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Pairing: SebaCiel

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"This charade of theirs is really getting on my nerves." Ciel suddenly spoke aloud as his chilly azure sphere zeroed in on the Trancy duo sitting inside the lunch room amidst the sea of students. His facial features were being reflected in the door window that he was peering through and the youth's expression in that haunting glass spoke louder than any words possibly could, the displeasure on his face maxed out in volume as his eye did a small twitch. The bloody thorns of rage were spiraling around, cutting into the atmosphere and across the arms of someone next to him.

The raven whom was leaning against the wall beside him outside of the cafeteria let out a weary sigh as he sensed the tingle in the air. "I understand where you're coming from my lord but we should take this slowly, they're capable of more than they let on, as we learned last time." Sebastian's crimson paired orbs slid over to the infuriated navy haired demon, awaiting his reaction.

Ciel didn't even glance at the towering demon before he shook his head violently, crossing his arms in a sign of protest to that statement; it was already rather obvious he wasn't going to comply with the other's idea. It had been two weeks since the 'new student' Claude arrived and the little act was getting old to the forever thirteen year old boy. What once had been humorous was just straight up annoying now. Alois and Claude weren't making a single move to try anything nor were they acting suspicious in the least; every day the two would arrive at the academy and go about their own daily business before simply chatting with him and Sebastian as if they were old friends. To be honest it was plain pissing Ciel off, he had nothing to work with and had no clue what they were planning. He was being left in the dark without a flashlight or a guide and it didn't sit right with him. "Take it slow? Heh, patience isn't my strong point, Sebastian, as you well know." The boy paused for a mere second before continuing in a shady tone. "And with that being said, I do believe it's time for their poorly written game plan to be wiped from the board." Bristling hatred was clawing at the surface of that overly collected tone and it caused Sebastian to raise a lone brow, his mouth pulling into a straight line. The elder could already detect that he wasn't going to win this debate, arguing with his master would only seize to waste time. Not to mention a squabble would thoroughly irk his young lord all the more and to put it bluntly, an angry Ciel usually meant a tormented Sebastian. So yes, the butler was going to play the smart card and do as the bluenette wished.

Yet he couldn't help but to wonder just what exactly was bothering his interest so much.

Not removing his intense blood pools from Ciel, the French professor slid up a hand to fix his tie, throwing in the towel with his next words. "As you wish my lord, but I must say, I think we should reread their tactic's one more."

The younger let out an annoyed huff of air, peeking up over his shoulder at the overly tall male. "And why is that." He demanded in a slightly sarcastic tone, his stormy hue connecting with the eyes of a familiar being.

Amusement lightened Sebastian's eyes for a brief second. "They made quite the notable error, think of where they are and the roles they must play."

Ciel displayed signs of confusion for a moment or two as he scratched his head before his intellectual mind grasped the hints dangling before him. A bright blue gem enlarged in realization, a slender finger popping up to cradle his own chin. "Claude and Alois are students, that means they can't leave the building. They're basically trapped here until the end of the school day but you on the other hand can leave any free period you have, which if I remember correctly is four out of the ten. That means you…"Ciel trailed off with a devious simper upon his lips, his solo eye sparking to life in time with Sebastian's.

"Can gather Intel and prepare for the checkmate." They stated in sync while the bell for the next period chimed throughout the corridors.


As the bell echoed and the students began to scurry about, Alois crept away from his hiding place on the other side of the door, darting back over to his renewed butler. His icicle like eyes were narrowed into a menacing gleam of sick pleasure and his teeth peeked out as he threw Claude a twisted grin. "Ciel will be mine." The blonde exclaimed with vigor, signaling the dice to roll.

Claude didn't say a word while he straightened into a stand, his golden eyes glowing with acknowledgement…and excitement.

The spider couldn't wait to tear the bird apart.




Starting with the only person he's ever loved.


Ciel tilted his head as he registered the signaling for the next class while he chuckled smugly to himself, his lethal gaze stomping on anyone that even thought about shoving past him. "Let's talk about this in your classroom."

Blinking slightly, Professor Michaelis stepped after the boy who had already began heading toward his classroom, his diverted stare pinpointed on the way his student still sauntered about showing his arrogance. It fit his demeanor, even as he threaded through the horde of humans around him with grace. The image could be compared to an elegant king being spotted within the slums of a city, it didn't fit but the king still looked perfect. The already receding thought caused the grown demon to snicker.

When Ciel arrived at the door he did a 180 turn and moved to angle himself against the wood framing the portal, his small hand instinctively propping up onto his hip. It was feminine action he never grew out of.

"Hm, students shouldn't skip their classes you know." Sebastian scolded sarcastically as he finally caught up and reached past the male to unlock the door. His arm brushed over Ciel's during the action and he instantly noted the way his delicious looking companion shivered at his touch and shrunk away. If it had been anywhere else, Sebastian would've used this to his advantage, but sadly this wasn't the time or the place.

Hearing the door creak open, Ciel swiftly ducked under Sebastian's arm and made his way inside, his lips opening to spit out a snarky retort. "Well, it's okay if I'm skipping with a teacher, right?"

"Not exactly, but I suppose this can be an exception." A smirk could be heard on the devil's lips as he clicked the door shut behind them.

Ciel gave his savior a dismissive wave of his hand as he moved to sit down. Although he never made it to the seat for his attention was suddenly snared. The bluenette could've sworn he felt something attach to his skin, even as he saw nothing.

The comfortable feeling that harbored the room dissipated into one of unsettling silence.

Sebastian immediately noticed Ciel's change in attitude and furrowed his brows, advancing towards the ex-noble. His senses went into alert, picking up on a significant change in the boy. It wasn't something he could make out though, it seemed almost like an emotional change that spiked into the air, yet it was so sudden that it tossed the elder for a loop. Sebastian constructed his face into a blank mask as he lifted a hand to rest it on Ciel's shoulder. "Young master?"

The teen in a flash was out of Sebastian's reach, his hand slamming across Sebastian's own. Taking a step back, aquatic strands of hair shielded the boy's beautiful, expressive, eye, pale lips parted softly. "Don't touch me…"


The thread of a spider's web was invading a certain boy's flesh.


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