There isn't much RS in this chapter but its a coming, just you wait, its coming hang in there and you wont be dissapointed

Disclaimer: Regular Show belongs to JQ Quintel, if i had anything to do with the show, well i probably would still be here

In England, in Yorkshire county, surrounded and isolated by fields and forests, but not far from the motorway, in a place called Rotherham, you will find a village witch goes by the name of Maltby, not many people leave here, but to be frank if you wasn't born there then there wouldn't be a single reason to go there in the first place.

But this is where the story starts, it was another dreary day when I decided to crawl out of the tip I called my bedroom, I woke up for two reasons

1. It was a school day; witch usually isn't enough for anyone of me and my friends to call a reason

2. The Pit

the only reason Maltby stands were it stands is the Pit, an 'older than my granddad' coal mine, the town was originally just a settlement for workers, but hey, it evolved, but it was still a threat that if the mine shut, Maltby lost a purpose and the government would arrive with an army of bulldozers to destroy our homes, not a pleasant thought in the slightest.

On any normal day the work didn't start until 10am, it wasn't load all the time, just started that way and died down into a dull hum you have to be outside to hear, but today it was 6.30am, there was no chance of sleep unless you had extra strength ear plugs, and I didn't.

on the way out, a took a look at myself in the mirror, then decided to look again after I looked less like a zombie. I walked out and clattered down the stairs, I got some wheatabix (Tesco brand) and collapsed on the settee (couch), then sprung back like I hit a spring.

I wish, my dads old fork from his dinner, he and mum always left the settee a pigsty, they wasn't bad people, they always did in the morning, but at 1am you just cant be bothered. a tidied up a spot, fixed the woollen sheet my mum draped on it for some reason, and sat down carefully this time, I was just in time for a favourite show of mine, Regular Show.

My dad could not get it at all, in a way I suppose I couldn't blame him, a 6 foot blue jay, a raccoon, a gumball machine a yeti, all anthro, and a green man with a mullet and a ghost friend who could star in Pac-man if it wasn't for the hand on his head, and a man who had a head the size of a yoga ball. First time I watched it was a bit like Lucy in Sky with Diamonds.

15 minutes later there was creaks and thumps upstairs, the beast, aka my dad, had woken up, I heard him thump down the stairs, I stayed put until I heard the coffee machine, last time I attempted contact before it he locked me in the back garden, I wouldn't have minded but there was a ferret in the garden at that time who had taken a liking to the taste of my toes.

My bowel empty I wandered over to the window, rain and grey skies, same as the last month and not showing any signs of stopping, it was a nice view though, I was watching the rain pass the still on lamp post, that I didn't hear the door open, or the footsteps coming up behind me until...


This was the sound of my dad grabbing me and yelling raw


This was the sound of me jumping several feet and screeching

My dad began laughing at me, ''18 and a half and your still frightened by that!'' I wasn't exactly happy by this, ''what it's hilarious that I'm scared of the 6 foot giant bald man witch has snuck up behind me and shouted in my ear then eh?'' 'aye it is'', I didn't bother to go further than that.

That's my dad for you, if he's said something Dum or something similar he will defend himself till death I swear, a good example is a horrid plant in the back garden witch he had got out of the rockery to reach a manhole to fix a sewage pipe, but he left it where it was, it didn't flower, it just had long leaves with spikes at the end that would sting at you even through denim, I asked him to shift it 5 times and questioned why he had it, it went like this

Me: dad why do you keep this horrid plant? All it does is spike people

Dad: it's a good plant, and I keep it there so people don't climb the fence

me: dad that a rockery, who is going to climb next doors gate, or jump 3 gardens, to get to our fence, just to climb over to the rockery?

Dad: someone with very long legs

Me: oh so slendermans coming is he

Dad: yea he is

i left it there,

on a good day he's smiles and laughs, and will have a joke at anything, on a bad day he will sit there with a face on and if you try talking to him he will hit all of your wrong buttons, about 10 minutes later he says sorry and its back to normal and they come far and few.

Today he needed to go to work, he worked at a large steel works as an engineer, once he nearly got his head crushed by a machine he was working on and someone turned on, he noticed what I was watching, ''this again?'' he said ''aye'' I retorted, ''why do you watch this?'' ''Cos it's a good show'' ''yea right, I need you to shift your bloody truck so I can get the car out'', he didn't much like my truck.

''But I'm in me shorts!'' i protested,

''now Adam''

And that was that, or he would get cross, I grabbed my keys and walked out into the rain, my truck was very old a ford truck from 19 something or other, it had a crank to start it but I installed a starter key, but kept the crank, and had four seats, front and back ones, very rare.

I clambered in, and prayed, the truck wasn't the best starter, it was hit and miss really, but god smiled and it started, I had fixed everything but the engine, it banged and rattled and shot black smoke out the exhaust pipe, a moved it forward a little, we only have a small driveway for one car, my dads, I was driving home yesterday and was pulling up outside the house on the pavement when it just putted out, the flatbed part blocking the entrance, I couldn't be bothered and left it there.

I was cursing my past self cos I was wet now from the rain. My dad backed out and yelled out the window, ''remember to pack your stuff Adam, the builders are coming and we have to leave tomorrow'' I sighed, we had been over and over this, ''and squeeze your spots!'' he said just load enough for the neibours to hear and he was away, I took advantage of the situation and reversed into the now free space, stopped the engine and ran inside the house.

My mum had walked down during this and had turned off regular show and put on BBC news, there was something on about an atmospheric electrical disturbance but I wasn't bothered, I sighed and walked off upstairs, if I changed back she'd moan and I couldn't be bothered, I brushed my teeth and walked past my still sleeping sister, she would sleep through an atom bomb I swear.

I walked into my room and did my hair and dressed, and had a second attempt at the mirror, orange hair that wouldn't go where I wanted, green/blue eyes, and a red shirt with blue jeans, red was my fav colour, I grabbed a jacket, my glasses and my bag and went downstairs to watch TV for a while.

I managed to put several episodes of regular show on record, then I decided to head off, I climbed into the truck and turned the key, nothing, I tried again, nothing, I got out and tried the crank, it coughed and rattled and then...nothing. One go and I wasted it moving about 20 feet, brilliant.

after walking down to school I collapsed in a chair in a library where a group of friends was, and just talked with them for a while,

It was a short day, in sixth form you get free periods witch we went home in, i was walking down the corridor, when suddenly...

BANG! This was a door slamming open in to me

THUMP! This was me falling like a domino

''take that yer stupid speccy ginger!'' recently a group of boys had come to Maltby comprehensive and they had proved within the 5 minutes that they smashed a window and tripped a girl down a hill that they weren't exactly humanitarian's, and they wasn't a fan of my hair colour.

They took of down the corridor yelling Insults and other things witch I didn't care about, I was fine, the doors in that school are so rotten its like a P.E matt,

It was still raining, so by the time I had passed queens crossroads I was sodden, and still had to trek up hill on grange lane, when I got home I might as well have swam in the river don, and I still had to pack everything I own into the truck, lucky me, after two hours of packing every item except the bed I was done, the TV, the DVD player, my clothes, my stuff and all of my DVD's (I had a ton) and collapsed on the settee, right on a spoon left by my sister.

After that I watched regular show for a good few hours until my dad got back home, grabbed the remote and swapped channels, as always,

''that's rude y'know'' i said to him,

''shut up'' he snapped in his oh so caring way, ''there's something on about the atmosphere''.

Oh not this again, ''so what it'll pass'' i said just really wanting the remote back

''you don't know that'', I walked out not wanting to argue.

The rest of the day flew by, but it was in no way exiting, I thought a little about the park and how it would be to live there, I had read fics about that, but that's all they were, fictional. I changed into a grey shirt and black P.E shorts I called and crawled under the blanket.

After an hour of trying to get comfy I found the perfect spot and did what I usually did, lie there for ages with my eyes closed but not sleeping, I never know when I do eventually drop off but I remember thinking how nice it would be to work in the park

I had no idea what was awaiting me next day.

love me, hate me, i dont know, this is just the setup its really going to kick off next chapter, could it have something to do with this atmospheric distubance, keep watching, even though we all know it is