The boy next door

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Diamond P.O.V.

Sandra is officially crazy. Doesn't she realize what moving from LA to that retarded valley means? I swear it's only because Molly moved there with her son and new husband. Scotty Smalls is such a nerd! Honestly they live in a pepto bismail pink house, it's disgusting. Sandra is my mom but I call her Sandra 'cause I can. The stupid boxes weighed like 500 pounds each.

"Diamond?" Scotty asked we hadn't seen each other since we were 6 and we were 11 now so it had been awhile. Oh yeah and my name really is, Diamond. I looked up Scotty hadn't changed much he was still so clean and tidy in his appearance, Probably still got straight A's. As for me a lot has changed, the only thing that's the same about me from when I was 6 is that I still had stupid strawberry blonde hair. Seriously it needs to pick a color and stick with it. Blonde or redhead, not in between.

"Yeah Scotty?" I asked picking up another tattered brown box.

"I haven't seen you since kindergarten, and you've changed a lot," Scotty stated.

"Well Scotty, I'd hope so." I said opening my front door and going inside.

"Diamond, tomorrow Scotty could probably take you to see his friends," Sandra said.

Like he actually has friends, I thought. "Meh, I'll have to unpack; besides I don't think hauling around a girl like me, would be all that great for him," I declined. I ran up the stairs to my room. My bed was already assembled and I flopped onto it. I turned my attention to the beat up cardboard box in the corner. I opened it and found a few old pictures of Scotty and I and a scrap book our mothers made from their pregnancy up to the point where we split paths. I stared at the picture of Scotty and me, when we were 6 we had our arms around each other's shoulders and we were smiling like we had some grand old secret. I hid that box under my bed.

I looked at my pale pink dresser and the picture of my dad was atop it. He had died in a car accident when I was only two years old. Scotty's dad died at the same time. Our dads were acquaintances not really friends though.

My mom forced me to go with Scotty to some stupid sandlot. I guess he 'plays' baseball there, but knowing Scotty and his severe lack of any athletic ability, that team had to have been desperate.

"Scotty what's with the girl?" A tall tan boy asked.

"Yeah Yeah I thought you got it: no girls on the sandlot," An obnoxious boy said. I've decided I hate both of them.

"My Mom is making me take her," Scotty explained.

"Do you think I'd voluntarily be here? In this dump?" I asked. "If you answer yes I'll rip your head off," I added.

"Why'd your mom make you bring her?" A short kid with huge ray band glasses asked. He was shorter than Scotty was. I know it's amazing that that's even possible.

"I'm not sure," Scotty shrugged.

"So you didn't bother to ask?" A short cubby red head asked.

"He's still afraid of his mom's wrath most likely," I mumbled. Scotty elbowed me in the ribs I slapped his arm.

"Are you two like related?" A black kid asked. They were quite a group a miss match of people, tall, short, fat, skinny, black, and white. It didn't seem to matter to them.

"No!" Scotty and I answered simultaneously.

"Guys you've made a bad impression," A tall kid with glasses said. "What's your name anyway?" He asked indicating me.

"Diamond, yes really that's my name," I sighed.

"I'm Bertram, and these are Benny, Yeah yeah, Squints, Ham, Kenny, Timmy, and Tommy," Bertram introduced smiling. Bertram was so far the kindest of them all.

"Whatever we got a game to play, base up. Oh and Diamond just sit in the dugout and look pretty." Benny, I guess, said.

"Okay whatever," I mumbled walking across the field. The dugout I guess it's called, didn't have much of a roof. I got bored quickly. I didn't know what the hell they were doing so watching them bored me halfway to death. Ham was running or rather stumbling the bases. All the boys were yelling and throwing their gloves at him. Scotty stood there like an idiot wondering what the hell was happening. He started to climb the fence. If it was me I would have only taken one jump, I wouldn't be climbing.

"Nooooooo!" I heard Squints cry out all the boys ran up to Scotty and pulled him down. I casually strolled over. They were making a big deal out of what was behind that fence. They were so busy scolding Scotty that they didn't notice me sneak behind the fence and grab one of the like 1000 baseballs back there. I shook off the dirt and went back out of that yard.

"We'll never see that ball again," Timmy said. Or was he Tommy? I don't know.

"Never again," The other one repeated. This was an obnoxious pattern.

"Here, I found another," I said handing over the ball.

"Where'd you find it?" Bertram questioned.

"Does it matter?" I asked.

"Not really," He admitted, accepting the ball from my hands. His hands must have touched mine for only a second but to me it seemed like a minute. They played for a few more hours until the sun went down. I had just moved here yesterday and I was already finding a replacement for William. Will was, well kinda is, my boyfriend from LA.

"Where did you get the ball?" Bertram asked as we were walking home. I lagged behind the group.

"A place apparently you people know very well," I replied.

"There's no way you made it all the way to Vincent's and back in that time," He objected.

"What is Vincent's?" I asked. He looked at me like I was crazy.

"It's a drugstore," He explained slowly like I was retarded.

"Oh yeah. I wouldn't have been able to make it there in that time, I run like a retarded penguin," I agreed.

"Where'd you move here from?" Bertram asked.

"El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles," I said. "LA," I explained after he gave me a 'what the hell' look.

"Which house is yours?" He asked.

"The purple one," I answered.

"See ya tomorrow?" Bertram asked.

"Maybe but there's no way I'm going back on the sandlot," I replied.

"Eh, I wouldn't mind if you came." Bertram said.

"Yeah the other 7 and ½ people outweigh you," I remarked

"7 and a half?" Bertram asked.

"Scotty is half way hating this, half way that little brother that wants me involved in everything." I explained. Bertram was the only one that didn't mind me being around.

"Well this is my stop," Bertram said as we neared a quiet soft yellow house.

"Bye," I said. When I got home I assembled the cherry wooden desk for my sewing machine. I make most of my clothes. I unlocked an old trunk that I kept most of my things in. The lock was old and somewhat rusted, the old fabric covering the lid was slightly torn but I wouldn't trade it for the world.