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"Oh, crap," I muttered, my feet slipping against the curb as the rain began to fall in large droplets, dousing the street and it's people it only a matter of seconds. It was odd, the amount of rain sweeping the country. The oddest thing is, it's always where I am. I once heard that rain represents the tears of angels. Maybe they were crying for the loss of an innocent? Ha. Like I was ever an innocent...

The large building looms ahead, and my pace slows. No need to rush now. I'll make it on time. Shows this business can do a guy some good. A limo turns the corner like that of those on TV. They creep along, wary of passer-bys and suspicous looking people.

Jerry wasn't doing a great job at not making himself looking suspicous doing that. Of course, Jerry himself was never that bright of a man. He isn't tall or formidible like Aaron is, er, was. Quite the opposite. He was small in height, about 5'1", with the little hair he had left a dark gray. He wasn't young, but then again, he wasn't that old. Stress is a killer and it's twice as bad when you do killings your self. Jerry was big a few years ago when he eliminated his father after he'd been found leaking information. A large show of loyalty that was surely not overlooked.

I don't think he's killed since, now that I think about it. A lot of money had been put out as ransom for whoever got the job done, and well, my mom being my mom, she had to make sure she got in on it. Who better than the guys own son? Nevermind that the guy had been her father's best friend and partner. Betrayers were to be killed, and that was final.

"Ugh, anyone but him." As I reach the doors of the building, Jerry's son comes out. There's a freak of nature if there ever was one. At 5'7", 315 pounds, with buck teeth and stringy hair, he was enough to fill your children's dreams with nightmares. It didn't help that he had a large scar from his left ear to his right eyebrow. We were both sixteen years old when I gave that to him. He'd stolen my chocolate bar. Justice had to be served.

Pulling a pack of cigarette's from my pocket, I walk in the front doors and light one, inhaling the toxic smoke before releasing it a sigh of emptiness.

"Hey, Briefs," Jerry greets with a grunt. His cheeks and chin hung from his face and he frowned, eyeing the object in my hand.

"That'll kill you, you know." I smirk.

"Better this than some moron with a good shot, eh?" We laugh and head to the elevator. The doors open and the tobacco-laden product is crushed beneath my two-thousand dollar shoes.

It's showtime.


Cold blue eyes looked around the room, taking in the expensive suits and silk ties covering the pathetic people she had the displeasure of being associated with. Minus her children of course. Them she could somewhat handle without being itching to bring out her gun.

Her eyes narrowed at an associate chewing gum and catching her glance, he spit it out.

"Gentleman, welcome," she began, her voice cool to match her eyes which now promised slow painful death to all who dared speak now.

"It has been awhile for many. Ben Bagston," she smiled, looking at the man to her left.

"Kevin Knowles," she continued, switching to the opposite sides.

"And Trunks, my son. My how you've grown." Her smile slid to the side, a killer's smirk before her face became stone once again.

"As I was saying, we are here today for a very important reason. I'm sure all of you have heard..." She referred to Aaron, and everyone nodded, their faces solemn.

The moment was broken as the door slid open, revealing the dark, spiky haired form of her husband. She frowned and glared openly. His hand raised in a small plea as he walked by to his own seat at the opposite end of the table.

He was deeply irritated. Vegeta hadn't expected that stupid detective to go and kill the man. Aaron was good and he'd known about his reservations towards Bulma. He could've been his chance..

AND NOW THAT STUPID DETECTIVE KILLED HIM! His eyes narrowed at the table before him. Now, the phone call where he'd left a very clear message informing him that if he wanted anymore tips, to 'be more fucking careful!' had made him late. Bulma was not going to be a happy camper.

"Moral!" She shouted, causing the rooms inhabitants to jump minus Trunks and his father.

"Moral," Bulma continued, her voice neutral once again. "Has made a serious decline as is now made known by Aaron's death. Something must be done to deal with this situation before the organization crumbles upon itself!"

"I'll tell ya what we should do," Jordan, a younger member of the Detroit branch, said. "I says we should disband." Mumbles of agreement seem to come from everywhere as people tried to agree without revealing their own problems with the business. Bulma's face turned red.

"Are you all CRAZY?! I now see just why moral is so horrible! IT'S BECAUSE YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKING SISSIES!" The men stared at her as her ragged breath filled the room.

"What has happened to you all?! Don't you remember what you were brought up to believe? To do? Your parents and their parents, and their parents..They did as we do and it's because of them that you have what you have. Money. Power. The very things average people dream of. And you were born to it. Now you want to throw it away because some stupid teenage sons of yours 'don't wanna'?!

"If we disband, that's the end of it all. No more checks in the mail or money in the bank over ten thousand dollars. No weekly presents to get your children to love you. Jordan, you think your wife's gonna love you when you stop drowning her in the dough?" The boy grimaced and shifted, avoiding her eyes.

"So, now you see. Without this," she laughed cruelly. "Your all nothing but a bunch of sorry excuses for men." A smile came over Bulma's face, looking much like a devil who's closed the deal of a soul. In a way, Trunks mused to himself, she was.

Clapping came from the door, and all heads turned to it. Shadows shrouded the person in the darkness, and she stepped forward, lights glistening on the large trenchcoat, as her blue eyes sparkled from the darkness which hid her face.

"Bravo, mom. Bravo." Bra stepped out of the light and shrugged off the coat, showing a well tailored suit ensemble that fit the cool, calculating machine that was the youngest Briefs. She took off her beret and threw it atop the coat.

"Bra, what are you doing here?!" Trunks demanded, rising from his seat. "Who's going to watch the going-on's in Chicago?!"

"Trunks, sit down." Bulma narrowed her eyes. "Bra was here under my instructions. I had some things to be taken care of and Bra was only too eager to help."


I frowned as I returned to my seat. Mom and Bra were doing something behind my back, and I didn't like it at all. Alone, both of those women were dangerous, but together...I'd rather not fathom those implications.

"Now, let us move on to other problems. That is, of course, anyone wishes to discuss this issue further?" I roll my eyes. Like anyone was gonna say anything *now*.

"Good. Moving on..."


"Finally." My hands reach up to tug at my face. The meeting was at it's end. The clock on the wall shows it to be two o' clock. The worst part was I didn't hear half of what was going on. Couldn't have been that important...

"Hey, Trunks." Oh no. Anything but him. I just wanna go HOME.

"Yes, Moren?" That ugly blob..ugh.

"Yeah, Trunks, see, it's like this," he began, swiping at his nose and picking at his pants before continuing.

"There's this girl..."

"Oh, no. Don't start. I'm not gonna go kill some girl because she finally saw your face and ran for the hills." His large face contorts to anger.

"You shut your mouth!" I stuck my tongue out at him. Odd, is it not? Me, acting so immature. But this guy...he's an exception.

"I'm serious Briefs!!" He grabs my collar and lifts me up a couple inches, but Jerry walks over.

"Moren! Put him down now!" Moren gave me one last glare before returning me to the ground. I snorted in his direction before swiping any wrinkles out of my suit.

"I ask you learn to control your son, Jerry." The short man turned to me.

"It's your own fault, Trunks. You provoked him. Don't try to deny it. The two of you have been like this since you were kids." He had a point.

"Fine. Now, what was it he was trying to say? Something about a girl?"

"Ah, yes. What he was trying to tell you is that there is a girl who came into the club every week and since she was a horrible player at poker which she played with him often, she owes him a lot of money. As of late, however, she's been refusing to pay and telling him that if he doesn't stop threatening her, she's gonna go to the cops and report him. We wouldn't have bothered you with this, but we think she may be the one who tipped off that cop who...well, did Aaron in."

"Wait a minute." I swallow as maturity roots itself back into my persona, and his words are dissolved.

"How does she know what he does for a living?" Jerry sighed and wiped his brow.

"You know how Moren gets when he drinks, Trunks... He would rat us to a cop for another drink." I curse loudly and slam my fist into the table, breaking off the corner. Most of the other associates had gone downstairs to eat, so there wasn't anyone staring at me funny.

That moron really knows how to make a mess of things. Killing someone was not how I'd intended to spend my time here.

Then again, when your born into the mafia, what choice do you have?

"Fine. Give me the details."


"Oh love, oh loverboy...whatcha doing tonight?!"

I slam my eyes shut and curse. Stupid George.

"GEORGE! DO HUMANITY A FAVOR AND *SHUT* UP!!!!" His head pokes around my bedroom door and he frowns.

"Why you gotta act all pissy and stuff? You got rammed the wrong way last night or someten?" My eyes narrow and my fists turn my knuckles white.


"Ya, ya, big scary man. You know your gay, don't try to hide it."

"WHAT?! George, not everyone in the world is gay. Of course, your full of enough of gayness to supply them all!" He snorts and turns around, his shirt clearly stating in rainbowed letters 'I'm gay, and that's OK!" I laugh and lay back down on the bed.

The conversation was the same as always. George was kind of the comedy relief in my life. Makes me feel sorry for myself.

Shaking my head, I head to my dresser to find my clothes. Opening the drawer, my eyes bulge.



I grumble my way down the street, pulling my trenchcoat tightly around my body until I stop in front of a newstand. Seems my dear roomate George decided that my clothes were too *drab* and decided to change them to *pride*.


"And what would you like today, sir?" My eyes scan the different newspapers and a certain article catches my eye.

'Airline worker found dead near local McDonalds in dumpster.'
Well, news travels fast in this town. Picking up the newspaper, I hand him the money and walk towards the resturant Mr. Mysterious Flight Attendant, or Goten as he calls himself, has choosen for us to meet once again. Chivo's. Didn't sound too fancy. Sounded like a fast food resturant to me, but I'd go anyway. Gotta have some fun while I'm out here.

"Hey, Trunks! Over here!" Goten stood in his seat and waved his hand, a smile on his soft features as I approached. He was happy to see me. That was a nice feeling.

"Hey, Goten. This place is nice..." I speak the truth. It was a semi-outside resturant and he'd choosen a table under the shade of a larger tree with flowers sprouting from curving glass vases sealed to the middle of the clear glass tables. The sun was shining brightly, a wind blowing reminding all the people out and about that Christmas was approaching. Snow was said to fall any day now. Snow was a horrible thing to work in. Rain, that washes away blood. Snow, that preserves it.

Smiling, I sat down and mustered a smile back to him. He was very cheery today. I hate cheery people. Most cheery people.

"Thanks. My friend Susan recommended it to me. She's a really good friend of mine. I'm staying with her while I'm in town. I think I mentioned her to you last night..." The name sounds familiar from somewhere, but I let it pass.

"Yep, I remember. She sounds like a wonderful girl."

"Oh, she is." Goten's dark eyes lit up and circled his finger around the edge of his water glass.

"We went to high school together. My mom, my brother, and I, we moved here from Conneticut after my father died. She showed me around the school, and we just hit it off."

"To friends then." Raising my waterglass, we toast and eat. The conversation is fulfilling though I wouldn't say I knew him inside out. I knew he was an innocent like most people are. He grew up with the usual childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut which in a way he didn't give up on. He's a flight attendant, that's close enough.

"My mother hated the idea. 'Why would you wanna go into space? To blow up?'" He paused to laugh. "She can be a little moody, but I still love her. It's natural for a mother to be protective. Especially when you had a father who died in the field, he was a cop by the way, and when your eldest son takes on the same job." I put down my cup and swallow.

"Your brother's a cop?" Goten smiled.

"Yep. I haven't talked to him for the longest time though. I don't even think he's in this city anymore. I know he got married, but that was about eighteen or nineteen years ago. Boy, that doesn't say much for me, huh? Doesn't know the location of his own sibling..."

"Join the club." The look on my face gives the remark humor, but inside the shock of seeing Bra at the meeting without my knowledge bothered me. It's never a good thing in this business to not know what's going on with your subordinates. The two just don't mesh well.

An hour later we leave, heading towards a street filled with shops and boutiques of each owner's unique wears. His own long coat isn't doing him much good and the wind is starting to get to him. I am surprised. Living in Conneticut and New York would make you think he was used to this kind of weather.

"Here, we should get you a scarf and gloves. Wouldn't do you good to freeze to death before you can enjoy your vacation." I took his hand and led him to a small clothing store, they're windows display advertising our needed items in every color, pattern, or material I'd have thought of. It was impressive.

"Trunks, it's okay. I'm only gonna be hear for a few weeks so why bother?"

"Because I want to see you again and I'm not into dating human popsicles." He laughed and blushed a little, the smallest stain of red showing on the tanned skin of his cheeks. A true smile finds it's way to me, but he doesn't catch it very long. I find a wrack of gloves very interesting...

I'm sure the act doesn't fool him in the least, I don't care and for some reason, I don't believe he did either.


The sun was beginning to set and from the corner of my eye I saw Goten close his eyes, taking in the warmth from our position on the park bench. It's been a long day, but a good one. I'd managed to make it through the whole afternoon without him seeing the shirt, though with our interaction with eachother, I couldn't say he'd be surprised.

I wondered what my mother would think. What do I think? The whole idea of being with another male never bothered me. Love is love and all that. All those genres people fit themselves in are just to re-establish what they already know. That's what pisses me off sometimes. The name loses its meaning and becomes a means to demean other's instead being a recognizable name for your love.

Did I just think all that? I look to my right. He affects me more than I thought. Let's just hope I don't grow a set of morals. I snort. Then we'd have a problem.

"This was a nice day. Thanks for asking me to lunch." Goten opened his eyes and smiled.

"No problem. I enjoyed it. Susan was at work anyway so if I hadn't met up with you, I'd be stuck in that apartment with her dog who, to be honest, freaks the hell out of me." I laugh and he hits my arm in mock offense.

"Hey! I'm sorry but that's funny. Your *afraid* of a *dog*."

"He's freaky! You take one look at him, tough guy, and you'd say the same yourself!"

"Yeah, I'm sure." I stand and continue to laugh, shaking my head. He follows, grumbling about stupid violet haired men. There aren't many of those around, so I'll just say he's talking about me.

"No need to get grumpy. I've gotta get going though. I have another appointment to attend to. You wanna be dropped off anywhere?"

"That would work. In exchange for staying with her, I have to pick up her dry-cleaning."

"Sounds like a fair exchange to me." We head towards my limo and when we stop infront of his destination a few moments later, an urge I can't surpress comes over me and I call out his name.


"Yeah, Trunks-" He turned towards me but I cut him off by pressing my lips to his. He was surprised at my forwardness, though it didn't last long. Lucky me.

As my mind left the real world, small sparkling flakes of white spiraled downward. When we pulled apart, a flake landed on his nose. Brushing it away, I returned to the car and drove off.


The moon shone through the darkness of the street, reflecting from the thin layer of snow gathered at my feet. My boots weren't very appropriate for the weather, but I wasn't intendeding on standing her for very long. I had business to attend to.

The limo pulled away and leaning against the front door, I check the streets for any sign of life. There is no one, only me and the silence brought by the cool underlying life that came with winter. Easing my replica key into the slot, I open the door to the house.

There aren't any lights on, but I hear movement from upstairs. Being careful with my movements, I walked up the steps and paused. Her bedroom door was open and she walked across the room. Counting to three, I moved into the doorway and fired.

She didn't have time to scream.


Fortune was smiling at me tonight, I'd like to think. The girl didn't have carpet which made cleaning up the mess MUCH easier. She was pretty, but they usually are. I finish washing up my hands and walk back to her room. Her body had been carried into the trunk of the limo by now. They'd deal with it after I was taken home.

Taking a look around, the girl seemed to be quite rich. There were paintings and vases around the room, everything matching everything.

A glimmer of silver catches my eye and I sit on the bed to get a better look at the framed picture. It drops from my hands and onto the floor, the glass shattering as my mouth hangs open.


It made perfect sense. That's where I'd heard the name Susan before.

Moren's girl was named Susan.

I looked at the picture of Susan and Goten at my feet.

"God, what have I done?"


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