I'm going to update this every Thursday evening and there should be around seven or eight parts to it. I'd advise reading my previous Nick/ Yvonne fic 'Connection' because it introduces Isla, my OC and may give you a better idea of what's going on because this is kind of a follow-up to that. This chapter is told from Yvonne's point of view.

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This chapter is dedicated to Meggi and Dr Asfen who is going to be mentioned here- he was the man who operated on my to enable me to see colour.

I pull the suitcase through the door, into the small house. It's bare, empty and cold from lack of use and every noise is echoed, the sounds bouncing around the room, cannoning the original sound rather eerily. I sigh as I drop down the suitcase and that sigh is returned to me multiple times as I lean against the wall and push a hair that has detracted itself from my low ponytail out of my face. The door drifts shut and as I look around I realise how strange it feels to be out of the hospital, out of the confinement of that one bare room.

'Yvonne' I hear my younger sister's voice float into the room from outside. I open the door again and see her on the step with a bag far too large for someone so small in her hands.

'Isla' I say, removing the bag from her arms 'I told you to only take the small bags and leave the heavy ones to Nick'

'I know' she shrugged 'but he seems to be struggling' she says with a giggle and as I peer over her head I see Nick stumbling along with a bag not much larger than Isla's in his significantly larger hands and Isla is right, he seems to be struggling almost as much as her, despite her being thirty years younger and a few feet smaller. I laugh too and as Isla pushes passed me into the house I see Nick glaring at the amusement I'm finding in his lack of strength.

'Whatever happened to male dominance?' I tease, throwing the bag Isla had given me inside and reaching forward to take the bag from him in a way not dissimilar to how I treated Isla. He moves his hands in an odd gesture, evidently trying to explain himself but lacking the words to do so.

'It was heavy!' he protests, giving up on any legible, sensible argument and resorting to a childish remark 'and beside, I've been lugging bags about all day, can't I have a break?'

I smile at him, placing the bag on the floor on top of the already large pile of bags and boxes that has been mounting in the unloading process. 'Of course you can' I say as he takes my hand 'can't have you over-exerting yourself now, can we?'

He flicks me on the nose as he walks passed me in the entrance before bounding up the stairs with the energy of a ten-year-old.

'What happened to you being tired?' I ask teasingly.

'I recovered' he retorted 'and besides, the excitement of exploring a house is far more energising than transferring boxes and bags from the car to the house.'

'You did lock the car, right?' I say but before he has the time to answer I hear clattering footsteps and see Isla run down the upstairs corridor and straight into Nick, who promptly lifts her up, spinning her round.

'Careful!' I say warningly 'If you drop her down the stairs…' He gently places her down on the step below him.

'What was that about dropping her down the stairs?' he asks smugly, a twinkle in his eye and a massive grin plastered across her face.

'Honestly' I say as Isla turns around with a bounce, the same monkeyish grin pasted on her face 'you're like a pair of excited two year olds!'

'Yvonne, can I have the room at the back?' Isla asks, completely ignoring my comment and beginning to make her way down the stairs, bouncing on each step she reaches.

'Of course' I say, knowing she would ask for this room.

'Yay!' she cheers, rushing down the stairs, landing almost on top of the pile of boxes and bags 'which ones are mine?'

I shake my head 'not yet, missy, we've got the furniture van yet to come' I say, giving her hair an affectionate ruffle 'and besides, you can't carry half those boxes up on your own'

'Though I'd like to see you try.' Nick says in an almost daring tone.

'Don't encourage her' I say, shaking my head, trying to sound reproachful but knowingmy light tone betrays how amused I am by their childish behaviour.

'Well, I'd do better than Nick anyway!' Isla retorts, poking her tongue out at Nick who has begun to make his way down the stairs.

'I'm sure you would' I agree, looking slyly at Nick 'but you still can't try, you'll just have to wait'

Isla pouts for a moment but her happiness is soon restored when Nick reaches the bottom of the stairs, tapping her on the opposite shoulder to where he's standing, making her look the wrong way. 'Nick!' she exclaims and begins chasing him around the empty room. But the room no longer feels empty anymore and the house suddenly feels full of light and warmth, even though no heating or lights have been turned on. And it's all because of the presence of the people I love and trust most; the two people I know I'd do anything for and the only two people I'm sure would do anything for me.

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