So I decided to start a drabble series

Every chapter will be different from each other, but the pairing will be the same [OKIKAGU ^^]

Hope you will enjoy

Drabble number 1

Valentine's Day

All the city was covered in snow, all the shops were full with bunch of girls that trying to buy ingredients for chocolate. The boys waited patiently to get chocolates from the girls. And only at the Yorozuya…

"CURSE THE VALENTINE'S DAY" Shinpachi and Gintoki were screaming all over the house

Gintoki stayed near the entrance for the upcoming chocolates, which never arrived. And Megane was trying to calm himself with Otsuu CD. Kagura watched from the side and didn't understand why they are so freaked out.

"Gin-chan! What's the meaning of the Valentine's Day? "She finally had the courage to ask

"Eh? Eto… it's the day girls give chocolate and confess their love to the guy they like. But you mustn't do this! You're to innocent and young for this! Papi won't allow!"

"First of all I am already sixteen! And… I don't think I have someone I like"

"THATS GOOD! I don't need your Papi to kill me if you will have a boyfriend"

Boyfriend huh? Someone I like?

"Gin-chan! Shinpachi! I'm going to buy chocolates! BYE!" she said while grabbing her umbrella and jumping out of the window

"Oi Oi! I thought you didn't have someone you like! Oi!" Gintoki yelled while he look at Kagura leave

Kagura looked from the outside to view for a good shop, but all the shops were totally full.

"It's impossible! How will I buy chocolates?" Kagura said to herself

"Buying chocolates? I thought it was impossible for a monster like you to like somebody" a voice came from the back of her. She recognized this voice, it was his voice

"Oi sadist, don't get into my business!" she turned to him and said it

"You hurt a police officer's feelings, I'll have to arrest you for this" Okita smirked

Kagura ignored him and looked around for an available shop that she can buy chocolates. Okita got mad and grabbed her chin towards his face.

"Don't ignore me China, I'll kill you next time"

Their faces was so close, both were blushing and he let go

"If you're so desperate for chocolates I will help you. But only this time because I need to run away from Hijikata-san anyway"

"What did you do already?"

"Poisoned his katana, but it didn't work really well"

Kagura started to laugh.

She is laughing, like she is laughing with Danna. When she smiles it's so much better

"Were should we go sadist?"

"To the shinsegumi"

"Eh? What do you mean? From what I've known, the shinsegumi isn't an ingredient shop"

"Well… it's just that Kondo-san bought so many ingredients for chocolates for Shinpachi's sister, and the entire shinsegumi is filled with it"

"I should've known that" Kagura said that with a frowned face. Okita patted her head, which made her slightly blush. And they started to walk

They got to the shinsegumi, and ingredients were all over the place

"When you said that the shinsegumi was filled with ingredients, I didn't thought that it would be that many" Kagura said with a shock on her face

"Were talking about Kondo-san, of course it would be like this. Anyway, who are you giving chocolates?"

"Eto… umm… to Megane and Gin-chan! It's my way to say thank you" Kagura smiled and walked towards the kitchen

"Oh… now I feel a relief… I thought you are going to confess to somebody" Okita said quietly, but Kagura didn't listen from over happiness

"Did you said something sadist?"

"NO! Nothing!"

Kagura was making the chocolates and Okita helped her a little, but most of the time they fought each other.

"DONE!" Kagura smiled at Okita

"But there are three chocolates instead of one" he said

"Oh… I guess I will just eat it at home or something"

"Oh and… Arigato…" she added. Okita smirked

"What did you said?" he said that with a big evil smirk

"ARIGATO YOU SADIST!" she yelled and blushed from embarrassment.

Kagura took the chocolates and went. "Goodbye Sadist!"

"Goodbye China"

And then he looked at the kitchen and saw all the mess they did

I'm so screwed

And he ran for his life

"IM BACK!" Kagura yelled while she entered the Yorozuya

She saw Gintoki and Shinpachi lifeless


I guess they still didn't get any chocolates. Lucky me! I will be the first… and probably the last

"Present! I made you two chocolates! It's my way of thank you"

Gintoki and Shinpachi jumped and grabbed their chocolates and ate it like pigs


Kagura was happy inside, and she looked at the third chocolate. Somehow she didn't want to eat it, but she wondered what she will do with it. Until an idea came up to her

"Okita-taichou! Someone brought you a chocolate with a message!" Yamazaki came with the package

Well at least for some girl I am the world for her

For the stupid sadist

Thank you for today! And maybeeeee deep deep inside I like you

So here is chocolate, and even if it's tasted awful you will eat it no matter what or

Else I'm going to blow your head!

From Kagura

Okita grabbed the chocolate and started to eat

Maybe deep deep inside I like you too china

Kondo was full of happiness that he is going to make chocolates for his Otae-san, he grabbed the ingredients and went to the kitchen. The entire floor was covered with chocolate and flour. It was a disaster


The end

Hoped you enjoyed, it wasn't really romantic but I think it was kinda cute.

The second chapter is going to be about something like a double date

I hope I will have the time to upload it soon