~*~ New Couple ~*~

Ulrich groaned in his sleep and stretched his arms but then stopped suddenly when he felt something soft next to him. He turned and smiled warmly at what he saw. His Yumi sleeping soundly.

Her hair was splayed on her pillow, mouth parted slightly open as she breathed softly and her hand was still holding Ulrich's.

How did I get someone so special.. Ulrich thought to himself and smiled.

"Yumi time to get up." He whispered in her ear. She didn't move. He bit his lip and got an idea. He rolled on top of her and started kissing her neck like it was her lips. Yumi groaned and giggled against Ulrich's kisses and pushed him away gently.

"Ok ok I'm up." Yumi chuckled. She looked up at him lovingly and ran her hand through his messy hair. "You think we should tell our friends whats up with us?" Yumi asked.

Ulrich pondered for a minute. "Well I want to but...I'd rather stay here cuddling with you." He groaned and laid his head in the crease of her neck.

Yumi giggled. "Come on lazy bones get up." She said and slapped his butt playfully. He rolled his eyes and rolled off of her so she could get dressed. Yumi got up and searched around the room for her clothes and noticed Ulrich staring at her lustfully.

"Ulrich." She said snapping her fingers. "Ulrich stop eye-balling me." She laughed. He shook his head and blushed.

"Sorry you're just so...beautiful. And honestly what normal guy wouldn't stare at a naked girl?" He said still watching her but this time she had her bra on.

"Cute Stern." She joked and found the remaining clothing and looked back at him with an eyebrow raised. Ulrich looked back confused.


"Umm get dressed unless you want Odd and Sam to see 'little Ulrich'. " She teased.

"Fine.." He said and pulled the blankets off of him. Now it was Yumi's turn to watch Ulrich and she giggled.

"What's so funny Yumi?" Ulrich asked warily.

"Nothing." She blushed and bit her lip. Ulrich shrugged and continued finding his clothes and slipped on his shirt and boxers. But Yumi continued to laugh.

"Ok spit it out Ishiyama." He said in a fake glare.

"Little Ulrich is so cute." She finally said and giggled. Ulrich blushed deeply and covered himself.

"Stop looking at it." He said still blushing and put the rest of his clothes on.

Yumi giggled and grabbed Ulrich's hand. "Let's go find Odd, warrior." She winked.


"ODD! Open the door." Ulrich said knocking on the door. Of course the door was locked meaning him and Sam probably had their own adventure last night.

"Sam! Wake up whore." Yumi called out next sighing. Sam's done this to her too so she felt Ulrich's pain.

Finally the door opened with a naked Sam yawning.

"God Sam do you ever wear clothes?!" Ulrich said closing his eyes in a panic. Yumi rolled her eyes and brought her and Ulrich inside and sat on his bed.

"You know you like it." Sam winked.

"Watch it Sam that's my boyfriend you're talking about." Yumi warned jokingly.

Odd groaned and rolled over revealing his naked chest. "Did I just hear that right or am I dreaming?" He yawned.

"You heard them right hun." Sam said smiling. She had finally put on one of Odd's really long shirts and Ulrich could actually open his eyes.

Odd smiled. "Finally Ulrich!"

"Believe me buddy I've heard enough of that from Sam last night." Ulrich said wrapping his arm around Yumi's waist.

"So..." Odd said looking at Sam with each of them showing devilish smiles. "You guys do it?"

The couple both blushed and didn't say anything.

"Oh my god they so did!" Sam cheered.

"I'm just happy my good buddy is happy." Odd said making Ulrich smile.

After a while the two couples made their way to the lunch room laughing about stories that each of them told. Unfortunately a pair of eyes looked at the new couple in envy.

"Ulrich dear what happened with our date last night?" Sissi pouted.

"I went to be with Yumi." Ulrich said simply and held Yumi's hand.

"What you left me for this string bean?!" Sissi shouted in outrage.

Ulrich sighed and looked to Sam. "You wanna handle her? It's still too early." Sam smirked and turned to Sissi making a fist. Sissi gulped in fear.

"Ulrich you were in love with me."

"Correction: It was lust I felt and after I found out what you and pretty boy did to Yumi I just found you to be a big bitch." He said making Sissi gasp in shock. "Plus the only girl I'm in love with is Yumi." He finished smiling.

"That's-that's sick! Fine whatever Ulrich-dear, William was always a better lay anyway." She 'humph'ed and stomped away.

"That's funny William said the exact same thing last night." Yumi laughed and turned to Ulrich who chuckled too. Sam and Odd turned to each other and back to the couple in confusion.

~*~ Epilogue ~*~

"Ah! Ah! Faster!" The girl moaned and gripped the bed sheets holding in her screams.

"What the fuck?!" The mysterious person next to them shouted and turned to the couple.

"Ulrich! Yumi! Not again!" Odd said covering his eyes in disgust.

"Ahhh!" Yumi screamed in climax and Ulrich panted against her.

"God damn! That's the third time you've done that to me! Some friends you are!" Odd groaned.

Ulrich panted heavily and turned to Odd smirking. "Now you know how I felt all those times I caught you and Sam fucking right next to me."

Odd glared and burried his head in his pillow. "It was only a few times." He muttered. After Yumi had caught her breath moments later she spoke up.

"It was NOT...a few times." She said glaring. "You guys do it so much I'm surprised your dick hasn't fallen off Odd."

Odd lifted his head up and smirked. "I'm just that good babe." He winked.

Ulrich growled at Odd in warning. "Calm down buddy I was just joking! Now that you guys have gotten your revenge can you please stop fucking each other like rabbits with me in the room?"

"Well gee good buddy I don't know. I think I have one more round in me." He smirked and Odd got wide eyed.

"I'm out of here!" Odd screamed running out of the room.

"I knew that would make him leave." Ulrich winked.

"You weren't bluffing were you?" Yumi asked. "I think I could handle your German dick once more." She said seductively.

Ulrich smirked and pulled Yumi into a kiss.

Finally the right couple had found each other at last. Odd continued to find ways to get back at Ulrich. William eventually moved away from the school and Sissi actually started going out with Herve! What more could a girl do with her fuck buddy gone? So the couple lived happily. As the years went by Ulrich started to get good grades with Yumi as his tutor and they eventually went to the same school together. Still happily in love.

~*~ The End ~*~

Thats finally it guys! Hope you all enjoyed.