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Speedy: -muttering- Stupid Bee… Raven, too. If I wasn't…

Huntress: Yes, my dear archer?

Speedy: Bee would kill you if she were here.

Huntress: But she isn't here.

Speedy: Fine, I'll get Alice to help me find her.

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Speedy: I hate you.

Huntress: I know!

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Red and White, Green and Gray

Raven hated parties. And every year, two were held in Titans West Tower; the winter party and the summer party. The summer party took place over the fourth of July and featured a picnic on the beach, fireworks and a dozen or so different games. Titans East and all the Honorary Titans were invited to spend the weekend in Jump City. The winter party was more of a series of celebrations over the course of a week. Starting on the twenty-fourth of December, Titans would arrive from across the globe to join in the festivities. Raven hated every second of it.

No, that was a lie. She enjoyed seeing all of her friends again, but hated all of the noise that accompanied them, along with the bombardment of raw emotions that came along with them. Every single damn emotion pounded against her head, until she felt it would explode.

Half of the people in the cleared-out living room were having some sort of complex emotion about another Titan. Kid Flash and Jinx liked each other and refused to admit it, same as Argent and Hot Spot. Robin was overly nervous about asking Starfire to dance and was unable to string together a coherent sentence around her, and she was doing her best to maintain seemingly to his intentions. Más y Menos were busy pining over Star, along with Aqualad.

The other Titans were by far less annoying with their emotions, providing a bit of a reprieve for Raven. Bumble Bee and Cyborg had tested dating each other and had decided that they were better off as friends. Pantha, Red Star, Gnarrk and Bushido were never over-emotional about anything, lest of all about romantic things. Speedy's emotions rarely seemed to stray from a brief interest in one of the female Titans to jealousy over one of the guys with love interests. Jericho and Kole, despite popular belief, were simply very good friends with each other. Herald- who had transported many of the Titans here- hid his emotions rather well, though that could have something to do with the fact that he was currently passed out on the couch.

Raven couldn't help but feel she had missed someone. She ran through the list in her head again. Robin and Starfire, check. Cyborg, check. Speedy and Bumble Bee, check. Beast Boy, not a trace. If he was missing, there was no telling what he might be doing.

She rose from where she sat on the sofa beside Herald's sleeping form and glanced around the room. The party was in full swing, with people out in the center of the common room, which had been cleared out for tables of food and room to dance. Most of her teammates were busy dancing, or trying to get another Titan to notice them or to dance with them. Currently, Argent was dancing with Kid Flash and trying to catch Hot Spot's eye. Said hero was sitting stubbornly in the corner near the food tables, glancing at the pale girl from the corner of his vision. Jinx sat at the base of the steps, visibly steaming that Kid Flash was dancing with someone else. The speedster had agreed to Argent's pan of making the pink haired sorceress and the pyro kinetic jealous. It was working rather effectively.

Robin stood in the kitchen with waves of fear coming off of him. He'd move to the edge of the dance floor occasionally, then stop and flee back to the safety of the kitchen, his head hanging with the shame of being unable to ask a certain alien to dance. Starfire flew above the dance floor, over-joyed to have all of her friends in one place. Mas y Menos and Aqualad were hidden beneath a table, plotting ways to ask the intergalactic princess for a dance and mostly ending in arguments.

Speedy sat lounged across the tops of the steps, carrying on a conversation with Bumble Bee that mostly consisted of him nodding his head and staring off into space. He'd most likely know where Beast Boy had gone.

Raven crossed the room, heading towards the bored archer. "Speedy," she began calmly, cutting Bee off, "Wh-"

The carrot-haired archer shot up. "I swear, it wasn't me! Well, it was, but Aqualad made me do it!"

Both Raven and Bumble Bee gave him curious looks. "What are you talkin' about, Speedy?" Bee questioned, tilting her head to one side, "What'd Aqualad make you do?"

Speedy froze. "I, uh, nothing. He didn't make me do nothing! I mean anything!" He held his hand to his ear and feigned listening to something. "I think I hear someone calling me. Bye!"

As he made to run for it, Bee shot out a hand and grasped the back of his shirt. "Not so fast, archer-boy. You tell me right now, or I will throw you into the bay. Are we clear on that?" She dragged him backward and released him, glaring full on. "Spill, now."

Speedy lowered his head and mumbled something incomprehensible.

"What?" Bee demanded again, her voice dropping dangerously.

"I gave Mas y Menos a baggie of Pixy Stix before we came here," he mumbled again, loud enough to hear this time.

"You did what?!" Bee shrieked, her gray eyes blazing with fury, "Speedy, you have one minute to run before I kill you!"

Raven coughed. "Before you commit a murder I won't prevent, mind if I ask Speedy a question?" Taking Bee's silence as a yes, she turned to look at the archer. "Beast Boy's gone missing, which means he's most likely doing something stupid and dangerous. Where is he?"

Speedy shrugged. "How should I know? He was talking to Aqualad earlier; go ask him for answers."

Raven sighed. "Fine. He's all yours Bee." She turned on her heel and left the orange-haired boy at the mercy of Bumble Bee as she made her way towards the table Aqualad had emerged under from. Mas y Menos were quick to follow him. As she approached the trio, she could hear their mutterings in both English and Spanish.

"Okay, so what have we got planned?"

"Nada, nada en absolute!"


Aqualad let out a loud sigh. "Look, guys. The only way you'd ever be able to actually dance with Star is if you stood on top of each other and we know how you two hate sharing. She's more likely to pick me, anyways."


"Starfire es nuestra!"

"I hate to interrupt your… discussion over Starfire, but I need to speak with you Aqualad," Rave stated, stepping directly behind him.

The Atlantian jumped and twisted around to face her. "What? Oh, hi Raven, What do you need?"

"Beast Boy's gone missing, meaning that he's most likely doing something stupid and dangerous. Where did he go? Speedy said he was talking to you before he disappeared."

Aqualad shrugged apologetically. He said he was going upstairs to do something and that you weren't supposed to follow him. He also said that if you did, he would have Speedy chase you around all night with mistletoe."

Raven frowned. Beast Boy was serious if he decided to threaten her with Speedy. She'd risk it. After all, she could always send Speedy to another dimension. "Thank you," she said curtly, nodding to the Atlantian, "But I'll take my chances." She turned in a whirl of her indigo cloak and stormed toward the doors. If he had threatened her with Speedy, then he must really want to be left alone. This meant that she'd have to stop whatever idiotic thing he was doing.

As she passed Bumble Bee and Speedy, she could hear Bee's continued rant.

"I couldn't believe you'd do such a stupid thing! As if they aren't hyper enough! Why, I-" Raven looked over as Bee was abruptly cut off to find that Speedy had kissed her.

He pulled back and grinned at the winged girl. "Mistletoe, Bee."

She stood still a moment, shock in her wide gray eyes. Then, her features hardened, she drew back and punched him square in the jaw. "What the hell was that for Speedy?"

The archer staggered back, clutching his face. "What?" he demanded, "You're supposed to kiss under the mistletoe."

Raven smirked to herself as Bee resumed shouting at Speedy. The sorceress moved past them and through the sliding doors. They hissed shut behind her and she headed down the hallway, looking for any sign of Beast Boy. She found no trace of him until she reached the roof.

The green changeling was sitting on the roof, looking out over the bay. His shoulders were slightly slumped and he sat hunched over with his ear tips drooping. When Raven looked closer, she could see a watery streak down the side of his face. He had been crying. He turned his head in her general direction and smiled a bit. "Hey, Rae."

Raven crossed the roof top and stood behind him. She opened her mouth to remind him that her name was Ra-ven, not Rae, when she stopped herself. Now was not the time for something so trivial. "What's wrong?" she asked softly.

Beast Boy shrugged, whipping the heel of his hand across his cheek swiftly. "Nothing," he replied hurriedly, looking away from her, "I'm fine, what're you doing up here?"

Raven ignored his question and narrowed her eyes as she sat beside him. "You were crying. Something is evidently wrong. Don't attempt to lie to me, Beast Boy."

He sighed and turned to face her, His emerald eyes were dark with sorrow and the tips of his ears drooped a bit. "It's just… Terra. She would have loved this. I miss her.

The violet haired sorceress felt her stomach drop. He was still stuck on Terra. Of course he was; he loved her. He loved the angelic, betraying geomancer and not her. Not that she had expected anything less. Tentatively, she took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "She was a good friend," she whispered, "She saved us; we all want her back. But she's gone, Beast Boy. Terra would want you to move on, to continue with her memory, not to have her hold you back."

Beast Boy sighed. "Yeah, you're right. She'd have the party, though. She'd be down there right now, dancing until she couldn't dance anymore and eating all of the food Star made the stuff that no one else would touch."

"And then Star would make more," Raven added, "She'd also be trying to stop Speedy's death by Bee down there."

He chuckled. "Death by Bee? Dude, what'd he do?"

She shrugged. "Gave Mas y Menos too much sugar and then kissed her under the mistletoe."

Beast Boy's jaw dropped. "He kissed her? Man, he's just asking for it. And he stole my idea from me!" He crossed his arms and pouted. "Not fair."

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Your idea? Pray tell, who did you intend to try it on?"

Beast Boy blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. "What if I said that it was you? What would you do?"

She leaned closer slightly, "I don't know what I'd do. I've never been kissed. What do you think I'd do?"

He grinned. "Well, there's only one way to find out." Before Raven could protest, he leaned forward swiftly and pressed his lips to hers. It was rather awkward, but sweet nonetheless. It was no more than a gentle pressure of lips against each other and it sent electricity coursing through her body. When they drew back, Beast Boy grinned again and pointed up.

Raven looked up to find a clump of green leaves with milky white berries hanging above them. She had to keep herself from smiling. "Mistletoe," she whispered, looking back to the green teenager beside her before pulling him in for another kiss.

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