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AN: For the record, Aang and Katara are adults in this. I was unsure which order their kids are born in and too lazy to look it up, so just assume whatever makes the most sense to you, though personally I think this is their first child and it is Kya.

As if the sound was a summons, a sudden breeze gently pushed her hair forward and her husband appeared next to her, holding her housecoat. Keeping the almost reverent silence unbroken, he wrapped her up in the garment and rubbed her shoulder through the material. However, she had noticed. Still gazing at the moon, she frowned slightly and spoke.


"What? I thought you might be cold, Katara"

Finally she turned away from the luminous orb to level a look at him. Shrugging, he smiled innocently at her, and, after a moment, she sighed and turned her attention back to the object of her previous fascination.

The two sat together in silence for a while. Then...

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

He had been so busy staring at her stare at the moon he hadn't noticed at first when she spoke. After a moment he started and followed her gaze upwards. He smiled and hugged her close, laying a hand affectionately on top of the one she still had on her stomach.

"Yeah... beautiful"

Realizing he wasn't talking about the same thing she was, she turned completely around to look at him and smiled. There was so much love in his tender gaze that she found herself falling in love with him all over again. Taking his hand off of her pregnant belly so she could hold it, she reached up, hooked her other hand at the back of his neck, and pressed her lips to his.

He responded immediately, extracting his hands so that he could gently cup either side of her face. After a moment, she broke it off and rested her forehead against his while catching her breath.

Then she closed her eyes and spoke

"I want to name her after my mother"

He sat up in what she assumed (having kept her eyes closed) was shock. Turning around so her back was to him she elaborated.

"Obviously only if it's a girl and I know that if she's an airbender you'll teach her all the Air Nomad ways so that you can have someone to continue the airbending tradition I just wanted-" He cut her off.

"To honor one of the bravest women of the Southern Water Tribe- the mother of the most powerful- and most beautiful- waterbender in the world? I think it's a great idea."

She looked at him. "You really think that?"

He chuckled. "Of course I do. Did you know that Air Nomads actually have a tradition of sometimes naming their children after especially wise or prominent people from wherever the child is born?"


He cracked under her scrutiny. "Well, no, not really. I made that up to make you feel less guilty."

"I knew it!"

"But that doesn't change the fact that even if she is an airbender, she'll still be Southern Water Tribe, and your mother's granddaughter. I wouldn't want her to forsake that part of her heritage because she feels like she has to re-build a nation."

His mischievous smile belied the serious tone which infused his next statements.

"Besides, we don't even know whether it will be a girl or not. And if it's a boy, I think we should name him after one of our bravest and dearest friends. I think we should name him..." he paused for dramatic effect.