5 Years Ago

A/N: Written From Kei's, Blaze Jr's, Garret's spirit, and 3rd person POV as she and her son visit the grave of a hero, father, and lover. I read a, i guess it is a, one-shot (w/e that means) that was an alternate ending to AC5. It made me cry. Made mewant to write one too. Here's my attempt.

Five years ago, there was a war. It wasn't a normal war. Two countries were pitted against each other secretly by an old enemy from a war 20 years ago. It was also the war were we met. I was quiet, shy, timid. You were calm, strong, and confident. You were born to fly. We could see it your eyes. Flying ran through your veins. When Captain Bartlett got shot down, you were ready to lead our squadron but you never took it by force. It was almost like an election. It was unanimous. You took point and never look back.

"Wardog, break!"

That was your command. Short, sweet, to the point. I can still hear your voice. That baritone voice. It wasn't too deep, not to high. Just right. Enough to fill me with hope regardless if we were on the ground or in the air. When our squadron was reprimanded for the attack on the school and when we were criticized for losing Chopper in battle protecting November City, you stood firm and fought back with a passion that burned bright. I always knew we would do well under you, and be safe, but those moments made me realize how much we needed you. Made me realize how much I needed you.

After we were betrayed and made into the enemy by Belkan forces in Osea's military and government, we became the Razgriz. The fictional demon-turned-hero of the world of fairy tales. Once again, you were elected to lead our new squadron with Marcus Snow, your cousin, as Razgriz 3. You took your role with such pride and confidence, that it inspired even our President, who we helped rescue from the Belkans, to go back to Oured and make himself heard. Both he and Nikanor, both showed their faces, and ended the war.

That was 5 years ago.

Five years ago, you lead an attack squadron, composed of Osean and Yuktobanian ground forces, helicopters, and air craft, to the place where the Belkan enemy hid. You even managed to shoot down their direct link to us, Hamilton. As our new friends dealt with cleaning up and capturing the enemy, we followed you into the belly of the beast and took out one of two control panels for the orbiting nuclear attack satellite, SOLG. The other was done in by our old CO, Bartlett. Our enemies defeated, the day saved and we became embedded in history as legends. That night, our fires burned bright as we gave away the only gifts we can give away only once. I was in love with you from when we first met and I knew that I never wanted to leave your side. But we were called to fly one more time. The SOLG was on a direct course of Oured.

We suited for what would be our last fight. Three black F-22's lined up behind your black EF-2000 Typhoon. You didn't need the thrust vectoring nozzles. You never did. Canards did the job just fine. We took off towards Oured in the late of night, refueling mid-air once and then lading in Oured to refuel and grab a bite to eat. Took off before sunrise, December 30, 2010. We took off towards our destiny, to our final fight with 8 Belkan aces. Nothing short of the word epic would describe the fight. Somehow, before the fight began, you shot down four of the enemy in one volley. The other four you either killed or assisted in killing. The battle lasted only one minute. We continued our flight to our objective point, thanking you for all you done for us. When I asked you to let me fly once more as your wingman, you said no. My heart fell. My world went dark. You chuckled. Even though we were in separate planes, I could feel you.

"Kei, I want you to be my wingman for life. To fly by my side till the day world ends and into eternity."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. You asked me to marry you! You could have just said that you were kidnapping me and forcing me to be your wife and it would have been the same to me.

"YES! I will be your wife!"

Before the cheers could even get started, the SOLG arrived in our attack area.

"Razgriz, you know what to do."

I can hear the smile in your voice. This was our moment. The moment that the morning would forever remember. We attacked the outer rotating shell and panels. Each plane focused on a section. You took the bottom left, probably the most dangerous part of the SOLG debris field. That was your spot, and you claimed it. As the SOLG neared Oured, it took a beating. It took everything we threw at it but it wasn't enough. The situation went from hopeful to deathly in a matter of a few moments.

"Command, this is Razgriz 1. SOLG, still falling. Weapons, empty."

The sound of your voice was enough to send shivers down my spine. The view of defeat loomed in front of us, dropping panels and whatever else into the sea below.

"Oka Nieba, this is Blaze. I'm going in."

I was confused. Where could you go? What are about to do?

"Razgriz, hang back and go high."

"Garret, what are doing?"

I saw you move forward and above the SOLG. It dawned on me.

"Blaze, don't. There's gotta be another way!"

"Captain, please don't! We need you here."

"Marcus, Grimm, I have to. There's no other way."

I couldn't speak. The lump in my throat grew in size. All I did was cry. I didn't want you to what I thought you were about to do.

"Garret! Don't! I need you. Please! Let's go away from here!"

"Kei, my darling Kei. I know, but this has to be done. Not for me, but for you, for us. For our loved ones and the new families. And the new world that our child will grow up in."

"What? How do you…?"

"Trust me, I know."

The familiar smile was heard again and I put my hand over my stomach. I blushed. I saw your Typhoon race off in front of the SOLG as it got within 30 miles of Oured. Marcus, Grimm, and I climbed to 20,000 feet. The SOLG was at 8,000 feet.

"Command, this is Blaze of Razgriz."

Your voice was cracking. I could hear the fear but also the resolution. But I could tell that you were calm and resolute. You were seeing this through and I knew that my life would be forever changed.

"Take care Razgriz. Kei, I love you. Raise our child well. We'll meet up again soon. I love you."

"I love you too."

I looked away. I thought I looked away. The flash was so bright. My plane shook. My voice broke through. It joined the cries of our wingmen. The tears flowed. I rushed down toward where I last saw you. There was nothing. Nothing but a mangled mess sinking into the ocean. No sign of you, your plane, nothing. The SOLG took you. It took away the calming smile. The soothing voice silenced. I don't remember much after that. All I know is that I woke up in a bed three days later.

New Years, Valentine's Day, I spent alone. But I stayed strong for the sake of our baby. You were right. Your last gift to me. More precious than saving Oured. But you helped create the new peace for Little Blaze to grow up in. I named him after you. He has your eyes and your smile. He loves the sky just like you and never leaves the house without a toy plane.

3rd Person

"Garret, honey?" Kei called out to the little boy standing with Marcus Snow, Hans Grimm and their families.

"Yes, mommy"

"Come here, my son."

The little boy walked over to his mother, careful not to walk over any graves. It scared him and he wanted out. He missed his daddy. He wished he was still around.

"Mommy, I don't like it here."

Kei kneeled down and hugged her son.

"It's ok."

"I'm sorry I'm not brave like daddy."

"I'm not brave like him either. I miss him too. You want to talk to him?"

Garret Jr. nodded.

What did you think? Don't worry. More to come.