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People thought it was strange when the golden trio were not together, for the most part Hermione avoided the two boys as much as she could, she needed the control, though she got her blood lust under control the anger that she keeps within herself is like a bomb that could go off at any time.

When she entered the great hall she saw them eating, they didn't pay much attention to her as she sat down two or three seats away, Ginny entered next but to Hermione's surprise she sat down opposite her, she looked up slowly expecting to get the same treatment from her as she did from her former best friends.

"I missed you" was all Ginny said Hermione gulped how was she supposed to respond to that "I won't ask what happened or why you didn't reply to my letters but when you're ready to tell me I will listen" she added Hermione nodded to show she heard her.

"I want to tell you but not here can we talk later when it's dark?" Hermione asked, she wanted to check with Dumbledore before she told Ginny her biggest secret, she thought she would need the help and having someone else know what's going on with her might stop others from asking questions, others like Harry and Ron who were both staring at them their stares soon turned to glares when they saw Hermione looking at them.

"Sure where do you wanna meet?" She asked cheerfully she smirked slightly at Ginny's enthusiasm.

"By the lake at ten" she replied Ginny nodded and carried on eating her breakfast.

Instead of going to her first class, Hermione made her way towards Dumbledore's office she said the password and made her way up the stairs. Dumbledore was sat waiting for her a small smile on his face as he motioned for her to sit.

"You wish to tell Miss Weasley about you being a vampire?" He asked, if she could have blushed she would have but nodded "well I see no problem with it, it might be good to have someone your own age to know" he added a twinkle in his eye.

"Thank you sir" Hermione stood and pushed the chair under before walking out a look of relief on her face.

Hermione wondered how Ginny was able to sneak out before her, when she arrived at the lake she saw Ginny sitting just watching the small ripples she seemed tense maybe she hadn't been so forgiving after all.

Hermione coughed to make her presence known Ginny turned to look at her she smiled slightly and gestured for Hermione to sit down they didn't say anything for a full minute they just looked out into the lake.

"So are you going to tell me what happened?" Ginny finally broke the silence Hermione gulped she didn't know how to start this conversation off, how do you tell your best friend that your now a monster?

Hermione was silent she tried to put some thoughts together but she couldn't she decided to just say the first thing that came to her head "my parents were killed" she whispered, she heard Ginny gasp and turn to face her properly.

"Hermione" she gasped Hermione didn't really reply she just shrugged it hurt that they were killed but there was nothing she could do about it now.

"Voldermort ordered the attack but there's more, the reason I haven't been in touch is because I've been here" she paused Ginny nodded like she understood.

"To protect you I get that" Hermione sighed and shook her head.

"More like protect the people, Ginny" she took a deep breath "the night my parents died was the night I was made into a vampire"

Ginny said nothing as she processed the information her oldest friend was now part of the undead, she looked over at Hermione who was sat still for some reason Ginny wasn't scared, sure she heard stories of how evil and twisted vampire's are but when she looked at Hermione she didn't see that, she saw a girl who was scared and alone.

"Hermione does anyone else know?" Ginny asked quietly Hermione looked over at her.

"Only Dumbledore and Sirius" she replied Ginny nodded "do you hate me?" She asked.

"Of course not I am glad you told me, I want to help" Hermione smiled for the first time since she got here and hugged Ginny lightly so not to crush her bones.

"Come on we need to get back to the dorm" Hermione said Ginny nodded and the pair made their way back to the castle.

It was strange to think that Ginny knew her secret, she was worried about her acting differently towards her but she didn't, in fact she hadn't changed at all she still was the same Weasley that she cared about and loved, her brother on the other hand was doing her head in.

Ron stomped over to Hermione as she sat doing her homework Harry was following him like a lap dog "stay away from my sister!" Ron shouted, others from the other houses looked up to see what the commotion was Hermione stopped doing her work and looked up calmly at him.

"What are you talking about?" She asked sarcastically she looked over at Harry who was glaring at her when she looked back at Ron his face was bright red.

"You can't come back and fill my sisters head full of crap she is my family so stay away" he snarled with that he turned and with Harry left an amused Hermione behind

The door opened to reveal Ginny walking in after her study session she sat down next to Hermione and groaned Hermione looked over at her and smirked.

"What's up with you?" She asked amused Ginny turned and glared at her but soon smiled.

"Ron is doing my head in, he keeps warning me to keep away from you" Ginny explained Hermione wanted to laugh but decided not too "if only he knew what you could actually do" Ginny whispered.

It was true Hermione could easily scare Ron so he wouldn't speak to her again but she didn't want to do that, it meant that she would become the monster she was desperate to run away from, she wanted to try and do some good and after last year with Voldermort coming back she might be needed.

All this thinking however didn't stop her from feeling like something was missing or something she should be guarding or protecting, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Shaking out of her thoughts she stood with Ginny soon following "suppose we should sleep" Ginny paused "do vampire's sleep?" She asked.

"We can but we don't need too but I like to have a good sleep at least once a week" she replied "I spend most of that time just practicing, fighting, keeping my monster at bay that sort of stuff" Ginny shut her mouth and simply glared at a smirking Hermione it was like she read her mind, then a logical part of her brain thought that maybe Hermione anticipated what Ginny was going to ask and saved her the trouble by but just telling her straight away.

"Well I'm tired so have fun with whatever you do and don't forget to wait for me in the morning" Ginny smiled as she waved goodnight Hermione smiled and waved back before turning and leaving.