"Thanks for dinner," Izaya thanked his mother, Mitsuki, and rose from his chair.

"You're welcome, honey." His mother replied as Izaya left the kitchen and headed upstairs towards his room. Or so his parents thought.

The raven went directly into the bathroom upstairs which was just opposite his room. He closed and locked the door behind him, grabbing the handle to make sure the door was locked properly. Izaya stood before the toilet, pulling his long sleeves up to make sure they would stay clean. He then placed one hand on the toilet seat, bent over the toilet with his back arched, while he stuck a finger down his throat.

There he was, at it again. It had become a daily routine for him and even if he wanted to, he couldn't make himself stop. He had gotten used to purging after dinner every night and on those days where he tried not to; he just couldn't bear it and ended up going into the bathroom to do it anyway. He couldn't help it. He just needed to do it. The guilt that build up after having ate dinner was just too much for him to handle. Therefore, he had to purge.

Pushing his finger deeper down his throat he began feeling slightly sick and could feel how the food would soon come back up to greet him. Izaya moved his finger around inside his throat until he vomited. Then he did it again. And again. And again. His eyes became teary and his nose began running as he kept going, pushing his finger down his throat and then throwing up. It was very disgusting and if anyone saw him right now, they would think of him as a gross freak and he hated it but he had to do it. Besides, no one would ever see him like that anyway. Because no one knew what he was doing.

After a while he couldn't get anymore food up and figured that that was about it. Neither more food nor liquid would come out. He was done. Finally. The raven's body was shaking slightly as he went to the sink to wash his hands. There was vomit on his finger, sliding down his hand and stopped by his wrist. He didn't even wrinkle his nose at the sight like he had done the first few times. No, Izaya had gotten used to it. Even though he still found it awfully disgusting, he could handle it now.

Izaya looked in the mirror, seeing his pitiful reflection staring right back at him. Oh, how he hated what looked back at him, especially when he had that repulsive running nose and those pathetic teary eyes. Had he gone paler too? Well, that was one thing he could accept, since he had been fairly pale to begin with.

He washed his hands thoroughly and with loads of soap to make sure he would get the smell washed off. He wouldn't want anyone to find out what he had been doing, even though he probably wouldn't see the other members of his family until next morning.

Mairu and Kururi would probably be in their shared room and his mother, Mitsuki, and father, Takashi, would usually spend the evening in the living room, watching TV or what ever they liked to do on Fridays.

With clean hands he took some toilet-paper to clean his mouth with and threw it into the toilet. Then, he took some more which he wetted with water from the sink and then dried his mouth off once more and threw that toilet-paper into the toilet as well and at last he took a bit more of toilet paper to dry off the water and let that toilet-paper join the rest. At last he blew his running nose and flushed the toilet. After that, he washed his hands once more.

That was the end of Izaya's purge routine. Sighing, he left the toilet and went straight into his room, letting his tired body fall down onto his bed. There he lay on his stomach with his head buried in his pillow, wanting nothing more than to go to sleep. But even as he tried, he couldn't. He couldn't stop thinking. Oh, those damn thoughts! Why did life had to suck this much? It just wasn't fair. Why did he have to be the fat boy in class? Scratch that, why did he have to be the fattest person in the universe? He hated it. He hated his body.

The raven rolled unto his back and pulled up his shirt, looking at his stomach. It was too big. Huge. He couldn't even see his rips! Only his hipbone was visible but that was only slightly and definitely not enough. He wanted to be thinner. He wanted to look much more handsome. But no. Life just wasn't that generous, which is why he had been eating very little for two months now and after a while he figured that he wasn't loosing enough weight and began purging after dinner. Now, he couldn't eat anything without feeling guilty. This was partly bad since he had a date with his boyfriend tomorrow, because it was Saturday. Izaya liked his boyfriend a lot and loved going on dates with him but now these types of dates were rather scary for him, because they were going out to eat.

Usually, it wasn't a problem for him to purge after dinner even if his boyfriend was there, since he would just wait in his room while Izaya went to the toilet. Izaya had a pack of mint pastilles hidden in the bathroom he could eat before going into his room, where his boyfriend would be patiently waiting. But, because they were eating out, he wouldn't have a chance to go purge after having eaten. Now, how could he possibly purge? Maybe they could hurry home after eating? No, if he suddenly wanted to leave like that it would seem suspicious. Besides, they had always liked to stay at least 15-30 minutes longer to just talk about things they had been doing and such. Not like they rarely saw each other since they attended the same school and hang out in the working days as well.

But how could he purge? He knew he would have to purge, but how?

He lay in his bed, thinking it through until he suddenly worked out a plan that he thought could work. Izaya decided that he would bring a pack of mint pastilles and just do it in the bathroom in whatever place they were to eat. It would be really gross and he felt extremely disgusted for even considering doing something like that to the staff but it was his only option. He had to do it and he would.