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Let's begin.

Chapter 20

The group of Dragoons were walking through what appeared to be a Digitized area. Jared just jumped from place to place, and took out the Mages that they came across with a Mana Block or shooting them in the head.

It wasn't long until they saw what seemed to be a picture. "We're close." Jared said, before he turned to an opening near the bottom of the picture. "And there's something else. Something powerful."

"Then let's get past it! We have to save Shana!" Dart told them. "We have to stop my father."

"Then lets get going." Psycho added, before she went through the opening, followed closely by the others. They all stopped when they saw what was there.

"Hot damn." Jared said. "This is a Super Virage. By my estimation, it would be about 10 times as powerful as a normal Virage."

Rose nodded at that. "That's about right. But it looks to be in our way."

"That it is, Rose." Jared commented. "Let's take it down!"

"Right!" Everyone replied, with determination flowing. They all charged, and dealt more damage, but it was one of Kongol's strikes that did a lot more than it should have, in Jared's opinion.

Kongol cut the entire arm off in one strike. "Final Burst!" Dart shouted, before tearing a hole through the Virage's head, causing it to fall.

"I summon the White Silver Dragon!" A bright light appeared, and before Miranda, The White Silver Dragon appeared, and fired a rainbow colored beam, that outright obliterated the Virage. Everyone looked at her, and saw she was not happy. "Let's just get going you idiots." Her voice didn't reflect the insult. She spoke as if it was a term of endearment. They continued, but this time, they walked.

It wasn't long until they found 'Zieg' who turned around.

"So, you made it." He said, turning from Shana, who was in a cocoon of Mana, that Jared had determined would be unbreachable. He vaguely noticed the tentacles trying to pull her in. She was holding on, but she would be absorbed within 30 minutes.

"Guys, we've got 30 minutes. We need to take him out by then." Jared told them, without letting them be heard by 'Zieg'.

They all nodded, and drew their weapons. As they were about to fight, Zieg chuckled. Then the Red Eye Dragoon Spirit left Dart before moving over towards Zieg, who transformed. "Even possessed... I don't believe it." Dart was in shock. Even though he was told about this, he wasn't expecting it to be true.

"Surprised? You never knew I was the previous wielder, did you Dart?"

"Oh, I knew." Dart replied, his sword out. "Then again, my father was a noble idiot. You aren't noble. You're not my father." His face hardened.

"You are nothing without the Dragoon Spirit!" Dart charged forward first, meeting his supposed father in a locked battle of the swords. Their styles met with each hit.

'Zieg's style was eerily similar to his own. As a Dragoon, they were identical. He knew his own weaknesses, and that's how he managed to counter each strike. 'training to defeat Jared was more effective than I thought.' Dart was thinking. Apparently, trying to surpass Jared was a much better goal. He knew that Jared could find a single opening, and take you out, no matter how small the window, or how fast the strike. He could find a counter, and use it within milliseconds. For this reason, he had to find a way to counter the counters to his own style.

While finding the counters, he needed to know where he stood, and find his own weaknesses, and that could exploit them. Then he had to find how to counter those moves, and tie them in.

Each strike that 'Zieg' tried to use, Dart parried and sent another strike. 'Zieg' was confused. He was not supposed to be countering this effectively.

All other Dragoons just watched on, and didn't interrupt. Apparently, they saw this as a Father/Son thing. Haschel and Gehrich were not happy about it, but they held back. The endless strikes between them went on for a good 20 minutes before Haschel growled, and charged in. Gehrich followed shortly, and they both landed a punch on the confused and unprepared 'Zieg'.

"What the devil?" 'Zieg' questioned.

"I think that's our cue, guys." Jared pointed out.

"Don't interfere!" Dart shouted. "This has to be done by ME! I owe it to my mother!"

"I owe her myself!" Gehrich retorted.

"She's my daughter, and I swore I would either set him straight or take him out!" Haschel added.

"You're not the only one that has to do this! We're involved in this just as much as you are!" Gehrich retorted.

Miranda let an arrow fly. "You're our friend and leader."

Albert went Dragoon, and charged. "If something involves you, it involves us all!"

Meru followed suit. "You showed me what it meant to be human. I gotta repay the favor!"

Rose went Dragoon as well. "Zieg must be stopped. I know him well enough, that we can't turn him back if he makes a choice."

Kongol "You and Jared save Kongol. Kongol pays debt."

Jared and Psycho looked at each other, shrugged, then looked at Dart. "We followed you this far. We're sticking by you until the end!" They spoke in unison.

All Dragoons charged, 'Zieg' finally seeing he was outmatched. But it wasn't much longer. After 5 minutes he flew back a bit, and held his arms up. "You're too late!" Zieg's body fell down, and an apparition that was unable to be defined was still there, as Shana was about to be pulled in, he pulled her away with magic, and went into the newfound hole.

The much larger barrier came down, and Jared's eyes narrowed. "So, you're going to play this game, huh?" Just then, he felt Lloyd, who charged the new body. It appeared as though it really was Melbu. Rose was checking on Zieg. He was still alive!

Dart was checking on Shana. She was okay, before glaring at the new form of Melbu. "You're going to pay for this..." Just then Lloyd got speared with a small red beam, causing him to fall.

"Fool... No mere mortal can stand against a god!" Melbu shouted.

Just then, the Spirit of the Divine Dragoon shined and went towards Dart, who then transformed, gaining his third boost. "Take him out. He is a disgrace. That man is no god."Dart heard

"Wait." Jared said. "Leave him to me."

"Are you crazy?!" Psycho shouted.

Jared glanced at her. "All I have to do is hold him off until you all are a safe distance out. But if I'm going out, I'm taking this bastard with me!"

Dart stared at him. "You expect us to stay back while you sacrifice yourself?"

"No. I want you to get away from here in case my plan fails. If I fail, you all will have to beat him back and kill him. Take Shana, Zieg and Lloyd and get out of here. I'll hold him off until I can't sense you." He pointed the gatling on his arm at the beast. "Then I'm going through with my original plan. If it fails, then It falls to you."

Dart then realized he had something up his sleeve. He picked up Shana. "Let's go, guys."

"You're not serious are you?!" Haschel questioned. Then he saw Dart's face. It was the one he used when he realized something he didn't like. "He has a secret weapon doesn't he?" Dart just nodded, before flying off with Shana in his hands. The other Dragoons looked at Jared, before Meru picked up Lloyd and flew out of there. Rose took Zieg, and brought him out. Psycho was the only one that was left behind, and she was looking at him.

"What do you have?"

Jared pulled out the bomb. Psycho's eyes widened. "That won't be enough."

"I packed 3 million joules of energy, into a space meant for 10 joules. The compression is that high. When the timer goes off... it will all be released. Theoretically, at least. I've made explosives, but not bombs at this level. I don't know if it'll work. If it doesn't... you get the idea. Now go."

Psycho nodded after a few seconds, and flew off.

"Now, it's just you and me, Melbu." Jared stated, his voice cold and emotionless.

"You are foolish. At least they were smart to run."

"They ran because I told them to." Jared replied, his voice still emotionless.

"You are even more foolish than I thought. And here Zieg had thought you could be better than him. Apparently not!" The tentacles charged, which he dodged, and severed them, in one go.

"Piece of advice: Know your enemy. You know quite a bit about me, but nowhere near everything. I knew what you did from the get go. I knew you were going to do this. Once my location was confirmed, I've been working to counter everything you could possibly do. How do you think I stayed off your radar? I knew what you were going for. I was planning on blowing up your new body."

"You can't possibly do that! I am a god!"

"No, you're just a mortal that has the body of a god." Jared replied. "Besides, there's something above the gods. A separate breed of warriors. And I'm not talking about Dragoons. And guess what? There's currently 3 of us here in Endiness. Two of them just left."

"You lie!"

He pointed out his hand. "Behold the power of another Dimension! SPARK PLASMA!" several dark purple beams scattered and hit Melbu immediately. "Tempest!" the winds charged and buffeted him, before Jared sent a wave of Dark Mana at him. "Dark slash!" 'Reaper?'

"Got it!"

"Astral Drain!" He through it and it pieced the main body behind Melbu, paralyzing him, as it took a lot of energy from him. "AHHH!" Jared then felt the Energy taken revitalize him.

"You... You FOOL!" He was about to transform, when Jared started the countdown on the bomb, ready to drop it at a moments notice.

As the transformation was completed, Jared found a single spot filled with shadows. "Shadow Flare!" A blast of darkness appeared. 'Alright. I've got 4 minutes. Got to make them count!'

"Tri blast!" He shouted, firing the attack from the Gatling.

He charged, before calling out something else. "Double Tool C&D!" His right hand changed into a Drill, Reaper vanishing, while the left hand turned into a circular saw with the Gatling right over one side of it.

Melbu didn't get much farther, as every time he was about to strike wit his plasma blades, Jared dodged, and countered. He tried sucking in Jared, but failed when it was found out that it was merely a doppelganger made of Lightning which paralyzed him, while Jared dealt a lot more damage. Then he noticed something. '10 seconds! Gotta jet!' He charged straight for the Shadow, right as the Paralysis wore off. "Trying to run? As if I'd let you!" Melbu roared, before he heard a loud beep, which stopped him. "What the..." With that, Jared made it to the Shadow, and there was a massive explosion as he vanished into the shadow.

-with the others-

Everyone was on a ridge far away from the Moon That Never Sets and the Divine Tree, when the explosion went off. This brought all of their attentions, and they prepared for a fight. The Blast encased the entire Moon instantly, and most of the Divine Tree was taken in by the initial blast as well. Psycho's jaw dropped slightly. "No... way..."

"What could he have that does that?" Miranda asked, eyes wide.

"I don't know, but... Now I see he had a point." Dart said. "If we were there, he couldn't use it, in fear for us."

Psycho then closed her eyes and tried to sense any life in there, as all Virage had started to fall, and dissolve, aside from one, which stopped right in front of them, looking at Shana, who was waking up. Everyone was ready to strike it down, but Shana saw this and spoke. "Wait!" her voice was weakened, but loud enough for them to hear.

"but Shana..."

"He came to talk." Shana told them, surprising them all.

Shana then listened, as the Virage spoke to her telepathically. "Are you sure?" The Virage gave a motion meaning yes to everyone. "But if you do..." Another message. "But then you'll die..."

"I know, but if it's for you, I'll do it... Mother." the Virage spoke. Everyone heard this.

Shana just looked torn. "What is this thing telling you?"

"Zieg is about ready to die. He won't make it another day. There's just not enough left of his soul to live much longer than that." Shana replied, sadly. "He wishes to help by using his own to rebuild Zieg's, alongside the Red-Eye Dragon."

Dart's eyes widened, before looking at the Virage. "Are you serious?!"

The Virage nodded. Dart looked at Shana. "Shana... please..."

"but Dart..." She was about to try and convince him to reconsider when she saw his eyes. The pain, and hope. She looked at the Virage, and nodded, sadness in her features.

"I am sorry mother, but if I don't go out like this, it'll be with the destruction of the Moon. I'd rather help you than go out for no reason." the Virage stated, as he glowed, and dissolved into sparkles, that went into the Red Eye Dragoon Spirit, and then covered Zieg's body.

Dart and Shana ran to the body, and checked it over. Dart recognized something, and yelled over his shoulder. "Miranda! We need your help to stabilize him! Use the White Silver Dragoon Spirit!"

She came up and held it up, resonating it with that of the Red Eye Dragon. The others held theirs up too to help out. The bright light turned a Deep Red, which burned for a good 120 seconds. After which, it died down, leaving an unconscious Zieg. Dart, Shana and Miranda check him out, and found out for sure. He was stable.

Psycho did the Soul Check. "It's done... He's fine." She sighed. "But... I can't sense Jared."

"So... he went out with a bang..." Rose choked a sob back. Dart put a hand on her shoulder. "He's not dead. I promise you that."

"How can you be so sure?!" She glared at him. Still, there was no threat in it, due to the tears brimming at her eyes. "Fast he may be, but not even HE can outrun this!"

"Because if I don't believe, then he's already lost." Dart retorted calmly. "Maybe he had something in reserve for this very moment?" He looked at Psycho. "You're a Guardian like he is. Is there anything that he could possibly be able to use for an instant getaway?"

"A few, but none that I know he's learned. I still don't know his personal abilities though, so I couldn't tell you for sure. I'd ask Samantha about that, or even Nizam. I don't know the answer, but they might. I wouldn't put it past him to not use it until this point, unless in secret."

They all nodded, and started to fly towards Deningrad, which was still ruined.

-Meanwhile, in Bale-

A single knight was grumbling, while walking into the basement of Indel's Castle. Once he got there, his curses stopped at the sight of something that definitely wasn't supposed to be there. His eyes widened underneath his helmet, and ran up to the person, checking for a pulse. The injuries were far from severe, not much more than a few bruises, and maybe a fractured bone or two, but nothing serious. Then there was the burn marks on the man's back.

It was after the knight noticed this that he recognized the armor. "No way..." He pulled the guy up, and brought him up the stairs, up to the main level, which earned a few looks of confusion, before recognition set in. "Let Minister Noish know. The White Shadow is here, and he's injured." The Knight got out, as he took Jared to a bed on that floor, and set him in it. Noish walked in a few minutes later. "Get the doctors in here, now!" Noish commanded.

"Yes sir!"

"Minister Noish! There has been an Explosion to the Northwest!"

"Another Invasion?" Noish questioned.

"We don't think so. It's too far out. It seems to have originated to the west of Tiberoa, sir."

"West of Tiberoa... Hmm. I see. Send a message through a Carrier Pigeon. Tell the Queen there that the White Shadow is here. He's injured, but alive." A doctor came in, and started to look at Jared. "Doctor?"

"He'll be fine with a few days of rest. There's not much to be done about it, just a few bruises, no broken bones, a few burn marks, as if it was coming from underneath him, but nothing is so bad that it won't heal. I'd say that he'd be fine within 9 days if he rests."

Noish looked at the Knight. "Put that in the message as well."

"Yes sir!" The Knight went out of the room to carry out the order.

It took 4 days for the message to reach Deningrad, where Theresa was currently trying to calm down Claire, Dart, and Shana, while Zieg was trying to comfort Rose.

However, it wasn't until today that General Barona ran into the room that the group was in. "Wait a minute! Jared could still be alive!" She shouted, earning everyone's attention.

"What makes you think that?" Theresa questioned. "If this is a lie, General..."

"It's because I hadn't remembered it until now." she replied.

Everyone was confused. "He has been able to take things through shadows, and not just through his Mechanical summon. It's a type of Shadow Portal. If he had gotten to a Shadow before the blast reached him and went through..."

"He could be anywhere on the continent..." Rose breathed out, now in shock.


"I have to go. I have to find him!" She tried to get up, but Zieg stopped her.

"You're in no condition to go anywhere. If he's alive, wouldn't he come back here as soon as he could?"

Another Knight came in, with a message. "Your Majesty, there's a Letter from Indel's Castle in Serdio."

This earned her attention. "Let me see it."

All Dragoons present were confused. "Albert couldn't have gotten back there before it was sent. Even if he went by air, it wouldn't have mattered."

Theresa's eyes widened, before looking at Barona. "General, you're right. He is alive." This earned everyone's attention. "He's in Bale, right now. Apparently, this was written four days ago, and he was unconscious. A few burn marks, but nothing serious. He's alive, and will recover within 9 days from when it was written."

"That means..." Rose trailed off.

"I'll go." Barona said. "I can bring him back with Paku. It'll be easy compared to the hell this world just went through."

Everyone looked at her and nodded their agreement. Shana then had a question. "Dart, I've been wondering something."

This earned his attention. "Are you planning to go back to Seles?"

"Actually, since I agree that Neet shouldn't be rebuilt, out of respect for everyone that died that day, I'd have to say yes. You're welcome to come along if you want, but you have actual family here." Dart answered. "Why?"

"Well, if you were going to go down there, then so am I." She said.

Dart sighed. "Shana... I keep telling you this. You're more of a sister to me than a lover."

"Oh come on!" She tilted her head to lay on his shoulder. "Really? All these years, and I'm still a sister?"

Everyone just looked at them, trying not to laugh. Dart just looked her in the eye, and saw the silver lining in them. "Tsuki, get back in the bow, and let Shana back out." 'Shana' then pouted, grabbed the bow and the Silver lining disappear. "Seriously, Shana, I think she does that just to mess with people's heads." He shook his head.

She shrugged. "Keeps people on their toes. Besides, when done right, you can effectively confuse people. I held two conversations with Melbu like that. It was fun."

"Gotta say you were annoying as hell." Zieg admitted. "But the fact that Melbu had to listen to it as well was good. I knew he was getting pissed at being annoyed to high hell, and that's why I was rooting for you during that."

"That was the idea." Shana smiled at him.

Zieg gave her a thumbs up. "And a damn good one. It got me back, after all. If not for that, I probably wouldn't be here right now."

"Thank Jared. He's the one that told me what to say, and every possible reply." She replied. "And now I know why he likes messing with people's heads. It's fun to see them so disturbed." Dart saw the eyes. "No, Dart, we didn't switch again. I learned a little too much from Tsuki, thank you very much."

"How did you..."

"Meru told me." She replied.

"Either way, your Majesty?" Barona continued.

"Permission granted, General." Theresa stated. "And when he's good, smack him one for worrying us."

"Is that an order?"

"Maybe." Theresa had to smile.

Barona returned the smile, bowed, and left.

She managed to find Paku, even in the mess that was a rebuilding Deningrad. "Paku, Jared's been found."

This earned Paku's attention quickly. Where is he?

"You and I are going to Bale in Serdio to get him. I'm pretty sure that's something you'd want." Barona stated. "I've got the go already. I'm ready to go when you are."

Paku then lowered his neck. Then get on, and hold on tight. There are two rough patches. Place your hands on them and use Mana to stick. It's not a spell, but that's where he always holds when I go Supersonic.

Barona quickly found them, and did so. "Got them."

Just hope you don't stop the Mana. Otherwise, you'll fall off. Paku then jumped and then flew straight for Bale, disappearing in a Sonic Boom that everyone in the area saw.

It really only took a few seconds for them to appear over Bale, and they landed right outside Indel's Castle, before seeing that Albert was just getting back. "General Barona?"

"King Albert. We just got word about Jared being found in your castle. I came with Paku as soon as I heard." Barona replied, looking at Paku. "I've never gone so fast before. I mean it took, what? 10 seconds?"

6 seconds. Yeah, I'm that fast. Paku boasted.

Albert's eyes were wide. He didn't say a word, before running into the castle, and found a knight. "Where is he?" He asked, actually surprised.

"Your Majesty!" The Knight immediately recognized him. "If you're talking about the White Shadow, he's in that room over there." The Knight pointed, Albert ran straight into the room, and Barona walked in as he went in. Barona looked at the Knight. "White Shadow is in there?" She pointed to the room, and got a nod. "Thank you. Queen Theresa is quite worried about him." She walked into the room, and saw that Albert was talking to him.

"So, Jared. Why haven't you come back?"

"Haven't healed yet. They had to strap me down yesterday. No moving until the nine days are up. Fucking doctor..." He grumbled. She just shook her head, before looking at Albert. "You mind if I talk with him alone?"

"Go ahead. I have to see Noish, anyway. Glad to see you're alive Jared." Albert said, before getting up and leaving.

After the door closed, Barona looked back at Jared. "You do realize that Rose was bawling her eyes out after what you did, right?"

"And here I thought she was the total badass in this world." Jared mused. "Guess we all have points of weakness."

"You know, I can make it so you have another injury so you actually will stay put." Barona suggested.

"Wait, don't be too hasty..." Jared gulped seeing her face as "business" and not "Pleasure".

"Nothing Personal, Jared. Orders are Orders."

'I knew it.' He thought, before being hit over the head with a Frying pan, and promptly conking out.

She then released him and brought him out of the place, not being seen. Of course, she was bending the light around both of them, and went outside, where Paku was and she put him on the wings. "Let's go big guy. You think he..." Jared was covered by a blanket of Shadow and Lightning, like an adhesive strip that stuck him to Paku's back in between the wings. A Knight ran out. "Tell Albert he'll be fine. We've got better healers in Millie Seseau." Paku jumped up, and flew off, disappearing in a sonic boom. Albert saw the whole thing from the balcony and smirked. 'Can't say I didn't see this coming. Let's see... Frying pan, untie him, bend the light around them, strap him on, and head out. If that were anyone BUT his wife, then I would think she'd have to marry him.'

"Albert, we're not married." He heard Jared's voice. "And for the record, the only reason we AREN'T is because I knew I'd have to leave some day. A Month after all reconstruction from our Dragoon Adventures is when I'll leave. Seles is being rebuilt, I'd wager, so is Deningrad, but I'm not sure about Neet. It's Dart's call."

"Jared... aren't you unconscious?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I can't talk to you through Telepathy. Hell I could with any of the Dragoons because of the Law of Resonance."

"Then why didn't you tell them you were okay?"

"Meru found the message enroute, so when I went to tell her, she told me about it. Decided to wait, though probably not a good idea. Now once I see all the ones that are in the area we land, presumably Deningrad, I'll let those NOT there, know. I'd say Kongol is the only one that wouldn't know. Everyone else decided to stick to Millie Seseau to figure things out. Dart, his parents, Shana, Rose, Psycho already left. Said she did what she had to and just vanished through a portal. Miranda is a given. Haschel told his village, once the world was safe he wouldn't return. He's with Dart and the others, most likely. Of course that's just my guess, and not an actual fact."

The silence, even in their minds was deafening. "It's insane how you're able to do that. How did you know?"

"The powers of deduction are more than they appear, my friend. My entire plan went through. The whole "I'm gonna get out through the shadows" point was a given. It's how I knew I'd survive. The shadows accept those who let them in, and don't judge them. I let them embrace me, and I returned said embrace, allowing me to go through. I promptly thanked them yesterday. They had my back when I needed it most, after all."

"By the way, I never asked about the whole "Look at your man" bit thing back at the tower. I'm curious. What is it?" Just then, Albert got images flowing through his head. (See: youtube watch?v=RZWcaYs_tDU)

After they finished, Jared spoke again. "That's the whole thing. Ran it as a video back on my Earth."

"Huh... And you did that with a fake?"

"Of course. I keep telling you guys, that I may be Insane, but I'm NOT stupid."

"Jared... You ARE Insane."

"Doesn't mean I'm stupid."

"Never said that."

"Good, cause that would be bad."

"How bad?"

"I'd have to kill you."

"... That's bad."

"Indeed it is." The silence that followed was broken by a laugh both mentally and physically.

"That right there is actually the end of something called "Thwartin' my plans" By Team Four Star, starring Vegeta. Same guy that threw the Dragonball."

"You're Insane, and proud of it. Guess I'd have to be to be friends with you."

"You don't have to be. You just choose to be." Albert could literally feel Jared Smirking at that. "I'm gonna call you later. See ya!"

'One day I'm gonna ask why he does that.' Albert thought.

The repairs in Deningrad took 3 months, Seles took 2 more months, though Hellena wasn't rebuilt. Dart, Shana, Zieg, Claire, and Haschel went to live in Seles. Haschel had also begun to teach Jared a bit of the Rogue Style, until he had to leave. Claire and Gehrich helped out when they could, but Jared was a much faster learner then any of them.

Though he took a little less than a year to become adept in most weapons, learning to use Haschel's style of Martial Arts wasn't as easy. After he got to the Intermediate Level, Haschel had stopped teaching him. Claire knew why, as well.

Jared didn't bother to ask, as he already knew. He learned all that can be taught. At this point, it had taken 14 months, and he was packing up, ready to go.

All 8 of the Dragoons were present at the Memorial Stone in Neet. Squad 8, Mark, and Queen Theresa were there as well.

"I'll miss ya, pops!" Mark told him.

"Out of everyone, I'll miss you the most." Jared said, crouching before his son. "Take care of your mother, and baby sister for me, okay?"

Mark nodded. Jared got up and looked at Rose. "Rose..."

"You don't need to say anything. I know you don't like me like that, but it was worth a shot."

Jared nodded, before looking at the Feld family, including Shana who looked to be pregnant. "Good luck with the child, you two."

They smiled at that. "Thanks. We'll probably need it." Dart replied, holding out a hand, which Jared shook. "You will with what I can sense coming from it. It's a DG, and I can tell the little brat is gonna be powerful."

"Aren't all Dragoons?" Shana questioned.

"Who said anything about Dragoons?" Jared hid his smirk at the implications, which they both got out of it.

"You don't mean..." Shana's eyes were wide.

Dart just blinked, before looking at General Barona. "Any tips?"

"Yeah. I can write them out if you want." She replied.

"That would be appreciated."

"Claire, Zieg, good luck you two." They both nodded, not really knowing him that well.

He looked at Miranda, Luanna, and Theresa. "Thanks for helping me when I needed it. I appreciate everything you've done, Your Majesty."

"Please, call me Theresa. If you ever wish to return, you've got a home in Millie Seseau."

He looked at Albert and Emille, who were recently married. "Glad to see you both are in good form."

"I owe it to you, Jared. I must also thank you for your help on the Wedding." Emille stated.

"I do have a question though." Jared nodded to Albert for the go ahead. "Why do you mess with people's minds?"

"Because it's fun to see their reaction when they realize that not everything is as it seems... aside from the fact that they can't find a perfect counter to what I say. The only one that's ever been able to do that is Mark. Close as I am to Sam, if she can't out wit me like that when I actually try, and she can't, sorry but no marriage." He looked at her, and saw it. "Besides, she's got maybe 4 years on her Life Clock left. After that, Mark's gonna have to take care of his little sister, and teach her what needs to be learned."

He looked back at Albert, before whispering. "Between you and me, Shana is probably a Guardian herself. As to why when she wasn't before, I have no idea. Her unborn child is a definite, though. Shana, not so much."

Albert nodded. "Good to know. I wish you luck."

He turned to look at Meru and Kongol, along with Meru's Fiance, Guaraha. "Good luck with your life Meru. And if you raise hell, make sure to do it in a place that isn't near any bystanders, please?"

"Aww... No fun?"

"Fun doesn't get people hurt, Meru." Jared stated. "Kongol, you glad you took in the Insanity?"

"Kongol glad. Kongol not regret a thing. If Kongol must choose over again, Kongol not change choice."

Jared just gave him a thumbs up. "Good luck." He then walked next to Paku. "Ready to go, bud?"

You know it.

Jared looked at the others, and saluted them. "May Insanity be with you for all time." A portal appeared beneath Jared and Paku, before drawing them in. They all saw the sad smile on his face, knowing he wouldn't be coming back for a while.


Jared and Paku had found themselves in a completely Void. There was nothing in sight. No movements, no nothing. "Paku?"

I got nothing.

A Floating Rock with a single eye appeared in front of them. "Ah, Jared. You have arrived."

Jared saw this, as did Paku, but Paku registered something that Jared seemed to ignore, as evidenced by the roar. "Paku, stop."


"You are the Wise One, from Weyard, are you not?"

"I am not surprised you know of me, Guardian from the Prime Realm." The rock told them, without lips.

"Prime Realm?" Jared was confused for a second. "Wait, do you mean that the one I come from is really where the majority of these other worlds come from? Ideas from the people in my world?"

"That is correct, young Guardian."

Jared crossed his arms. "I see. I take it the Gods of each realm know of the Prime Realm, and probably that I'm from it?"

"You're taking this quite calmly."

"Hello? I just spent 22 years in what I thought was just a game when I first encountered it. I took on a Mortal with a God's body, I had to outwit an opponent that, under normal circumstances, should've been impossible, and finally find out why I was an outcast back home. I mean, I'm 44 years old now, and I haven't age a day since I was 22. After a while, things just stop bothering you that much." Jared shrugged. "So, is there something you wanted to tell me?"

"Yes, in fact, there is. You are naturally a Jupiter Adept, that much is true. However, your Psynergetic capabilities are far from mastered."

"I gather that much. I mean, I've only got Whirlwind, Plasma, Storm Ray, Boon, and the Healing Wind series mastered. I've got nothing else, aside from Mind Read, Reveal, Foresight, and Memory Transfer. Everything else I haven't been able to learn."

"Ah, but what you don't know is, you are different from most Adepts."

"You lost me."

Paku just looked on in Confusion.

"You see, I interfered at your birth. You would've had Psynergy no matter what. However, what I did, was not just give you access to Psynergy, but the four Main Branches of Psynergy: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury. The only one whose Natural Abilities you shall gain, however, is from Jupiter. That is what separates you from the other Adepts. You also have the ability to learn the Umbra Psynergy, but to learn from the Tuaparang, is not a good idea at the moment."

Jared just looked slightly surprised. "You know, that's a curveball I didn't see coming." He uncrossed his arms and shrugged. "I guess that's what I get for going on a Game."

"Actually, you're the only one that has this gift. It is because I granted it to you. Those that obtain it naturally can only train in one, and it is the one most like their mind. If I grant them another set, it is because I find them worthy of it from the get go. Usually, this only happens with Dimensional Guardians. Train hard. Learn to master each branch of Psynergy. I intend to drop you in Lemuria. Pick up a boat from there once they teach you what they can. You're 40 years before the game, to be honest. Good luck, and god speed."

Jared just looked the Rock in the eye, and nodded. "Thank you. But, if I may ask, do you know who my father was?"

"He was a Shadowwind such as yourself. He died a week after you were born, and his body left no trace. To my knowledge, his soul has simply vanished, instead of passing on. Funny thing about him, though? He was also a Demigod from the world reminiscent of the Percy Jackson book in the Prime Realm. Thousands of years ago."

"So, I'm only a Quarter God blood... I see. And with what Soa told me, It's probably Athena."

"You are correct. Keep with the Shadowwind as your surname. It is rightfully yours, as it was your father's."

"That makes me feel better. Now I know I'm not just ripping it off from a Nickname." Jared paused. "if I'm forty years before the game, does that mean Kraden is the only one around?"

"Babi, the ruler of Tolbi is still alive. Other than that, no one from the games in the Prime Realm have been born yet. Even Saturos and Menardi. But do not warn anyone about it. Find the passage. I will meet you in Sol Sanctum, the Star Chamber, when you are done. As such, leave Vale, which IS standing, until you are ready to go. Meaning: You have mastered the Four Psynergy Disciplines."

"Will do." Jared saluted the rock like he would in Endiness. "I will see you then, and work on my own plan when I can as well."

"Then get moving." Jared and Paku glowed and left the Void.

"I look forward to seeing you at your best, Jared. Good luck."


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Book 1: Dragoon

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Book 2: Unknown (to you)

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