Tim's eyes widen when he sees who the MCRT members are. Gibbs and DiNozzo are almost legendary by now, but it's the woman with them that captures his gaze. To his surprise and disappointment, she does nothing to indicate that they'd met in the past, but he swallows his pride and leads them to the crime scene.

Hours later, after some razzing by DiNozzo and Caitlyn, he puts his hand in his jacket pocket. A crackling sound reaches his ear and he pulls out a crumbled piece of paper. Thinking it's just a joke, he's about to throw it away when something makes him smooth it out and look it over. "Call me," is written in a female hand and he smiles as he pulls out his cell phone and dials the number.

"Agent Todd."

"By your command."

He says by way of greeting and Kate smiles as she pulls out of the Navy Yard. After getting directions to his apartment, she drives to Norfolk where he greets her with a smile and invites her inside. She slips past him, then shuts the door behind them before raising her hands and looping them around his neck. Kissing him passionately, she moans when he returns the kiss. His tongue traces her lips, demanding an entrance that she enthusiastically gives him.

"Make me yours tonight McGee." She whispers in his ear. He lifts her effortlessly into his arms and carries her into the small bedroom where he quickly slips her out of her restrictive clothing. Kate sighs as he touches her breasts, kneading one nipple to cherry hardness before latching onto it with his lips and sucking on it as he turns his hand to her other breast and gives it the same devout attention.

While he does that, he brings his other hand down, lightly gliding over her stomach pausing briefly to part her vaginal lips as he seeks and finds the tiny nub that can give her even more pleasure. He rubs it for a few seconds before rolling it between his fingers. He flicks it lightly with a fingernail and she whimpers as she feels the slight moisture building between her legs. A long finger slides past the nub and inserts itself, before his thumb takes over where the finger had been, rubbing her clit while the finger slides in and out.

Then he stops and she almost sobs when he does. His eyes are twinkling as he sucks on the finger that he'd had inside of her and within seconds she's babbling as she imagines that finger and more penetrating her. He frowns at her and she knows he's wondering why she wants him now when she'd made no effort to talk to him earlier.

"Oh Tim please, don't stop. I didn't mean to ignore you earlier. You don't know how surprised I was to see you there. I couldn't say anything, not with DiNozzo present."

He silently undresses and she runs her hands up and down his chest. He's still not saying anything and she wonders if she has lost the respect he might have had for her when he whispers in her ear,

"Not a game then Kate?"

She shakes her head as he sits beside her and again starts running his hands over her, nibbling and touching sensitizing her in ways she hadn't known were possible. Then she groans as his tongue finds her clit and his lips latch onto it, sucking on it, as his finger once again slides inside her. In and out, the finger slides smoothly as he keeps suckling on her. Another finger joins the first and she moans, as she knows that she's close to climaxing.

His fingers leave her and she almost whimpers as she watches him roll a condom on over his erection, and lubes it up with her juices before lining up and inserting it into her. He starts moving and she almost sobs in frustration as he slowly pumps in and out.

"Tim! Please take me, faster, harder. I need you."

"By your command."

He says and she swallows as she realizes he means what he says. His lips once again latch onto hers as he hastens his pace. His hands are massaging her breasts, alternately kneading them or rolling the nipple between his fingers as he pumps faster and harder. In and out, pulling on the nipple and then, he latches onto her breast with his mouth suckling on it, his hand between their bodies rubbing over her clit as he brings them both to a final completion.

Rolling off of her, he pulls her into his arms and she collapses against his chest. She snuggles against him, listening to his heartbeat as it slows and soon she's sleeping. She doesn't feel him leave the bed long enough to go into the bathroom. He comes back out with a warm washcloth, tenderly running it over her body as he washes the sweat from their exertions away.

He then sits down at his computer where the web cam is still turned on. He picks up his cell phone and dials a number.

"Was it good for you too?" He asks wickedly and Ziva moans as she heads for the shower.