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Not again...

Fujima stumbled out of the wrecked Corvette. He took a look around and noticed the two policewomen walking towards him.

"Hold it right there." Natsumi ordered. "You are under arrest."

Fujima just turned around and started running towards the boat, his ticket to freedom.

"Hey. Hey! Stop right there!" Shouting. The policewomen running after him. Fujima knew he just had to get away. Miyuki managed to grab onto his shoulder. He just turned around and sent a fist into the side of her head. She stumbled back and screamed in pain and shock.

"Fujima!" A deep voice. An American voice. Fujima stopped and turned around again to find Tom standing in the middle of the jetty, roughed up after the crash. He took a few steps towards his nemesis, walking past Natsumi, who was making sure her friend was OK.

"You." Fujima said with icy venom. "You screwed up my car... You screwed up my escape..."

"You screwed up my death." Tom answered.

Both men were now just 20 paces from each other, staring each other down, waiting for the other to make a move first. It was like a Mexican standoff without guns.

Fujima fired first. With a yell, he started running towards Tom. Tom also started running and the two men tackled each other. Fujima started with a jab at his opponent, who dodged it and quickly responded with a fist to the face, knocking Fujima back. He tried pulling out a pistol, but Tom gripped it with his right hand, then slammed his left fist into Fujima's arm, causing him to let go of the handgun. Tom then tossed the gun into the water.

"Not this time." He declared, before blocking one of Fujima's blows. Both men were now back in hand-to-hand combat, with traded being dodged and traded. Tom tried a kick, knocking Fujima off his feet. He then moved in to try and handcuff the fugitive, but Fujima headbutted him and got back up.

Natsumi yelled before charging into Fujima, almost knocking him off his feet again. She gave a brutal punch to Fujima's face, which caused him to stumble backwards. He quickly recovered, sending a flurry of punches to the policewoman's body.

Tom then rejoined the action, punching Fujima in the side, making him stop assaulting Natsumi. He tried punching Tom in the face, but the American blocked it, then countered with a fist-to-the-face of his own. Fujima then headbutted Tom again, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. The fugitive didn't waste any time, starting to beat his opponent. After five savage punches, Natsumi moved in and tried dragging Fujima back, only to have him drive his elbow hard into her stomach. Taking advantage, he then turned around and punched her in the face. This gave him enough of an opportunity to start running towards the boat.

Miyuki tried standing in Fujima's way, but he simply charged into her with full force, knocking her down. He then made his way to the steps, which were connected to the yacht, his last steps to freedom. He had only climbed up a few steps when Natsumi had caught up and grabbed onto his leg.

"Come on!" Fujima yelled in frustration and tried moving his leg, but the strong policewoman wasn't budging. This had given Miyuki enough time to recover and climb up to try and grab Fujima's arms. The fugitive elbowed Miyuki, almost causing her to lose her balance and fall, but she grabbed onto the handrail.

Fujima then made the mistake of turning around to try and get Natsumi to let go of her leg. As he was turning, a shot rang out and Fujima yelled in pain, gripping his shoulder. The policewomen immediately grabbed him as he fell, and dragged him off the steps and back onto dry land, where they finally handcuffed him.

Kinoshita came back to her senses inside the wrecked Corvette. She looked to her left and saw Miyuki and Natsumi handcuffing Fujima on the tarmac of the jetty. She then looked to her right and smiled a little bit.

Miyuki looked up as Natsumi dragged the cuffed Fujima to his feet. She flashed the thumbs up. Tom was standing there, his M1911 pistol in his hand. He gave a weak nod, and his hand started shaking before he let go of the gun. It clattered to the ground as he collapsed on the tarmac. Miyuki then nodded to Natsumi, who stopped marching Fujima for a moment.

As police sirens wailed through the air, the policewomen only said one thing to Takashi Fujima.

"You're under arrest."

Officers Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa were commended for their bravery and their actions in stopping Fujima. They were offered a promotion to Senior Police Officer, a promotion which they gladly accepted. They could still be found patrolling the streets in Miyuki's little Today, though they kept another car at the Bokuto precinct for special occasions...

Officers Reiko Sakai, Ken Nakajima, Chie Sagamiono, Yoriko Nikaido, Aoi Futuba, and Sergeant Shouji Toukairin all survived the shootout and were commended for their bravery in fighting the mercenaries and bringing Fujima to justice, with Sagamiono getting a special mention due to having been wounded in the line of duty.

Assistant Inspector Kaoruko Kinoshita survived the massive crash that took both Chevrolets out of commission. She had broken her arm, but was soon back in action, though the National Police Agency insisted that she would not be escorting any more prisoners.

Tom Fortnell also survived the events of Takashi Fujima's dramatic escape. Afterwards though, he decided that it was time to put the past behind him. He quit from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, but promised to get in touch with his former colleagues when he was ready. His whereabouts a month after the escape were unknown, but Investigations did manage to uncover a one-way plane ticket to Los Angeles International Airport, for a passenger with the name of Wayne Crenshaw.

Takashi Fujima stood trial, his charges updated to include all of the crimes he'd committed during his escape. In a shock decision, the judges ruled that he would not be sent to death row, instead sentencing him to life imprisonment in a maximum security prison. He thought he'd caught a lucky break, but when he saw the line of VERY angry police men and women, he would soon discover that the dead don't suffer.

Daisuke Sato was also sentenced to life in prison, as were the mercenaries who hadn't been killed in the shootout. As a result of the incident, even tighter gun control measures were brought in, and import companies, including the one that Hank Douglas and the former Wayne Crenshaw had worked at, were closely monitored.

After the escape, every officer involved, even Kinoshita, was carefully investigated to find out how Fujima had managed to escape so easily. During the investigation, Officer Rena Mitsubishi testified that she had heard Officer Keiji Nakamura recite the license plate number of Fujima's Corvette perfectly as it went through the roadblock both Rena and Keiji were stationed at, despite the fact that the Corvette was moving at a high rate of speed. There were three possibilities as to why this had happened. Maybe Keiji had laser-like focus, which wasn't likely. Perhaps he had been to the General Motors Japan Car Show and seen the Corvette ZR1, which wouldn't have been possible as Keiji was on duty for the entire week and hadn't been to the show. The most likely reason as to why Keiji knew the plate number was that he was in on the escape all along. An investigation into Keiji Nakamura's financial records revealed that he had received a payment of 10,000,000 yen, much more than what a police officer of his rank would earn. When Keiji was arrested, he said that he wasn't the only officer who had been paid off, and expected a more lenient sentence because of his testimony. He didn't get one.

Things had returned to normal, but this came at a cost. 132 police officers had died in the events of Fujma's escape. The dead were mourned and honored, and those who had survived made a promise never to forget those who had made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of justice. It would take several years for the wounds to truly heal.

As for the brave officers of Bokuto Station, they didn't even think about retiring. They had all come close to death, but they were willing to continue to protect and serve the Sumida Ward.

It was a year after the escape. The Traffic Department office at the Bokuto Police Station was home to some activity, but not at the frantic level of the escape.

"So I just kick the moron in the nuts, and the others come quietly." Natsumi said to Miyuki and Saori Saga (who had recently transferred back to Bokuto) as they walked through the door and towards their desks.

"You should know that kicking a suspect between the legs is not proper police procedure..." Saori reminded. "But since I know you, I'll let you off."

"Some things never change..." Miyuki commented.

"Yep." Natsumi agreed as she took a bite out of a big sandwich.

Things had calmed down, but ten minutes later, a call came in on the radio.

"Attention all units, suspect vehicle fleeing from police. Vehicle last seen heading towards the Sumida Ward, request assistance from any units in the area. Be advised, suspect vehicle is a Nissan GT-R, interceptor assistance required."

"You think we should...?" Natsumi asked.

"You read my mind!" Miyuki responded.

The two policewomen marched out of the precinct and headed for the motorpool. Saori jogged to keep up with them as they went straight past Miyuki's Today.

"Um... Aren't you going to use your mini-pat?" Saori asked. Miyuki and Natsumi simply ignored her and went inside a garage, which was marked 01.

Ken walked up beside her and said, "You might want to get out of the way for this one." He smiled as the garage door opened.

No sooner had the door opened when the almighty roar of an Chevrolet LS9 engine filled the air. The engine sound was soon accompanied by screeching tires, and Saori could barely believe her eyes as Miyuki and Natsumi peeled out of the garage. They were in a Corvette ZR1, now in the familiar white-and-black livery of the Japanese police and sporting a lightbar on the roof. The siren wailed as the Corvette drifted out of the precinct and raced off down the road to catch up with the pursuit.


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