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"Diamond what do the cutthroats do to people?" Scotty asked. We were walking towards the sandlot, for lack of anything else to do. I was carrying Dennis because I didn't know what else to do with him.

"Some bad shit," I shuddered. Scotty looked like someone just stabbed him. That's one thing the cutthroats do; stab people.

"What kind of stuff?" Scotty asked deliberately not cussing.

"Scotty they're a gang. They kill people, sometimes they torture people, and they'll drive by and shoot people for no reason. The cutthroats cut peoples' necks after killing them to look like the cutthroat trout. They aren't good people," I explained.

"Did they ever do anything to you?" Scotty asked fearfully awaiting the answer.

"Yeah they did Scotty." I said looking over at the innocent boy. He'd never seen death like I had; I want to keep it that way. "They do stuff to everyone," I added. Scotty was still a virgin to this word unadulterated and he wasn't capable of evil. He'd never seen anyone killed, I have. He's never had to steal, or pay money to be safe. I have.

"What did they do to you?" Scotty asked.

"A lot Scotty, I've seen people killed. My best friend and her little sister were killed right in front of their mother. She was only 7 years old and her little sister was 3! I've been shot at before. I've seen infants limbs ripped off of them because of the cutthroats." I said trying to hold back tears.

"Did they do anything else to you?" Scotty asked holding onto my hand.

I looked at him wondering if I should confide in the innocent child that stood next to me. No he was essentially a stranger. It would shatter his world if I told him. "They did a lot Scotty, that's my point. It doesn't matter what they've done to me." I said the words smoothly flowing off my tongue.

"You can tell me anything," Scotty reassured.

"I can, but I'm not going to," I said. He looked disappointed that I wasn't sharing my deep dark deadly secrets with him. I can read Scotty like a book he's not hard to decipher. We got on the sandlot so Scotty stopped talking to me about it. Only Benny was on the field so far. I retired with Dennis to the dugout. Dennis was somewhat annoyed that I made him get up so early.

Bertram came to the field next, then Kenny, Yeah yeah, Timmy and Tommy, Ham, then Squints. They started playing and I started looking through a book my mom told me to read. To Kill a Mocking Bird really didn't interest me all that much. It was a love story, and I personally don't believe in love. It's hard to once you've been through what I've been through. Although Scout is interesting, she's too faithful.

"Hey D," Bertram said after a few hours of practice while we were walking home.

"Hi," I said. "Why are all the houses in this neighborhood painted outrageous colors?" I asked.

"To be honest I don't know," Bertram stated. "Who are the cutthroats?" Bertram asked.

"A gang that is evil. Like the devil himself isn't that evil kind of evil," I stated. I was carrying the exhausted Dennis in my arms.

"Oh. Are you happy to be out of LA?" Bertram asked.

"Its bitter sweet, because I still have friends in LA but even here I don't feel like I'm out of the cutthroats reach." I sighed.

"It's okay we'll make sure you guys are safe," Bertram said wrapping his arm around me.

"What are a bunch of kids from the suburbs going to do to a big city gang that isn't ashamed to kill babies?" I retorted.

"They killed a baby?" Bertram asked.

"Yeah, I don't want to think about it," I said. Dennis looked over at Bertram sleepily.

"Here I'll carry him." Bertram offered taking Dennis from my arms. "Diamond what did they do to you?" Bertram asked. I felt like I couldn't really trust Bertram to not call me tons of names.

"They've done a lot," I sighed.

"Look I know you have something you want to tell someone but are too afraid to say. I want you to know that you can trust me, even if we don't know each other very well." Bertram said.

I wanted to tell him but he actually read me! No one ever, ever, ever, has been able to do that. "How did you know that?" I asked.

"I'm not sure I guess it's just like a universal emotion we all hate having, and I picked up on that." Bertram said. We had passed his house but he didn't seem to care. Flower child I thought.

"I'll tell you if you promise not to tell anybody," I stated.

"I promise," He said crossing his heart like I used to when I was five.

"One of their people stole something from me that is of a high value. I can't ever get it back." I mumbled. Bertram was also likely an innocent. "They…" I started I couldn't bring myself to say the rest.

"Diamond I'm sorry," Bertram said.

"It's okay you didn't know me or her then. Besides a tear shed on the past is a tear wasted," I said with false confidence.

"You live here right?" Bertram asked stopping in front of my sickeningly purple house.

"Yeah thanks," I smiled. I took the drowsy Dennis from Bertram's arms. Bertram then quickly wrapped his arms around my waist. I returned a half hug to him considering Dennis was in one of my arms.

"I'll see you tomorrow," He whispered to me releasing my waist.

"Bye," I said going into my front door.

Scotty P.O.V.

Diamond and Bertram were again walking a farther distance away from the group and talking. Bertram passed his house to talk to Diamond. Honestly it kind of killed me to see him so… controlled by her almost. Frankly it's sort of sickening to know that your best friend of all time is likely being hit on by a guy neither of you really know. It's not like I feel like I'm going to throw up sickening it's more like being punched in the stomach.

That was another thing Diamond was always really good at that I never understood. She stood up for me whenever someone messed with me, which was a lot because face it I'm an egghead. She didn't surprise me when she said that she was like a protector for Dennis. I should know Diamond like the back of my hand, so, why do I feel like I don't know her at all?

Diamond Wickett is a liar, a protector, and one fine-looking girl. She acted like she didn't care about anything, she works for everything and is successfully making my heart eat itself trying to figure this all out. She's been through a lot I can tell, she always got us out of trouble. Maybe she's not perfect but nobody is. She puts all of the girls in this town to shame.

So whatcha think? Sorry I uploaded the wrong one last time.