Warnings: Boyx Boy, Ciel x Sebastian, dark themes, angst.

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A single azure eye peered into the inky black of night. Within its depths was a carousel of agony. Hate, pain, and overwhelming pride rolled off the silhouette in waves. His eyes locked onto a man.

So this is where he's been… Rage brewed beneath pale, almost flawless skin. Clenching his teeth, he spun on his heel, stalking off without a sound. The woods enveloped the boy into its hold, allowing him to fade from existence, even if just for a bit. The moon seemed to smirk.


"Sebastian, I think I want a dog." The young earl stated, his deep blue gem studying the butler.

"As you wish, my lord." Ciel's eyes furrowed and an empty feeling began manifesting in the pit of his stomach. Where was the snarky, clever remark? Where was that cocky smirk? Where was… his Sebastian?

Frustration reared up inside him, his eye frosting over. "Tch. Never mind, I'd out live the thing anyway."

No response met his ears. No, all he received was a hateful glare from two entrancing crimson orbs. Hate… Something he was all too familiar with. He never thought he'd see the day his loyal pawn grew to feel that emotion, for him, no less.

"Tell me, Sebastian do you hate me?" The words left the boy's lips without any hesitation. How could he have hesitated anyway, he hadn't even planned on saying the words.

"You know I cannot lie, my young lord. Do you truly desire to hear my answer?"

A warning bell went off in his heart, a heart he didn't listen to. "Quit stalling and tell me, this is an order Sebastian." His tone was dripping with authority, his visible hue flashing red.

The butler bowed, his face remaining in that blank mask. The mask Ciel saw since the day he was turned into a demon. "Very well. Yes, I do in fact, hate you."

Ciel had expected that. The demon was well aware of the hate lingering on Sebastian but that didn't stop the spike of pain stabbing into his chest. And here he had thought demons didn't feel emotion. It appears he was mistaken.

"Is that so?" He scoffed, looking to the side. Many thoughts twirled inside his head, tangling, fusing into one another, until it became one huge mess. Only one idea, stayed apart from the rest.

"Alright, then I'll make a deal with you."

He saw Sebastian's eyes narrow in suspicion from the corner of his eye. "I'll allow you to leave; you'll be free to roam where you choose, without me. However, you are still my butler, don't forget that."

Sebastian stared back at the boy, in what looked to be disbelief. "Y-" The young demon cut him off. "You know where the door is, go."

Seconds later the tall man bowed, his raven locks casting shadows over his face. "Yes, young master." The man crossed the short distance, pausing at the door. He looked over his shoulder with a small smirk, something glinting in his eyes before walking out.

Ciel stared at the door, for what felt like hours that day. A small crooked smile drifted onto his lips, even as something wet slid down his face.

He got to see that devilish smirk.


Why am I still thinking about that, Ciel asked himself inwardly as he walked among the foot path. It had been so long since then; the youth should have forgotten it by now. But of course, he didn't. That event stuck to him like the night of when his parents took their last breath.

Flames symbolized his parents, the burning hate and the never dying embers of revenge.

Falling symbolized Sebastian, the unreachable ledge and the desperation to be saved.

Sighing, he ran a hand through his slate blue hair. Opening a deep azure gem, he gazed upon his destination. He could hardly believe how long it's been since that night, that night he was changed forever. No longer a human, no, now he was a much darker entity. Pushing open the doors of his high school, he adjusted his fake bandage. The bandage was an easy cover-up for his contract tainted violet eye.

His ankle length black boots echoed with each step, the corridor void of life. Hn, it was obvious he was late. Not that he cared.

Finally arriving at the classroom, he walked in, his head held high. All eyes were on him, some held jealousy but most held adoration.

He ignored both easily enough. Sitting down into the desk nearest to him, he laced his fingers underneath his chin. To any on looker, he would've appeared bored and oblivious. Yet in reality he kept twitching slightly. The silky black dress shirt he modeled was irritating him.

Slender fingers reached up, flicking open the first two buttons. Yet even as he did this, his face remained stoic . He'd really like it if everyone stopped looking at him. Really, they all treated him as if he were candy.

Scoffing at his own thought, he relaxed once more, the buzzing of the classroom fading out.

If you love something, set it free. If it truly loves you, it'll come back to you.

Snapping open his eye, he shook his head harshly. He didn't need to subconsciously think of that blasted quote. It was too close to the real reason he let his demon leave. Not to mention…Sebastian didn't come back.

A cruel little smirk formed.

"Oi! Ciel did you hear? We've got a new teacher!" A spunky blonde ran up, plopping down beside the bluenette. How the hell Alois managed to get reincarnated and managed to find him again, was beyond Ciel.

"Lovely, we have a new idiot then."

"Ha, you're always so mean, Phantomhive."

Ciel smirked, facing the blonde with a mocking tilt of his head. "Why should I be nice, tranny?"

Alois scowled, though he didn't look upset. "Ciellll, don't call me that~"

Knock Knock.

Everyone turned to the door, except Ciel. Really the boy didn't care in the least.

He heard a person's shoes hit the floor, stopping the center of the class. Gasps filled the room and girls blushed. Tch must be a "pretty" boy, he mentally noted.

"I'm your new teacher, please call me Professor Michaelis."