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When Morgana regained her consciousness, she found herself lying on something soft. The priestess drowsily opened her eyes to make out a blurred figure waving a ludicrous stick around. Then Morgana's memories flooded back to her. There had been a Dark 'Plaguer' who liked 'bad inns' or something along the lines. When Morgana's vision properly adjusted and everything became more vivid to her, she found that the ludicrous stick was a luminescent red colour. The witch couldn't understand why it had suddenly transformed from day until night. Hadn't it just been day a few short moments ago.

"It's night!" Morgana exclaimed in surprise. 'Dark Plaguer' seemed to use some sort of magic to make the red stick vanish into thin air and strode towards Morgana.

"That is generally what we call it when it goes all dark, young padawan," explained 'Dark Plaguer'. "Unless it is a solar eclips-" Morgana's brain switched off about here as she had no desire to listen to his illuminating speeches. After all, what use would it be learning even any of the things he was saying. Instead Morgana was more intrigued with 'Darth Plaguer's' magical stick thing which he had been playing with.

"What was that bright red stick thing?" Morgana inquired. "How did I end up here? Why should I trust you?"

"In time you'll learn everything about the stick thing. We ended up here because I needed to save you from your enemies and this is where we ended up. And you should trust me because I saved your life and I AM YOUR FATHER!" Morgana flinched in fright as his quiet voice became excruciatingly loud and dramatic. Why did everything have to happen to her? Why did three people claim to be her father? Morgana could scarcely understand what was happening and was far from concluding anything.

"First we need to get you some proper clothing," remarked Darth Vader. "You can't wear that rags you are wearing." As soon as he had finished saying this, Darth Vader could sense that yet another conflict was about to dawn. It would hardly be surprising as he was dealing with a strong minded and a strong willed child. Darth Vader had a optimistic feeling that he would win this debate with Morgana and manage to look superior. Of course Darth Vader did not know that Morgana wouldn't accept being inferior to anyone.

"I like my dress," Morgana indignantly argued. "It is much more comfortable and practical than the dresses I wore in Camelot and it also has very intricate designing." Darth Vader almost sighed at this remark. Why did everything Morgana say contridict his opinion? Again this was a extremely difficult question for Darth Vader to answer but he assumed that it was because of Morgana still thinking and acting like a child.

"My child you must see reason. Only the practicality matters for an item of clothing. When you walk around the forest that dress takes the majority of the forest with." Morgana narrowed her eyes and shot daggers at 'Dark Plaguer'. She didn't like him at all; not even one bit.

"Why should I see reason when I can wear what I want? At least what I wear isn't pure boring and horrific like the clothing you wear," Morgana spat. She was not content with the lack of respect 'Dark Plaguer showed her. She was the last high priestess of the Old Religion, a seer, an enchantress and she was Morgana Pendragon. It had become vivid to her that she was basically one of the most powerful people who walked this earth. Now this 'Dark Plaguer' was defying her and treating her like a three year old. His name suited him as Morgana knew he was a plague upon this earth.

"Take off your necklace then, child," ordered 'Dark Plaguer' "Someone could easily use the force to suffocate you." Morgana crossed her her arms and refused to take off her necklace.

"My necklace is important to me dark stupid. It is the magical triskelion and reminds me who I am. It is a importa-"

"I SAID TAKE IT OFF CHILD!" Darth Vader hoarsely shouted. "You are stupid and insolent little one."

"I am not," Morgana retaliated. How dare he say such a thing to her? She was intelligent and no one could deny that but that 'Dark Plaguer' chose to offend her pride.

"You are naïve, rash, foolish, discreet, unsophisticated, ingenuous, impulsive and most of all insane." Morgana frowned here. Obviously Dark Plaguer was talking to the large beetle which was crawling up a nearby tree. "NOW TAKE OFF THE NECKLACE!"

"Make me," Morgana silkily laughed. That Dark Plaguer wouldn't in a thousand years make her take off her necklace. He needed to be taught a lesson as he couldn't just mess with a high priestess like that.

"I will use the force," 'Dark Plaguer' threatened. Morgana gave him her utmost look of disbelief and rose her hand into the air.

"You just try."

"I will," he warned. "Take care child." Morgana kicked the pine needles wondering what to do next. She knew that 'Dark Plaguer' was one dodgy man and not to be trusted, but he had saved her life.

"I AM LEAVING!" Morgana bellowed flouncing off through the forest. The priestess felt ridiculously idiotic as she had no idea where she was and had virtually no possessions on her.

"MORGANA WATCH OUT!" Darth Vader warned as a vicious dog darted towards Morgana.

"Hleap apon bæc;" chanted Morgana blasting the dog back. Blood sprayed out of the vile creature but Morgana showed no sympathy for it as she had nearly been annihilated by it. She didn't even turn back to Darth Vader and thank him. The witch was feeling a burning hatred towards everyone and everything but Aithusa at that precise moment.

"Morgana, I've got an army remember. Together we could annihilate everyone that is in league with Arthur and do whatever we want." Morgana stopped walking but did not turn around. She was extremely conflicted as she knew that 'Dark Plaguer' could help her get what was rightfully hers but she loathed him. At last she final turned towards the man dressed in black.

"I will stay but you must not oppose everything I say," snarled Morgana. Darth Vader nodded mutely in agreement and sat down on the wooden log. It had been Morgana that was contradicting everything that he was saying, not the other way around. Considering he didn't want yet another conflict with Morgana, Darth Vader decided to remain quiet.

Half heartidly, Morgana dragged her feet back to where Darth Vader was lounging and dropped to the ground. She was not convicted that she was doing the right thing, it was quite possible that Darth Vader could betray and imprison her. It could just be an irrational worry but Morgana had been extremely paranoid since spending two whole years in darkness.

"However I do insist upon that necklace being removed," commanded Darth Vader. Morgana once again crossed her arms and gave him a look like a stroppy teenager would give. Suddenly Morgana's necklace unclipped itself a flew at Darth Vader. She made out to grab her necklace but was too late. Morgana fell right back onto the ground getting pine needles in her hair; not that she cared. She was fuming with frustration, hatred and anger but after all nowadays it wasn't rare for Morgana to feel those unpleasant emotions. Now the priestess knew she was in a very vulnerable position to 'Dark Plaguer' as it was easy to attack her but she didn't care. Morgana knew was defeated and was in a way acting submissive to Darth Vader. The witch more thought of it being a good position to sleep, though.

"Right young padawan, I am now going to give you a lightsaber. I know that most two year olds are more mature than you but this is not a toy I'm giving you." Darth Vader made the luminescent red stick appear again and carefully handed it over to Morgana. It took Morgana a while to register the lightsaber properly in her brain. It was more beautiful than anything Morgana had seen before and it's bright colour put Morgana into some sort of trance. Although Morgana had never seen anything like this before, it felt at ease in her hand. Cautiously, she swung it around still transfixed at its captivating experience. Then she encountered a problem. Most people wouldn't have fussed about it but it meant everything to Morgana.

"Why is the lightsaber red?" Morgana dramatically interrogated. "Do you want to fight for Camelot? I thought you were on my side weren't you?" Darth Vader once again felt extremely frustrated at Morgana's desire to complain or oppose everything he said or did. He stood up to his full height towering over the priestess.

"Not everything that is red has something to do with Camelot," contradicted Darth Vader. Morgana gave him her ultimate look of disbelief. In her opinion it did. She had been raised in a place were the thousand guards wore red and the knights wore red. There was always red banners to represent Camelot when a tournament of festival was held.

"Yes it is," Morgana defiantly said wondering if Darth Vader would be daring enough to continue to challenge her.

"You take it or you die," Darth Vader simply said. Morgana's jaw dropped open in shock and she frowned again.

"You dare to threaten me with death. You dare to murder one of your kin. You dare to MURDER ME!"

"Quiet ignorant child. I would not kill you. I meant you will be killed by the enemy." Morgana reluctantly snatched the lightsaber out of Darth Vader's hands still glaring at him. Then Morgana began to experiment about with the lightsaber and gazed at the colour it made as she waved it around. It was quite amazing for Morgana to see an object like this; she had never experienced anything like it before. Then the priestess, wondering what the red part of stick would feel like, moved her hands to touch it.

"NO CHILD YOU'LL LOSE YOUR FINGERS!" Darth Vader stressfully warned. This caused Morgana to fling the lightsaber out of her hands in shock. The lightsaber narrowly missed hitting Darth Vader as he fortunate caught the handle in sight. He couldn't believe how stupid his young padawan was.