I hope the IPA symbols translate well. it's kinda my favorite part. Drabble!

The TARDIS. Pronounced /ˈtɑːdɪs/.

Meaning Time and Relative Dimension in Space

It means that The Doctor has a very warped sense… of everything really. He sees the world a little differently compared to, oh, just about every single entity in the universe left alive. Or sentient.

Because even the word 'alive' is a little warped to him now. He's met machines with souls and people who'd lost all their humanity. He's met things that simply can't be alive; but are.

The worst though, is his sense of Time.

Even when he knows time is finite to others… to him it can't be. He's always got time. But they never do. He can wait aeons, millions of years, he can watch stars be born and worlds die and not have to blink. But to others… They live haphazard and frantic lives. Each second is precious to them in a way that it can't be to him. Each second to them can be new and exciting.

He's seen so much. Yes, he finds things that are incredible and awesome and awful and magnificent… but even the end of the world seems familiar to him now.

He knew he only had two minutes. He was the one that told her.

But even then he couldn't get it out. Couldn't give her that little lie that would have made her heart stop breaking; make him seem less cruel and make the best of a terrible tragedy.

They rush. He walks.

Why couldn't he have said it? Anything? Just her name slipped through and then he was left alone.

None of them look at the world the same as he does. None of them can watch it crawl by and see the beauty. None of them can sit and just watch. They always want to run and do.

But one might be able to sit with him.

If someone, anyone, would be able to stroll through time with him it would be that little boy from the BoeshanePeninsula who's seen so much and been forgotten so many times.

He could understand time.