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Chapter 1

A man woke up in a forest.

The man was 22 years old, pretty skinny, though if you looked closely, he had a small amount of self-defense training, if his slight muscles were anything to go by. He was wearing Bright blue jeans, and had a Black shirt that had a wolf howling at the moon while on a ridge. He had Nike High top shoes which were grey, black and had yellow in spotted places. His hair was black, somewhat spiked, and slightly unruly. His eyes were brown, and his skin tone a bright tan. He also had a slight mustache, looking eerily similar to a Hitler 'stache. He had no beard, seemingly clean shaven.

He quickly thought, 'Where am I? How did I get here?' He then looked up. 'And is that a moon in the middle of the day?' Indeed, there was a moon right next to the sun. It also had what seemed to be netting around it. 'come to think of it, it seems familiar. Now, where have I seen a netted moon? Oh well, I'll figure it out later. Anyway, judging by the position of the sun.' He looked in one direction. 'that should be north. Something's telling me to go west, though.' He turned to what his mind deemed the right direction. 'something's calling me there. I don't know what, but I know it's there, and it's calling me. Maybe it'll help me find my answers, as to where I am.'

And so, he walked off, not realizing he hadn't even eaten yet.

It wasn't long before what seemed to be a large flying rat swooped down at him, which he narrowly dodged. "What the hell?!" He looked at the thing which landed on a perch, glaring menacingly at him. "Is that a flying squirrel?"

It jumped and went to strike him again, which he had dodged to the side, much more prepared this time. He rolled, and found himself next to what seemed to be a sword stabbed into a stone, which he barely noticed. 'What is this? A figment of my imagination? Now I'm thinking of Disney movies.'

His mind was beginning to run a mile a minute, taking in everything, and time seemed to slow down. He grabbed the handle of the sword nearby with one hand, almost instinctively, not counting on anything. Before he knew it, the sword left the stone, and he swung in one fluid movement. In doing so, he cut off the rat's head, causing it to fall to the ground. His mind calmed down after a bit, realizing the danger was over for the moment. He then looked at the sword in his hand, just now realizing it was there. Then, it seemed to glow.

For some reason, he smiled. As if it felt right in his hand. 'I guess all those fencing and kendo lessons helps somewhere. I'm actually glad my mother talked me into it. I always was observant. Still, not even she knew just how observant I was. The Shadow of Call of Duty is unknown to everyone. In reality, it's me. And guy who always stayed in the background. Watching Listening. Seeing.' His thought process stopped as he looked around, thinking someone was there. His skills in kendo and fencing had helped him to learn when someone was watching him.

He had already realized that he was in unfamiliar territory, so letting down his guard was not a good idea. He looked around but realized that no one was watching him. Instead, something was going on nearby. He didn't know what, but he had decided to check it out.

When he found out what it was, he wished he hadn't.

Right in front of him, there was a destroyed caravan. It seemed like a horse drawn carriage, but there were no longer any horses. There was only one woman left, and several unconscious men in armor. They seemed to be knights, and only 3 were conscious. Two males and one female. The female gave off the vibe of royalty. The two males were lowly thugs. Still, he realized that they didn't have much, and there was a fight here. It didn't take long for him to realize what was going to happen.

And he didn't like it one bit. He snuck up behind them both, silently telling the woman not to do anything to give him away. She realized what was going on, and that he was about to backstab them both. He stabbed one of them through the Right lung, earning the attention of the other one as he pulled it back out, barely managing to block the sword of the opponent, somewhat surprised at the speed.

He spoke in what seemed to be poor English "You killed my brother! Prepare to die!"

The bandit charged and struck again, but it was parried, and he was stabbed in the stomach, before the sword was twisted. It didn't take long for the bandit to lose the life in his eyes. He was breathing heavily, as he fell to his knees.

He then threw up, the sword clattering at his side. One of the knight, conscious, but unable to move, saw this, and realized something. 'That was his first kill? How did he do so that easily?'

After he was done hurling, he looked at the woman apologetically. "S-sorry. I just... can't stand... rapists. Are you okay?" He asked.

She nodded. "Thank you. I... I owe you a debt."

The man sighed, as he picked up his sword, that felt right. Now that he had time, he looked at it more closely. The sword was a single edge. 3 feet 7 inches long blade, a cross guard hilt, with a leather handle. The pommel just looked like like normal bronze. The blade was a deep black. All in all, a pretty basic sword. However, he may not have seen it, but he felt that this sword was anything but basic. He knew that it was hiding something. He didn't know what, but he knew.

He sighed, as he put it at his side. "You mind helping me out, then? I have no idea where I am, or what's going on. The last thing I remember before waking up in this forest..." He trailed off. 'Now that I think about it, what did that guy mean? Dimensional planes are shifting and you are needed, my ass. I don't even know what the hell that means, though I have a few guesses.' "I honestly don't know how I got here, or where here is. All I know is, I walking down a street trying to home after getting some errands done, but the next thing I know, I black out and wake up in this forest."

The woman nodded. "It would be rude to call you by anything other than your name. What is your name?"

"It's common courtesy to give your own name before asking someone theirs."

"You do not know who I am?"

The man shrugged. "I have an idea, but it's impossible at the moment."

"I am the Queen of these lands. My name is Theresa. Do you not recognize me?"

The gears in his head started moving. 'Wait. Theresa. Queen. Moon in the middle of the day...' He looked at the moon in the sky. 'Oh no. Please tell me I'm wrong.'

"Something wrong?"

He shook his head. "My name is Jared, though people usually call me Shadowwind." He then sighed, and looked at her. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but am I in the country of Millie Seseau, on the continent of Endiness?"

"So you do know where you are." Her eyes narrowed slightly.

He hung his head. "This just got a lot more complicated." He then looked up. "Now how am I gonna get home?" He shook the thought out of his mind and looked back at her. "Sorry about any confusion, but I wasn't entirely sure as to where I was, until you gave me your name. And I was hoping that theory was wrong. Turns out it was right, and I'm stuck in a place that only exists in fantasy where I'm from."

"Explain." She said, not realizing the guard was still conscious.

"Where I'm from there are 7 continents. None of them go by the name Endiness. Endiness is nothing more than a location in a game. A game I had thoroughly beaten 3 times." Then a thought crossed. "Have you taken in a girl named Luanna yet? It may help me figure out when I came to."

"I don't see what that has to do with anything?"

"Look, If I'm right, and I'm in that game, I need to know when I was placed. Meaning, before, during, or after said game. And then make an accurate guess as to how long I would have here before, pardon my language, shit hits the fan. If it's before, I have to figure out how much time I have until it begins. If during, I have to find out where the characters are at. If after, I would just need the directions to one of the areas where I figure they would be at."

The queen pondered this. "No, she is still living with her parents. I was on my way back to my palace, which I assume you know of?"

Jared nodded. "Crystal Palace. Deningrad. How about Miranda? Or do you even know of her yet?"

She nodded slightly. Jared sighed. 'Okay, so I have at least 18 years until the game starts. She hasn't taken in Luanna, meaning Neet has not been destroyed yet.' Then a thought occurred to him. 'Wait, that means that Dart's parents aren't dead yet. And neither is Rose. Shana hasn't been born.'

"The name Dart Feld ring any bells? Probably lives in Neet?"

She nodded slightly. "Why do you want to know?"

he sighed. 'Okay, it's at most 23 years until the game begins. '

"Do you know how old he is?" She nodded. "I know he's between birth and 5 years old, if things turn out like the game, but I'm not sure if the history in the game is similar to the reality, so I'm pretty much going by ear at the moment."

"He's 3."

he looked up. "20 years."

"Come again?" Theresa narrowed her eyes again.

He looked at her. "If you don't mind, I would like to be trained as one of your knights for a while. I think it may help me out in the years to come. I may not know how to get home, but I'll figure it out in time. Either way, I'll need something to do, and learning the ways of the Knights would probably help me help this world when the time comes. I was brought here for a reason. I may not know what it is, but whatever it is, I know it's important. It's best if I'm ready when that reason rears its ugly head."

"Take her... home..." they both turned in surprise to the nearby knight. "Guard her... Get her back... Your majesty... I see it... he is... trustworthy... He will help... As for you... hold honor..."

"Hold honor, save lives, protect that which cannot be rebuilt." Jared replied. The knight nodded weakly. "What about you? You'll need medical treatment."

"No time... Get her... out of here... they weren't alone. If they... strike, don't hold back...Get her home safely. I beg of you."

"What about you?" Jared asked, kneeling next to him.

"I am finished. There are no treatment centers nearby. By the time we got to one, I would already be dead."

Jared looked down. "I... understand. I'll do as you ask." he stood up, before walking back towards the sword, which was on the ground next to Theresa. He picked it up, and took up a face he rarely used. If anyone in his family saw him with that face, they'd realize that he was no longer playing the kid. 'This is serious. No holding back. Time to do things right. If I fail, I die. If I get her back safely, then I live. I'll have to pull on everything I have and then some. I only hope I can pull it off.' He shook his head, looking at his sword. 'No. I can pull it off. I must pull it off. There is no middle ground here.' his mind made up, he held out a hand to Theresa, helping her up. "We should get moving. I don't know if they called for any sort of back up, but I don't want to wait here to find out. It's best if we keep moving." He looked to the sky. "If I'm not mistaken, we should be heading west, meaning," He pointed down the trail. "That's the direction we want to go."

She nodded her head. "You're right. That's the way we were heading." Jared nodded, and they both went down the road at a brisk pace, Jared careful and alert. It didn't take long for something to come to his attention, causing him to drag her into the nearby bushes, and holding a finger to her lips. 10 more bandits were running down the path they were traveling.

One of them spoke. "How hard is it to beat out 5 Knights? Sure they may be the best, but I thought 30 was more than enough to take them out and bring the bitch of a queen back!"

Jared raised an eyebrow at Theresa, which she replied with an accusatory look. He simply replied with a "whatever" look.

"What do you want to bet that the survivors are trying to rape her right now?" another questioned.

"500 Gold says they are." A third replied.

Theresa was about to speak her mind, before Jared stopped her from doing so. He mouthed a sentence. "They want you. Stealth is important right now. I can not take them all without surprise on my side."

She stayed back, reluctantly. They then left earshot, and he whispered to her. "Let's go. The sooner we get out of this forest, the better. And keep quiet. We can't risk them noticing us."

She nodded, though hesitant. "You're the only hope I have of getting out of here now, but don't think this will stay as is."

They started down the path, a bit faster than before. "Trust me. I know I can't command you to do anything normally. This situation requires more stealth than outright fights. I can't hold my own against too many without surprise on my side. I'm more familiar with one on one fights. Anything more I'd need to surprise them, and take advantage of it. If not, I'm as good as dead, and you're as good as captured."

"Then why take me back? Why not just leave me?" She questioned, her eyes narrowed slightly, mainly in confusion.

Jared didn't even look at her as they went down the path. "Because of that knight we left behind." At her silence he continued. "He entrusted your safety to me. As to why, I don't know. What I do know: I am probably your only means of getting out of here without being in chains or shackles, and the only one here to keep you from being raped several times over, at best. I don't know about you, but I'm not too open to the idea of anyone, royalty or not, getting raped. I hate rapists with a passion. Besides, I gave him my word. I'll get you back safely. Count on it."

She was silent, still slightly shocked at his admission. "What do you get out of this?"

"At the moment, nothing but my life and the satisfaction that I'm finally doing something worth doing." Jared didn't continue out loud. 'I may not have saved my friend from that bastard, but I have a chance to do good now. I am NOT going to mess this up.'

"No one does anything without proper motive."

"First, let's just focus on getting you out of this forest, and into the hands of your knights, and back to your home. Then we can worry about whatever is going on at the time."

"How do I know I can trust your word?"

"Did you trust that knight?" Jared asked her.

"I trust him. It's you I don't trust."

"Then trust that he knows what he's saying. He trusted me, even when he didn't know me. Foolish as it is, trust his decision. Even if you don't trust me, as long as you trust in his decision you'll be fine." Jared continued looking ahead, seeing another carriage surrounded by knights in armor. He was on guard, his sword brandished in front of him in a defensive stance. One of them looked familiar to him.

That one was in Red plate armor, and held a large Broadsword. They stared at each other. Their eyes realizing the threat the other held. Jared knew he'd lose if he went up against him just by stance and skill alone. He was good, but the guy in front of him was far beyond him.

The man spoke. "Who are you, and what are you doing with Queen Theresa?"

"Who wants to know?"

The man brandished the broadsword and pointed it at Jared. "That depends on who you are." He then saw something in Jared's eyes. 'Wait a minute... hesitance? He doesn't want to fight... then why does he have that sword?' His sword didn't waver in his thoughts, however. "Why do you carry a sword when you do not wish to fight?" He asked.

Jared's eyes did not waver much. His thoughts were of another point. 'He knows.' "Are you aware of a large band of thugs and bandits in the area?"

"You don't answer a question with a question."

"And you can tell that I'm not trusting anyone at the moment. Your point?"

The man simply stared ahead, before putting his sword up. "Sheath your sword. I see that we can talk peacefully, though you may not like any answers I give."

Jared scoffed a bit. "If I had a sheath, it would be simple."

His eyes widened slightly before returning to normal. "You pulled that sword from an Orange stone, did you not?"

"Who knows? I wasn't looking at the time. I just saw the sword, pulled it out, and cut off a rat's head. Next thing I know, 2 bandits back there were about to rape Theresa here, I had to take them out, and now I'm trying to bring her home at the request of a knight."

He nodded. "You're heading to Deningrad. We're heading that way as well, but we're coming from Furni."

Theresa's eyes then widened as she recognized him. "I remember you now. Zieg, your wife is not happy you've been gone for so long."

He nodded sadly. "I'm aware. I'd much rather be with my son than working, but it's my job. It pays the bills."

Jared then nodded. "It may be beneficial for us to travel together. Better chance of survival. I may be good, but I'm nothing compared to you."

Zieg nodded. "You're right. You're not as dumb as you look."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Jared then turned to Theresa, and they walked up to the caravan together. As they continued, Jared finally found his exhaustion, as nearly collapsed. Zieg caught him, and helped him to the carriage. "Not used to traveling are you?"

"Try walking with no food in your stomach for about 3 hours." Jared retorted.

"Hn. We'll have to get you something. How well can you use a sword?"

"I'm decent. But I have no experience in life or death battles until earlier. Before that, all my fights were regulated with rules. There was no killing in any of them, and the worst that was given was broken bones." Jared admitted.

"I see. You've got some experience, but you wouldn't be able to make a kill unless absolutely necessary."

"In a nutshell, yes."

Theresa watched this exchange, slightly wary but also confused. He wasn't being trusting of anyone before, but now he seems to trust Zieg. 'What is going on? Wait, he mentioned a game earlier. He recognized my name, maybe from said game. But I don't know of any game like that. Could it be that Zieg has a part in it as well?' Then she remembered the question about Dart. 'Or is it Dart that has something to do with it? And Zieg was merely brought up?'

Jared then got close to Zieg's ear and whispered something into it. She couldn't hear, but she knew that whatever he said struck a nerve in Zieg, turning a glare at him. "How do you know about that?"

"Theresa knows, as I already told her how. It's a much better indicator to knowing that I can't take you on. It may be better to bring up that subject in private. Because if it's true with you, then some other points may be true as well. Such as a black burst known by Micheal." Upon the recognition in Zieg's eyes, he nodded.

"If you have any information on her, then I should listen. After all, I thought she was dead all those years ago." Zieg admitted.

Jared nodded, seeing the crisis avoided for now. "Considering none of it is concrete at the moment, I couldn't say anything for sure. I'm only basing this off of a bunch of theories, none of which I have proof of. Better to get confirmation from the source, than basing things off a rumor."

"Then what is your theory?"

"She's alive. Her heart is destroyed, thinking you died all those years ago, and she's now after number 108 in human form. I estimate 2 years before she shows herself to the public, but she won't do so as herself."

"Then how will I know if it's her?"

"I don't know. I'm only going off on a tangent here. I have no idea as to when it will actually happen, aside from the Moon That Never Sets glaring red. That's the only clue I have as to time."

Zieg then pieced it together. "The Moon Child."

"That's the most likely target, if the theory is true."

Zieg sighed. "It's gonna be a massacre, isn't it?"

"Like I said, it's only if the Theory is true." Jared shrugged. "Unless I meet her in person, I can't say what's fact or crap."

They had just left the Evergreen forest, on the open road towards Deningrad. "We should make camp here." Zieg stated, everyone unpacked, as the sun was beginning to set.

As they did, Jared stayed near Theresa, only keeping a good eye on her every now and then. After the camp was set up, Zieg walked up to Jared. "You know how to hunt?"

"Vaguely. Not with a sword, though."

"Then come on. I'll show you the ropes." Zieg looked at the other two hired guards. "You two will have to watch over this camp." They both nodded, and Zieg, alongside Jared walked off, though Jared sent another glance at Theresa.

When they were out of earshot, Zieg explained a few things, and killed a few Flying rats, and catching a few smaller birds. They had taken everything back, and Zieg handed him a knife.

Jared then showed his skill in skinning, which was surprisingly high, to the surprise of the others. The meat was perfectly proportioned for everyone, and he took to cooking everything. "I've served feasts off of hunting, usually once or twice a year. It's fresh, it's somewhat tasty, and it definitely better than processed meat. I've been working things out on my own for a while. Hunting is pretty good, though only with certain weapons, which I doubt you've even heard of, much less seen in action." He turned his attention to the cooking meat, while looking at the traders with most of the oils, skins, and the like. "I'm pretty sure you could find a reasonable price for those."

"We could give you 80% of the proceeds for these." One of them stated.

"Thanks. I may need the local currency. I'm not from Endiness, to be honest. Where I'm from, we use paper for money." Jared admitted.

While the traders appraised the skins, and everything else, he continued watching the food cook, turning it over when necessary, he glanced at Theresa every now and then, just to be sure.

"Why do you keep looking at me?" She questioned, earning everyone's attention.

"I told that knight that I would get you back home safely. I may not be doing so alone anymore, but I'm still making sure I keep to my word." He turned a stick. "for men without honor, are lower than dogs."

"Admirable." Zieg commented. "is there a reason for you to fight?"

"At the moment, the only reason I have... is not viable. My family and select few friends are probably going to worry about me, since I'm nowhere close to home. I doubt I'm even in the right universe. For now, I'll have to stick to one thing."

"And what's that?"

"Keep going until I find a way back. To do that, I have to find out the truth of a few things. I may have to get stronger to do so. If that's the case, I'll keep going. It doesn't matter what stands in my way. I'll find a way to deal with it, and move on." Jared answered.

"I see your determination to get the job done." Zieg pointed out. "You'll find a way."

"It's rare for me to want one thing this much. However, I know that nothing aside from something powerful enough to rival a God could do so, sadly enough."

"That won't stop you, I presume?"

"Not a snowball's Chance in hell." Jared smirked.

Zieg returned the smirk. He was about to speak up, when Jared announced that the food was ready. Everyone was satisfied with it, and some even complimented it. He handed a piece to Theresa. "Eat up. It may not be on a silver platter, but it's food nonetheless. Trust me. You'll need your strength."

Theresa took it, and followed their lead. She ended up with a somewhat surprised look. "For something cooked on a slightly barbaric way, this actually tastes pretty good."

"In other words, it tastes a lot better than you expected." Jared clarified, earning a nod. "to be honest, I don't have all the supplies needed for the full recipe. It usually tastes better than this. I've turned a Deer into a damn good dish with the right stuff. Working with what's on hand, this is probably the best I can give you."

"I might have pegged you as a cook, and not a fighter." Theresa admitted. "You're really good at it."

"22 years old, and I've been cooking things since I was 14. I've been hunting for that long, skinning since I was 15, and cooking what I catch for feasts, and there's always a compliment or 5. I'm a great cook for family reunions. Give me the right materials, and I can make some of the best dishes you'll ever taste. I'm no specialist, though. I can do just about anything given time and the right materials."

Zieg nodded in agreement. "Food's food. Can't argue that. Still, can't say you can't cook like a traveler."

Jared nodded. Theresa was starting to think over his achievements so far. 'Thinking back on it, he doesn't like to fight, but knows how to when he needs to. He stays by his word, no matter what it is. And he's a damn good cook. He might prove to be a valuable asset later on. Still, he has information that no one else should know, or even would. No one but me and Luanna's mother know that, should something happen to her, I was to take her in.'

She had a small smile. "I believe you asked to go through the Knight's Training, Jared?"

Jared turned his attention to her and nodded. "I think you might actually do some good. Perhaps I was wrong about you at first."

"I'd appreciate that. Thanks for the chance." Jared had a small smile himself. He then got up and stabbed his sword in the ground, before sitting with his back to it, his eyes closed. His breathing evened out and he was asleep quickly.

Zieg noticed immediately. "He's mentally exhausted. He needs the rest."

"Zieg, why do you trust him so much?" Theresa questioned. "It's not like he can blackmail you."

Zieg shook his head. "It's not blackmail. Nor is it extortion. He has information that could be beneficial to me, regarding an old friend I once thought dead. She was a comrade in arms... Claire was my second Fiance, but my first wife."

"Claire will not like that."

"She's already aware of it. She even knows the name of my first fiance. She doesn't know anything about how she looked when I last saw her, or the last time I even saw Rose."

"Your first fiance?" Zieg nodded. "And Claire knows of this?"

"Had to tell her. Didn't feel right keeping it out of the loop ever since that falling out with my memento. You know, the time I went berserk?"

"Oh that? That reminds me. What's so special about it?"

"It was something everyone in our group had. It was a part of us. Rose had one, I have one, and so did the other 5. Our group always had 7 members. Never more. As far as I knew, I was the only one left alive. Now he comes with news that rose just might be alive. I may not be able to marry her now, but at the very least I could do is be friends with her again."

"Claire definitely won't like that." Theresa admitted. "but how does he know what is accurate and what isn't?"

"He doesn't. But any chance to reunite with a friend that I know I can trust I would take. She knows me well enough for that. He himself isn't sure of the validity of the Theories but he isn't ruling out the possibility of it being true. As much as I believe she couldn't be alive, I can't help but hope she is. I know I can trust Rose with my back. Far more than I could Claire, to be honest. Sadly, Rose and I have experience in battle together. The 2 of us could take on an entire battalion together, with no one else on our side. We trust each other and have fought together enough to know that we can handle an entire battalion on our own. 25 to 1 says we do so unscathed."

"Is she really that good of a fighter?" Theresa asked.

"Better, actually." Zieg looked at Jared. "He may not be sure, but he knows of the possibility. Any possibility is better than none."

"Loyal to a friend. That's just like you." She admitted.

He nodded. "I should get some sleep. You don't have to worry with me around. I can pick up any danger before it reaches us. You should hit the sack too." He grabbed a bed roll, and laid it out for her. "Use my bed roll. I'll take a page out of Jared's book for this one. It's not the first time I've done it, either."

Theresa did just that, while Zieg stabbed his sword into the ground, and doing the same as Jared.

-the next morning-

Everyone had started waking up, seeing that Jared was cooking some fish, as the sun rose. Theresa woke up with the sun, her back somewhat stiff, as it usually is while sleeping in her carriage.

"It could be worse, Theresa." Jared said, as only Zieg was up aside from them both. "I'm glad Zieg gave you a bedroll. Using a sword like the back of a chair can be a lot more painful than a firm mattress."

"How would you know that? A mattress is expensive."

"Not from Endiness, remember?" Jared tapped his temple. "Mattresses are commonplace where I'm from. Only those in poverty don't have them, and even then, some can find better places to sleep than the bare ground."

"How would you know this?"

"It helps when you find crazy kids that run away from home a lot. Despite being 1 to 5 years older than them, they still consider me a better father than their real parents. I help them out, and give them back to their parents. More often than not I have to get them to see what they don't want to see, first. Only when you see everything will you find the truth."

"Sometimes, people even go insane trying to find it." They both turned to Zieg, who was dragging a dead Forest runner. "Think you can cook this?"

"Sure. Just like a peacock. Following the same procedure as you would chicken meat is good too." Jared admitted. Together, the two plucked and set it up. As the rest woke up. "Breakfast is ready. Salmon cooked to a crisp, chicken breasts and wings, with dried Chicken feet. Compliments of a Forest Runner."

As everyone ate, everyone was pleased with the current batch of food. "Sorry if something tastes bad. I may have overshot a few of the fish."

No one complained, commenting it was all good. Then, everyone started packing up, about an hour after the sun rose. Theresa got into the wagon, while Jared, Zieg and the two other guards walked on either side.

Jared had the strange sword on his back, but not holding onto it, nor was it strapped down. Zieg noticed it as he put it there, and smirked a bit. 'Probably heard it from Reaper in the first place. Serres was right on the fact that sword is cursed. Only one who would be unaffected by the curse would be able to remove it from the stone.'

He then picked up a few bandits up ahead. The moment he did, however, Jared had already pulled his sword, Reaper, as he learned its name was, from his back, and he was tense. The others were thinking he was paranoid, but Zieg knew that he had noticed as well. "Zieg?"

"I can't get a good number."

"But you know they're there, right?" He earned a nod. "Good. There are 8 incoming."

"How can you tell?" Zieg questioned.

"You try taking out deer from 90 feet with pinpoint accuracy. I've faked a deer's death like that. On purpose." Jared admitted. "My eyesight is better than most would believe, because of long range shots like that. I may not have the weaponry, but I sure as hell didn't lose my eyesight."

Zieg nodded, his sword ready. The other two had their weapons ready. One had a pair of knuckle blades, and the other had pulled out a longsword, single edge.

The bandits made it to them, and Jared and Zieg struck the moment they got close enough. Jared's sword, Reaper, glowed, as it struck one of them. The blow was just a glance. Barely scratched the skin. Small cut.

And the man fell to the ground, dead. Jared didn't have time to contemplate, considering he heard the words "Mortal Danger" before he struck. It was faint, but it was there. He figured he would investigate it later.

Jared had taken out 3, Zieg had taken out 3, and the other 2 took one each. Zieg looked at Jared. "How did you get that one with a mere glancing blow?"

Jared looked at Reaper. "I heard the words Mortal Danger, right before I struck. My sword glowed, and I had struck a blow. It was only glancing blow, nowhere near being fatal. I think... I think I figured out why my sword is far from basic, like I thought when I first inspected it. It looks basic, but I knew it was far from it. Now, I see one reason why. Still getting the feeling that there's more."

"It explains why the smith that forged it called it Reaper." Zieg admitted. "There probably is more. You'll have to get used to him. Bond with him. Trust in him. Only then will you reach the true capacity with him."

Jared looked at Zieg and nodded. 'I know of Mortal Danger. But a sword that could use it shouldn't even be on Endiness! They reside on Weyard!'

"Hey! I was made here, and based on some guy calling himself an Adept. Said he combined the powers of 2 blades and put them in me." Said the voice he recognized.

He put Reaper on his back. 'You're Reaper, aren't you?' He thought.

"Got it in one. The guy in red is right. But even he doesn't know much about my abilities. Both blades I have gained power from are from Weyard, just like the smith that forged me. He never found a way back." Reaper replied.

Jared nodded slightly, unnoticed to all but Zieg, who was smiling. 'Hey, Reaper?'


'Do you know which blades he based your abilities off of? I may be able to narrow down some of the potential abilities if I knew that.'

"Sol and Gaia. That's all I know."

'Sun and Earth... Something's not right. Those two blades, to my knowledge don't unleash Mortal Danger. Still, Power charge, Centurion, Meggido, Titan Blade, Sky Diver are a few that I can remember. Then there's Terra Strike, I think.'

"How would you know this?"

'Where I'm from, Weyard is part of a game, as is Endiness. Though, Weyard has 3 games, while Endiness has one. Any chance the Adept is alive?'

"Not likely. I've been stuck in that stone for centuries. You were chosen, and brought here for a reason. I'm here to help out, I guess. As you get stronger, so will I. I'm tied to you now, after all."

'Good to know.' Jared then spots something in the distance. 'I think we're coming up on our destination. I'll talk to you later, Reaper.'

"Sure thing, man. Just let me know, and I'll probably talk your mind into oblivion."

'Smarter and dumber people have tried. No one has shut down my brain through talking. You're welcome to try, though.'

"hey Zieg? I think I see the palace."

"You're not the only one." He replied. "From the looks of it, we've got about an hour's worth of travel left."

"Finally." Theresa sighed in relief. "I was wondering how long it would take."

"Well, at least you're not like my annoying brother. He'd constantly be saying things like, "Are we there yet?" and such." Jared admitted.

"That would get annoying after a while." Zieg commented.

"Try having to listen to that for 4 hours straight."

"Sorry man." One of the nameless guards commented.

"Eh, I learned to ignore him. He may have been a bit of an idiot, but he's family. Can't change that." Jared waved him off. "Either way, we're not home free yet. We've only had one Bandit attack. That's too little, if you ask me. Stay on guard, there might be more."

They were 30 minutes out when they were attacked by a group of 30 Bandits. "I figured as much." He muttered. He drew Reaper, and waited. They got close to the caravan, he swung, and they went down.

"Get in close!" He heard Reaper. "Mortal Danger!"

He swung wide, and glanced 3 of them, all of which fell dead, their spirits drained. It took a while, but they had all went down. Jared was surprised he only had a small scratch from when one through a knife at him. He was panting. "We should get moving."

Zieg was about to retort, but he held up his hand. "No. The sooner we get to Deningrad, the better off we'll be. Queen Theresa is our biggest priority here. I can work through exhaustion. It's not the first time I did." He then looked at his shirt that had been cut in that fight. "I'm honestly surprised my shirt hasn't fallen apart yet. It's not made for wear and tear. I guess those lessons did pay off." 'I've been drawing more on Fencing than I have Kendo, but both have been of good use. Maybe I should combine the two.'

"Probably a good idea. You never know what you'll find." Reaper pointed out.

'Good point. Still, I should find out if I'm right about Rose. I'll need someone to teach me how to use an actual blade, and you seem to fit her choice in weaponry.'

"Maybe later. For now, learn what you can."

Jared nodded mentally. They continued to walk towards Deningrad. It only took 20 minutes after he finished the conversation, because there were several Knights coming out. They were about to check the cargo, when Jared signaled for Theresa to come out. She did just that, and the guards nearly gasped.

"I'm sorry if I worried you all." She said.

"Your majesty!" The knights bowed. Zieg hid his smirk, as did Jared. "I got you back home, like I was asked to. I'd stay on the safe side and stick to Deningrad for a while, if I were you."

Theresa looked at Jared, and then at the captain. "captain, take this young man to the barracks. He'll be joining for the Knight Training. He helped out in an incident, stopping bandits from getting me after my guard was taken out. He has potential. I think we should get him on the right track."

The knights stood up, and examined him. "He doesn't look like much, but if you say so."

Jared then looked at Theresa. "if you don't mind, I think I should look around first. You know, get the lay of the land? I'm still new to Endiness, after all."

Theresa nodded. "I'm aware of that. They'll help you out in that regard. Considering you kept you word so far, I believe we need to repay you somehow."

Zieg nodded. "His potential is almost unlimited. The Knighthood will be a good start, but will not bring out the best of him. I have the feeling he'll be more powerful than me one day. I only hope I'm alive to see it happen."

"You flatter me, but I can only get as strong as my body can handle." Jared replied. The knights nodded, and Jared followed them, with Theresa at his side.

They had reached the Palace, while the library was nearby. "I will be fine from here. I have to see Miranda. She needs to know that I'm fine. Thank you, Jared, for your help."

"You're welcome." was the reply.

One of the knights looked at him. "You have an idea as to why her majesty was in a merchant caravan?"

"Yeah. Bandits attacked her own. One of the knights had survived for me to get there. There were two still alive and relatively unscathed. The last knight was unable to move, and asked me to get her home. I didn't want to leave him behind, but I could tell we didn't really have much time as it was. We ran into them while trying to evade the bandits. I knew I wouldn't be able to take on more than a few at once, so we stuck together, where they had more experienced guards than myself. It was a stroke of luck that we had run into them. If we didn't, there would've been more attacks, and we probably wouldn't have made it here. Even if someone else says otherwise, especially Queen Theresa, I know my own limits. I wouldn't have been able to hold them off and still protect her. Not if the initial body count was included. There were 30 bandits and 5 knights at the wreckage. 1 knight could barely move as it was, and the two bandits, well, you can figure out what they were about to do to her. I intervened, and got her out of there as best as I could. I was doing things that I haven't done that easily before in a place I've never truly been to before."

"6 to 1 odds?" One knight mumbled. "Those bandits are getting smarter."

"I'll show you around." The captain stated. "You say you're new to Endiness, so I might as well show you around. Everyone else, go back to your patrol routes. I'll handle him."

They all saluted and left. The two walked around, while Jared absorbed everything around. His mind was working overtime, trying to burn a mental map into his head. After the main tour of city, they walked back towards the palace, where the Barracks was. The knight looked at him. "My name is Barona. I'm one of the few females in the Knighthood. I must say I'm surprised you were only curious about your surroundings, and not me."

"Well, I'm a firm believer of Gender and Racial Equality. Male or female doesn't matter to me. Anyone can be what they want to be, as long as they have the will to go through with it. Most others that I've met... aren't like that. I'm called Shadow for a reason. Sometimes I'm called Shadowwind, but only those that have seen me fight on a windy day know why."

"I like you already, kid. I only hope you can handle the Boot camp. Once you get through that, I'll see about getting you transferred to my unit." Barona said.

"I'd appreciate it. You're a lot nicer than most would believe, but you can probably be even more ruthless when you have to be. People like you are better than completely emotionless warriors, and those that can't see the truth. I would probably enjoy being under your command." Jared said as they entered the barracks, where a bunch of young teenagers were.

"You'll be staying here for now. When you're done with the "boot camp" you'll be assigned to a squad. Your duties will follow the Squad from there. Good luck. You'll need it." Barona said to him.

Jared nodded, and turned to the others, before finding no empty beds, so he went to a wall, stabbed his sword into the ground, and sat with his back to it. The others watched him, most with envy as they weren't issued weapons.

"What makes you so special that you get a weapon on the first day?" One of them nearly demanded.

Jared simply ignored the guy, already out of it. "Hey! I'm talking to you, you little..." someone had a hand on his shoulder. It was one of the other guys. "That sword is not standard issue." He turned his head slowly, to find a much larger man in Heavy Platemail armor.


"I'm already aware of his situation. He is here by the request of Queen Theresa after getting her away from the same bandits that killed her guard. That was the sword he had on him when he did so. The only reason we haven't taken it from him is because we cannot due to what that sword is. Besides, can't you tell he's asleep? He just got in today."

That instantly started murmuring. "Silence!" The man shouted, shutting all of them up. "he will be trained with other weapons, but when he is done here, by MY standards, he will be able to use his own sword. Let him rest for today. Tomorrow, however, is another story."

-the next day-

The man walked in as everyone was asleep. Jared opened his eyes, and saw the man perfectly, even though the sun had yet to rise. Then came the wake up call. "Wake up maggots!" Everyone was immediately up and making their beds. Jared simply stood up, and put Reaper on his back. He was calm, like he was the eye of a hurricane.

Everyone else was scrambling around, trying to make things perfect. "An hour before dawn... Early morning training?"

"So, the new guy wants to be bold and question me?"

"No sir. I was simply wondering what the training schedule was like. That way I can compare it to my old one back home."

"You may be a big shot with the Queen, but until you're done here, you're still one my maggots. You will sleep when I say sleep. When I say jump, you don't ask how high. You jump as high as you can. I say strip, you strip. I say suck my dick, you get down and suck. Am I clear?!"

Jared went for an American Army Salute. Back Straight, shoulders back, stomach in, feet at a 45 degree angle, left arm at the side, the thumb on the seam of his pants, which hadn't changed since he got to Endiness. His left arm was giving the standard full hand salute: four fingers outstretched, thumb underneath. "Sir yes, sir!" 'Man am I glad for Army JROTC. They may do things differently here, but the premise is still the same.' he continued with thoughts.

If the man was surprised, he didn't show it. 'This is more than just a brat. Seems like some of the rumors are true. Let's see how many of them are. I heard from the Honorary Knight Zieg that he has an unbreakable will. I intend to put it to the test. There is no one I haven't been able to break.' He thought. "You will refer to me as Drill Sergeant, or Sir. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Drill Sergeant!" Jared replied, in the same voice. It was loud and Clear.

The rest were standing in a straight line, as the man walked and inspected each bed. Nodded silently, he turned to everyone else. "Alright! Outside! Move it move it move it!" They all filed out, and went into what seemed to be an arena, Jared simply followed the others. He was given half-plate armor, which restricted his movements. And the added weight was also unfamiliar.

The Drill Sergeant walked up. "Form ranks!" Jared watched, and did what the others did, already completely awake, unlike most of the others. "50 Push ups! Go!"

They went through them all, at their own pace. Jared was the third to finish, and stayed in the front leaning rest position, unlike the others that finished. "You! Why haven't you gotten up?"

Jared then replied. "You did not say to get up when done, Drill Sergeant."

He then smirked. 'Well I'll be. He's actually different than most of these maggots. Some military experience. Probably nothing too big, even though he is familiar with the way they work.'

"Get up and stand up!"

"Sir yes sir!" He then got up in two steps: Feet in, and torso up. It was harder than usual, mainly because of the armor he was wearing. They went through several more exercises without eating breakfast, which Jared was used to. Just not with the armor. It was an hour after sunrise that Theresa had woken up, and spotted Jared running the track alongside the others. He was in the middle of the pack, and Miranda walked in.

"Lady Theresa?" She asked, somewhat cutely, since no one else was in the room. Miranda was wearing a White dress that cut off at the knees, her blonde her flowing in a ponytail behind her head, down to her upper back.

"Good morning Miranda. Come here. Take a look." Miranda did just that.

"New knights?"

"That's right. I told you what happened on my return trip. One of them helped me get back."

"He's the one that's taller than the rest, isn't he?"

Theresa smiled, and nodded, rubbing her hand in Miranda's hair. "Yes, he is. His name is Jared. Come to think of it, I never got a surname for him."

"Then why let him be a knight?" Miranda asked, confused.

"Because, Miranda, he saved me. I may not like the fact that an unknown man saved me, and didn't ask for anything other than help to find a way back to his home, and I don't entirely trust him, but one of the knights guarding me then seemed to trust him, and a good friend of mine also trusts him, though only somewhat. Two people I trust, at least partially trust him. The least I can do is show him the same courtesy." Theresa admitted. "I may not like him, nor do I trust him entirely, but I do respect him, as does my friend. He deserves that much, at least."

Miranda nodded. "Okay. But if he does something, I get to shoot him, right?"

"If you wish." Theresa replied with a smile, which Miranda returned.


Chapter end.

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