For a while the room was filled with silence, none of the two males daring to say anything. Shizuo had stopped Izaya from doing something that might have ended his life, because the raven had considered cutting into the bone and there was no way he would have told anyone. Knowing that treating the wound properly by himself was out of the question, he might as well have died from blood loss. By all means, Shizuo stopping by had been for the best and now Izaya had calmed down, he could see that as well.

"Why did you come back?" Izaya asked after a while. "Didn't you already go home?"

"Yeah, but I couldn't just leave you. I felt like I needed to be here... or something like that."

"That's messed up," the raven said, chuckling lightly at the silly explanation.

"Hey, don't laugh at me, you little..."

"I'm just teasing you, Shizu-chan." It was funny how they were able to somewhat return to normal, as if nothing had happened. It was as if Izaya never had tried to just cut deep into his own flesh or yelled at Shizuo for-

Wait. He had just yelled at Shizuo, blaming all of Izaya's problems on him. What had he done?!

"Yeah, yeah, sure," Shizuo murmured.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you. And for blaming everything on you."

"Ah? It's fine. I know you're going through a lot right now and all, so it's okay."

Izaya didn't buy that. Shizuo was lying, he could tell. Normally, the blond didn't really lie and when he did it was unbelievably easy to see through them, especially for someone like Izaya. The question was; why was he lying now?

"Why are you lying?"

"What do you mean?" The blond raised a brow, pulling back slightly to glance down at the smaller male. Shizuo truly did look as if he didn't know what Izaya was talking about. Could he have been wrong?

"You're not being honest. It's not okay at all and you think so too."

"No, Izaya, it's alright, really. If I tell you I don't mind, then I don't mi-"

"You're lying."

The way Izaya spoke seemed to shut the other up, which only proved that Izaya had indeed been right in his assumption. In that case; why was Shizuo so reluctant to admit it?

"Already told you; I'm fine with it. I get that you'd react that way 'cause of all this... you know."

There was a pause as Izaya glared up at Shizuo, staring at him hard in hopes of seeing through him. Perhaps he couldn't see through his lies as he had thought he could. As always, Shizuo remained as unpredictable as always, and maybe Shizuo had been telling the truth from the start. Maybe he really didn't mind Izaya outburst and was outright serious about not minding the fit of anger.



"I... see." A small smile formed on the ravens lips as he leaned up and briefly pressed his lips to Shizuo's, savoring the feeling of the others lips against his own. He felt Shizuo lean downwards to return the kiss and Izaya couldn't help but feel happy. At least this was cheering him up and Shizuo seemed to be thinking the same, because he suddenly pulled back with a happy smile on his face.

"Feeling better?"

"Huh? Uh, yes."

"That's good." The warmth of Shizuo's body then left him as the blond released him and rose from the bed. "I'll go back home, then."

"This was all you came for?"

"Hm?" A slightly confused frown found its was to Shizuo's face as he stared down at the black-haired male. "Yeah, well, you were pretty down when I talked to you earlier, so I thought I'd come by to see you and maybe make you feel better." He shrugged, seemingly unable to explain himself any better than that. Not that Izaya expected anything more of him.

"Thank you, Shizu-chan," Izaya said happily, almost wanting to cry from how happy that made him.

"See you at school tomorrow?"

"Yes." At first he had thought of skipping and since Shizuo asked him such a question, it was as if he had already seen it coming. But now, he wanted to go, if only to see Shizuo there. "I'll be there."

Why had he agreed on going again? Right, he had promised Shizuo to be there, but did that really mean he had to keep it when he was feeling so upset? The morning had been more than horrible. His parents had made him a breakfast that he had been forced to eat at least half of before leaving for school. He was somehow grateful for at least getting off the hook by only eating half of it, even though eating a half piece of toast and an apple had still been much for him.

However, what made him go through with it and manage to eat that much was the thought of what was going to happen if he didn't go through with the diet and gradually gain weight. He clearly remembered what the doctor had told him, simply because it scared him greatly.

"If he doesn't start gaining weight soon, he will need to be hospitalized."

Never would he want to be put into a hospitalized prison for people who were just like him. It would be like having to compete with every other prisoner for who is the skinniest! He knew that was how he would feel if he ever got locket up in such a place. If anyone ate less than him, he would feel horrible. Besides, he would most likely be the fattest person there. No, not 'most likely', he would be the fattest one! Maybe even the only fat person!

"Izaya? Hey, Izaya~?"

"Eh?" The raven blinked a few times, noticing another person before him. He looked up, seeing that it was just Shinra trying to get in contact with him. Since Shinra was talking to him, it meant the bell had probably just rung. The raven had been too deep in thought to even notice.

"What is it, Shinra?"

"Didn't you hear me at all? I was asking which dress you think would fit Celty best!" he said excitedly, pointing down to a clothes catalog which he had apparently placed on Izaya's desk.

"Figure it out yourself," Shizuo said as he stopped right beside Izaya's desk. "Did you get your lunch?" Shizuo asked Izaya who simply nodded. "Wanna eat on the roof with me?"

"I'll eat my lunch in the next break," the black-haired male replied, a little too quickly for his own liking. It surely seemed like he wanted to skip the meal, which he did, but he didn't intend to. After all, he was still fearing having to live in a hospital until he gained enough weight to get back home.

Shizuo didn't seem to like that reply at all and spend the next few minutes staring him down and Izaya merely returned the stare.

"What is it with you two today?" Shinra suddenly said, interrupting their staring contest.

"Come on, flea, let's go eat a bit, alright?"

After a small pause, Izaya found his bento box in his bag and rose from his chair, obediently following Shizuo unto the roof.

Why was it he agreed to come to school again? He couldn't remember that now, because with Shizuo around, it seemed like it was going to be pure hell.

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