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The room was a mess, those things ruined it all, there wasn't a piece of furniture that wasn't ruined blood covered the walls and the smell of death hung in the air, if you listened closely you could still hear the screams of the occupants of the house as they fought for their life but they lay lifeless by the couch.

A man with long grey hair walked through the wreckage he shook his head at the sight of the two dead bodies he moved from the living room up the stairs his wand at the ready he moved between the rooms, he found nothing until he moved to the last room, the door was closed, he prayed he wasn't too late and that the vampire's never took the life of this wonderful girl before she had a chance to find out who she was and what she was capable of.

Dumbledore opened the door, he found that like the rest of the house it was destroyed completely again he shook his head unlike the living room however the bedroom didn't have blood on the walls, however Dumbledore did find the girl he was looking for, she was curled in a tight ball not moving he bent down and sure enough he found the two teeth marks in her neck she felt cold to touch he gently lifted her in the air with his hands and took her out of the house.

Hermione woke groggy when she woke up, she felt different when she opened her eyes it was like seeing the world in HD she could hear things from outside even the forest, she didn't realise that the back of her throat was burning but it got worse the more she focussed on it, she blinked once or twice then she realised she was in the infirmary at Hogwarts, she sat up slowly.

"Your awake Miss Granger" Dumbledore said as he walked in he took a seat next to her "how are you feeling?" he asked.

Hermione didn't answer instead she began staring at her headmasters neck, she could see his pulse pushing against his skin she licked her lips subconsciously but when she tried to move in for the kill she couldn't, she struggled pushed with all her might to move but nothing happened, she looked up and saw Dumbledore watching her with a sad expression on his face, it was that look that pulled Hermione out of her craze she went ridged she could feel the tears burn her eyes but they would not spill down her cheeks.

"Oh my dear child" Dumbledore whispered with a great sadness "I am so sorry" Hermione frowned she didn't understand why was he sorry, what had he done for him to be sorry her ears perked up she could hear someone running towards the hospital wing, as the door opened Dumbledore wiped his face.

Sirius black ran in like a man possessed he looked around widely until his eyes fell on her, he moved quickly to the bed and pulled her into a hug, Hermione felt the pull to kill again but pushed it away she couldn't kill Harry's godfather it didn't occur to her that she felt she had to it was like an instinct.

"Oh I am so glad you weren't killed Hermione" he whispered into her ear, he began protesting when Dumbledore pulled him away "what are you doing Albus she needs support" he argued.

"There is no point in try to whisper this in your ear Sirius Miss Granger will be able to hear me anyway" Dumbledore began, Hermione looked over at him when she heard her name other than that she did nothing else "Sirius Hermione's parents were attacked by a group of vampires" he began Hermione frowned she wasn't sure what he was talking about her parents were safe weren't they, they were watching TV

whilst she did her summer homework what did he mean they were attacked?

"No" Sirius gasped he looked over at Hermione who was still looking confused about the whole situation "under his orders?" He asked Dumbledore nodded.

"Hermione however was bitten" he paused he looked over at the young witch who hadn't moved a muscle in fact she looked so much like a statue "she was turned"

Sirius felt sick how could someone even as cruel as Voldermort become partners with vampire's it was barbaric he looked over at the girl fortunately she hasn't reached maturity so she will still grow but then she is left with a cursed life how would she survive?

"What will you do with her?" Sirius asked him he didn't bother whispering as Dumbledore said she would be able to hear everything Dumbledore turned to look at the broken girl on the bed he sighed and cleaned his glasses.

"I won't kill her Sirius" he replied seriously.

"You can't expect her to live this life Albus, it's fair to her" Sirius tried to explain Dumbledore nodded.

"She must live she is the only one now who can kill Voldermort" he replied Sirius shook his head in disbelief "Harry potter can not fight him Sirius at the end of the long battle he would die"

"So you would rather send a girl who will be a danger to herself and others just to save him!" Sirius shouted he took a deep breath to calm down "he is my godson and I love him more than life itself but I will not let you use Hermione like that, its not fair to her" he whispered.

"Sirius Miss Granger would be able to survive the killing curse because she is already dead" they both stopped when they heard Hermione growl, whilst they were arguing Hermione had slowly began piecing together the pieces of the puzzle the vampire's coming into her home, her hiding, the screams of her parents, then the silence.

Hermione was curled up in a ball after she heard her parents scream their last there was a cruel laugh as she heard footsteps walking up the stairs their footsteps hard against the wooden floor the door to her room slowly opened, one of the killers looked in and saw her, his eyes glowed with hunger he turned to look in the hallway again "she's not here" he shouted before he slowly walked back inside he grabbed her before she could move, he covered her mouth so she couldn't scream "you smell so sweet" he whispered into her ear and that was the last thing she remembered.

Hermione jumped out of bed so quick that it took Sirius and Dumbledore by surprise "they bit me" she snarled "they killed my family then bit me" she was pacing the anger coming off her in waves, Dumbledore and Sirius looked at each other then back at Hermione she had a look of realization on her face and her face turned heartbroken "they made me into a monster" she dry sobbed.

Sirius and Dumbledore watched with sympathy as Hermione finally came to terms with everything that had happened Dumbledore moved closer to her and went down to her level, when she looked up at him she looked heartbroken.

"Miss Granger we can help you here, I know someone who can teach you to control your bloodlust" he told her she looked at him like was lying to her, she knew what she was, she was now a monster something that no wizarding community would want near them, werewolves were treated badly but vampires they were treated worse.

"Nobody would want a monster living near them I am better off leaving" she moved towards the door but Sirius stopped her "move Sirius" she warned him, but he didn't move he stared her down and it scared her she didn't want to hurt Harry's godfather.

"No one will turn you away Hermione" he told her softly for some reason she believed him, it was his eyes they were kind and reminded her of something or someone.

"Fine I will stay but I need to be better before the start of school I don't want to fail my exams" both men chuckled at her.