'Can I have some privacy please?' Rayna demanded to her crew, and they left the room without another word.

Okay, she hadn't anticipated for it to come out that stand-offish but she was mad. How could the label do this to her? She was their shining star; the label would be nothing without her. Rayna slumped into the leather couch in her dressing room, the familiar, auto-tuned, songs of Juliette Barnes projected from the TV. 'Oh shut up!' She yelled, how could this blonde bimbo replace her, the queen of country? She didn't understand she had done everything the label had requested and not only that but made monumental sacrifices just to stay on top. Not to mention Deacon, he had put his life career on the line just to support her, she could never disappoint him. Rayna's thoughts were interrupted by a sharp knock at the door, 'Ah great, just what I need' Rayna thought to herself.

'I thought I told you to leave me alone, I need privacy' she shouted. In less than a second, Deacon appeared in her dressing room; Rayna looked at him quizzically as if to ask 'how did you know I need you?'

'Hey Ray, I was just wondering if you wanted to come by the Bluebird, I'm performing' he greeted her, a smile stretched across his face, however he could sense that something was wrong, Rayna didn't have the usual sparkle in her eyes. He went to her side, kneeling down so that he could look up to her; like he always has. 'What's wrong? The concert was a great success and they loved you out there' a lump grew in Deacon's throat as 'loved' rolled off his tongue. 'I'm a failure.' Rayna sombrely replied. 'And I bet they loved Juliette Barnes more, why wouldn't they? She's young and pretty.' Her voice became more broken as she carried on and all she wanted was to go home and leave. 'What's this about?' Deacon queried, he hated to see Ray like this, it angered him, she shouldn't be like this, he had done everything to make her happy; well everything he could.

A few minutes passed, the pair stared at each other in silence, until Rayna broke the silence that is. 'They want me to open for Juliette Barnes, because my tour sales aren't enough, and I just feel like I am old stock and that they don't want me anymore. Its 'cause I'm old…and not as pretty as her' she explained. Deacon tensed, looked away, then faced her again, he didn't know how to respond, something which was happening on a regular basis nowadays, 'Rayna James-Conrad, look at me' he whispered and wiped the tear off her face. 'You lady, are the most beautiful, enigmatic woman I have ever met, and I'll be damned if a one hit wonder is to come and take that away from you.' Rayna stared at Deacon, and Deacon stared back, the tension between the two intensified. Rayna sat up, she knew she had to kill the butterflies in her stomach, she sat up and pulled back her hair and tucked it behind her ears. 'Thank you.' She mouthed and pecked him on the cheek; she knew she had to get home to Teddy and the girls. She got up and glided to the dressing room door, her fiery hair bouncing as she went. As Rayna reached the door Deacon jumped up 'What about bluebird then?' but he already knew the answer, and it wasn't what he was hoping for, Rayna simply shook her head and confirmed his thoughts.