Starring Linky (Sienna, Ruby), Zouis (Louis), and Nada/Zelda-lie (Natalie)

We're not even finished Trapped! Take I yet, but Louis moved away to Ohio yesterday. :( And I figure that he'll be inspired to keep writing, despite the distance that seperates the three of us, if I post the other Trapped! stories and we get a lot of reviews. ^_^ Course, Trapped stories aren't known for their reviews, but that's okay. . . Hope you enjoy this one!

Chapter I: *beep-beep* Reboot!

By Linky

Linky the Great, also known as Sienna in the Star Wars Universe, and Ruby in Middle Earth, sat in her Francais Langue class, struggling to stay awake as the dreadful Gaynus and his sidekick Cooper read an exceedingly dull poem to the rest of the class. This poem, entitled "A L'Ecole Du Cameleon", was so boring that her companions, Louis and Natalie, were already slumped on each other's shoulders, snoring softly. It was then that Linky realized that her writing journal and its magical abilities would be most welcome. She pulled it out of her bag and began to scribble madly, and like so many times before, the trio found themselves in a place that obviously wasn't their french class.
Louis stirred, jumping to his feet and casuign natalie to fall over.
"Where are we?" He asked, slapping his hands over his mouth at the sound of his gurgling voice. It was then that he noticed he was blue. After that, the fact that he had gills and webbed feet was soon apparent, as well.
"I'm. . . I'm a ZORA!" He cried in delight.
"We've been Zelda-fied!" Natalie exclaimed, when she looked down and noted her pink and white gown which identified her as Princess Nada . . . or Princess Zelda-lie, which ever you prefer. Louis, who will now be referred to as Zouis the Zora, laughed.
"This is SOOOO cool!" he then looked over at Linky and frowned.
"How come YOU get to be Link? That's no fair!"
"Who's writing this, Zu? You, are me?"
Suddenly, a figure fell from the sky, screaming. He landed with a thud on the grass, and slowly got to his feet.
"Gaynus?" Zeldalie gasped.
"You guys left without me!" He sobbed. Linky rolled her eyes.
"Well, you can come if you REALLY want to. . . just let me Zelda-fy you." She said, pulling out her writing journal and jotting down a few words. There was a brilliant flash, and Gaynus disappeared. . . or, rather, turned into a blue ball of light.
"Hey! Look out!" He cried, as Zouis burst out laughing.
"You turned Gaynus into a fairy?!"
"No, he was always a fairy. . .I just turned him into Navi!"



Or, we hope so. This might be the only trapped where I don't have a love interest. =D