand he choose.

Harris shouted "Draw" as he took his sixth card from the top of his deck. His predatorily smile was a bit creepy, or so to speak. "Perfect. I summon Elektric Mouse in Attack Mode." The hologram of a big brown mouse with lightning like light grey whiskers that matched his long tail that was also shaped like a lightening rod. It hoped from side to side a couple of times before staying in one place, tail still waiving happily.

Elektric Mouse is a four-star monster card with 1600 attack points and 1200 defense points. He has no effects.

"I equip it with Lightening Rod to raise his attack points. I place a card face down and end my turn."

Lightening Rod is a magic equip card that raises a thunder-type monster by 300 attack points.

"All right," Harry acknowledged, "then I'll draw." He took the card on top of deck. "Let's start off with a little devil. Come on out Mephisto in attack mode." Out from the white light of the hologram apparition came a devilish black-haired man with ruby-red eyes in a black tuxedo suit and a blood-red tie. His attire was completed with shining black dress shoes. Taking off his black top hat, the devil bowed to his opponent that tried to spark him.

Mephisto is a four-star monster card with 1800 attack points and 1200 defense points. He has no effects.

"Then, I'll equip him with Devil's Charm." A silver cane came into sight of the spectators that had gathered around the duel.

Devil's charm is a magic equip card that raises Mephisto's attack by 700 points and his defense by 300 points.

Harry was a very happy duelist. "Let's see how your mouse will face against my devil. Mephisto, attack." The devil was very happy at the order. Disappearing from where he stood, he suddenly re-appeared just in front of the brown mouse who squeaked in surprise. The silver cane that was in Mephisto's hand was used to attack Elektric Mouse hard. In a shower of sparks and lights, the mouse disappeared from the arena.

Mephisto teleported back to his original place, the smirk was much to happy.

"I should thank you for destroying my monster. The lose of points were worth this trap. I activate Vendetta. This allows me to special summon my Elektric Mouse King." The hologram of the previous mouse, in a much larger version and with a golden band that circled his head, came onto the field. It loomed over Mephisto, sparks flew around the monster to scare him. A visible full-body shiver was seen on Mephisto as the devil grimaced distastefully.

Vendetta is a trap card that activates when an Elektric Mouse is sent to the graveyard. It allows the player to special summon Elektric Mouse King from the deck or hand.

Elektric Mouse King is a seven-star monster card with 28000 attack points and 26000 defense points. If there is another Elektric Mouse on the field, then no magic or trap card can effect him directly.

Harry scowled at the slight setback from the trap card. He was expecting a different kind of trap card. Well, all plans couldn't work the way you wanted. "Well, well, looks like you weren't just all talk and no brain. I place two face-downs and end my turn."

Harris' Life Points: 5400

Harry's Life Points: 6000

Harris ignored the intended insult. "I draw a new card. Then, I summon another Elektric Mouse." The previous brown mouse came back in the field. "I also equip another Lightening Rod to my Elektric Mouse King, making that his attack points higher than ever before. This makes me the king of the duel. So, say goodbye to your Mephisto." With one over-exaggerated wave of hand, Harris pointed at the red-eyed devil of a man. "Attack my majestic Elektric Mouse King. Avenge your fallen subject."

The elephantine brown crown-wearing mouse started to run towards a cowering black-haired red-eyed in a tuxedo devil. His hands were crossed with the silver cane used as some sort of feeble shield. As the Mouse-King prepared to shock his way into revenge, when the devil stood up with an eerie smiling face.

The Mouse-King didn't stop his attack, even though it frowned at the change of emotion of his victim. It stopped a few steps aways before launching a lightning bolt just to be on the safe side.

Mephisto brought up his silver cane to point it towards the bolt, letting it go the cane stood afloat. The silver turned to purple before getting larger and fatter. Then it separated into a similar cylinder. The first cylinder received the yellow bolt that was about to kill Mephisto. The second cylinder spit out the thunderbolt straight towards a very shocked —pardon the pun — Harris LeGrange.

"Oh my, looks like your little mouse has turned onto its master. That must have been a shock to the heart." Harry mocked his opponent. "No what will you do now?"

Magic Cylinders is a magic card that activates when an opponent's monster declares an attack. This card negates the attack. If that is done, you can inflict damage to your opponent equal to its ATK.

Harris growled at the younger boy. "Fine then, I put my Elektric Mouse in defense mode and end my turn."

Harris' Life Points: 2300.

Harry's Life Points: 6000

Harry started to jump lightly on his feet. "Then it's my turn then." He drew a new card from his deck. "This card I just got, you are good as gone from this Tournament. First off, I summon Water's Homunculus, the lovely Unda, in attack mode."

On the left of Mephisto, a lovely blue-haired woman with green eyes appeared. She had pointy ears and three small aquamarine dots in a shape of a triangle on her forehead. Her attire, a bright sea-color toga with matching sandals, contrasted with the somber tuxedo. Mephisto gave gallantly his arm to Unda, who put a delicate white arm at the crook of his elbow.

Water's Homunculus is a three-star monster card with 1000 attack points and 1400 defense points. If her counterpart "Earth's Homunculus" is on the field, then they bestow 300 Life Points at every Main Phase of the player.

"Next, I activate my other face-down, a personal favorite of mine which is Celestial Call." The card on the field came up while it was brightly lit. An ivory white bungle came out. A melodious melody of many trumpets was heard. The devil started to glow red all around him. "You see, this card effects depend on if Mephisto is on the field, his rival slash friend, Raphael, or both. As you can see, only Mephisto on the field. This allows him to attack twice, the second time with only half of his original attack points."

Celestial Call is a trap card whose effects vary depending on if Mephisto, Raphael or both is on the field. When Mephisto is on the field, he can attack twice per turn. The second turn allows him to attack directly the Life Points of your opponent with half of the Attack points. This card can only stay on the field for three turns before it is destroyed.

"Finally, I play my final card in my hand. It's one of my papa's favorites, so say hello to my magical card Change of Heart."

On the arena, a beautiful female divine being appeared in a show of lights. Half of her was like an angel with milky feathered wings while the other half was like a devil with black batty wings. In her hands was a heart that was exactly divided into two with light and dark colors. She smiled at the couple that were her allies before flying towards the biggest of the two opponents.

Change of Heart is a magic card whose effects targets one monster your opponent controls. It takes control of that monster until the End Phase.

Elektric Mouse King went towards Harry's side of the field. His eyes were glazed like he was dazed.

Harris LeGrange swallowed at the situation. He was completely and utterly screwed. In front of him, his opponent was looking like a little angel, with that sweet baby smile of his, coupled by those sparkling eyes, morphed into this cruel statue of an avenging divine being.

Those red lips with plump baby-face cheeks opened to utter his death sentence. "Mephisto why don't you first attack Elektric Mouse, please."

The incarnation of the devil nodded happily, withdrew his arm from Unda before dashing towards the brown electrical mouse. Raising his silver cane, he slammed it down on top of his adversary's head. The mouse disappeared in a shower of sparks and lights.

"Then, it's Unda's turn to attack you directly." The elfin woman raised an arm, her palm in motion of 'stop'. A water ball formed itself. With an elegant sweeping motion, she 'rolled' her watery ball towards the fair hair figure, as if she was throwing a bowling ball. Harris tried to protect himself with his arms crossed against the tidal wave. Even if it didn't hurt, the psychological effect was devastating.

Harris Life Points: 1300

Harry's Life Points: 6000

"To conclude this match, I will defeat you with your very own monster. Go Elektric Mouse King, defeat your master!"

The giant Mouse-King scampered towards his former master, sparks all around him. Just at the last second, the monster turned around to his tail, fully charged of electricity, to deal a devastating blow.

Harris Life Points: 0

Harry's Life Points: 6000

The duel was over in barely twenty minutes, without Harry loosing a single life point at all. It was not only rare event, but also a sign of good fortune, that his very first match in the Duel turned out like this.

The spectators, who had gathered around to watch, burst into applause at the one in a kind duel that have ever seen. Harry was jumping up and down of joy, under the proud gaze of his fathers. Well, more like under the proud gaze of two of his parents and the more neutral — barely hidden behind was the proud gaze that only those that were close would have noticed — gaze of his father.

Harry threw himself in the arms of his papa. It was a fantastic win after all. Even for the Court standards.

A new opponent then approached the younger boy for a duel. She had seen the crowd that had gathered. She wanted a challenge, something that made her want to continue dueling. To want to progress, to reach new levels. So, if a crowd burst into applause at the young boy — she wasn't to sure how old he was — than that was an excellent indication for a good duel.

She went up to him to introduce herself and continue on her journey as a duelist.

— PotS —

Reims was a beautiful city under the winter season. Calm, quiet, but still an important tourist attraction for the country of France. Its main attraction is his tall Cathedral Notre-Dame where many Catholic French Kings had been anointed.

Another tourist attraction was the fact that the city had been selected as the host for the 27th annual Winter Duel Monsters and Magic Tournament. The hotels were packed to the brink, inside and outside of the city. Some of the inhabitants even loaned their spare rooms at prices higher than the markets, but it was worth the expense. As anyone could have told you, despite being held twice a year, Duel Monsters and Magic Tournament was a big event.

Those that had qualified for the final event didn't had to worry about accommodations for them and their family. Since it was only a two hour train ride by the Eurostar, by the end of the 25th, the Bakura-Ishtar family was already on their way to their Hotel in Reims to spend Christmas Eve. Just so that they could have a good two days of holidays before the main Event.

Christmas was one of the best holidays that the family celebrated — despite the fact that it was a catholic holiday and not a pagan one. When Harry had celebrated his very first Christmas with his new family after his adoption, he was very surprised to have received any type of presents. The Dursleys had pounded into his head that he was a very bad boy who was on the Scrooges list, not Santa's.

Somehow, his Daddy had knew what he was going through. When he had saw the overwhelmed expression from his new son, Marik had gently guided Harry out of the living room and into the kitchen for a little discussion. It was about nine to ten months since Harry's living situation had changed. So it was perfectly natural that he still had some lingering aftereffect. A good hot coco, a serious discussion and a gentle hug with a kiss on the nose helped things a lot. Barely an hour later, Harry had rejoined a worried Ryo and a neutral Aapep to open up his presents and enjoy a very merry day.

Nowadays, the only two lingering effects of his stay at the Dursleys were actually some very cute quirks. The first one was always the little surprise expression that would always show quickly on Harry's face. Every time, without fail, he saw that there were some presents for him under the tree. The other was how he would never rip the paper of his presents, but carefully take it off before putting it neatly in a pile.

This year, it was a particular festive event since his Cousin had also qualified for the Junior Division, thus the whole Bakura-Ishtar-Kaiba family had gathered in one of the rooms to exchange their gifts.

There were the usual presents handmade presents from Harry's parents: a knife from his father, a knitted scarf from his papa, a new toy that his daddy had made for him to better harness his shadow magic. Then there were those from his Uncle Mokuba — usually some sort of book —, the joint present from his Uncle Seto and Aunt Isis — some money that was put into his bank account or some rare cards that could interest him— and a handmade present from his Cousin Satoshi — usually a card.

In return, Harry had gifted some cool gadgets for thievery to his father, some joke items for his daddy and some magical wool for his papa — it changed colors according to the mood of the knitter which stayed once it was knitted together.

For his Uncle Seto, he had bought a series of books explaining the political mouvements of the British Wizarding World, the Laws and the Economic effects so that his beloved Uncle could bring in some business in a new market. His Aunt got a book on ritual summon demons and monsters from the past — it was more like a joke rather than a real 'dark' kind of book. As for Satoshi, it was a storybook that wizarding children read.

His Uncle Mokuba got Hogwarts a History the Golden Deluxe Version that was very well received.

He had sent his friends their gifts a couple of days ago. Dean and Harry had gotten a joint present for a rulebook, a started deck and some boost packets for Neville just to see if he would get hooked on the game. They also added some Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bots Every Flavor Bean.

Dean got a signed autograph from the King of Games with a one year subscription to the magazine Duelists and Duels, the number one magazine on Duel Monsters.

Hermione got some sugar-free candies with a book on old wizard lore and legends. He didn't know her that well to really know what she wanted.

In return, Harry had received some cool presents from them. Hermione had sent him a very large box of chocolate frogs. Her note said that "since you like cards so much, here is another collection to start. Merry Christmas Harry." Dean had sent him four card packs that were one step above the normal ones. The cards he received were added to his cards reserve. Neville had sent him a book about etiquette in the high end society, especially for the Noble Houses, like the Potters.

Then, as they continued on their merriment, Satoshi spotted another package under the tree. "Hey Harry, there is another present for you." Harry picked it up. It was wrap in some coarse brown paper with a thick string to it. It was also very light. A card was attached to it with the writing in big loopy letters: "Harry Potter, your father left this in my possession before he died. It is time it was returned to you. Use it well. A Very Merry Christmas to you."

Harry was puzzled at the package. "Do any of you know where this package came from?" How did a strange package get through the hotel security? On top of that, they didn't know in which room they would celebrate Christmas? It was only until last night that the whole clan decided to go celebrate Christmas morning at the Bakura-Ishtar hotel room.

"May I, Harry?" Isis asked her nephew while extending a hand for the packet. Vestige of powers from the Millennium Necklace, she could feel the intention of the previous handler of the package from the residues. If they had nefarious intentions towards anyone related to her, she would feel it without any problem.

Harry padded towards her over the thick brown carpet. As she received the mysterious present, Isis was bombarded with only positive emotions. Regret from something lost, parental love towards her nephew, something else like sorrow and time that passed. "It's alright. You can open it Harry. I think its a heirloom from your birth father."

Harry opened the package. A material fluid and silvery gray went slithering to the floor where it lay in gleaming folds. Another note was pinned to it. In that same big loopy writing were the words: "This was your father's inheritance for you on Christmas Eve. It is known as an Invisibility Cloak. Take good care of it."

Reverently, Harry picked up the cloak before sitting down on his Papa's legs. On either side were his father and his daddy, just there for the emotional gift. After a couple of minutes, Harry smiled and kissed each of his parents cheek. "You guys are my parents. This is a heritage from my birth dad that I have never seen. You guys are there for me."

The emotional situation got broken by eight years old Satoshi Kaiba. "So, why don't you try it on? See if it really turns your invisible." Only his youthful exuberance could have broken the mood so effectively. Everybody laughed while Harry complied.

After putting on his father's cloak around his shoulders, only Harry's head stayed 'afloat' in the air. The two cousins shared a grin at the potential pranks that could be planned. The adults shared a look on top of the children's heads. They would have to be kept on their toes, even if the probability of their children playing a practical joke during a very important tournament. After, yes, but during, never.

The ambience returned to its festive tunes. They family went to eat breakfast together, ready for the two days of rest before they would face against their opponents. If they won their next two matches each, they would face against each other in the semi-finals.

But for now, they were cousins that meant family. Family, for the Bakura-Ishtar-Kaiba clan, meant everything. It transcended any rivalry, any internal squabble that could be. They were united as one, and as one they would remain.

For that family, you messed with one of them, you messed with all of them. Seeing the money, reputation and power that the Bakura-Ishtars and the Kabas wielded separately, you could say that it was quite a lot.

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