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As Merlin plunged the water holder out of the stream, he saw her name engraved in the stone M-o-r-g-A-N-A. Then he realised what was happening. Merlin knew that he should have realised it long, long ago. After all he had used that trick once, twice, or perhaps a billion times. 'Hilda' wasn't the innocent human being that she was pretending to be but was the powerful High Priestess. Sprinting back to warn Arthur, Merlin felt himself being thrown back against a tree. Turning around, he then saw 'Hilda' ominously hobbling towards him. Now Merlin could see the large resemblance that Morgana and Hilda had. The eyes were exactly the same pale emerald colour as Morgana's and if 'Hilda' had been standing up straightly, she wouldn't be too much smaller than Morgana's actual height. Suddenly Morgana held her arm up and her eyes burned gold. Morgana smirked as her withered musty hair got in the way of her eyes.

"Gesweorc, hine beclyppe," Morgana chanted. Without warning Merlin felt an invisible force begin to throttle him. He clasped his hand around his throat, willing the force to go away.

Striding out of the distance came a figure dressed from head to toe in black. Morgana dropped her enchantment on Merlin and turned around to face the figure. Merlin saw the blurry figure before losing his conscious completely but the warlock pretty much guessed that the figure wasn't going to bode well for Camelot.

"I am your father," the figure eerily announced to Morgana.

"WHAT?" Morgana yelled, panicking at the figure who she couldn't decide or not. The witch could hear his breathing and couldn't see a bit of skin. Magic of the darkest kind would have created him, Morgana assured herself. "This is insane. I thought Uther was my father by blood but before that I thought it was this weird man called... Gorlois. Now your telling me that I you are my father. Why is it that everybody wants to be my father?"

"I am Darth Vader," the figure said. "A Jedi and I am your father." Morgana began to pant and her feet buckled beneath her. The priestess gave a few small yelps as the wrinkles vanished from her face and her hair turned darker. She then stood up to see Darth Vader staring at her or so she thought. He was looking right at her but Morgana couldn't tell if he was staring or glaring or smiling.

"That was just a trick of sunlight," Morgana unconvincingly mumbled. Hastily, she sprang up taking a couple of steps of steps backwards away from the spooky man in black. Morgana was still wary of him and hoped that he would take of that horrible mask some. She was shocked that he wasn't suffocating inside it let alone feeling claustrophobic.

"You have the force and you are still a child. I see potent-"

"I am not a child," Morgana furiously injected. "I have not been a child for like ten years, now. Why does everyone still call me child when I am the most powerful person who walks this earth?"

'You are a child in the field of learning," Darth Vader added. "You still have many things to learn, child."

"I AM NOT A CHILD!" Morgana spat. No one would infuriate her, as long as she lived, and get a way with it. This Darth Vader guy would have to cope with the consequences of having 'the most powerful person in the whole of space and time' teaching him a lesson.

"You need to learn how to brush your hair," advised Darth Vader. His breaths became somewhat shorter and raspier which made Morgana think he was laughing. Morgana bent over the river and saw her reflection in which her hair was extremely bushy and mad. It looked exactly like how she wanted to look like and she wasn't going to change it.

"I like how my hair looks," hissed Morgana, her voice soft but dangerous. "It is a perfect explanation of who I really am. It looks untameable and like it has a mind of it's own. I am untameable and have a mind of my own. No one crosses me without getting into trouble. So I am warning you Dark Wader-"

"Darth Vader."

"Whatever your called. Stay away from me," Morgana threatened. She gave Darth Vader the most evil smirk she could conjure before turning around and strolling into the distance.

"I wish for you to be my padawan child," Darth Vader shouted. Jolting around, Morgana seemed to produce a dagger of nowhere.

"You call me that one more time Dark... Plaguer and you shall be pushing up daises," Morgana warned. To Darth Vader's excitement the witch levitated her dagger in midair.

"Impressive. Perhaps if you told me your name then I could stop calling you child." Morgana shifted her feet uncomfortably as she thought of her name. It wasn't her first name that troubled her but her surname.

"Morgana, Dark whatever," Morgana snarled.

"Morgana Dark Whatever is an interesting name." Morgana almost felt the urge to laugh but bit her lip restraining the laugh. "Now if you were to be my padawan, we could take over the world together." Morgana gave a small smile at this suggestion. It didn't sound too bad... She just needed to find out what he meant by 'pallid inn'.

"What is a 'pallid inn'," Morgana interrogated. The man didn't answer but Morgana knew that he would almost be laughing at her under his mask. "I am a High Priestess of the Old Religion, the last of my kind; one of the greatest seers that have ever lived and a person who managed to deceive an entire kingdom until I took it over it." Darth Vader looked at Morgana with great interest from underneath his mask. She didn't look anything near this powerful as she was making herself out to be. Even after spending two minutes talking to Morgana, Darth Vader knew that she was high spirited and determined. Two traits which were brilliant in a ally but formidable in an enemy. Perhaps Morgana's skill with the force would be useful. The emperor had demanded that a girl called Morgana would have to be his padawan as she would be one of the most powerful people this planet would ever see. So far the impression that Darth Vader got of Morgana was a childish and stupid girl with a high spirit and determination to do many things. After all it was obvious to Darth Vader that Morgana wanted to be older than she was and that was a very childish thing to do. All children want to be older than they are, whereas most adults want to look younger. Obviously Morgana had used the force to make herself look older. It had gone wrong, of course, so she had looked around eighty.

"It's a pa-da-wan," said Darth Vader in a dead serious tone. "It means that you are my apprentice and will be a Jedi in." Morgana frowned out the ground and then sat on an uncomfortable rock by the brook. She was not going to be his 'pallid inn' (or whatever it was). If anyone was going to be an apprentice then he should be her one. Morgana thought that she would be too advanced to ever be Darth Vader's padawan. She still was extremely wary of the mask that Darth Vader wore and, probably, would never take off. This person had completely freaked her out. More than her scarred sister. Even more than the semi-dead Lancelot.

"MERLIN! HILDA!" Morgana heard shouts in the distance but continued to sulk by the brook. Her plan wasn't important if she was going to take over the world with this Dark person. Morgana knew that her dear brother was approaching her minute by minute, second by second. Her thirst for Arthur's blood was also growing minute by minute, second by second. It gave the witch a knew lease of life, when she heard Arthur's voice growing louder with the shouts of names. Growing impatient, Morgana clambered to her feet and sauntered towards Arthur's voice. Darth Vader stuck his arm out in front of Morgana and pushed her back. Kicking out in shock, the witch managed to afflict more pain in her toe than she did in Darth Vader. Morgana felt her fury surging through herself but just managed to restrain it as she didn't want to lose her new ally.

"Remain still, young padawan and I will deal with them," said Darth Vader, his breaths sending shivers up Morgana's spine. This was torture to Morgana. How on earth was she meant to remain still when her greatest enemy was within her vicinity. Even Morgana had her limits to being still if it meant losing an ally.

"What the hell?" Morgana could almost see his dead body as Arthur exclaimed these words. The blood seething out and giving the brook a crimson glint. Emerald Grass would become scarlet puddles of blood and flies would start to swarm about. His sunken blue eyes would be gazing into space, neither here nor there. In the end wild dogs would end up devouring the King's body and lapping up the pools of blood. She dreamt that until some from behind her approached. Putting herself back into reality, Morgana knew that her daydream had to come true. Arthur had to die.

Feeling the cold metal of a sword against her neck, Morgana turned around to see who it was. Now Morgana fully regretted something and felt very faint. Indeed she did faint but not from scaredness