Can i keep her?

The weather was bright and beautiful. The sun was warm and who wants to waste such a good day, where you can go to the park, read your favourite book, hang out with your friends or take your kid to the park? Nobody really wants to do that, and certainly not Mikoto Uchiha. And since her husband were training Itachi, why not bring little, 5 year old Sasuke to the park, she thought.

So Sasuke found himself in the park, surrounded by other small, laughing children and their parents. Sasuke didn't want to play with them, it was much more fun to watch Itachi train with his father, but today his mother apparently decided that he should play with other kids and make some friends.

"Mommy can we go home now?" asked the little Sasuke. Mikoto looked a little strange at her child 'what is it with my children? It was the same with Itachi, is it Fugaku that says they can't have fun or what? Well I have to talk to him later.' Thought she. "Why do you wanna go home already? You haven't even tried to play with them. Come on just an hour." She answered Sasuke, and being the mama-boy he is, he thought it was okay if it was just an hour, but not longer, because the other children looked at him in some odd way. So a couple of minutes he found himself under a cherry tree with a lot of pretty flowers. He sat deep in thought over something I don't know, but suddenly he heard a laugh right above him.

When he looked up he saw something really weird or should I say someone? Right above him was a little girl with shoulder-length pink hair like the blossoms, she wore a blue-like shirt and brown trousers. But the weirdest wasn't her hair or how she got up in the tree, but the small, pink cat-like ears she hat on top of her head and the cute small tail that was wagging behind her. Sasuke swore he had never seen anything so cute in his life. He could even feel his cheeks getting a little red. When the little girl saw this she laughed again.

"How did you get up there? And why do you have ears and a tail?" Sasuke couldn't stop himself from asking.

"Well I just used my chakra and my fingers, that is how I got up. And I got the ears and tail because from our village we all have that, but I don't quite know why, sorry. My name is Sakura by the way, what is yours?" Sakura told him. Sasuke didn't know whether to believe her or not but she didn't look like she could harm him.

"My name is Sasuke. I don't have any to play with so would you play with me?" Sasuke asked. It wasn't normal for him to ask but he really wanted to play with her.

"Sure why not, can we go to the swing first?" Sakura asked. Sasuke only nodded his head and in a moment she was down beside him. "Well, come on then." She shouted and started to run, and for the rest of hour.

When Mikoto came to take Sasuke home, she found him with a cute, neko girl. When she said that they had to go home now, Sasuke simply turn around, took the girls hand and asked "Mommy, can I keep her?"

Mikoto had never laughed so much.