"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Rockpile for a Clan meeting!"

Streampaw looked up in surprise at the familiar call. She had been working with Cherry, Borris, and Sherlock to organize the nests in SkyClan's new apprentice den. Last night had been the meeting of all the potential SkyClan cats. Cherry and Boris had been among those who chose to join. Streampaw was glad they were here - feisty Cherry reminded her of her sister Spottedpaw, while the level-headed Boris was more like Rustypaw.

Cherry, Boris, and Sherlock seemed confused by Firestar's call. "Does that mean us?" Boris asked uncertainly.

Streampaw nodded. "Follow me."

She led the new apprentices out to the clearing, where the older cats were already gathering. Firestar stood on top of the rock pile Sky had pointed out in their first tour of the camp. His head was lifted proudly as he looked down on all the Clan he had worked to bring together. "Cats of SkyClan, last night you committed yourselves to this Clan and the warrior code. Today the Clan will honor you with your Clan names."

Streampaw watched with pride as Sharpclaw, Leafdapple, Patchfoot, Shortwhisker, and Clovertail claimed their warrior names. iSkyClan is finally a reality,/i she thought with a purr. Sparrowpaw and Cherrypaw were next, then Sherlock was called forward. Before Firestar could say anything, the former kittypet mewed, "Listen, Firestar, I appreciate being accepted into SkyClan, but can I keep my name?" Murmurs of surprise rippled through the crowd, but Sherlock didn't seem self-conscious. "My twolegs were good to me. I couldn't stay with them, but I'd like to keep the name that they gave me."

Firestar's brow furrowed in worry, but finally he nodded. "From this day forward, this apprentice will continue to be known as Sherlock." His gaze flicked over the crowd before settling on one warrior. "Patchfoot, you will be mentor to Sherlock."

As the two touched noses, Firestar's emerald gaze fell on his daughter. "Streampaw, come forward." The blue-gray she-cat blinked in surprise, then stepped toward the Rockpile. Her father continued, "You are not a member of SkyClan, but as you help to mentor the new Clan, your own training must continue. Since Swiftblaze is not here, a new mentor must take his place. That new mentor," he said with a small smile, "will be Clovertail."

Streampaw blinked in surprise. iClovertail?/i She turned to see the brown she-cat gaping at Firestar. "I-I can't mentor an apprentice!" Clovertail sputtered. "I don't know anything!"

"You will learn along with the rest of the Clan," Firestar promised. "Streampaw has learned much from Swiftblaze; she will be an asset in training."

Streampaw padded up to her new mentor and stretched out her muzzle. Clovertail hesitated, throwing Firestar a fearful glance, but finally she reached forward and touched noses with her apprentice.

The last cat to be called up was Sky. The old tom seemed truly touched by his new name. As the Clan chanted iSkywalker! Skywalker!/i to the skies, Streampaw noticed the elder lean forward and whisper something to Firestar. Curiousity pricked at her as she saw her Father's eyes widen. iWhat are they talking about?/i she wondered.

That night, she lay awake long after the rest of the Clan had drifted off. Sherlock was pressed against her side, purring in his sleep, but Streampaw couldn't will herself into sleep. Something was tugging at her fur , an itch in her paws that she couldn't shake. Finally, she got gingerly to her paws and slipped out of the den. iSome fresh air might do me some good anyway,/i she thought groggily.

As she made her way into the clearing, she noticed a dull ginger form climbing up the gorge. Her ears pricked. iFirestar!/i She started to call out to him, but something held her back. That itch in her paws turned into a pull she couldn't fight. Half in a daze, she followed her father, padding silently after him in the shadows as he made his way through SkyClan territory.

Finally, they came upon Skywatcher's old den. The old gray tom came padded out of the shadows to stand before Firestar. The ginger tom dipped his head. "You asked me to come."

The elder rasped, "I have to thank you. You have rebuilt the lost Clan."

The two continued like this for a while. Then it took a more ominous turn as Skywatcher's questioned Firestar about ThunderClan and loyalty. "There are difficult times ahead, and your loyalty will be tested to the upmost," The old tom warned. "Sometimes the destiny of one cat is not the destiny of the whole Clan."

There was a pause. When Skywatcher spoke again, all age had been smoothed from his mew, which echoed with the power of StarClan. "Your Clan is safe for now. But there will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws."

Streampaw froze in shock as the prophecy rang in her ears. iThere will be three, kin of Firestar.../i Something about his words wouldn't leave her be. It was as though warriors of StarClan were whispering them in her ears, tugging at her pelt, prickling at her fur.

As Firestar begged Skywatcher to tell her more, the meaning of the prophecy hit her. iGreat StarClan! Does he mean /iusi?!/i

iAre Spottedpaw, Rustypaw, and I the Three?/i

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