AN: Thank you for the reviews, to answer the guests question about Ron, I'm not completely sure but there is an angle he is in love with Hermione and Hermione just blanking him has turned him into an idiot so he just lashing out at the minute, he wants to hurt her because he can't talk to her about how he feels, he will only get worse when he finds out about her being a vampire. Sorry about the confusion but thank you for pointing it out anyways this doesn't belong to me but the plot does.


Hermione woke up the next morning feel a bit better since her turning she had someone to talk too about it all, she jumped off the bookcase in the library when she heard madam prince open it up she often sat there reading mostly about vampires she needed to know her history now and she now had all the time in the world to learn, she snuck past Madam Prince and made her way back to her room to get changed into her uniform and wait for Ginny as she promised too.

Her thoughts drifted back to Cho, she been back to the tower at the same time but Cho never came back, instead of waiting there in hopes that Cho would return Hermione left and after wondering around that's how she ended up in the library.

Once she looked presentable Hermione made her way to the fourth year staircase and waited for Ginny she kept quiet as the rest of Ginny's year left for breakfast, she sighed the only thing about being dead is the fact that time seemed to pass so slowly, why did she have a friend who was always late?

Finally Ginny arrived she looked immaculate as always and gave no apology for the fact she was late she just motioned for them to go down to breakfast.

"So how was your night?" Ginny asked as they made their way down the staircases to the great hall.

"It was quiet I was in the library reading most of it" Hermione replied sending glares to those who looked at them, it was fun being a vampire she looked more menacing now and nobody not even Draco Malfoy had bothered her.

"What did you do for the rest of it?" Ginny smirked all sorts were running through her mind, she was a romantic at heart and she knew her brother had a major crush on Hermione, she kind of hoped that maybe they were having a secret fling or something.

"I was at the astronomy tower waiting for Cho Chang" Hermione whispered, now that Ginny didn't expect Cho Chang was still grieving for her lost love she didn't think she would move on so quickly "she didn't turn up so I went to read" Hermione added as an after thought.

"Are you two an item?" Ginny whispered back Hermione looked over at her she wanted to lie and say she felt nothing for the Ravenclaw but that would be a lie there was something there, something she didn't understand fully, it was something she needed to figure out.

"No" Hermione barely said, she said it with a regret but it was true none the less but saying no hurt her, her chest had tightened it was a good job she couldn't breath otherwise she would be having trouble with it.

"Do you like her?" Ginny softly asked her but Hermione didn't reply.

The pair reached the great hall and they immediately saw Ron and Harry glaring at Hermione, Ron began standing up, Hermione didn't pay him much attention instead she scanned the crowd and found who she was looking for, she quickly gave Cho a once over just so her monster knew she was ok it dulled the pain in her chest and she was happy.

"Ginny I told you not to talk to her" Ron snarled Hermione's attention then went back to him but she didn't respond, she saw Ginny was having a hard time keeping her temper in check and the fact she wanted to laugh.

"You don't decide who my friends are Ron" Ginny snapped back, some of the first year Gryffindor's were listening but one glare from Hermione was all it took for them to look away.

"I am your older brother you will do as I say" Ron snapped back, Hermione rolled her eyes which Ron had caught "is there something funny?" He snarled again Hermione now focussed on him a small growl rumbled in her chest.

"Yeah there is actually" she replied smirking Ron was going redder by the second and looked like he was going to explode.

"Oh and what is that" He replied sort of casually.

"A boy trying to act like a man" she replied, Ron took a threatening step towards her but she didn't move, she wasn't scared of him he couldn't hurt her no one could.

"I won't tell you again Ginny" was all he said, he then grabbed her arm and tried to move her away, Ginny struggled to get out of his grasp, he was really hurting her and Hermione could see it, a loud growl erupted from her chest a growl which stopped him and everyone else in their tracks the look in her eyes made Ron back away with fright.

"Don't you ever hurt her again you understand!" She shouted she knew she wasn't in control, that her monster had now come out and wasn't happy. Ron tried to speak as he backed away but found he couldn't instead he just ran.

There was silence as everyone watched the exchange between the three, Harry stood and followed Ron probably to make sure he is ok he wasn't sure what was going on, Hermione had changed so much over the summer it was like she was a different person, he had decided he and Ron needed to find out what had happened and once Ron had calmed down they would do just that.

Hermione took a deep unneeded breath as she tried to calm herself down Ginny moved beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder she felt Hermione relax a little they then sat down as everyone else got on with their breakfasts.

Only one person couldn't tear their eyes away from Hermione and that was Cho Chang she watched the exchange between the three with interest and for the first time in ages when she saw a angry Hermione it turned her on. Cho wasn't sure what it was about the young girl but she felt a pull towards her like she needed to be near her all the time that this girl could protect her from anything.

True she had stayed away from the tower since that night because even then she felt the pull and it scared her, she hadn't thought about Cedric at all, all her thoughts were centred on this one girl. She couldn't be gay could she? It couldn't be true she never thought about another girl like that at all.

Maybe it would be best for her if she stayed away from Hermione at least until she figured out what she felt for the girl.