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A Court Scandal

Chapter Seven

Once Henry was seated behind his desk with Anne standing in front of him. Henry calmly says to his former wife "When deciding on who should be the step-father to our beloved Princess, I had Audley drawn three separate betrothal agreements for me to later decide on the one person that shall have that honour " pausing for a second before mentioning "These three men are: Lord Henry Percy the Earl of Northumberland, Lord Charles Brandon the Duke of Suffolk, and Lord James Butler the Earl of Anglesey"

Anne thinks to herself that she silently prays to God that Henry had chosen Percy to become her husband. As she knows that this would be their second chance with the love that they once shared before Wolsey had their marriage annual years earlier due to the King's interest in her. Knowing that in relief that Henry did not dare tie for to his whore's own family by forcing her to marry one of the Seymour brothers.

"I have decided that the best suitor for you shall be the Duke of Suffolk" states Henry finally revealing his choice. He came to that decision because Brandon was his trusted friend but also the father to his nieces. Thus, already making Brandon Elizabeth's own uncle.

Leaving a stun Anne sitting in the chair in front of Henry's desk. She knows that she shall soon be the wife of a man that never thought of her in a positive light as she knew that Brandon supported Katherine as the true Queen of England until her death.

Without realizing Henry already order that a page shall bring Brandon to his Privy Council Chamber.


Brandon arrives seconds later with Henry's page announcing his arrival. The man in question quickly takes a seat beside Anne as Henry gestures for him to do so.

Henry announces to his oldest friend "I have decided that you shall marry the Marquess of Pembroke on 19th day of May" knowing that just mere days later he shall marry his beloved and pure Jane.

Anne asks still stun at her future husband "What shall I be known as?" knowing that once she marries she shall become the Duchess of Suffolk.

"Your Grace Lady Anne Brandon the Duchess of Suffolk and Marquess of Pembroke" announces Henry after careful consideration "Now you must sign these papers citing that you shall be betrothed to each other" as he places the documents in front of Anne and Brandon.

The new couple has no choice but to sign the documents sealing their fate of marriage to each other.

Henry says while standing up "I shall escort Anne to her new apartments here at court that she shall remain hers even after your marriage" knowing that these apartments shall be a haven for the forced together couple to have their own space.

Anne stands up for Henry to led her to her new apartments near the royal nursery before Henry mentions "Brandon follow us as well"

The trio left Henry's Privy Council Chambers in silence.


They reach their desired destination in court, Henry says to Anne bluntly "These are your new apartments, your gowns expect those of bearing the royal colour of purple has been brought in these chambers along with your personal belongings. Your chosen ladies-in-waiting shall arrive soon" before leaving the pair alone in complete silence in the living chamber by the fire in two comfortable chairs.

"I know this is not the best situation that we find our selves in but its the King's decision to see as married" begins to say Anne before adding "I realize that the King put as in this marriage because he trusts you to raise Elizabeth along side us if anything shall happen to him" knowing that his previous marriage to her sister-in-law is another connection to the royal family.

Brandon states openly "We have never gotten along nor been on the same page in matters" pausing for a moment getting his point across that he never liked her "However, we shall find a way to form at least a friendship for our step-children and future children if we have any" wanting to present a united front for the children that would be in the middle of this horrible idea of a marriage.

"I whole heartily agree with that notion of yours, we shall form a friendship for the children" says Anne leaving their first conversation before becoming his bride. As he leaves Anne alone in her apartments, knowing that it would be a long journey for the pair.


Leaving Anne in her new apartments with Brandon, Henry returns to his own apartments where he called forth Jane to be in his presence. Moments later, his sweet Jane arrives before him.

Henry gestures for Jane to come and sit on his lap says "My beloved Jane we shall become betrothed in the matter of days" kissing her on her lips before giving her a chance to speak.

"My Lord, we shall we become betrothed?" asking Jane knowing that her family would want to know the exact date.

Henry mentions quickly "We shall become betrothed on the nineteenth day of this month, when the Marquess of Pembroke marries her chosen suitor" as he does not want to discuss his former wife with his beloved Jane.

"Who shall the Marquess marry?" asks Jane happily knowing that shall become the step-mother that Mary is need of even though she publicly announced that was a bastard. Also if Anne's future husband is ally of their family or not.

"The Marquess of Pembroke shall marry the Duke of Suffolk" says Henry knowing that he is ending this conversation about Anne in Jane's presence. Taking the cue Jane begins to discus their own wedding instead.


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