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Chapter 14: Truth

Pogue feel miserable, he had no idea of how to break this news to his girlfriend. He knew that Caleb was right, Kate should not left in the dark about this, and this is not fair for her. He know that he needs time for this, but it's been years now and he had almost lost her once when both of them was injured by Chase. He could ask Sarah for help but this would restrain the friendship between her and Kate, and he did not want that. And Caleb will definitely not going to forgive him if that happen.

Pogue is now dilemma, he didn't know when to tell her about this or how. He knew that he had to be honest with her. No doubt that there will be argument between them, he can take that. But what worries him the most is that what if the consequence is different, what if Kate will break up with him, and that what he scares about the most. He loves her so much, and he can't deal with it when he almost loses her once.

All he knows that he needed time for this. And he needs to be preparing for what to come upon him when he is ready to unleash the truth to Kate. Then his mind snapped, maybe he can ask Hermione for help, maybe she can help to explain this to Kate. But then he didn't know Hermione very well, and he doesn't think that Reid will going to allow that to happen, not especially when the girls are slowly building good friendships, that will risk everything. And Pogue knows that before Kate should know about it they had to tell Sarah first since Sarah knew about this and she can accepts it with open mind, so it won't be in such awkward situation when the times come for Kate to know the truth about everything, about them and about Hermione and Teddy.


Reid is still worries; he didn't want to leave Hermione and Teddy alone. He is afraid if she is still haunted with nightmares of her past, especially the war, and the little boy is yet able to do anything if in case something's goes wrong. Although Hermione had convinced him that she and Teddy will be alright, Reid wanted to make sure that she is really okay before he left her apartment.

"Reid, don't worry, we'll be alright, trust me if anything goes wrong or something goes off, I'll contact you immediately, it's a promise," Hermione assured him.

Reid look at her with worries written in his eyes, yes he can trust her with that, but for how long. Although he wanted to stay here with her, but he have some work to do and he need to go back to his shared house to get change.

"Alright, just that if anything happen, call me okay," Reid said as he touched her cheek.

"Okay, I promise," Hermione replied. Reid smiled before kissing her. The blond then gave Teddy a hug and ruffled his now blond hair.

"Take care okay, remember, you promise," Reid said before he left Hermione's apartment.

Hermione looks at Teddy who stares at her from his high chair as the little boy smiles. Hermione smiles back at him.

"You know what Teddy I've never feel so much love like this before. Yes Teddy, I love him, and I'm sure that you likes him too, don't you," said Hermione as Teddy giggled. She could somehow felt the feeling that Teddy had for Reid, as if he had found his father figure.

"Daddy Weid," Teddy suddenly spoke, and he giggled loudly. Hermione startled as she looked at the little wizard. Then a smile crossed her face, this might promise a good future for them.

"Yes Teddy, Daddy Reid."

Reid had opened the door when he heard them greeted him, seems that the three men are still having breakfast, and it is almost afternoon, so how long are they planned to eat.

"Look, the lover boy just got back, so what's the news for us today," Caleb teased Reid as he joined them in the kitchen. He was full after ate a full English breakfast with Hermione and Teddy a while ago.

"Nothing, no news whatsoever, so how are with you guys today, anything to ask or to share with me," Reid asked them back as Pogue and Tyler looked quite reluctantly at him. Reid eyed them with a slight suspicious.

"What's with you guys?" Reid asked, more towards Caleb. Caleb looked at him before turning to both Pogue and Tyler, though Pogue seemed to be in dilemma, and Tyler reluctantly wanted to look at them. This had something to do with what he had said earlier, and he is pretty much ashamed of it, but it is not that he simply accused her of lying; he just still found it hard to believe. But he saw her magic, what she could do with that wand, so she is not a liar there, but for what had happened to her once, though she had lost so much, but she didn't seemed to suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) like most war survivors would do.

"Hmm…well, there's nothing much, just that how's Hermione been doing?" Caleb asked.

Reid takes a deep breath, and he looks worried. He was worried the moment he left her apartment. Although he believes that she is alright, but what happened yesterday night, or rather this early morning, had him been thinking about it. Had she had all these nightmares all the time? How does she deal with it when she was alone with Teddy, and the little boy could do nothing to help her with it?

"Reid, are you okay buddy?" Pogue asked. He and Caleb looked at each other when Reid lost in his thought. Tyler looked between the three of them as Reid seemed not to hear it. He snapped his fingers in front of him, and that got the blond startled.

"Yeah, wha…what is it?" Reid startled.

"What's happen buddy?" Caleb asked worriedly.

"No, everything's fine, well no actually. This morning, Hermione, she got nightmare, she was crying and shaking and begging for someone not to hurt her, I guess that the nightmare she got was when she was tortured, I guess that that dark moment still haunt her, and I have to admit I was worried before I left her apartment," Reid spoke as the three of them shocked.

"I still can't believes that she had gone through all that, how was she tortured, it was by that witch, Bella…something, right?" Caleb asked and he was slightly frantic about this.

"Yeah, it's Bellatrix. She told me that Bellatrix used the Cruciatus Curse on her and also…that bitch carved something in her arm, a filthy word, Mudblood, because she is a muggle-born witch, she branded her because of her blood," Reid told them as they were shocked. The three Sons could saw how he tried to control his anger. Caleb could understand that, having Sarah suffered when she was taken by Chase was enough for him to go rampage.

"What happen to her friends, Harry and Ron, why they didn't stop that witch Bellatrix?" Tyler asked, and this got Caleb's attention, he even wondered why they didn't do anything to save their friend since Reid had told about Hermione been tortured.

"They were thrown in a dungeon and was locked there, when they were caught and brought to the Malfoy Manor Bellatrix had forced them into telling about the sword that in their possession, the Sword of Gryffindor, the one that Harry found in the lake. And before they were caught by the Snatchers, Hermione jinxed Harry's face so that they will not recognized him and Hermione lied about her name, but somehow they were still taken. Hermione told me that the boy Draco Malfoy did recognized them but he pretended of not knowing them, Hermione told me that Draco don't really wanted to be the bad guy, but he is in tight spot, with his crazy aunt who was the loyal follower of this Voldemort and his parents being threatened, I guess that it is really hard for him to made choices of his own. There, Harry and Ron were thrown to the dungeon while Hermione was interrogated and tortured by Bellatrix, they…they…," Reid said as he hissed and gritted his teeth angrily; he tried to control his anger because what happened next really disgusted him, he even promised himself that if he ever found this beast he will definitely going to kill him.

"They did what, Reid?" Pogue asked worriedly.

"Hermione…Hermione…she was almost got…rape," Reid said, his face reddened with anger.

"What, how?" Caleb asked, he and the rest of the Sons were now paled and shaken with anger.

"Because Hermione didn't tell them anything about the sword, to Bellatrix especially, she ordered one of the Snatchers who had caught them, to rape her. The beast, Greyback, is a werewolf, Hermione told me that Greyback had almost tore her shirt when Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mother, stopped them, she said that she doesn't allow this to happen in her house, but Hermione said that she could tell that Narcissa tried to save her, she is no evil like her sister does, but this had angered Bellatrix and she almost killed Hermione herself when Harry and Ron suddenly burst into the room, they had managed to escaped from the dungeon," Reid told them.

Despite looking quite relieves, still Caleb, Pogue and Tyler feel bad for Hermione, they knew that she had a hard life during the war, but this really shocked them. And as for Tyler, he now felt really bad for doubting her a while ago.

"And according to Hermione, Greyback was also responsible for hurting Remus Lupin, when he was young, and that what caused him to became werewolf, he held that hatred to that fucking beast since that day until his death in the war, and the beast also had attacked and scarred Ron's eldest brother Bill in the face," Reid told them again. All of them sat silently, breakfast forgotten. And because of that none of them are in the mood to work, especially for Reid.

"So…did they escape, from the Manor?" Tyler asked reluctantly.

"Yeah, they did. They managed to escaped from the Manor, but with the cost of life, they had this creature…a house elf, Dobby, he helped them to escaped by apparated them to Ron's older brother's house, but before they disappeared, Hermione said that Bellatrix had managed to throw a knife, and that knife had stabbed Dobby, he was killed," Reid said sadly. Hermione has shown him the magical picture of Dobby the first time she told him her story.

"What's appa…appara, what do you call that again?" Pogue asked.

"Apparate, as Hermione had explained to me, is some sort of transportation, it is where you disappear from one place and appears somewhere else that you wish or desire and all you have to do is to imagine and get the right coordinate of the place that you want to go. She said that they need to take an apparition license and attend some test before they declared whether you are able to apparate or not, just like us and our car, and it is not easy," Reid explained to them.

"Can she apparate, Hermione, I mean?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, she can, but she didn't like it much, because she said that it make her stomach feel so funny, as if she is being sucked in into a portal or something like that," Reid told them as they slowly absorb the new info of this so-called magical transportation. None of them speak for a few minutes or so as they let all the information gone into their heads.

"So, I guess that there's more to come, right, surely with them escaping from the Manor is just the beginning, especially when dealing with that witch Bellatrix, she's sound so deadly and dangerous, can say that most of the killing comes from her," Caleb asked reluctantly, he didn't wanted Reid to think that he tried to pry into Hermione's past life. He just want to know what had happened to her and also wanted to know about the war, the magical war that happened in the other side of the world, the hidden world.

"Can say like that, Hermione told me that Bellatrix was Voldemort's right-hand person, she was strong, very deadly, and even crazy, she hunted down those whom she thought as threat to them and even killed her own family to show her loyalty to Voldemort," Reid told them. He wanted to spat when he mentioned Bellatrix's name as if it is an acid to his tongue.

"Man, I know that it is hard for you to tell us about this especially that this is not yours to tell, but it is better you than Hermione, I don't think I have the heart to pester her into telling us the rest of the story, I think she had enough of this and for her to tell us her story might bring her more pain, I guess that she and Teddy came here to start a new life, right?" Pogue spoke understandingly.

"Yeah buddy, you're right, they did come here to start a new life, she told me that after the war she couldn't stand of anything that will remind her of her best friends and families, and it pained her so much. In certain places in Hogwarts will remind her of her best friends, places that marked their death," Reid told them.

"So…what happen next?" Tyler asked reluctantly as he really wanted to know about the rest of the story. Reid, Caleb, and Pogue looked at him as he sheepishly glanced at them.

"Hermione, Harry, and Ron stayed at Shell Cottage for about a week or so since Hermione was hurting badly, and apparently both Harry and Ron were too and before that they had saved a few people when they were locked in the dungeon in Malfoy Manor, it was their friends Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas, and Mr Ollivander, the wand-maker, and also a goblin by the name of Griphook, not only that but they had found out another horcrux inside Bellatrix's vault in Gringotts, it is a Wizarding Bank, so they need to get that one, but it is a risk because when they escaped from the Manor, Harry had snatched their enemies' wands, and Bellatrix had informed the goblins in Gringotts about it."

Reid stopped there for a while as he went to get himself some water before continued.

"The four of them, Hermione, Harry, and Ron of course, along with Griphook, went there to retrieve the goblet of Helga Hufflepuff, that is after they made a dealt with Griphook, it is not an easy task and hell they even had problem there but they managed to retrieved the goblet, but Griphook had betrayed them, he left them and took the sword from Harry, but somehow they managed to escaped from Gringotts by riding a dragon…"

"Whoa whoa whoa, stop right there…riding on a dragon, are you serious about this…huh…this is surely something so unimaginable, don't' you think," Pogue said unbelievably. Both Caleb and Tyler looked at Reid with their eyes and mouths widen. This is surely something so unreal to think about it.

"Yeah I know, but they did rode on a dragon to escaped from Gringotts, I thought that it was a joke once but she had a copy of the Wizarding newspaper that wrote the story about their escaped, she had some friend gave it to her and she showed to me and that shocked me. Despite that it will reminded her of her best friends, but she still keep it so that at least she had something that will reminds her of her and her best friends' bravery and what they did to save the Wizarding world," Reid told them, his eyes filled with proud and admiration of what Hermione had done so far in order to save the Wizarding world.

"Yeah, she is brave, what do you think about all these that had happened to her?" Caleb asked, wondering how Reid accepted the truth about everything that had happened to Hermione before.

"At first, I thought that it was just…crazy, if you know what I mean, this is just beyond our mind, I never thought that this such world exist, and with what Hermione had gone through, how she lost everything in her life, I had to admit I'm not even that brave to face Chase, but her, she had been in a war, watched her best friends died, her parents been killed, and now had to look after a child that wasn't even hers, she had sacrifices a lot in order to had a better life though she had lost so much, she had given us something to admire," Reid said truthfully.

"Yeah, riding on a dragon, broke into the Wizarding bank, been captured and tortured, been on a run for months, and she done it with her two best friends, I mean that's all crazy man, I don't think I had the capability to do what she had done in her past. So, what else that she had gone through before going to the war," Pogue said as the rest looked at him, though they quite agreed with him about it.

"You guys still want to know about the whole story, huh?" Reid asked them as Caleb raised his eyebrow and Tyler nodded. The blond could only shake his head as Pogue pour more coffee in his cup. They're all got hooked up with the story that none wanted to go to work for today, maybe they can call for a sick leave later.

"Alright then, so after a long ride on the dragon, they abandon it and somehow Harry got a vision, seemed that this Voldemort had killed all or most of the Gringotts' employees after finding out about the horcrux that they had taken from the vault, and then he had another vision of another horcrux and lady in grey, a ghost, and had something to do with Rowena Ravenclaw…" Reid said as he is interrupted by Caleb.

"Rowena Ravenclaw?"

"Yeah, the founder of the Ravenclaw house, one of Hermione's friends, Luna, is a Ravenclaw," Reid explained to them.

"So, each house had a founder?" Tyler asked. Reid looked at him as if he is stupid or what.

"What, well she only mentioned about the four houses, she didn't mentioned about the founders of each house," Tyler told him truthfully.

"Yeah alright, yes each house was named after their founder; Godric Gryffindor is for the Gryffindor house, the one where Hermione, Harry, and Ron were, Rowena Ravenclaw is for, of course, Ravenclaw house, Helga Hufflepuff for the Hufflepuff house, and Salazar Slytherin is for the Slytherin house, the one that housed Draco Malfoy," Reid explained to them. Pogue looked at Reid as if he had gone to Hogwarts instead of Spenser Academy since he knew much about Hogwarts.

"Helga Hufflepuff, the goblet that they took from the vault, that once belonged to Helga Hufflepuff, that means that the Dark Lord had used most of the founders' belonging as his horcruxes, the goblet and now something that belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw," Caleb said. Reid could only nod.

"So, where did they go, to find for something that belongs to Rowena Ravenclaw?" Pogue asked.

"They went back to Hogwarts," Reid told, and Caleb could only think that this was the beginning of the war, because Hermione had told them that the war took place in Hogwarts.

"So the war had begun," Caleb said, wanted to confirm of his thought.

"Not yet, but it will not long after that. They entered into Hogwarts through a secret passage, and greeted by their friends who were happy to see them again. Remember Neville, the one whose parents were curse into insanity, he took role as the leader of the Dumbledore's Army when Hermione and her two best friends were on the run and contacted the rest of the members and also the Order of the Phoenix…," Reid was interrupted again, by Pogue.

"Wait…Order of the Phoenix, now what is that?"

"Order of the Phoenix is a group of the Light side, Hermione said that it was formed back when Harry's parents were still alive, they formed to group to fight against Voldemort and his minions," Reid told them.

"Okay…so what's happen next?" Tyler asked eagerly, he really wanted to know the whole story and all these interruptions had made the story longer.

"Alright, I will finish it, but no interruptions, any question, afterward, deal?" Reid said as the rest nodded. So, he continued.

"When the rest of the DA and the Order's members arrived, which included the Weasleys, there Hermione found out about her parents been murdered, and then they fought against the current Headmaster, Severus Snape and two Death Eaters who were appointed as the school's teachers and Snape managed to escaped while the two Death Eaters were defeated, but that was just the beginning because Voldemort and his Death Eaters, included Draco's parents and his crazy aunt, Bellatrix, had arrived so the teachers and the Order's members had raced against time to put wards to protect Hogwarts from being entered, and so the war had begun."

Reid stopped to look at his friends' reactions. Both Caleb and Pogue looked in disbelieved and Tyler slightly paled. Even them, the Warlocks, never had wars this worse.

"Hermione said she didn't knew who fought against who and where, but it was a total chaos, people were killed even if they were young, students against Death Eaters. Harry and Luna searched for the Ravenclaw diadem, the one that Voldemort used as his horcrux and Hermione and Ron went to the Chamber of Secret to search for a basilisk fang to destroy the goblet, and she said that after she and Ron had destroyed the goblet they went to find for Harry in the Requirement Room where they had duel with Draco and his friends, though Harry had managed to talked Draco out of it, but somehow one of his friend had produced this some sort of magical fire, I forgot what she called it, from his wand and the room was in fire, they managed to escaped and saved Draco and one of his friend, but the one who conjured the spell were killed," Reid told them. He stopped to drink his coffee and then remained silent for about a minute. He looked at them and could see how eager his friends are as they attentively listened to the story. He knew that he had to start to continue with the story before they started to pester him again.

"Later they rejoined the war and fought and they found out a few of the Orders were killed, included two of Ron's older brothers and sister-in-law, and according to Hermione this had enraged Ron that he attacked any Death Eaters he saw, and then something bad happened, as they fought against a Death Eater, Ron saw another Death Eater's aiming to kill his sister so he ran to her and pushed her aside and took the Killing Curse conjured by the enemy and was killed there, right in front of Hermione and Harry."

By this time, the three Sons paled. To hear a friend died was bad enough, but to watch one died right in front of own eyes was truly heart breaking, it would kill them slowly deep inside.

"The Death Eater then killed by an auror, but the one they fought managed to escaped. Hermione said that both she and Harry were devastated with Ron's death, but Ginny was worse, she couldn't stop crying over her brother's death and she had lost three of her brothers, Bill, Charlie who is the second oldest, and Ron, and also Bill's wife. When most enemies were killed Hermione said that she, Harry and Ginny had found out about Snape's true story and how he had protected Harry since the beginning, and when they went to the Great Hall they found out that Ginny not only had lost three brothers but also another two, Fred and Percy, and also found out that Luna and a few of their friends were already killed, and this included Teddy's parents, and this was the most devastating moment ever that Hermione had in her life, her best friend, friends, and a guy that she likes were killed," Reid said in a sad tone. Tyler wiped tears that formed in his eyes while Caleb had tears fell from his eyes. Pogue looked so miserable and sad, his coffee had gone cold.

"The war is yet far from over and there's still two horcruxes that they needed to destroyed. Both sides were losing so much; bodies were laying everywhere, students, teachers, aurors, even the Death Eaters. So many things had happened and at one point Harry told Hermione that he was the other Horcrux and the last one is Nagini the snake and she said that Harry needed to face Voldemort all by himself and he went there alone. Hermione was worried and sad until later when the enemy announced that Harry was dead, there chaos happened."

Caleb took a deep breath, to lose lots of love ones in a single war in completely unbearable. He wonders to himself if he was strong enough to face this should this happened to him. He turned to Reid as the blond was in deep thought, knowing that he was thinking of Hermione. Although the war had ended not long ago, but the scars would always remained there.

"The enemies taunted them as everyone saddened. But then something's happened, suddenly Harry was brought back to life, and the fight resumed, Hermione said that she, Ginny and Mrs Weasley were fought against a few Death Eater when suddenly Ginny was hexed with a slicing curse, she was killed in front of Hermione's eyes and this shocked and saddened her so much. Mrs Weasley who was enraged after another of her children killed, blasted the witch who killed her daughter and she managed to kill Bellatrix whom she fought, and Hermione said that she was fought against a Death Eater named Dolohov and was saved when an auror joined her to fought against him. She was saddened when she found out that Mrs Weasley was killed and later followed by her husband and son, George. The whole members of the Weasley's family were killed. So Hermione had lost her second family whom she loved so much and she was very much devastated, she had lost her parents and parents' figures. She then fought against a wizard and almost got hexed when she was pushed aside by Teddy's grandma and she took the curse for her. Before she died she told Hermione that she and Harry were named as Teddy's godparents, and she also found out that Tonks, Teddy's mum, had given birth to him a few days before the war, so Hermione had to fought harder in order to survive," Reid told them, his face redden with anger and sadness and fought the tears that threatened to fall. He wasn't crying the first time he heard about this but when he's the one who told the story he could felt the emotional feeling that Hermione had gone through when she told him this story. It was like he is trying to revive the story all over again.

Caleb didn't care what they will say about him crying, he couldn't even imagine having such hard life, let alone had already been suffered from it. Once he thought that facing Chase was the hardest thing ever in his life, but after meeting Hermione and found out about what she had gone through in her life, he respected her more because she was strong despite all those that she had lost in the war. And even until now she still is fighting for herself and Teddy, fighting to find a better life and a better future.

"So what about Harry and how he was kill?" Tyler asked as he silently sobbed, his eyes redden due to the cries.

"Hermione said that Harry was fighting against Voldemort himself because the snake is yet to be killed, so Hermione planned to kill the snake but it was hard, she thought that she will get herself killed if not because of Neville who beheaded the snake, but somehow the last Killing Curse from Voldemort before he was destroyed had killed Harry and a Death Eater had stabbed Neville from behind, they were both killed instantly, Hermione watched as Harry was killed from the curse in front of her own eyes, she said that she wanted to scream and cry out loud because her last surviving best friend was killed, and so does Neville, her other friend. Hermione had watched all her best friends and friend killed and died, and after Voldemort was killed, the war was over. She told me that at one point she almost gone crazy if not because of her current friends who had saved her, they were there for her and Teddy through all the hard times and until she graduated from Hogwarts," Reid told them as he finalized the story. He couldn't take it anymore as tears fell from his eyes. The girl he fell in love is the strongest person ever he had met in his life. Yes, he is in love with Hermione Granger, the last surviving member of the Golden Trio.

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