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Next Generation Harry Potter/Twilight crossover

Warning: OC Characters, if this does not suit you its better if you don't read. But you never know, you might like my characters and since JKR never really introduced the Next Gen characters fully this had to be done.

-Chapter 1-

"I'm a 'what' now?" Ren muttered absently as she stared at her grandpa Charlie. She glanced at the woman beside him on the couch, who was dressed in a cloak.

A medieval looking coat that looked like it belonged in the Lord of the Rings, Ren thought with a snicker.

The woman smiled encouraging at Ren, her light golden brown eyes twinkling with excitement.

"You're a witch Renesmee." she said in her extravagant English accent and smiled to broadly, making Ren wonder if her face would crack under the pressure but was trying futilely to rehash the woman's accent in her mind's eye.

Hermione Granger-Weasley, the woman had introduced herself as. She claimed to be an old friend of Charlie, which was acceptable to Ren. Until both individuals, who were supposed to be adults were spewing nonsense about magic, dungeons and dragons.

Ren blinked once and then burst into a chorus of laughter that would put Emmett to shame.

Hermione Granger-Weasley (just Hermione) sighed in impatience while Charlie shrugged.

"I told you she wouldn't believe me. Even if she's a human-vampire hybrid." Charlie said with a grin.

Ren's laughter cut off immediately. She stared open-mouthed at her grandpa.

Her parents had made sure she knew how important her grandfather not knowing about what they (and she) was. It was imperative that he remained ignorant in the case of another Volturi visit.

To hear him utter the word 'vampire', she began to struggle to think coherently for a few seconds.

"I don't have time to waste." Hermione exclaimed as she pulled out a stick from her rode sleeves and pointed it to Ren.

The young hybrid stared at her with a questioning look with a raised eyebrow, "Are you going to stab me in the heart with that? Is it soaked in holy water?" she quipped, thinking that the woman had lost a few of her marbles at hearing the word 'vampire' as well.

Charlie looked like he was having a cow when he saw her pull out the stick, and a second later he had a stick of his own pointing it at the Hermione, who only rolled her eyes and stuck the stick back in its place.

"I was just going to prove our (and her) existence was real."

"Oh, well, next time warn me before…" Charlie fidgeted with his sleeves.

"I shouldn't have to warn you. You did call me here to prove this, didn't you?"

"Not exactly. You work for The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and people still consider vampires beasts. It would be easier to get her accepted to Hogwarts if you're on my side."

"Charlie, I'm not your friend so that you can abuse my ranks at the Ministry…" Hermione huffed, jutting her chin out in protest.

Ren sat watching two people who appeared to be adults argue over things she did not understand for about five minutes until her short patience and temper took hold. She stood abruptly and demanded attention by stomping her feet.

But, they didn't pay attention to her, instead they continued to discuss…whatever drivel they were discussing.


"Not now Nessie."

Ren growled instantly finally getting their attention, "DON'T CALL ME NESSIE!"

That nickname was coined by her imprinter, Jacob, when she was a mere few months old. Sadly, the atrocious name had stuck to her like flies to a pig's behind. She'd protested as much as she could when she grew up and realized that the term of endearment wasn't that endearing at all. Especially when one wanted to prove that they were indeed an adult.

She didn't know if it was her high pitch tone of voice or an earthquake, but the house shook slightly causing a vase to fall out of place and break into pieces of ceramic across the hardwood floor.

The moment her fist unclenched and she managed to relaxed the house made a creak but stopped shaking. The only noise that remained was from floorboards moving back in place and dust falling from the ceiling.

"I...huh...what just happened?" she mumbled nervously, her voice sounding small.

Charlie raised an eyebrow and smirked, "You were angry so your magic manipulated your surroundings subconsciously..." he said matter-of-factly.

She gulped, "What? How's that even possible." she fussed and fell back into the armchair that she was previously occupying.

Charlie shrugged, "You're a witch, that's how."

Ren groaned, hiding her face in her hands "But how can I be a witch when I'm already a human/vampire hybrid? There should be a rule against pushing thus much crap onto a 'supposedly' teen's plate!"

"Well, you are my biological granddaughter and I'm a wizard so you inherited my magic." Charlie tried to explain.

She huffed in frustration, "Why didn't mom 'inherit' your magic?"

He shrugged and she groaned, "So much help old man…Why tell me now and not before? And does mom know about this? How could you have hidden a secret like this from dad?"

"Your grandfather will answer those questions later. Right now we have to discuss your education." Hermione said calmly. She reached into her robes and pulled out an envelope, which she handed to Ren and leaned back into the couch.

Ren eyed the letter and scoffed when she saw the image or rather coat of arms on the envelope. A basic but yet ancient looking shield, which held four images; a lion, serpent, badger and eagle and a ribbon banner Thingy that said:-

'Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus'

"Are you serious? 'Never tickle a sleeping dragon'? You two do want me to take you seriously, right?"

"You know Latin?" Charlie said surprised

"Don't sound so surprised." She muttered and continued to read the letter.

Hermione cleared her throat and started to say "It's the school motto of-"

"Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry..." Ren interrupted while staring down at the envelope.

"Yes! But the motto can be interpreted differently. Let sleeping dragons lie...sounds familiar?" Hermione laughed lightly.

I don't see why that's so funny? Is she telling me that dragons are real? Ren thought un-amused.

But decided to best not rule out every fairy tale creature out there. She herself was supposed to be mere myth. But here she was, sitting in her human grandfather's living room and reading a letter to a school named after a heinous skin conditions that befell on farm animals, while a supposed witch told her, Yo Ren, you're a witch! (*).

She sighed and ripped the envelope open and pulled the letter out roughly. She was more surprised that it didn't rip with the force she exerted.

The letter had an old parchment appearance and it smelled like dust and ink.

Holding the letter in one hand and rubbing her nose Ren scanned through it.

She raised an eyebrow at her grandfather and his 'friend'.

"I've been accepted to"

Charlie shifted uncomfortably for a few seconds and shrugged, "Not exactly. A few strings had to be pulled before you could get a copy of the standard letter."

"What sort of strings?" Ren asked carefully, scanning the parchment attached to the letter.

"Um…" he muttered as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Well, due to your lineage I had to contact a few old friends, Hermione here for example. Their old school mate is the acting Headmaster until the previous one regains her health."

Ren sighed and shook her head, "I appreciate that grandpa, but…why?"

"Hogwarts is one of the best Magical schools in the world." Hermione said proudly.

Deciding to drop the subject, for now, she went back over the letter.

"It says something about 'first years' and eleven?" Ren asked diligently, suddenly interested if this school planned to treat her like a child. She had enough of that at home. Some people just couldn't grasp the idea of her actually being fully matured.

"It's like starting middle school. The system is different from the ones in America. But it's just like at a British school."

While Hermione said this Ren flipped through the other page or list of things she'd need if she decided to attend

"I attended it. It's very lovely. Especially meeting others like you and spending time with —"

Ren held up her hands, cutting off Hermione's (probably) well thought out praise speech and said nonchalantly, "There are other hybrid witches out there?"

Hermione laughed nervously, "Oh, no. I meant other witches and wizards."

Ren nodded and tried to be polite, "So if I accept to go here, I'll meet witches and wizards...sounds like fun but I have regular school to start after summer."

"Nes—Renesmee this is a great opportunity for you. I've always wanted to go to Hogwarts but my parents were muggles and couldn't afford it. But now, my granddaughter can. Even if you choose not to attend Hogwarts you still have to take classes at a school of witchcraft here to get your permit to use magic." Charlie said in a tone filled with authority.

"This whole thing sounds so complicating. Why do I need to go as far as…England? get an internationally accepted education? I don't live in a third world country you know? Are you telling me that our grand ole USA doesn't have a good enough school for me?" Ren pouted, not saying what she really wanted to say, 'Doesn't mugglemean smoking a joint?'

"Hogwarts is in Scotland. And any education you get here will be internationally accepted." Charlie jumped in.

Ren wanted to growl but decided against it. She felt like she was getting nowhere in this conversation. If anything she felt more confused.

"There's still the fact that I don't look like an eleven year old and I will not be attending a school as one looking like a seventeen year old."

"We've planned for that. Well, your grandfather has. You'll get your permit or Magical License here, sit a few exams at the Salem Academy for Magical Youngsters, so that you can act as a transferee. Then you'll sit a few qualification exams so you can act as a fourteen year old going into your forth year." Hermione said in one breath.

"Why do I have to pose as a fourth year? Can't you explain my situation to them? And why do I need to even attend Hogwarts if I can easily get my permit here. What sense does it make for me to attend a school all the way in jolly ole' English when I live here, in America?"

"Well, to answer your first two questions, some of the parents of the students might not want their children attending school with a vampire." Hermione said with a frown, "It doesn't help that you're practically a muggleborn also."

"First, I'm half vampire" Ren corrected gingerly, "And secondly, what the hell is a 'muggleborn'?"

"Muggleborn means that you have none magical parents. Muggles are non-magical folks." Hermione explained.

"So why not just call them 'non-magical' instead of 'muggle' which by the way doesn't have a good meaning in Urban society." Ren said with a smirk, "And what difference does it make who my parents are? Does the magical world care about that?"

Charlie smiled sadly, "In some places, yes. In America, it doesn't matter much. In Great Britain though, it's taking a while for them to catch up to our modernized mind-set. But they're getting there with new administration." He sent a wink in Hermione's direction.

"And you want me to move there, just for school? Are you high? Wait, no…where you muggling about?" Ren said with a hysterical snort-like laughter but stopped immediately when she realized no one was laughing with her.

"Maybe your presence is what they need for the change…" Charlie offered.

"Charlie's right…I've been under the microscope by the pureblood society while growing up. I've seen the prejudices' first hand. The bigotry before the war was horrific. The society that you would be joining is a healing one. It's more open to change." Hermione added.

"So, how exactly would they react to me? And I have better control than my family." Ren asked softly as she tried to solve the riddle presented to her.

Hermione frowned, "I can't answer that question. And I won't make promises that they'll welcome you warmly. Life is never that easy." Hermione frowned, "We'll see how well the American Magical society react and draw conclusions from that."

While Hermione rambled away about the politics of the Magical world Ren almost fell asleep, half listening to her while the other half just wanted food.

"Well...I'm hungry and I agree with grandpa's plan. The school's opening on the first of September. So I have until then to learn a few years' worth of magical school work."

Inwardly, she was questioning her sanity.

"You have to send your acceptance by July 31. I'll try to convince the Minister to agree to your plan." Hermione said as she stood and turned to grandpa, "You work on The Salem's institute, they wouldn't like me interfering. And since you are one of the greatest American Aurors they'll have to go along with it."

Ren looked between the two and decided it best to question her grandfather about this later. While the adults went on to conversing Ren idled into the small kitchen with yellow cupboards and rummaged through the fridge.

While eating she listened to the hushed conversations about her coming from the living room. She didn't particularly like what she was hearing though. Forcing three to four years' worth of knowledge into one's head in a span of a few months didn't sound appealing to her. But strangely she was interested—very interested. It helped that she loved reading. The next few months would be interesting.

It would be a riot when her parents found out about this chaos.

Something else in their conversation caught her attention. Her grandfather was the one responsible for outing herself and her family to the magical authorities. She'd get to the bottom of it soon.

She was madder that he didn't tell her he was some badass magical warrior/police officer.

All those years spent begging her parents to spend the holidays with him would have been so much easier. Instead, she had to accept the messily few weeks she got with him around Christmas. The only reason the really allowed her this time was due to Leah's upcoming wedding and the fact that Jacob had tagged along.

Her much needed grandpa time was now cut short because Jake refused to leave her side for more than an hour at a time, which meant she couldn't properly complain to her granddad about Jake's sudden change of attitude towards her.

She knew the reasons for these changes though, no thanks to her over protective family. It didn't take her long to figure out. Of course, corresponding with Claire had helped significantly. She was clinging to the loopholes in the concept of 'Imprinting' though. Especially, the 'he'd be anything for you'…brother, was what Jacob would ever be to her.

When Rose had told her how Jake used to chase after her mother it just reinforced her resolve to pound him if he ever…EVER…tried anything remotely romantic with her.


The moment Hermione 'popped' out of the backyard, Ren approached her grandfather with a steely look.

"You ratted out your own family…for what?" she asked through clinched teeth.

Charlie shook his head resisting the urge to chuckle at her and patted the seat beside him on the sofa, "Because you have a power. An ability that can be remarkable…But very dangerous when untrained. If I'd left the authorities to approach your parents', chaos would have ensued. I saw an opportunity when you said you'd come for a visit and took the chance. I figured with you turning eleven this year they'd catch wind of your existence. I had to act fast."

"How do you know I have this 'power'?" she asked in a quiet voice.

Charlie smiled knowingly at his granddaughter, "It was hard for me to figure out actually. With both your parents having extra abilities—yes, I know about those—I thought that was probably the explanation. I always assumed you'd be magical in some way, but when I saw you last summer during your emotional tirade —I mean, your 'unfair controlling nutty parents not allowing you to date'—and then you levitated the TV and shot it towards your father…I realized that maybe there was something more. So, I scanned you one night when your parents were out and I got what I was looking for."

Ren frowned, remembering last summer, it was probably the worse she'd been through. She'd met a sweet boy at a café she'd worked at to blow off steam (pun may be intended) and was ecstatic when he'd plucked up enough courage to ask her out, only to have her father and Jake appear after work and practically drag her away.

Shaking the anger off, she hammered her grandfather with questions.

How can I be magical? I'm guessing genes play a part?

Yes, you inherited my magic. Your mother never showed any outward signs of magic. So, I assumed she was a squib. It was the only reason I allowed Renee to keep her. Bella would never be able to handle my doing magic around her. She was always delicate like that.


Individual born of a magical parent but has no magic…

But, if genes are involved it could have meant that she just didn't take as much from you. Renee is non-magical, right?


Phew, good. I don't want to know what she would have done with magic. You never told her about you…

No, I was going to when or if Bella showed signs of magic. But Renee left before…

How come dad never figured this out?

Charlie smirked as he explained the concepts of mind magic and Occlumency. He agreed to teach her as much as he could but since he wasn't that good at it, he instructed her to read as much as she could on the subject and sometime in the next few years he'd find someone good enough to teach her.


By the time Hermione returned with word from the British Ministry, Ren had read and memorized every magical book she could find in her granddad's house. She had stumbled across his Potions lad in the basement, when he was busy keeping Jake out of the house so she could read.

One burnt off eyebrow and charred work table later and she had brewed a simple Babbling potion. Wondering how she could possibly slip this to Jasper and if it would even work, she cleaned up the lab and went back to reading a Magical Theory text.

She initially had trouble understanding all the concepts of Magic with all her knowledge in Science fighting against her. But decided to go about her reading in a different outlook, Magic defies Science, but, they are related.

Logically, the two would never interact properly, but she decided that she'd make them. And found that it was easier to understand when she related them to each other.

Upon Hermione's arrival, she brought excellent news. The Minister would allow their plan (when I met her), Hermione had brought most of her old school books and a few extra (she recommended Hogwarts, A History Second Edition) and there was a job opening at Hogwarts (which she recommended to Charlie).

Since she hadn't started a human high school in September, instead she had continued looking for simple jobs just to get out of the house, she was able to extend her stay. But, still chose to keep the secret from her parents and Jake. Sue already knew about the whole thing and helped in distracting Jacob; by making him run errands for the wedding and picking up guests who were flying in. She even had him help in rebuilding her house in La Push to hold the guests.

A few days before the arrival of her parents, Ren was in her mother's old bedroom, reading over an Advanced Potions book (since it was the only subject she could practice without arousing suspicions and since she didn't have a wand) when she caught sight of a spell book. She had been itching to try something for a while but with no wand it was difficult and her grandfather wouldn't offer his as a test dummy.

With a determined sniff, she hurled the potions book to the side and went into a staring contest with the spell book. She thought hard to remember what she had triggered when she'd hurled that television at her father.

Anger, was the first thing that came to mind, but that wouldn't work her. Sitting in the same position for ten minutes, she tried a different approach. She remembered thinking that she wanted to throw something at her father, when her eyes glanced at the TV before it rose on its own and flew towards him.




She grinned when she locked her eyes on the book and 'willed' it towards her.

"Ye—FUCK!" she grunted when the book flew towards her and impacted with her face, effectively propelling her backwards and off the bed. That didn't discourage her to come up with a few conclusions though.

Magic is intent based. Or at least mine is. Questions for another time: why is my magic different? Is it due to my lineage? She thought as she stood on the bed and spread her arms wide.

A few seconds later several objects began to rise on their own accord.

She released a startled squeak when the bed began to float upwards as well. Loosing focus as she tried to steady herself, all the objects dropped at the same time —including the bed.

A second of silence after she give a happy 'whoop' before dancing around the room, singing, "I got the Magic in me!"


With the arrival of her extended family, Renesmee had to subject herself to a cruel punishment —no reading. Hours before her parents arrived she'd attempted magic again but with her focus fixed on her nerves, she failed miserably.

The wedding passed smoothly but that didn't calm Ren one bit. Now, she'd have to tell her parents what she was. She was surprised that her grandfather hadn't let anything slip. She wasn't worried about herself though, she'd mastered the art of keeping things from her father.

Alice had thought her to hone her skill. She had a feeling that Alice already knew what was going on, since the clairvoyant vampire kept sending knowing glances in Ren's direction and would keep her distance from Edward.

It was a week after the wedding that Charlie gave the signal. They were at the old Cullen house, since Charlie's 'magically extended' house couldn't be used, for obviously reasons.

She occupied her spot beside her grandfather, waiting for him to drop the bomb.

Charlie cleared his throat gruffly, "Mhmm…Um…I…sorry we—Renesmee and I…we have something to tell you. And this might be unbelievable and…well, insane…But, erm…huh…"

Ren rolled her eyes and sighed impatiently but his inane rambling appeared to have gotten their attention so she stayed silent. She kept her eyes on her grandfather for another second then turned to her father.

He sucked in a breath when her thoughts seemed to suddenly wash over his senses. He knew that Ren had an uncanny ability to hide her thoughts and share them as well. Over the years she was able to broadcast her thoughts without touch, which was unsettling for the family.

Edward stared at his daughter for a while, wondering if this was her idea of another prank. He'd grown tired of her using false memories on him.

"That's not funny Renesmee." He reprimanded softly.

Ren shut out of her seat and turned on her grandfather, "Gramps, rip the band aid off and apologize late."

With that said Charlie stood, pulled out his wand and made a show of flourishing it and shouting the incantation, Expecto patronum.

Ren was at first sceptical that the vampires would witness it. However, when the misty silver mountain lion shot out his wand and rushed towards the vampires, collective gasps and growls were heard throughout the room.

Ren grinned manically, "Dad, Mom…Gramps is a wizard…and…I'm a witch!"


Ren skipped out of the admissions building at the Salem's Academy for Magical Youngsters in Oregon. Spotting her grandfather braced against his old truck she rushed towards him and human paced, giggling happily.

"I got full marks for every subjects…Of course, I'm not surprised. I am an awesome individual with mad recollection skills." She said in a pseudo-pompous tone.

She'd taken the theoretical exams for the seven core subjects accepted by Hogwarts curriculum, along with three for the SAMY, which included Remedial Healing, Remedial Elemental Magic and Magical Customs. For electives she choose four from the Hogwarts curriculum—Runes, Arithmancy, Magical Creatures and Remedial Alchemy and from the SAMY, she took classes on various extracurricular activities, like broom sports (Quidditch, Quodpot, Aingingein and a new sport with a mixture of flying and gymnastics). She was particularly interested in the last one. But her grandfather had told her it was best to avoid getting on a broom in front of others, at least until after she used one to assess her level of skills on it.

Charlie laughed alongside her as he pulled her into a firm hug, "Congratulations, sweetie. Let's get some lunch and then head over to the Magical Secretariat.*"

Ren stalled for a fraction of a second, "Isn't that in New York?"

Charlie nodded absently as he hopped into the driver's seat, "We'll apparate to Seattle and get a portal over to New York. We're meeting with the State Governor and then the vice-president of magic."

Ren squealed excitedly as she hopped into the passenger's seat, "OH! We get to travel by STC portals! Did you know that during beta testing three people working on the arthimantic equations went missing when they fell through the portal? It took months to find them. People just happened across them in the Bermuda triangle during an exploration…"

At her monologue, Charlie paid half attention while driving home.

They took a few minutes to tell Sue her results before Charlie side-apparated them to a public apparition point in Seattle. Ren looked around and cringed at the scent of stale urine and blood.

"Smells like the meeting place of stray dogs looking to get some and sewer monsters." She stated with a grimace.

Charlie chuckled, "It's one of the safest places for Magicals since muggles don't bother to investigate a dark damp alley way."

"Stop saying that sounds derogatory." She scolded lightly. He merely shrugged and began walking deeper into the alley way.

She hastily followed but stopped abruptly when her grandfather simply waltzed through a solid yellow brick wall.

"The fu—!" She gasped as she ran through the walls, her eyes shut tightly. She managed to not bump into her grandfather, even though her eyes were locked on the sudden change of scenery.

Gone was the unpleasant sights and scents of the alley way. What replaced it was nothing short of miraculous.

They had walked into what Ren could only explain as a dream hidden in a dream. They were standing in a large courtyard that was paved with the same yellow bricks from the passage wall. Wondering if the design was influenced by the Wizard of Oz or vice versa, as she hurried over to the two story tall fountain centred in the courtyard.

The fountain was hexagonal in shape and had three levels, with colourful sprouts of water on the bottom two level, reaching towards the heavens. The water seemed to have an earth glow emitting from it with gold, silver and blue sparks falling downwards with each synchronized burst of water.

On the high structure stood several ivory figures, Ren recognized the pair of magical humans, goblins, Merfolk, fairies, centaurs, a male and female representation of each. She also easily identified the werewolf and vampire standing beside each other. Each group of magical sentient beings positioned back to back, smiling down at the beings going about their business in the courtyard.

Embossed on the elaborately carved white stone on which the figures stood were the words, Aequalis stamus (We stand equal).

The courtyard wasn't very busy but Ren noticed several different species going about their business. She noticed a few young witches and wizards about the age of nine running around the fountain, along with two small goblin children as sprites chased them around it.

"Welcome to Pacem Vallem's Courtyard. Of course, we just call it Peace Valley. It's a relatively young business area for magical beings, but it has been around for a century or so. The last British Wizarding world runoffs into the US saw to the isolation of its progress."

Three streets split the courtyard, on in the centre, and the other two to the left and right. Lining each street and the courtyard were tall buildings that stretched several stories up.

Ren openly gaped at the buildings, which all seemed to be carved out of various precious and highly rare stones and metals. She was sure that the book store to her left was made out of Sapphire and silver.

"It's so...colourful..." She said dumbly. She ignored the protest from the woman she bumped into to when she rushed after her grandfather, who shook his head and headed off.

Charlie led her along the centre street towards a large White building that was one of the first on the street.

"Gringott's..." She read the sign gleefully.

Charlie nodded, "One of the many branches in America. Mind your manners when you go in. Don't stare, but don't look to your feet either. Hold your head high but don't act pompous. Be polite and courteous. Follow my example...What do Goblins value most, besides mates and children?"

"Gold." She answered smartly.

They nodded a greeting to the two goblin guards as they entered. Instead of heading to one of the tellers, they diverted towards a hallway and entire through large double brass doors.

Sitting at a large Oak desk was a rather formidable looking goblin. Ren was thrown for a loop when the goblin gave her grandfather a toothy grin and stood to greet them.

The two elder males bowed to each other and gave formal goblin greetings.

'May your enemies heads roll?!' She thought with wide eyes, 'Geezus, if that's a formal goblin greeting I don't want to know how they greet enemies.'

Charlie introduced the two beings, "Benuk, may I present my granddaughter Renesmee."

Benuk stepped forward and bowed deeply, which Ren answered with a bow of her own, causing both males to chuckle.

She pouted and turned to her grandfather for an explanation.

He answered still chuckling, "Witches usually curtsy when greeted by goblins. Not many realized that using 'human formalities' isn't the same as respected goblin customs."

Ren was surprised she managed a fluke that was acceptable; she smiled to the goblin, "I'm glad I didn't offend you then, Mr Benuk."

The goblin waved her off dismissively and returned to his seat, "None of that...I've been working with your grandfather since he was eleven, I'd like to say we are at least me Ben."

Ren couldn't help it, she actually laughed and in attempting to rein it in she ended up snorting.

Charlie and Ben went straight into business. Charlie signed a few forms naming Ren as his heir so that she's inherit all his belongings and monies kept at Gringott's and his house in Forks and apartment in the street on the left of the courtyard. Surprisingly, he had quite an exceptional amount of gold in his vault, which had only been building for the last few years due to the investment strategies of the goblins.

"I hope the trust fund for my granddaughter has been opened."

Ben nodded, "Yes and a quarter of the funds from your main fault has been transferred over. As it stands that amounts to a net worth of 15000 galleons, which when converted is approximately 151053.06 US dollars. Your investments are expected to increase three folds by the end of the year."

Ren's eyes bulged. She hadn't expected that. She'd always wondered why her parents never helped out her grandfather financially since they had the funds to live more than comfortable, several lives over.

She knew her grandfather wanted to open a trust fund for her, she had argued that she already had money and her parents weren't scapegoats either. He'd just said that when she got her full license she'd open her out account with the goblins but until then, she would rely on the fund he supplied for all of her magical needs. He cemented the deal when he told her that having a limit to spending would teach her a good life lesson on savings and the value of money and work.

At the time, she wasn't speaking to her parents so she wasn't sure how she'd get to any of her accounts in the Swiss banks for money, so she grudgingly agreed. With her parents upset over her wanting to move to Scotland to attend Hogwarts, she wasn't sure how she would pay tuition or by school supplies. But Charlie had firmly told her that he would cover her financially.

"Good." Charlie grinned, "A key to her fault would be advisable and make sure she'll be able to withdraw from your other branches as well, especially the Diagon Alley branch."

Several minutes later, with an antique silver key attached to her locket, they headed over to the Congress building, where they met with the State Govenor.

The meeting was brief but informative, with the man instructing them to acquire some formal robes before going to meet with the governor of Magic. He congratulated Ren on her passing her exams and wished her luck at Hogwarts. But not before trying to convince her to stay and attend one of the Magical Elite Schools in the US.

Following the instructions of the senator Charlie purchased simple readymade formal robes for them, his own was a dark grey and Ren's was a dark burgundy.

Ren and her grandfather headed towards the Main portal terminal across the street.

It looked similar to an airport (minus the planes) with workers scanning luggage and people for harmful and dangerous items, booths for purchasing passes for portals and boards showing scheduled departing and arrival times and even prices for distance travelled and time estimates.

They paid the two galleons each for state-cross travel and then stepped casually towards on the portals scheduled for New York. It was surprisingly not crowded due to it being a few weeks after the holidays.

The portals themselves looked like something out of a sciences fiction movie. It stood over twelve feet tall and was basically a large circle drawn onto a metal wall. Itched into the massive magical circle were jumble of arithmantic equations coupled with Elder and Younger Futhork runes, ranging for the runes like opila, raipo and mannaz.

The centre of the circle, a multicolour swirl of magic seemed to be in constant motion. Almost silent sounds could be heard, but Ren surmised that that was due to her vampire side.

Sucking in a breath, Ren gripped onto her Grandfather's arm as they stepped through the portal.

She waited a minute after they had stopped walking to open her eyes. She pried one eye open and frowned as she fully opened both.

"That's it?" She asked disappointed.

Charlie chuckled and said with a grin, "Yes, very anticlimactic when compared to apparating and port keys."

She started grumbling about shallow promises of books, while he led her away from the portal and out of the arrival point. They entered though another set of brass doors and came across a large reception room with granite floors and pure white walls. The room appeared as modern as any architecture firm but simple, with gold trims and black accents. All the furniture were white and surfaces were made of glass.

After speaking briefly with one of the receptionists, she led them towards and elevator and instructed them to keep their fingers tucked in just in case.

"We don't need another lawsuit..." She mumbled as she walked away.

Ren gaped at the woman but quickly followed the instructions, before the elevator made a sudden jolt and propelled upwards. She immediately preferred the non-magical version.

Meeting with the vice-president and his trustees lasted longer with questions being fired at her and neck breaking speed. They would investigate the matter of the vampires further while finding ways to implement laws to protect Ren and those like her if there were any others.

Until the magical world knew of her existence, they would offer support her as she journeyed to Magical Britain. Vice-president Stevenson also wished her luck in her practicals and finding a good wand.



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