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~~~Grey Matters~~~

As usual, Pox was in his lab on the Mothership, having worked on his research for days on end. Because his mentor was so immersed in his studies, Crypto hadn't had many assignments, and randomly blowing stuff up kind of lost its fun after a while.
He was bored, and decided to go down to the lab and bug Pox for a bit.

As the warrior clone walked out of the elevator, he could see Pox in a corner of the lab, apparently muttering to himself while looking through some papers. The computers around him hummed quietly as the Furon sat in his cerebral chair, searching for that one piece of paper that just had to be missing.

"Hiya, Poxy." Crypto greeted his mentor as he walked towards him.

"Oh, hello, 137…" Pox responded, barely looking up at him as he checked the stack of paper he was holding again.

"How's it goin'?" Crypto asked, trying to get some eye contact. "Lost something?"

"No, no… I know it's around here somewhere…" the old Furon murmured.

Pox then sighed as he directed the papers back to a desk with his psychokinesis, and rubbed his eyes for a moment.

"Brains, I'm so close to a breakthrough… There's just this one bit of information I need that I know I already have somewhere."

"Watcha workin' on anyway…?" Crypto wondered.

"A safe way to introduce restored, complete genetic information to a new clone…" Pox replied. "I've already been able to restore your genes, so your next clone will undergo the process of reinjecting-…"

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute…" Crypto interrupted. "You're gonna use me as your guinea pig?"

"Well… Yes." Pox hesitantly admitted. "But I'm very confident it will work just fine. Plus, do you even realize what that will mean…?"


"You will be the first Furon in millenia to possess genitalia." Pox told him. "And that new 'package' will need to be tested, of course."

A pleasantly surprised grin spread across Crypto's face.

"You mean, I get to screw around with human chicks? Really screw around?"

"Pretty much, seeing as they are the only compatable female creatures on this planet…"

"Right on…! Sign me up, Poxy…!"

"Slow down, Crypto…" Pox frowned. "I've still not yet entirely finished my research, and I don't want to take any unnecessary risks."

"Yeah, yeah…" Crypto sighed. "Hey," he then said, remembering something he was about to tell his mentor just a few minutes earlier. "Shouldn't you, like, take a break sometime…? You look kinda tired…"

"No, I'm far too busy for any breaks. Plus, I feel fine." Pox told him, though he did feel a bit tired. "I still have all these files to go through and I have a deadline coming up for the development of a program to install to the cloning machine to-…"

"Deadline?" Crypto interrupted again. "Who the hell sets your deadlines…?!"

"I do." Pox frankly replied. "To keep myself motivated."

Crypto stared at him in disbelief for a moment.

"This is no vacation, Crypto…!" Pox defended himself. "I have serious work to do…!"

"Yeah, but you still gotta take care of yourself…!" Crypto responded. "No offense, but you kinda look like crap. Get some rest, man…! When's the last time you slept, anyway?"

"I'm not sure…" Pox replied, thinking for a moment. "I recall sleeping around the end of last year… But that was only after losing consciousness after accidentally inhaling nitric oxide."

"Pox, passing out on the lab floor doesn't count."

"Then I don't know…!" Pox huffed. "But it doesn't matter either."

"Ya know, I think it does." Crypto told his mentor. "Face it Poxy, you're gettin' old and your body can only take so much. Didn't you say you wanted your next clone body to have its package restored? Well, what if your current one won't last long enough for you to finish the research?"

Pox was silent for a moment, realizing Crypto had a point.

"Uh-huh." Crypto grinned. "Just leave all this crap for a few hours. Ya ain't got those beds up in the sleepin' quarters for nothing, right?"

"Why do you care anyway?" Pox asked, suspiciously eyeing the warrior clone. "You'd better not be up to anything…"

"Nah, don't worry, Poxy…" Crypto assured him. "I'll be up in the livin' quarters, watching tv or somethin'. I won't do anything stupid, I promise."

"Well… Alright…" Pox then said. "Maybe a few hours' rest won't hurt…"