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"She saw you, didn't she?" I kept my hands on my face, covering my eyes in the hope she'd leave me be. Unfortunately, that's not how these things worked. At least not for me.

"I take your silence as a yes. You're gonna have to take care of her. We can't have her slipping about it."

"Bra," I began, raising my head and blinking my weary eyes. "I can't just get rid of her. She's a person too you know." She rolled her eyes at me.

"Trunks, you're too philosophical about this thing. It's not that hard. Just load, point, and shoot. Bada bing, bada boom, no more bitch. I don't get it. You're always like this when it's time to get rid of your hoe."

"She's not my 'hoe'," I hissed at her, the attiude grinding my nerves.

"Right. I believe you. But let me tell you something, brother," she sneered. "If you don't do it, I will." I watched her leave and sighed, leaning forward in my chair to rest my head on my arms. Why couldn't stupid women keep to their own damn business?

This has to be the twelfth girl that I've had to get rid of because she'd found out someway or another what I do, and if not that she's at least seen it.

See, my job's, well, a bit different from other people's. First of all, I get paid probably hundreds of dollars more than most people will ever make in their entire lives. Then again, my job is hundreds of times more dangerous.

I don't know if it's become apparent to you or not just what it is exactly that I do, but if not here it is in black and white.

I'm a hitman. Not just some lazy bum who thinks he's particularly good with a gun, but the prince of it all. The heir to a legacy that's as old as the mafia itself and then some. One of my ancestors was there in the beginning, and now here I am, living proof that legacys do succeed in the modern day and age. The only problem is, I haven't exactly been looking forward to the day it all becames mine.

No, I'm not some emotional wuss who doesn't want to kill. I don't have a problem with it to be honest. I just don't find pleasure in what I do, unlike my sister who, more often that not, makes it all into some sort of game. She says it's for the powertrip. And I don't have much to say about it at all.

Life is something I've always respected and the idea that someone could just as easily take my life as I do their's is a really hard concept to accept. That's why I get to them first.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts and I glanced up, not so surprised to see my sometimes-partner peeking his head through the door.

"Hey Trunks, I hate to bother you but Margaret's here." I rubbed at my temples, a headache forming from the large amount of pissed off that is building in there. I know why she's here. Bra told her to come.


"Send her in." He gave me a sorrowful grin which I returned with a small smile of my own. This is the part where any emotional thought has fled and I focused on the task ahead of me.

"Hi, darling," she greeted, walking up to me in her 5'3" glory. Her brown hair is worn big enough to meet me, however, at 5'11". How she walked I guess I'd never know.

"Hi. Listen, there's something I wanted to talk to you about-"

"I know," she began, soft golden eyes looking into mine. There was a hesitance in her posture and voice, mirroring her actions of stepping back. "I know all about you and Trunks, I'm sorry but I can't stay with you. Just knowing what you do and that you make a profit off of it..." She broke off, fear mixing with the former emotion, creating something I've seen many times before. "It terrifies me...And... I can't be in a relationship who's basis is fear." I looked down at my shoes and gave a bitter smile, filled with irony.

"I'm glad you feel that way because so do I." Her surprise was evident as her fear fell away into confusion. My hands settled on her shoulders to keep her eyes on me. "We both agree this relationship is over, Margaret. Right?" She nodded and kissed her fingertips, pressing them to my lips. She feels safer now, I can already tell. Stupid girl, run! Scream! Don't do this to yourself! I want to yell it all at her but it's too late. She stepped back and turned away. It was pure instinct that had me reach for my holster and it's my sadistic side that brought her name to my lips.


"Yes-" She began to look back and before her eyes could make contact with mine, I fired.

All in a days work I supposed.

Daniel stepped in with a couple of other lackeys and picked up the body, each greeting me their own way before dragging the body off to be cleaned and packaged before disposal. I returned to my desk and sat back while my feet rested on my desk. I was tired, I was hungry, and I had a flight in two hours to have a meeting with the parent that's had me thrown into this world. The worst of it all was that now I had to do it single. This might not sound that bad to any of you out there, but I don't particularly enjoy prostitutes. So, I'd have to find someone before I got there.

I'd have to find a replacement.


That's it for that. I'm sorry for putting up so little of it, but it's just a prolouge to see if anybody's actually interested. It's a little on the darker side but I'll be sure to add some humour in there, as is my way. I bet you all can guess who the replacement is going to be..

Jack: *shakes head to the right at Goten*

Goten: Jack, is there something in your ear?

Jack: NO! No, nothing at all. *watches as he leaves* 'Sucker'