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Of Earth and Sky

The Beast's Freedom


If he wasn't trapped in the Book of Nol, Beast Boy would have murdered him by now. The very mention of his name caused his skin to crawl and his blood to boil. Malchior, the monstrous dragon who had used Raven- his Raven- in an attempted escape into the modern world. Malchior, who had twisted Raven's emotions in his desperate bid for freedom. He had torn apart Raven's heart and endangered the entire world. He had betrayed her and had forced Beat Boy to stoop to snooping outside of Raven's door. Yes, that was all Malchior's fault, along with her anger towards him for it.

Wait, his Raven? Since when had she become that? The Titans had become Beast Boy's family after he left the Doom Patrol. That's what they were; a really crazy, psychotic, dysfunctional family. Robin was their OCD, protective older brother, or father if you wanted to make them seem all the more insane. Cyborg was the easy-going, fun-loving, albeit slightly eccentric, brother or possibly uncle. You know, the one that makes everyone else seem perfectly normal. Starfire was the intelligent-yet-innocent sister. The girl could do quadratic equations as if they were simple addition, and was still confused by many of Earth's customs. Raven… She was a mystery to him. She was Cyborg's little sister, Robin's faithful consultant and the best friend of Starfire. She protected each of them and they protected her. But what was she to him?

Beast Boy considered this. Quite contrary to popular belief, he actually had a working brain. He simply tended not to use it before he spoke. He was actually rather intelligent. Well, what would you expect from the son of a pair of zoologists?

Raven was his friend, which was for certain. She wasn't his sister like Star was or simply his friend like Bumble Bee or Jinx. On second thought, she was a lot like Jinx. She was quiet, kept mostly to herself, was an immensely powerful sorceress and had no qualms about insulting him. She hated him. Right?

She doesn't hate you, a voice whispered in the back of Beast Boy's mind, On the contrary, she had feelings for you she can't admit, so she lashes out at you.

Beast Boy sighed in agitation. It was the Beast. He had been making more frequent appearances lately, murmuring thoughts and observations into his head. "I know she doesn't hate me," he said aloud, "It just seems like she does. You've given me this speech before. She's dealing with her emotions; she's dealing with her past, blah, blah, blah. Wait… Did you say that she likes me?"

The beast would have rolled his eyes if he had a physical form. Yes, you idiot. Can't you tell? When you enter a room or move close to her, she stiffens. He watches you out of the corner of her eye and fights with you when you're wrong, which happens to be quite frequent. She always has your back in a fight and goes to you first to check for wounds first afterwards. Raven likes you, and as more than just a friend.

Beast Boy was shocked by this. Raven, ice queen of Titans Tower, had a crush on him. Him, Beast Boy the Idiot. "But… What about Malchior? She fell for him so easily. He taught her all that magic and told her she wasn't creepy, just misunderstood and… and…" he dropped his head to his hands and groaned, "And she fell in love with him! She fell for a giant, scaly lizard, not me."

The Beast growled. What are you, an Alpha or an Omega? Take control of your life in the pack, or I will! Raven is our chosen mat, so tell her before she is lost!

Beast Boy shook his head sadly. "She'll throw me out of a window or something. She doesn't like me. She thinks I'm annoying and brainless. She couldn't love me, even if she wanted to, which she never would! If she did, she couldn't show it, anyway."

The Beast snarled in his head. That's not true! You love her and she loves you. Raven thinks you can't possibly feel the same, so she says nothing. It's up to you to show her that for once in her life, she's wrong. Become an Alpha in the pack and take control! With those final words, the Beast faded back into the recesses of Beast Boy's mind, leaving the teen to consider his words, or rather, thoughts.

The Beast spoke to him as if he were an animal, encouraging him to fall on more primal urges, as it was in his nature to. Was he an animal? No, he was a full blooded human being… Right?

Beast Boy remembered what Raven had said to him the night the Beast had made his first appearance. Those words would keep him strong and stay with him forever.

"Having that thing inside of you doesn't make you an animal. Knowing when to let it out is what makes you a man."

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