The Cinderella Story Chapter 1: Introduction.

Long ago, well probably two or three years ago, I, my mother and father lived peacefully by the sea. My mother and father were quite rich and they would do anything for me. Anything. Every evening, we would sit on the beach and watch the dolphins jump up from the sea and go back down into the sea by the sunset. Six months later my mother died by an illness that had no cure. As since then me and my father became the bestest of friends, we was closer than ever. My mother had left a will so everything my mother earned, was now given to my father. We moved into the city and my father opened a restaurant called the Montgomery's and this is where the story begins. It was my 9th birthday and my father organised a birthday at the restaurant. "Make a wish princess." He beamed as happier as he could be. But what did I need to wish for? My life was as perfect as it could be,until he met Susan...

Chapter 2: Susan and her daughters.

As soon as my father told me that Susan was going to be my stepmother I was over the moon! As I thought we was going to live happily ever after, only this was no fairytale. Susan had twin daughters, Tia and Maria and they was not as nice as I seemed. One day, we was going on holiday to France. My father was sitting next to Susan as I was sitting next to the twins. "I'm the most beautiful girl on the plane" Tia gleamed into a mirror looking at her big nose, giant warts. "No! I'm the most beautiful on this plane" Maria beamed in the mirror looking at her chubby cheeks full of spots." I think your both as beautiful as each other!" I said trying to stop the argument."Who asked you Anna?" the twins exclaimed glaring at her. Suddenly, a storm arrived and struck the plane! Every single passenger screamed in terror as the plane span around out of control. The windows on the plane were very big and couple of people including my father. I lost my best friend that day. My father did leave a will but Susan hidden it because everything was addressed to me and because Susan hidden the will everything belonged to her, including the restaurant, the house and her slave, me.