Charmed S9 E2
Season 9
Episode 2

"I can't believe you left me alone with your MOM! she was determined to make sure I knew for certain that if I Hurt you, I'm not having any kids." Alex grumbled as him and Wyatt walked hand-in-hand through the sunny San-Francisco park, eating monster sized chocolate cookies, which Piper had insisted on baking for the two boys. All of a sudden Wyatt pushed Alex to the side and drew Excalibur from thin air slicing through a high level demon, which was working on attacking him. With one more well-aimed strike of his gleaming sword, Wyatt killed the demon with relative ease, however just summoning the sword to his side had broken a sweat out on his golden skin.
Kneeling down close to the ashen remains he picked up the gleaming silver bracelet the demon had been wearing on it's upper scaled arm, finding and inverted Triquetra engraved on the thick dull metal.
Just as Wyatt was about to send the sword back to it's place in the family attic another 'demon' appeared, this one looked like a humongus spider with an eight eyed White mask over it's 'face'. just as Wyatt was about to drive his sword through this demon, a man wearing a White and black lined cape seemed to shoot an arrow made of pure blue energy at the thing, breaking the mask and reducing the demon to thick smog. All of a sudden Wyatt was bombarded by people in black Japanese outfits, each one holding a sword. There was one stood there in White with a piece of bone jaw on his face, his electric blue hair sticking up in tall spikes, he grabbed the arm of an orange headed sword bearer, stopping the maybe sixteen year old man from attacking Wyatt and a now visibly shaking Alex. Wyatt pulled Alex closer to his side and bared his teeth at the six people in front of im, three with parcial masks stuck to their faces wearing White, three with no masks and different shaped swords, each wearing black, one particularly tall and feminine man had a White sleeveless coat on over the same outfit as the others. "Kurosaki stand down." said feminine man. , the orange head, Kurosaki Wyatt presumed, ,glared at the raven before aiming a strike toward Wyatt and soon found himself locking sword with the wielded of Excalibur. "The fuck do you think you're doing! I mean seriously, I take a walk with my boyfriend and not only do I get chased by demons TWICE a fucking ginner with a sword tries to attack my boyfriend. The fuck's wrong with you!" Wyatt screamed, the two f them soon finding themselves being held back by their respective partners. Reluctantly Wyatt returned the sword to it's sheath and embraced Alex, inhaling the red-haired scent if only to calm himself and his probably overwhelmed lover. Not that they were loves not yet. As a matter of fact it probably looked a little strange. Wyatt was so bulkily built and strong and there he we practically hanging off someone who was slimmer, yet taller than himself.
"Yo! Asshat! Who the fuck are you!" Grimmjow said, he didn't care about anything but Ichigo the guy had just cussed m out. Big no-no.
"He." The man with the White over coat began "Is the son of the three most powerful good beings n the world and an angel. Gomensai Halliwell-Sama." Mr. White-Coat whispered with a bow. "Arrigato." Wyatt murmured back with an equal bow, he may not know who these people were, but he knew enough Japanese to pass as Japanese, including culture. "Arrigato Sama."
Wyatt asked him who they were and his eyes widened as he proceeded to kneel in front of one of the captains of the thirteen gotei. "Bya..." he heard a spiky redheaded fellow say as he leaned not whisper to the captain. He heard him say about trust and love, but misunderstood the rest.
Wyatt stood and gripped Alex's hand firmly, "Halliwe-"
"Call me Wyatt Kuchiki-Taichou." he said with a smile
"then call me Byakuya." captain Kuchiki countered with a smile.
"What. The fuck." Ichigo whispered
"Well basically I'm an angel/witch which means I have high reiatsu I think it's called?"
Dn dun dn cue mash up of charmed and bleach cross ! XD ;D