Thankfully, Silhouette did not return that night, probably busy ensuring the medic's punishment.
However, the next three nights were as fateful as the previous ones had been, with Silhouette appearing steadfastly around midnight each time to make sure Pox suffered until he was to take his last breath.

The medic's attempt to help him escape had only served as oil on the fire that was Silhouette's hatred towards Pox, her merciless violence evident of it.

Each time she battered and agonized the poor defenseless Furon to the point she had to force herself to stop to make sure he'd live and preferrably not pass out, but only barely. And whenever she noticed Pox was trying to be brave by staying quiet, she just upped her tactics to get those squeaks and pleas of agony out of him that she enjoyed so much.

By the early morning of the ninth day, Pox lay out cold in the back of his cell, where he'd been left by Silhouette hours ago.
Slowly and silently, his body was failing, yet his mind was vividly active.

Pox found himself in a beautifully serene place, white and light purple clouds as they appeared on Furon slowly and noiselessly circling around him.
A few yards in front of him, a beautiful Furon younglady dressed in traditional religious gowns drifted out from the clouds, smiling kindly at him.
Her eyes glowed a pale blue, and she slowly and elegantly extended her hand at Pox, beckoning him.

Nearly entranced, Pox looked back at her. Should he go to her…?
She blinked her stunning eyes seemingly in slow motion, her delicate gown drifting and floating around her as she smiled that irresistible smile at him.
Slowly, Pox moved forward, extending his own hand to reach for hers.

Their fingers were mere inches apart, moments from touching when Pox's spirit was suddenly yanked back.

Pox came to with a gasp, his wide open eyes facing Silhouette sitting on top of him, having just slapped him across the face.

"Good morning, starshine. The Earth says hello."

Three soldiers standing by the door let out a laugh at Silhouette's mocking remark, while she smirked down at a slightly disorientated Pox.

"Tomorrow's the big day." the vixen announced, and let out a faked shudder. "Ooh, so exciting, I've got butterflies… Don't you…?"

Pox just stared up at her, his waist getting sore of the deranged woman's weight.

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue…?" Silhouette scoffed him further, running an index finger along his lips. "Too bad your little boyfriend Crypto never came to save you…"

Pox immediately snapped his sharp teeth at her hand for her insulting comment, but she reacted instantly, drawing away her fingers quick enough for him to miss them.
As a retribution she slapped him across the face again, making him let out a noise of pain as his head was forced to its side.

"Nice try, you freak." she barked at him. "I was going to give you this."

She reached for a bowl of water standing behind her, picking it up, but instead of giving it to Pox she turned it over above him, splashing the water in his face.
The soldiers standing near bursted into laughter again as Pox flinched and tightly closed his eyes, his cotton shirt soaked and his precious water useless.

Silhouette threw the bowl aside and got off of Pox, tossing a piece of bread in his lap and then left the cell, locking it and subsequently left along with the still laughing soldiers.
Pox was left flustered, lying wet on his back on the floor.

This was just like high school…

His last remaining day he was forced to spend as lonesome as the preceding ones, with this time, of course, the medic not even coming round.
Pox did not eat the bread he'd been given, suspicious about it smelling funny. His starved and stressed guts probably wouldn't be able to stand any solid food now anyway.

He'd given up all hope of Crypto coming for his rescue. His thoughts were now dominated by the imminent dissection, with him being the subject.
Silhouette had made painfully clear to him in the past few days that it would be her grand finale, assuring him he would suffer more than he would ever have been able to imagine.

Though already Pox felt worse than he'd ever felt before, feeling more ill of dread with each hour that passed while already being practically half dead to begin with.
All he could do was lie wrapped in his blankets, awaiting the night. Silhouette would undoubtedly have some special surprise in store for him, for it would be the last night in which she could molest him.

As Pox lay passively staring into nothing, the orange turning light outside told him evening was rolling in.

He barely registered the sound of the complex door creaking open, his mind drowned in his defeat and his body too tired to tell him what was happening.
As Pox's eyes blankly stared at the cell bars, his slightly out of focus vision showed a soldier stopping in front of them. The broken Furon Commander then slowly closed his eyes, not wanting to know what the human was there for.

He heard what seemed like an annoyed growl, and something falling on the floor. Subsequently it sounded like what had fallen to the floor was then crushed.
For a moment, silence. Then his cell door was opened, and quieter than usual footsteps came his way.

Pox let out a small desolate sigh, feeling tears welling up and stinging his eyes.


Pox's eyes shot open at the concerned sounding whisper of his name, spoken by a voice that could only belong to one person.
Squatting in front of him and worriedly looking down at him was Crypto, whom Pox had never been so glad to see.

"Crypto…!" Pox squeaked, immediately trying to sit up. "Thank Arkvoodle, you've found me…!"

The warrior clone quickly supported his mentor's back, helping him sit up.
The worriful frown on his face did not fade as he looked at the near-death Pox.

"Dammit, Pox, what the hell have they done to you…?"

"There's no time…" Pox told him, hardly able to finish his sentences. "We need to get out of here immediately…!"

"Yeah, uh, I made it through the base with a HoloBob." Crypto spoke. "If we wrap those covers around you I may be able to sneak you out again."

"That may be our best chance… We need to hurry, we cannot get caught…!"

"Yeah, I hear ya…"

Crypto then quickly grabbed the blankets and helped Pox cover himself up as much as possible. It wasn't exactly flawless, as Pox's cranial implants were quite difficult to conceal.
When they'd achieved the best they could for now, Pox still able to see, Crypto assumed a soldier HoloBob again.

"You ready, Pox?" the disguised warrior clone asked.

"Yes…" Pox squeaked in reply.

Crypto then lifted Pox off the floor, and the poor battered Furon was not able to hold back a small cry of pain.

"You alright…?" Crypto asked worriedly.

"Yes, I'll be fine…" Pox replied uneasily. "Please just hurry, and avoid as many humans as possible…"

Crypto then made his way out the cell, seeming to the oblivious to be carrying an odd bundle of blankets.
He checked left and right twice before leaving the prison complex, and set in a brisk pace towards the nearest gate of the base.
He could feel Pox weakly trying to hold on to him, his frailty concerning the warrior clone. He could also hear him make small noises every now and then, apparently in pain as his rescuer carried him.

When nearly half way, Crypto could see a darkly clad figure nearing him in his periphery vision, and quickened his pace to try and avoid the human.

"Not so fast, soldier." the figure barked with a female voice.

Crypto had little other choice than to stop and try to talk himself out of it rather than run and surely spark a hunt.
But as he turned around, his eyes widened at the woman that stepped up to him.
His mouth hanging slightly ajar, he was barely able to prevent himself from letting out an astonished 'What the…'.

"What have you got there, private?" Silhouette asked him sternly.

"Oh, uh, me…?" Crypto stammered. "Just some, uh… dirty laundry, sir. Eh, ma'am."

"The launderette is that way, soldier. Let me inspect that 'laundry'."

Before Crypto could stop her Silhouette peeked into the covers, looking straight into a pair of dark eyes.
Immediately she pulled her gun, but in a lightning fast response Crypto yanked it out of her hands with his PK, and then turned and made a run for it, dropping his disguise.

"The Furon is escaping!" Silhouette shouted in a furious outburst, alerting all on the base. "All units attack NOW!"

Almost instantly soldiers came running out from everywhere, heading for and aiming at Crypto, who activated his jetpack as he ran like hell.
Taking a big leap, Crypto got a big speed boost from the jets, thus also evading the rounds shot at him. The base's gate with the Scout Ship waiting just beyond it neared rapidly, but they weren't out in the clear yet.
Pox clinged terrified to an already panting Crypto, while one of the now useless covers blew away, twirling in the jetstream of Crypto's jetpack.

"KILL THEM, DAMN IT!" Silhouette screamed like a maniac, hot on their tail.

Her fired shots were all well off target as she frantically pursued them, running like the devil to recapture her nemesi, and managing to gain in on them fast when Crypto's jetpack ran out and he had to continue running.

"We're nearly there, Pox…!" Crypto let out, sprinting towards the cloaked saucer.

It soon deactivated its cloak as the two Furons got near, and as soon as Crypto reached it he leaped into the Abducto Beam, the ship quickly carrying them in.

"BLAST THAT THING!" Silhouette barked at her subordinates while tanks and SAM-launchers rolled in at the scene. "DON'T LET THOSE FREAKS ESCAPE!"

At the same time the Scout Ship's landing gear was already retreating, and the vessel started to take off.
All present tanks, launchers, soldiers and even Silhouette opened fire on its hull, but as soon as the ship was properly in the air Crypto hastily let it zoom off.
Within seconds it was out of reach of the humans, surviving with moderate damage.

His heart still pounding in his chest, Crypto let out a sigh of relief as the ship safely started to make its way back to the Mothership.
He then glanced behind him, to look at Pox sitting in the back of the cockpit, finally out of Silhouette's clutches.
He still didn't look too good, though, his breathing sounding raspy as he stared at his feet.

Getting up from the pilot's seat, Crypto then went over to and kneeled next to him, now finally being able to take a proper look at his mentor.

He was a bit shocked to conclude it seemed even worse than he thought. Poor Pox was battered and bruised nearly all over, and was clearly much skinnier than he'd already been before. He looked the warrior clone in the eyes, still looking more desolate than Crypto had ever seen him before.

"Thank you for saving me, Crypto…" he managed to squeak to him.

"No sweat, Poxy…" Crypto replied silently. "I told you I'd come back for you."

The Scout Ship then landed in the Mothership's hangar, thus returning the two occupying Furons safely to their home.

"Quickly, take me to the lab, Crypto…" Pox spoke weakly, already placing his hand on one of Crypto's shoulders. "We need to find Silhouette and-…"

"No way, Poxy." Crypto interrupted him, carefully picking him up. "I'm takin' you to a nice warm bed and get you some soup or somethin', before you die on me. That chick is probably expectin' us and has long gone, hidin' somewhere like she's apparently done for the past fifteen years. You've had enough, ya hear me? You need rest, and lots of it."

Pox was silent as Crypto carried him out of the ship, and realized he was right. As insane as she may be, Silhouette was not stupid and would probably prove very difficult to find.

The two Furons remained quiet as Crypto carried his mentor to the elevator, and took him up to the sleeping quarters. Once there he took him over to one of the large beds in the bedrooms, and gently lay Pox on it.

"Let's get those threads off you first." Crypto spoke, referring to the clothes, or what was left of them, Pox had on.

All the warrior clone had to do was rip the remaining strips of fabric that held the prison shirt together, as Silhouette had already done the preliminary work.
He then took off the ragged white skirt of Pox's robes, and placed the covers over him.

Pox lay his head down with a sigh, too exhausted to even feel embarrassed.
Crypto kneeled next to the bed, a concerned look on his face again.

"What the hell did that bitch put you through, Pox…?" he asked in a whisper.

At the same time the warrior clone reached for Pox's mind, and without a word he let him in, showing Crypto in an instant all preceding ten days, and everything he had been forced to endure.

The young Furon was nearly knocked back by the confronting images his mind was bombarded with, grabbing hold of the rim of the bed as he widened his eyes.

"Holy crap…" he let out. "Holy crap…"

He then grabbed hold of Pox's right hand, looking him in the eyes as tears nearly filled his own.

"I'm so sorry, Pox…" he whispered.

"Don't be, Crypto…" Pox replied. "This isn't your fault… Neither of us could have foreseen this…"

"Is there anything I can do for you…?"

"No… I just need to sleep… I desperately need sleep…"

Reluctantly, Crypto had then left Pox by himself, to allow him to sleep.
The warrior clone had gone down to sit in the Mothership's living room, and was now blankly staring at the non-active television screen as Pox's transferred memories of his capture dominated his mind again.

Now being able to see everything fully, Crypto could hardly bear seeing Pox getting battered and violated by Silhouette over and over again, even able to hear her threats to him.
The only consolation Crypto could give himself as the violence haunted his mind was that he had at least saved Pox from a gruesome vivisection.

After sitting by himself for just over an hour, Crypto decided to head back up to the sleeping quarters to take a shower and hopefully shake things off for a bit.
As he quietly went by Pox as he walked through the bedrooms, he could hear his mentor breathing, raspy yet quiet. He seemed to be alright, given the circumstances, so Crypto headed on to the bathroom and undressed to take a shower.

After about ten minutes, he had finished it and dried himself off as he walked out the bathroom, to one of his closets to get some fresh clothes.
After putting on a pair of jeans, he chose a dark green shirt and was about to put it on as he heard Pox's breathing change.
It went from steady and quiet to sounding a bit troubled, with Pox making small noises as if he were in pain. It lasted for about twenty seconds before Pox finally let out a very slow and lengthy exhale, and went quiet.

Quickly putting his shirt on, Crypto listened intently, but didn't hear Pox's normal raspy breathing anymore. No breathing at all.
He quickly went over to his mentor's bedside, kneeling next to it.

"Pox…?" he whispered, looking closely to Pox's closed eyes.

There was no response, so Crypto placed his hand on one of Pox's, gently nudging it.

"Hey Poxy, wake up…" Crypto whispered again, but nothing happened.

Swallowing a lump in his throat, Crypto then tried to reach Pox's mind.

But it was no longer there.

Dammit. Those freakin' monkeys had still managed to kill old Poxy.