WARNING: the following chapter is incredibly long for which i'm sorry, just my way of saying sorry for being away for so long, well to the people who actually read this anyway. this is the christmas chapter and i know its late but i wanted to do one for ages. enjoy

Things were pretty quit next morning, muscleman even looked a little disturbed, I knew they was probably shaken up by that 'Threads' film, I still thought it funny that they thought it was real, I went up to skips about it, he was in his garage

''I thought you were meant to know everything?'' I asked him, ''surely you would have know that was just a film''

''Only things about this world, I have limited knowledge on others'' he replied

''Yeah but come on how would a camera got that close to all that destruction without breaking? More to that point why would it be in some random persons home anyway?''

''Look I don't know, I was concentrating on what I could see, not the camera angles!'' he snapped

''Alright alright don't get in a twist!'' I said, and made to leave,

''wait" he said, ''there never was an actual bomb right?'' he asked

''Apart from the ones they tested and the one they dropped on Hiroshima, nope'' I replied and went off, I had my own work to do

by mid morning everyone was getting back into the spirit of things, but to be quite frank I was miffed we was working Christmas eve, I mean, c'mon!

I had spent the morning searching for a gift for charlotte, at last I had settled on something, it always feels so good to have something like that off you conscience,

What didn't feel good was shovelling several tones of snow of the pathway,

Also, to add to my misery, Benson found the cart but only just so, it was almost buried, and he came rushing over screaming at me,


''Oh yeah, I just took the truck back last night, I forgot about the cart'' I said sheepishly, I had a bad feeling about this,

well that bad feeling wasn't wrong, he yelled a me for a full minute before telling me to go dig it out, and to add insult he told me that if I used the truck to tow it out I would be fired, he wanted me to use the shovel,

While he was yelling I thought of several good uses for that shovel, but kept them to myself,

Now doing this was worse enough, but when muscleman came along and began laughing while I tried to push the cart out, I was ready to snap,

''What's wrong Adam? Can't take the strain, you need more muscle lady!'' he shouted, I turned to answer

Now when the cart is perched precariously on a mound of snow because you dug away all the rest you should never turn away, I learned this the hard way

I was just about to retort when I saw it moving in the corner of my eye, I turned and saw it leaning towards me, then falling, it all happened in half a second, so I had no time to avoid the roof which slammed into me, knocked me over and fell onto my waist, the cart had fallen on its side so the thin bit of the roof, the edge, had me trapped, the carts weren't heavy, but snow had fallen in the gap were it stood once, so I couldn't turn it back from the position I was in,

I was stuck, and what was worse was that muscleman had seen all of this and was pointing and laughing like mad,

''Don't just sit there laughing yer prick! Help me up!''

''Oh gee Adam I would, but I have stuff to do'' he said mockingly

''You've done your work today, you only had two jobs!'' I snapped

''I mean other stuff to do, chug some soda's, watch the TV, important stuff, maybe I'll get back to you if I remember'' he said as he walked of, a smirk on his pudgy green face,

''Muscleman gets back here! Muscleman! I mean it! MITCH!'' I screeched, he walked round a corner and was gone.

15 minutes later I stood up at last and dragged the cart onto its wheels on the road, I was sodden from the snow, the cart was useless because the axel had frozen, I dragged it into the barn and left.

''Ah, so you're back'' said Benson

''No I'm Adams twin brother George!'' I shot back, disgruntled at being trapped for so long,

''Well I have one more job for you as you requested, you have to get all the snow from the side of the paths with that tractor there and-''

''Woa woa hang back! When did I request that!?'' I exclaimed

''Muscleman said you said you would take his last job because you thought he looked overworked''

I narrowed my eyes at him, ''what?'' I said

''You mean you didn't say that?''


''well he's gone back now, so if you do this I'll pay you extra'' he said, I conceded and agreed, he said to dump the snow into my truck with the tractors scoop, then dump the snow somewhere

''Where?'' I asked

''Anywhere out of the way'' he said and threw the keys to the tractor at me and walked off

Anywhere he said? I grew an evil looking grin, I knew the perfect place.

it had been a tiring job, but at last a great deal of snow was on the flatbed, that tractor had been fun to drive though, what I had to do was drag the tractor on a trailer with the truck to an area, stop the truck, start the tractor, get all the snow from that area, drive it back onto the trailer, then drive the truck to a new area, I had done that several times but now I had to get rid of the load,

I drove up to muscleman's trailer and stopped the engine a bit away, I snuck up and peered in the window, he was sat watching his TV surrounded by cans of coke and packets or crisps, or as he called them, 'chips', once I called them crisps in front of him and he laughed at me until pops told him that what British people called them.

I had a sack of grit with me I spread it all over the are in font of the trailer, I would need a lot of grip for this stunt, I got in the truck (I had already taken the tractor back) and drove in a straight line direct to the trailer, where the road went before it turned, I shifted into reverse, got out and lowered the back flap, got back in,

Then reversed as fast as I could.

I shot back until I hit the gravel where I hit the brakes hard, the tires screeched and the truck stopped,

But the snow didn't,

It flew back and hit it full on the door, a massive pile of snow nearly the size of the trailer was now leaning against it, I peered out and saw him in a window partially covered in snow, I could just hear him screaming inside, I grinned and waved

Then I floored it

No-way I was going to stay there when he was out,

I was sat at the house when he came in, an evil smirk on his face; I shot up to run for it

''Oh don't worry Adam, I'm not going to hurt you'' he said slyly,

I had a bad feeling about this,

''I just thought you might like to see my little project I've been working on outside'' he grinned, I swear if he had done anything to my truck I would end him then and there, I looked out the window onto the patch of grass outside the house


lots of snowmen, all identical, they looked like you're slandered snowmen, three large snowballs to make the body and head, top hats, carrot noses and scarf's, but they all had a scowl on there faces, eyebrows made from twigs made for eyebrows making them look angry, they was all exactly alike, it was disturbing.

''You have too much time on your hands you know'', I said to him

''Who does'' asked mordecai, who was walking in with the others in tow,

''Him, look what he's done'' I said, they saw the snowmen,

''Muscleman! What did you do that looks incredibly disturbing!'' said Benson

''I made them for Adam, why don't you go see, threes one in the back especially for you''

I went to go for the door, when skips stopped me, ''something doesn't smell right here'' he said

''It's nothing! Go-on go and see!'' said muscleman, I stepped onto the porch, I looked back at the others in the window,

''I can't see ought!'' I said

''Look again!'' he shouted, I looked back,

then, simultaneously, all the snowman reached down and grabbed a handful of snow with there tree branch arms and lifted up a handful, this handful glowed and morphed in a blue light until they were pale blue perfect spheres in each of there right hands,

What. The. F#CK?!

I heard the others gasp and muscleman laugh, ''enjoy your snowball fight dude!'' he laughed,

Then one of the snowmen pulled back and threw, I dodged to the side, lucky I did,

It shot past like a bullet, it smashed through a support, through the window on the other side, and I heard in smash things up in there

That was no ordinary snowball.

as if this was some sort of cue for the others they all began firing there snowball, gathering more, transforming them and firing again, a wave of blue spheres shot at me, a stumbled back into the house as fast as I could, just avoiding one that smashed into the frame,

the others were ducked below the window frame, the window was smashed to pieces and snowballs were flying in, the smashed against the wall and made a pale blue and whit smash stain all over the wall,

''WHAT THE HELL MUSCLEMAN!?'' I hollered over the sounds of carnage,

''MUSCLEMAN WHAT DID YOU DO!?'' screeched Benson, he was furious

Muscleman looked scared, ''I only thought they would throw snowballs at him!'' he wailed,

''You've been going through my books haven't you?'' asked skips, muscleman paused then nodded

''You fool! This is dark magic! It could destroy us!'' he said,

''And this is a bit far for a harmless prank I pulled on you isn't it?!'' I quipped, and then I jumped back as the plaster jumped of the wall beside me as a snowball hit the outside wall hard,

''Quick! hand me that table!'' shouted skips, Rigby darted over and pushed it over, skips grabbed it and wedged it into the window frame, with that stopping the snowballs of death we managed to run into the kitchen, I slammed the door just as the table splintered into pieces and a snowball smashed into the wall by the frame, M&R had grabbed the table and shoved it up against the door, then the chairs,

''What do we do skips!'' shouted charlotte,

''We need to find out what spells muscleman used, then find out the reversal spell'' he said,

''What about frosty the snowmen out there?'' I said, ''can they give chase or not?''

''They can move but only slowly, they have no legs, we can easily outrun them, but we should go out the back door'', he said, ''threes a cart out back we can use'',

we rushed out to the cart and Benson got into the front, I got into my position on the roof and held on as everyone clambered in, Benson drove a bit away, then drove round on a path, we hit the path a bit away from the house,

They must have seen us because all of a sudden a pale blue sphere shot past an inch from my face and landed in a snowdrift, I saw a wave heading for us, but we shot behind a hillock and just avoided them, they smashed into the path behind us

''They've seen us! They'll be after us now!'' I shouted,

we pulled up at skips house and jumped off, when we walked in the room it was in disarray, books were open at random pages everywhere and jars of what I don't want to know were lying around, there were odd scraps of paper around as well,

''Skips man you've got to hide you're magic stuff a bit better you know'' I quipped,

''Which book was it?'' he asked muscleman, ''I don't know! I just threw it over my shoulder when I was done!'' he said

I don't know how long Benson yelled at him for until skips managed to calm him down and get us all to look through them,

Half an hour later we managed to search almost every book, there was just a few remaining,

''Dudes! I got it!'' yelled muscleman, we ran over, but, muscleman, being the daft and annoying sod he is, decided to show off

''Aww yeah, I found it, I'm the big guy, I'm the hero'' he started singing, much to my and the others terrene,

''You know, to be a hero you cant be the one who unleashed the problem in the first place'' I pointed out, but he continued his merry jig...

Until a snowball smashed through the window, knocked the book out of his hands and sent its pages flying...

The snowmen had found us

''which page is it?!'' yelled Rigby as he rummaged around the pages that were still fluttering down, skips and veronica were trying to cover up the windows, but there was very little furniture in his house and it didn't do much,

''it had a picture of a smiling bush on it!'' shouted muscleman, a looked around, I saw a page with that picture in the corner, but the wall it was leaning against as opposite to an uncovered window, I ducked down and grabbed it, a snowball just skimmed my hair and a shot back,

''I got it!'' I yelled, skips grabbed it, suddenly the door smashed on the floor, revealing a hoard of angry snowmen, which started to shuffle inside,

''READ IT READ IT!'' we all yelled at skips, the snowmen drawback, they threw just as skips finished saying a sentence in Latin, we waited for agonizing pain as cannonball like snow shot at us...

...and instead found ourselves covered in a thin amount of snow, they had fallen apart in the air,

the snowmen suddenly morphed into one normal snowman without the scowl and angry look, sitting in the doorway, skips poked it and it fell over coming apart, the glass that was shattered all over the floor zoomed back into the window frame and became one again,

There was a long pause

''and here I was thinking Christmas eve would be boring'' I stated, ''if anyone wants me I'll be lying down for a bit'' I said walking out the door, I could hear Benson starting to yell at muscleman, I sighed, tomorrow was Christmas,

Please god just let it be normal.

Yeah right.

I slowly opened my eyes, it was early, and why was I waking up so early? Oh yeah...


I leapt out of bed, I could hear movements and other noises in the house as everyone began waking up, grabbed the present I wrapped the yesterday, as I opened the door pops darted by, giggling like mad,

''Oh hoorah and hooray! It's Christmas day!'' he trilled skipping by

I smiled, I remembered being young and Christmas would be a massive deal, its sucks that as you get older you get less excited by Christmas, I mean, c'mon brain! We get presents for nothing! GET EXITED! MAKE ENDORPHINES OR SOMETHING!

I wandered along the hallway and passed M&R's room, I could hear them snoring, bone idle that's what they are, I was about the bang on the door when I thought crossed my mind

A sinister thought

A devious thought

I grinned that evil grin I do when I'm about to do something hilarious to me but not-so-much to the recipient

I ran back to my room and opened a trunk I kept in the corner filled with odd's n ends, I rummaged around until I found what I was looking for,

It looked like a can of spray paint, but it had a red funnel shape pointing out the top,

It was an air horn,

I laughed to myself as I opened they're door

I opened it slowly and reached my hand in, it was dark in there

Then I pressed the button

The reaction was instantaneous, I heard Rigby leap off his trampoline and mordecai fall out of his bed,

I slammed the door and shot back to my room, I locked the door, threw the can into the trunk and waited, about 10 seconds later I head feet coming and someone bang on the door, I made myself look like I had just got out of bed by messing up my hair and squinting my eyes, then opened door a crack, I saw them standing there looking cross,

''Urgh, what do you want at this time in the morning'' I groaned, trying not to laugh

''Dude? Did you just get up?'' asked mordecai suddenly looking confused



''But someone just woke us up!'' said Rigby

''Well I heard nought'' I said dying of laughter on the inside

''Well its Christmas so are you going to come down now?'' asked mordecai,

''Yeah sure'' I said and shut the door,

The second I heard them walk away I began laughing

Later we was waiting for the workers who didn't live at the house, charlotte was keeping an eye on Rigby, who kept trying to go after the presents under the tree

''Rigby! Stay!'' she snapped as he began moving stealthily towards the tree which the presents were under. I rolled my eyes; this was the 5th time now,

The door opened and in walked Benson, veronica skips, muscleman and HFG, each with a present they put under the tree,

''Okay now everyone's here can we please open the presents?'' asked Rigby

''Rigby ask again and I'll hurt you'' threatened Sara,

''But I want to-'' he started

''Rigby if you moan about the presents again you're fired!'' yelled Benson

''That's the Christmas spirit Benson'' I quipped, the others giggled while Benson glared,

''We still have to wait for Mr. Mallard to come'' he said

''Oh alright then. No sorry could you repeat that?'' I said realising what he just said

''I said Mr. Mallard is coming''

''Oh hooray! Papa is coming for Christmas!'' exclaimed pops

He was the only one with a smile on his face, Mr. Mallard had visited a few times, and it just wasn't a good thing,

''Maybe he will have got us something'' said veronica hopefully

''Aye, a pay cut'' I muttered, charlotte elbowed me but she smirked as she did.

''He comes at ten so no present opening until 10:30'' said Benson, I looked at a clock that was on the wall, and it was 8:20

''What?! This is torture! I have presents right there and no-one can open the one I bought and it's all because-''

Rigby didn't get further than that, Sara had hit him hard in the shoulder, ''warned you'' she said simply,

To be honest I was miffed as well, I could have had a lie in.

it was 9:00 and we was flicking through the channels on the TV, only things on were that show where all he does is flip a bloody car/bus/truck/lorry/anything with wheels, adverts, and a cheesy Christmas film,

I hate Christmas telly

''Whets he going to do anyway?'' asked heather, voicing the thought which was plaguing everyone's mind

''Mope around, moan about not making profits, make us feel bad and then sod off'' I said

I wish someone told me pops was right behind the couch when I said that,

''My papa is not a Christmas grouch I'll have you know'' he said indignantly

No comment

Rigby was lying on the top of the backrest looking about as lively as one of those fox scarf things,

''Uuuuuuurrrrrgggghhhh'' he sighed/moaned, ''is it 10 yet?''

''No and for the last time get your tail off my ear! You'll knock off my glasses!'' I snapped

He flicked his tail in a way that knocked my glasses off and yet curled up against him

''Happy now?'' he asked

I shoved him off the backrest and he fell onto the floor, I grabbed up my large circular glasses, they were fine, they only hit the couch and then the floor, as I slipped them on there was a knock at the door, Benson went to open it, stepping on rugby's tail, he opened it

''Hello bean can''

''Mr. Mallard! We went expecting you for another hour!'' exclaimed Benson, he walked into the living room followed by the even shorter old man, the usual scowl on his face

Oh joy

He scanned the room, his beady eyes passed over each one of us, Rigby, heather, charlotte, and mordecai, me, Sara, Benson, pops, veronica, muscleman, HFG and skips

''Just as I thought, no-one working or making money, all deciding to 'enjoy' the 'festivities''' he said,

Here we go

''Well whets the plan anyway then bean teen? Knowing you you've probably got it all planned in some pedantic way'' he said

''Well sir we were planning on opening presents in an hour but now seeing as your here-''

oh well then I can use that time to survey the grounds, you all can come with me, if I see something wrong I wont have to wait until I get back to reprimand you all'' he said walking to the door,

We all gave Benson the death glare

''Pretty angry at you right now'' I said lowly

Later we was all walking around the park, it was freezing cold, we walked past the place where the snowmen had seen us in the cart,

''Why does the snow look all mottled here?'' asked mallard looking at all the mess the snowmen had made,

''Err probably just some kids having a snowball fight'' said mordecai,

''Ah, yes, I see'' he said, then his cane hit something in the snow

''Whets this?'' he reached in and pulled out a pale blue sphere, we recognized it instantly as one of the snowballs that nearly destroyed us, the house and skips place,

''Err... It's... A...'' I started, faltering all the way; I looked round with a look that said 'HELP'

''Its part of an ice sculpture that gone now!'' said veronica

''What of?'' he asked

This time I was on the receiving end of the 'HELP' look,

''Some guy'' she said


''very well, here'' he said handing it to muscleman, ''lets continue'' and he walked off, skips grabbed the snowball, ''I would get rid of this, its tainted with dark magic'' he said

''Okay bro'' said muscleman, the second skips turned around he threw it like a shot put, it sailed across the green and smashed into a tree,

We turned to leave following mallard,

No-one noticed the blue mist come out of the remains

No-one saw it seep into the snow

And no-one saw the mounds starting to form

Finally we were back at the house, it was 9:30, that may not seem long but that man is such a drag.

''Now we're back can we open the presents?'' whined Rigby, no-one hit him, we all felt the same.

''I suppose if threes nothing better to do'' said mallard, I sighed, f*cking finally

There was a thud outside,

''What was that?'' asked HFG

''Probably just some snow falling off the roof'' I said

Another thud, harder this time. Then another one and another

''What the hell is that?'' I said going for the door

I opened it and peered out, then quite slowly, I shut the door and walked back in with an expression of deadpan mixed with shock,

''Okay, everyone needs to quite slowly get up, walk out the back door, and run for there lives''

''Why?'' asked mordecai,

''Well you remember the snowmen? Well there back, there worse and I believe there dreaming of a red Christmas'' I said

Everyone ran to the window,

there they were, a horrid vaguely humanoid shape twice the size of a man, black holes made up there eyes and mouths, one formed a snowball in its hand and threw it, it hit the wall outside, a large crack appeared in the wall by us making us jump,

''Skips, you wouldn't happen to remember that spell you cast yesterday, or have it written down somewhere about have you?'' I asked

He shook his head, I looked outside again, and the snowmen were walking towards us in jaunty heavy footsteps,

''Well, seeing as that the case I see one option given the situation'' I said

''What?'' asked Benson

''LEG IT!'' I yelled running towards the kitchen to leave via the back, the others caught up very quick, we scrambled out the door, just as we heard the front door get smashed off its hinges along with most of the front wall,

We ran to Mr. Mallard's big limo, but a volley of snowball fire smashed into its side on the engine, making it about as mobile Steven hawking unplugged.

We looked around; there were no carts or anything,

''What do we do what do we do?!'' cried Rigby

''We need wheels!'' shouted Sara in panic

The limos engine blew and a wheel flew over by our feet

''I mean we need transport!'' she yelled, nothing happened, we heard footsteps getting closer,

''One wish and you blew it'' I muttered,

''There has to be something round here!'' yelled Benson

There was a loud car horn near us, we jumped and turned to see my truck looking over from behind a bush where I parked it yesterday, Benson had a problem with me parking outside the front,

seeing a good set of wheels we ran over, I jumped in the left hand side with the plan of scrambling over, but was pushed over instead by the tidal wave of terrified workers, I kicked a panel under the glove compartment, a piece came loose and my spare keys fell out, I grabbed them and jammed them in the key slot, I turned them but it wouldn't turn over, it was cold.

The back of the house exploded out revealing an angry hoard of snowmen, they began forming snowballs,

''C'MON C'MON C'MON C'MON C'MON C'MON!'' we screached

it finally turned over, I shifted into first gear and slammed the accelerator down, it skidded on the ice before getting up to speed, we had to get there fast but the path was icy and dangerous,

''If I go to fast we'll crash!'' I yelled

We was halfway to skips house

''Why are they worse this time?!'' yelled charlotte,

''when muscleman used the spell last time he used it on an already set form, that what it was confined to, but the magic has been unleashed on an unformed patch of snow, giving it free reign to do as it likes'' said skips ''they must have realised they weren't so ambient before and chosen a form with better movements

''I don't know whets going on!'' yelled mallard, ''but if you don't get this machine into full speed right now you're fired!'' he yelled at me

''If I do we'll skid and crash'' I stated

''I said now!" he yelled and reached down with his cane and pressed down quickly and hard on the accelerator'' we shot forward

''Get off! It's only in second gear!'' I yelled, it would jam if he didn't get off

''LOOK OUT'' yelled muscleman I looked up, a bend was coming up, each side of the path was a deep snowdrift making a wall of snow all round the way we was going, we was going to hit it! I kicked his cane away and slammed on the brakes but there was too much ice,

''hold on!'' said skips, we smashed through the barrier with a massive jolt, onto the other side, there was a massive plain of deep snow, I left the brake and hit the accelerator once more, we was so near his house we could just see it, but the snow built up on front an we stopped, so I tried to reverse back out but the wheels just skidded uselessly,

''ABANDON SHIP!'' I yelled

we jumped out and ran across the snow, a snowball burst through the snow drift and shot through us, we couldn't see them through the drift but they were close, we stumbled over and dell onto the path outside his house, without looking back we scrambled in and shut the door, I was terrified,

''Find it man find it!'' I yelled

''its not that simple, the magic has evolved and the reversal needs to be more powerful, there's a bit I need to add on the front so its more powerful, it should be in the back somewhere'' said skips thumbing through the book, ''just stay away from the windows''

A snowball suddenly burst through the wall next to me and through the window on the other side of the room

''Then again'' he said

''Find it find it!'' we screamed, another came through and just missed Rigby's head

''how can the same crap happen to the same people twice in two days?!" I yelled

''yesterday there were just trials, now there in the finals!" yelled mordecai

''I've got it!" yelled skips, suddenly the upper was and front of the roof was smashed clean off in one swipe, revealing a giants snowman with others behind him glaring down with black bottomless eyes

''READ IT!'' we screamed simultaneously

Skips read off a sentence like before but longer, it reached back to give a killer finishing blow, it came forward...

And disintegrated in mid swipe, in a massive flash and a whoosh of wind, when it cleared the house was repaired and the snow was gone, everything was back

''Right, if anyone finds a blue snowball from now on-'' I turned to muscleman ''LEAVE IT!''

later we was sat around the living room, I lounged in a corner of the couch, Christmas today had been a big load, mallard had dragged us around again to see if there was any damage, despite being told FIVE TIMES that the spell would have fixed everything

''Now can we open presents?'' whined Rigby, it was 12:00 and no-one was going to argue, or tell him off, or anything. We was all pissed and looked it, mallard had dropped off a present for pops and sodded off claiming he had to check over his other businesses

''Yes Rigby, now we can open up the presents'' sighed Benson

He was over in a flash, I blinked my eyes, that was quicker than when he ate my chocolate

He began throwing presents to people; mine caught me in the side of my head before falling in my lap,

''Nice shot'' I muttered

Then he gave Sara a gift he had wrapped up, basically the 'who gave to who' cart is

Rigby - Sara

Mordecai - Heather

Benson - Veronica

Me - Charlotte

Skips - Pops

Muscleman - HFG

Heather - Mordecai

Charlotte - Me

Sara - Rigby

Veronica - Benton

HFG - Muscleman

Pops - Skips

Once everyone had they're gifts they opened them, basically it went

Rigby - video game

Mordecai - a shirt

Benson - engraved drum sticks

Skips - a punching bag

Muscleman - weights

Heather - bracelet

Sara - a shirt that said 'major badass' on it (cool)

HFG - a studded leather glove

Pops - a hat

While all this was happening I looked at the label on my present

To: Adam

From: Charlotte

I was nervous; I didn't know she had me! I opened it testily and carefully inside was a box, I opened it,

inside was a pair of doc martins, my size, they were deep red, I had some old black ones upstairs that I was still very fond of but these looked brilliant, I looked at the label


These must have cost her a fortune! I was ecstatic, these where best boots you good get and they packed a wallop, say, when I kicked Rigby that time, if I had been wearing these he would not have got up for an hour and most likely would have flown about 5 feet when I did, they could withstand any weather and were comfy as well,

I looked up to thank her for this great gift; she was opening the one I got her,

oh god, I was terrified, in school when I was younger whenever I gave a teacher a piece of work I never wanted to be around when they saw it, I was shy that way, they claimed it was the only way I was ever shy, what made them say that was the way I would casually quip or make a remark in class one time a teacher asked me why I wasn't paying attention in class, right there in front of the whole class I stated clearly

'Because you're incredibly boring'

Right now I didn't have a choice, so I did a silly thing; I held up the lid of my doc martin box and peered at her from over it,

She opened it to find my gift

Earrings, I had searched all morning from the second the shops opened at 4 to find the perfect ones, they were gold lined and in the middle was a round purple gemstone, it took several hours to find them, now it was crunch time, and would she like them?

She looked at them for a minute, and then looked up at me, I ducked down a bit lower behind the box lid I was holding, peering over

She looked at me, and then a big smile grew on her face

''There great! They'll go great with my hair!'' she said and leaned over and hugged me, not a boa constrictor hug like last time but a nice one

''Oh thank god you like them, and thanks for the doccers, there gonna come in handy a LOT'' I said

''This is the best Christmas ever'' said Rigby, we all smiled

''and its going to be even better for me when I get all my other presents from my parents and have more than any of you!'' he laughed

I began putting on my doc martins, time to break them in

And they wasn't the only thing I was going to break

''Oh Rigby'' I called innocently

What a day, it had been a hectic Christmas, Rigby had spent an hour on the coach after 'somebody' oh so 'accidently' kicked him in the groin with a brand new boot, guess who.

Then there was the Christmas film, to be quite frank I wisent too pulled in by it so drifted in and out and that was on until three so that killed some time, after that we decided to go outside, Rigby threw a snowball and that started one of the worlds greatest snowball fight which lasted until 7

we trudged back into the house Benson and veronica went home after that, skips went back home but first he said if we found anymore blue spheres to tell him, muscleman said he was gonna visit his girls friend, then he began making innuendo's on purpose so I left the room right there, so did everyone else, I shut the door before muscleman could follow us, and HFG had pretty much dropped off the radar.

eventually I was alone in the living room, watching some sitcom Christmas special, I decided too get up and go to the kitchen, I was just walking threw the doorway when I bumped into charlotte coming the other way

''Sorry!'' we said at the same time,

''Sorry about that'' I said guiltily, she was looking up at something, I looked up at well to see what aw on the doorway


Oh dear, we looked at each other, she was blushing so hard her cheeks were the same colour as my lid, so were mine

I didn't know what the hell to do, I saw her lean slowly towards me, my heart beat harder than a drummer on PCP, I leaned forward as well, we was just about to meet...

''GET OUT THE WAY I DRANK TOO MUCH EGGNOG!'' screamed Rigby as he shot straight in-between us from the kitchen, I stumbled back and fell on the floor as he pushed me out the way,

''Didn't see that one coming'' I muttered sarcastically as I got up, charlotte had gone to help out in the kitchen after being called back to help clean spilled eggnog.

Where were my boots?

I had to see Rigby about something.

i'm sooo sorry it took this long, i hope you enjoyed it, Merry (late) Christmas, and, as always...