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Warning: Death

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Chapter 1: It is all Over

Hermione stood still, crying silently in front of her two best friends' graves. Both Harry and Ron had been killed in the Second War and along with them the rest of the Weasley had been killed too. In fact, not many of the members of the Orders that had survived, Kingsley had been cursed with a deadly curse and now lay in bed in St Mungo waiting for his death to come. Draco Malfoy who had turned his back on the Dark Lord had been killed along with his parents, and even Luna and Neville did not have the chance to survive the war along with some of their friends in Hogwarts. Hermione who had managed to escaped death, is traumatized as she had seen three of her best friends, Harry, Ron and Ginny, been killed right in front of her very own eyes.

Standing still as she watches over the graves of her best friends, she can't helped but the memories all the events that had happened about a week ago, during the final war that took place in Hogwarts, her beloved school, being played in her head as she tried to refrain herself from break down in front of the people who came to pay their last respects for those who had fallen in the war. She holds tightly on a young infant who had lost not only his parents but also his last family member, his grandmother.

Hermione held the child closely to her, as little Teddy knew nothing of death for he had lost all his family when he is just a baby, just like Harry only that Harry had lost his parents when he was about a year old. Hermione remembered during the war when she was almost being shot with a deadly curse by an unknown Death Eater when someone pushed her aside and took the curse for her and Hermione had to refrained herself from screaming when she realized that the witch was in fact Andromeda, and before she died in her arm, Andromeda told Hermione that she had left her young grandchild in a care of an elf who took refuge in their home and told Hermione that she must survives this war and asked her to look after Teddy as her own child for she and Harry had been named as Teddy Lupin's godparents. After she promised to Andromeda, she begins to shoot curses and jinxes to the Death Eaters that she could found and she was assisted with some of the Aurors who had arrived in Hogwarts and helped the Light to fight against the enemies.

After the war is over, the only survivors are Hermione herself, Minerva McGonagall, Dean Thomas, Padma Patil, Cho Chang and a few others but those who close and important to her are all dead. Harry had been killed along with Voldemort, even though he had managed to kill Voldemort yet the last curse from the Dark Lord had killed him too. Ron took a killing curse for his sister and Ginny was killed after being shot with a slicing curse. And all of them were killed in front of Hermione's own eyes. Neville had managed to behead Nagini the Snake but a Death Eater had stabbed him from behind, killed the Gryffindor instantly. And Luna's death almost as tragic as Ginny does for she took not one but few slicing curse which one of the curse had almost got her right arm being cut off completely.

After the funeral services are over, Hermione takes some last walk around the graves of those she loved, her best friends and brothers, Harry who was also Teddy's godfather and Ron, her girlfriends and sisters Ginny and Luna, her second family the Weasley, her good friends Neville, Seamus, Pavarti, and Lavender, and also Andromeda, Tonks and Remus whom she really fond of as she held the sleeping infant close to her chest.

The Gryffindor Princess not only had lost them but also her real parents as they were killed a few days before the war in Hogwarts begins, and she found out that they were killed by the mad witch who had carved the loathed word in her arm. Before the war broke, Molly Weasley had told Hermione that the Death Eater had found her family in Australia and had them killed there, which left Hermione to lose conscious and broke down badly in front of her second family.

After taking her last walk in the graveyard of the fallen heroes, Hermione, taking the infant Teddy with her, go back to her late parents' home since that she had no more place to go.

A year later

Hermione had a couple of months before she finished her last year in Hogwarts. She is still mourning upon the death of her beloved families and friends and couldn't wait to finish her final year in Hogwarts. Upon her request, the new Headmistress Professor McGonagall allowed her to bring along Teddy to stay with her in Hogwarts since she had no one to look after him while she is still in school.

While doing her final year in Hogwarts Hermione had been thinking and searching for a potential place for her to move away after she finish her school, and she had been thinking about some place somewhere in the United States and she wanted to find some peaceful place with less people around it. During her Christmas break she went back home to her late parents' home, searching for the suitable place using the Internet and one place got her attention, a place called Ipswich somewhere in Massachusetts, and Hermione had no idea why but she was drawn into it and finally she had made up her decision, after she graduate from Hogwarts, she and Teddy will move there, to Ipswich, and she planned to move there for good.


"Hermione dear, are you sure that this is the best for the both of you?" asked Professor McGonagall during Hermione's graduation day. It really pained for the Hogwarts Headmistress to see one of her beloved and bright student decided to move away to the States after her graduation day.

"Yes, and I am very positive about it, is not that I hate this place, in fact I love this place the most in my whole life, but the memory of those who I loved and cared still linger with me, and I cannot stand the pain anymore, so I think that it is best for Teddy and I to move away, starting a new life for the both of us," said Hermione as tears slowly fell from her eyes.

"I'm sad that you are leaving soon, have you already find a place to live there?" asked McGonagall again as she wipes the tears from her eyes as Hermione nodded her head.

"Yes, I already bought an apartment there, I've sold my parents' house and also their dentistry practice, I've given some of their belongings to our relatives and I took some of them for myself, at least I had something of them that can remind me of them. The goblin in Gringott told me that both Harry and Andy had transferred their money and belongings into my vault, it is already written in their wills in case if they did not make it in the war, and along with the money given by the Ministry it should be enough for me to support myself and Teddy when we move to the States," said Hermione softly as she wiped the tears that falling nonstop. An elf appears as she hold a whining little infant who wanted Hermione's attention and the beautiful brunette smiles at the young child who hold both his arms up, asking her to pick him up. As Hermione pick little Teddy, the child giggles loudly that McGonagall can't help but chuckled to see the little boy's behavior. She could see how much Hermione really loves the little boy as he is the only family member she had left.

"I wish that the both of you will have a good life in the States, I am really proud of you and I going to say that I'm going to miss so much when both of you left," said McGonagall as she hugs both Hermione and Teddy and she can't help but to cry silently. Hermione returns her hug as she thanked the old witch and wishes her the best with Hogwarts in the future.


Hermione is pushing Teddy in his stroller as the little boy plays with his unicorn toy. It is time for them to leave as Hermione had planned early to take muggle transportation to travel to the States rather than using any magical transportation. She had already been granted as Teddy Lupin's legal guardian by both muggle and magical government and the little boy had been calling her mummy since he had learnt to talk, all thanks to Dean Thomas and Padma Patil, saying that she had a good and wonderful motherly instinct.

Hermione is now at Heathrow Airport, London, taking a one way flight to the United States and sending her there are Dean Thomas, Cho Chang, Padma Patil and surprisingly Blaise Zabini as the five of them had became good friends after the war ended. Zabini and his family remains neutral during the war and surprisingly even though his family is a pureblood, his father is not much of the Voldemort supporters and they had to acted like one in order for the senior Zabini to protect his family. And during the war, the Zabini had turned their back on the Dark Lord and fight against him, but Blaise is so sad that he is unable to save his best friends Draco and also Daphne Greengrass who were also killed during the war.

"Well, here we are and I think that it is time for us to go, thank you so much for everything, I will not going to forget about all of you, and I'm going to miss all of you so much," said Hermione as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"We too, we are going to miss you too, both of you so much," replied Cho who began to cry as both she and Padma hugged Hermione and gives Teddy kisses in his cheeks.

After giving each other best wishes and best of luck, both Hermione and Teddy goes into the departure area as their flight will be leaving in less than two hours.


The flight from London to one of Massachusetts' airport had taken less than 10 hours and when they reached there, both are tired and Teddy had been sleeping in her lap. After being permitted to enter, Hermione put Teddy back into his stroller and went to retrieve their belongings, and not long after that both Hermione and Teddy are waiting for a taxi to take them to their new home somewhere in Ipswich.

After manage to get a taxi (or cab, since they are in the US), both Hermione and Teddy are facing another long journey from the airport to their new home. On their way there, Hermione could see the different surrounding and the place is so different from back home, or former home, since this place is going to be their new home now. Little Teddy is sleeping in her lap while holding to his unicorn toy in one hand and sucking his thumb of his other hand.

"Is that your kid, the little boy?" asked the driver all of a sudden, which startled Hermione a little.

"Sorry, didn't mean that," the driver apologized to Hermione as she shook her head.

"No, don't be, sorry…come again," asked Hermione back as the driver chuckled a little.

"That accent, you are not from this country aren't you? That little boy, is he your son, because seems to me you are quite young to be a mother, if you get what I mean," replied the driver.

Hermione did not know how to reply at first, worried if the driver will misunderstand her and he might report her to the authority, but she could sense that there's no threat coming from the middle-aged black driver, only sincerity.

"Well, both of us came from England and to be frank, he's not, actually, but I'm his legal guardian for he is my godson," responded Hermione as she looked at the sleeping child in her lap.

"Where's your family, if I may ask but sorry if I sound rude to you," said the driver, as Hermione could sense a concern coming from him.

"I…we don't have any family left, we only got each other now," replied Hermione as she tried not to cry, it's been a year now and yet she still missed all of them so much.

The driver unable to say anything, he is shock and sad to hear about it. For that he did not intend to push her and drive them to their destination.

As they reach their destination, the middle age driver helps Hermione with her belongings as she put the still sleeping Teddy in his stroller.

"I'm sorry to hear about both of your families, but I do believe that you are one strong young woman and I'm sure that the two of you will able to get through all this, may God be with the both of you," said the driver as Hermione pays for the cab.

"Thank you Sir, may God be with you too," Hermione spoke as a person approaches them. The driver nodded his head and smiles as he goes back to his cab and drive off.

"Hello there, you must be Hermione Granger, am I right?" said the new comer with a smile in her face, a black woman who seems to be in her 40's.

"Hello, yes I'm Hermione Granger, just Hermione please, and you must be Mrs Diane Belton, from the estate and housing agency," replied Hermione as the woman gives her another smile.

"Yes I am, just call me Diane, so come on, let me show you your new apartment, sorry to say this but I am quite surprise that you are able to buy an apartment at this very young age, I mean you are 19 year old, right?" asked Diane again as Hermione pulls Teddy's stroller.

"I'm still 18, I'll be 19 in a few months time," said Hermione when Teddy suddenly whimper from his stroller.

"Is that your son, sorry to ask you a lot of questions, if you don't mind," asked Diane as she took a peek on the little boy.

"No…yes, well he is my godson," said Hermione hesitated as Diane nodded her head understandingly as she gave Hermione a sincere smile.

"Well, I think we better get inside and I'll give you a little tour and I've bring some men to help you with your things, is that okay with you?" as Diane spoke three men approaches them and each of them greets both Hermione and Diane.

"Sure, that is very nice of you," responded Hermione as she picks Teddy from his stroller and follow Diane from behind while the three men helps to bring their belongings inside.

After their little tour, Hermione thanked Diane and her helpers for their help and the four left Hermione and Teddy to settle in their new home.

"Well Teddy, this is our home now, since it is still early, why don't we get something to eat, you are hungry right…," Hermione spoke as she playfully poked the little child whom she is holding in her hip, making him giggling loudly.

"Mummy, hungwy…," said Teddy as he patted his stomach, making Hermione to chuckle at the little boy.

"Okay, let's find something to eat," responded Hermione as she puts Teddy down to get her boots and jacket and then she helps Teddy with his before the two of them left their apartment to the nearby café.


The four Sons of Ipswich is about to have their dinner in a café when two young women entered into the café and sits next to them.

"Hello babe, glad that the two of you are able to join us," said Pogue as he kissed his girlfriend Kate, making both Tyler and Reid gagged while Caleb and Sarah laughed.

"Could you just do it somewhere else, we're eating here," teased Reid, making Kate to stick her tongue at him.

"Hey, did you guys hear the news?" Sarah spoke as the boys looked at each other.

"What news?" asked Caleb, wondering what kind of news that his girlfriend is talking about.

"There's someone just moved in this town, I don't know who but I heard some people from the estate and housing agency are talking about it, and they said that the new comer are not from this country, isn't that cool," said Kate as Sarah nodded her head agreed with her.

"Okay…wonder what's so interesting about it," replied Tyler as both Kate and Sarah glared at him, making the youngest of the four Sons flinched and mumbled about 'girl and 'gossip'.

As Reid shaken his head, the door opened and the bell rings, indicates that someone is coming into the café. Ignoring it, thinking that it is just the regular customer, Reid continues to eat his meal when Kate whispered to them.

"Hey, who's that, never seen her before."

All of them turns their attention to the new comer and agrees with Kate for they had never seen her before in this town. What surprise them more is that this girl is holding a little child her with.

"I guess that she is the new comer in town, the one who've just moved in, remember that I've told you guys just now, my guess that is her," said Kate softly.

Sarah, Caleb and Pogue nodded their head, agrees with her as Tyler can't help to tries to look at the little boy she is holding, but among all six of them, Reid is checking on her.

While waiting for their food to be ready, Hermione and Teddy sit in an empty place, facing the four Sons and the two girls.

"What make you guys think that it was them?" asked Tyler quietly as he now could clearly see the little boy's face, he is cute and he could tell that she is beautiful. His question makes them wonder.

"I don't know, instinct," replied Kate easily as Reid frowned at her.

"Isn't she's too young to be a mother, she seems a bit younger than us," said Reid softly as all of them tries to glance at both Hermione and Teddy who are both oblivious at the scene in front of her.

"Well, can't say anything about that," Sarah spoke as she smiled to see the little boy giggles when the gorgeous brunette poking his side.

"I think I want to go and greet them," said Sarah, making the rest of them to look at her in disbelieved. She just simply ignores them as she stood up and walks toward both Hermione and Teddy.

"Hi there, never seen you here before, I'm Sarah," Sarah spoke as she introduces herself to Hermione and offers a hand shake as the brunette looking at her surprisingly before accepting her hand shake.

"Hermione, yes we are new here, just moved in," responded Hermione with a smile.

"Glad to have someone new in town, may I join you for a while?" asked Sarah with a smile.

"Yeah, sure, no problem," said Hermione, smiling back at Sarah.

"Your accent is quite different, are you from England?" asked Sarah politely as she did not want Hermione to think otherwise.

"Yes, we're both from England, just arrived here today," replied Hermione softly, thinking that she really needs to get her courage back.

"That's wonderful, and who's this little guy here, he's cute," asked Sarah as Teddy looked at her with eyes wide open, and Hermione felt a little relieve for Teddy is yet to 'master' his metamorphmagus ability or he will gives everyone in the café a shock of their life time.

"This Teddy, Teddy please says hi to Sarah," Hermione said as she nudged Teddy softly in his arm.

"Iii…," replied Teddy sheepishly as he tried to hide behind Hermione's arm, making both Hermione and Sarah to giggles.

"Hi…um…listen, just wondering if the two of you would like to join us, me and my friends over there, for dinner, if you don't mind?" asked Sarah as she pointed her friends behind her to both Hermione and Teddy as the five of them waved at the two new comers, and seems that one of them had his eyes fixed on Hermione as the beautiful brunette looked at him sheepishly and tries to get her attention away from his gorgeous blue eyes by looking back at Sarah. Without noticing Sarah somehow could sense that the handsome blonde is staring at the new comer and Sarah just got someone to tease with afterward.

"Umm…it's okay, I don't want to impose and Teddy is not really used to new people, maybe next time," replied Hermione shyly, it's really surprising her how nice these people are even though she and Teddy just moved in. And she aware that one of the guy, the handsome blonde, tries to steal glances at her.

"You're sure?" asked Sarah again.

"Yes, I'm very sure, besides we are just waiting for our take-away," said Hermione as Sarah nodded understandingly.

"Okay, why not just eat here instead?" Sarah asked again.

"Um…we try to get use with our new home, and when both of us already get use to it, it will be easier for us," replied Hermione as a waitress approaches them with Hermione's take-away. After she paid for their meals, she picks Teddy and put in her hip as the little boy sways his little legs and smiles at Hermione.

"Think that we should go now, Teddy, say bye bye to Sarah," said Hermione as the little boy waved his hand at Sarah who responded back.

"See you later then?"

"Yeah, sure, see you again next time, bye," said Hermione as both she and Teddy exit from the café and Sarah returns to her friends.

"Someone's already making a new friend," Reid said teasingly as Sarah sits next to her boyfriend.

"Well, at least someone's welcoming them with open arms," Sarah responded back. "And someone's can't get his eyes off her," Sarah teased back as Reid looked at her with his eyes widen and a tint of blush appears in his face.

"Hahaha…someone's blushing," teased Tyler as he patted on Reid's shoulder as the rest of them laughed at him.

"Did not," Reid responded back as he shoved Tyler's hand away.

"Yea, yea, yea…whatever, anyway I heard she mentioned about England, what's that all about?" Pogue asked as Kate leaned on her boyfriend and steals his fries.

"Oh yeah, she told me she and that little boy, Teddy, just came from England, I guess that we already knew who our mysterious new comers huh," said Sarah as she and Kate high fived each other as Tyler mumbled quietly about 'girl' and 'gossip thing'.

"So, what's her name then?" asked Kate, which got Reid's attention and seems that Sarah is the only person among the five of them who had noticed about Reid's behavior, and she can't help but smirking.

"Her name is Hermione."


Hermione is holding Teddy closely as the little boy enjoy swaying his legs as the two of them walk all the way from the café back to their new home. Luckily for them that it is not dark yet so Hermione could see many people around the town, and Hermione and Teddy's apartment is just about 15 minutes walk from the town. If there's no people around, Hermione did not mind to apparate but with these people still in sight, apparating is one risky thing and besides she is holding both Teddy and their food in her hands and definitely she is unable to sway her wand easily. As she continue walking Hermione could sense that Teddy is trying to detach her grip on him as the little boy try to wriggle his way down, making her to stop walking.

"Teddy, do you want to walk?" Hermione asked her godson as the little boy looking at her.

"Yea…," answered the little boy eagerly.

"Okay, I will put you down, don't run okay," said Hermione as the boy nodded his head and gives Hermione a big smile.

As Hermione put Teddy on the ground, the little boy skips and jumps and tries to walk a little faster while Hermione slows her pace and sometimes she runs a little to catch her godson when he tries to run, and while doing that Hermione can't stop smiling for even though she had lost so much yet she still had some hope left with her.

As both of them approaches their new apartment, Hermione begins to wonder about their life and friends back in England, even though she missed them so much but this is her life now and her adventurous life had ended with the death of her two best friends and brothers, Harry and Ron. But what she did not expect is that her new adventurous life had just begun when she decided to become a resident of Ipswich and most of all she did not expect to fall in love with one of the Sons of Ipswich in the near future.

So there you go, my first ever Hermione/Reid story. Just can't get it out from my mind so I had to write it down. Please review and tell me what you think. And just for reminder, the first chapter of this story might be longer but the upcoming chapters might a little bit shorter than this one.