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Chapter 1

Teiko Middle School has an incredibly strong basketball team with over 100 members and they were famous for their three consecutive wins at the national championship. However, even among their brilliant record, there was a group of members that stood out – the Generation of Miracles. There were five members, who were all geniuses in their own right, but there was a strange rumour that there was a sixth member that the others acknowledged and respected…

It was the first day of the new school year and for Seirin, it was only its second year open since it had been established recently. A girl with shoulder-length sky blue hair and matching eyes was reading a book while walking through the crowd, but no one noticed her. She skillfully weaved in and out without bumping into anyone.

"Are you interested in shogi?"

"Want to join the literary club?"

"If you're Japanese, you should try baseball!"

The girl glanced up from her book and saw that she was standing in front of the basketball club's desk. The two upper years – a girl with short brown hair with her bangs held back by two clips and a male with short, spiky black hair with glasses – clearly didn't notice her presence, so she made herself known by clearing her throat softly.



"Sorry." The blue haired female said, monotonously. "I would like to join the basketball club please."

The older pair took a few seconds to compose themselves and wondered to themselves when she had appeared in front of them without them detecting her.

"Oh, that's great! Please fill out this form." The female handed the smaller teen a piece of paper, which she took and sat down in front of them. "My name is Aida Riko and I'm the coach for the basketball team."

"I'm Hyuuga Junpei, captain of the Seirin. Are you looking to be the manager?" The glasses-wearing boy asked the recruit.

"Yes. My name is Kuroko Tetsuna. I am pleased to meet you."

Wow, she's so polite and formal! This is how kouhai should be! Hyuuga smiled with little sparkles and flowers behind him.

"I think you may know already, but our school was just opened last year. All the sempai are only second years…"

"Yes, I am aware of that, that is why I wanted to join Seirin." Kuroko replied softly. She handed back a completed form to Riko, who scanned it quickly. Her brown eyes widened drastically when she noted that the girl was a former Teiko student.

"Eh, you're from Teiko?" Riko exclaimed, but when she looked up, the girl was gone.

"What? She's from Teiko? If she's a first year, then it's possible she was from the Generation of Miracles!" Hyuuga deduced.

"But she's a girl! There's no way she was a regular." Riko countered her friend's reasoning. The two teens shrugged it off and decided they would find out in time. "So far, we have one, two… ten applications so far. Perhaps we need a few more."

I wonder how Koganei and Tsuchida are doing with the advertising? Do your best to bring back promising people! Riko thought.

Koganei's tear-ridden face suddenly appeared in her view and he was saying, "I brought back a new student…"

An extremely tall first-year was gripping the shorter boy's uniform and his piercing red eyes zeroed in on Riko.

"Is this the basketball club?"

"WAAH!" Riko yelled, surprised at the teen's appearance. "… Yeah, this is the basketball club."

Brought back..? Isn't it the other way around? The coach asked herself. On top of everything, it feels like there's a wild tiger in front of me! What is this guy?

She then proceeded to ramble on about how Seirin had just opened the previous year, but the first-year didn't seem to care and he blatantly stated so. The red head sat down and took the offered cup of tea.

"Give me a paper. I'll just write down my name and go back."

When Riko obtained his form back, she observed that he had gone to middle school in America. Ooh, he trained in the best place! Kagami Taiga-kun… Hm, no matter how you look at it, he definitely isn't an average guy!

"Um, you didn't write anything for your goals." Riko stated, still looking at the paper.

Kagami crushed the paper cup in his hand, while walking away, and answered with only a glance backwards, "Japanese basketball is the same everywhere. It's weak."

After the tall freshman was out of hearing distance, Koganei collapsed on the table that he was sitting at and shouted, "S-SCARY! Is that guy really a freshman?"

Riko sighed, "Forget about that, I wanna know what's up with the freshmen this year… There's a girl from Teiko and that first-year from America!"

Koganei looked surprised at her exclamation, "Eh, someone from Teiko? The middle school with the Generation of Miracles?"

"But she's a girl and she applied to be the manager anyway…" Hyuuga retorted, seeming disappointed slightly.

Later that day, the boy's basketball club was gathered in Seirin's gymnasium. The freshmen were conversing with one another until Riko stepped in, "Alright, it seems that everyone's here. Could all the freshmen assemble in front of me?"

One of the freshmen glanced at Riko and then murmured to his friend, "Hey, isn't that manager cute?"

"Yeah, she's a second year, right? If only she was a little more sexy…"

Before their conversation could continue, Hyuuga came up from behind and whacked their heads, "You're wrong, morons."

Riko announced to the club, knowing that there would be assumptions that she was the manager of the club, "I'm the boys basketball club's coach, Aida Riko. Nice to meet you!"

All the freshmen looked shocked at the revelation, "EHHH?! The coach?" They all glanced at the elderly man sitting on a nearby bench.

"That's Takeda-sensei, he's the advisor." She continued, not looking at all perturbed.

"Seriously? Wait, is that even allowed?"

"Well, now then… Everyone, take off your shirts!"

The males all blushed and looked at each other, clearly hesitant. Out of nowhere, a blue-haired girl appeared in front of their coach with her hand raised and she asked, "Should I take off my shirt as well, coach?"

Everyone, including the upper years, jumped in the air a good metre and screamed.


"Where did she come from?"

"That scared the crap out of me..!"

Riko held up a hand to her chest, in hopes of slowing down her racing heartbeat. "Oh, Kuroko-chan… Since when were you there?"

"I was here since the beginning." She replied, nonchalantly as if she hadn't just scared everyone with her lack of presence.

"Eh… Well everyone, I'd like you to meet our new manager. Kuroko Tetsuna, right?" Kuroko simply nodded in reply.

"I didn't even notice her…"

"She's cute!"

"It's like she has no presence."

"Back to business… Take off your shirts! Minus you, Kuroko-chan." The brown-haired coach clapped her hands to bring the attention back to her. She added the last part as she noticed that Kuroko was about to take off her t-shirt. There were a few disappointed groans as soon as she stopped, which were immediately silenced by the coach's glare. "Kuroko-chan, come stand over here."

The slightly taller girl complied without a word and Riko began to analyze the topless boys in front of her.

"You." She pointed a dark-haired male, "Your instantaneous strength is weak. I'm guessing you must be around 50 steps for twenty seconds on the quick ladder training exercise, right? If you want to play basketball, you should improve that a bit. You, your body is too stiff. Train your flexibility after getting out of the bath! As for you…"

The boys being told about their weaknesses were in disbelief over their situation, especially because she was correct about everything. Hyuuga thought this would be a good time to mention that her father is a sports trainer and that she spent everyday at his workplace looking at muscles and data since she was young.

"Just with a glance, her eyes can see all its abilities and stats." Hyuuga smiled as he said this. When Riko came across the last member in the line, she stopped, looking in awe at the body in front of her.

"… What?" Kagami inquired, staring down at her.

What the hell? His numbers aren't even close to everyone else's! They're amazingly high and definitely not expected of a first-year in high school… And on top of that, I can't seem to estimate his full potential! This is… Natural talent! Riko admired silently.

"Coach! How long are you going to daydream?" Hyuuga snapped at her. The female coach hadn't even realized she had spaced out for such a long time and that she actually had a small trail of drool coming out of her mouth.

Embarrassed, she wiped her mouth with her sleeve, "S-sorry! So, err…"

"That's the last of them, right?" Hyuuga pointed out.

"Yeah, okay, let's start practice then!"

After practice was finished for the day, Riko asked the only other female to stay behind for a little chat, while dismissing the other members.

"So, Kuroko-chan, do you have any experience with basketball? Do you know the rules?"

"Well, I did help out with my middle school's basketball team from time to time, but they already had a manager." Kuroko lied. Although she was uncomfortable with not telling the truth, she didn't want to play basketball at this time. "I am familiar with the rules."

"Okay, that's all I needed to know. I'm the one who mostly collects the data, but we can go over it together." Riko smiled at the other girl, which she returned, albeit much smaller.

Kuroko's cell vibrated as she was walking home from Seirin and she flipped it open to see that Akashi, her former captain from Teiko, had texted her.

[Tetsuna, which school did you go to? Remember the oath you took.]

[I am at Seirin, but may I request that you do not inform the others of this?]

[I'll allow you this, Tetsuna, but you owe me a favour in the future.]

Kuroko let out a sigh of relief. She would listen to Akashi, but she didn't want anyone else to find out about her attendance at Seirin. It wasn't the right time yet.

On her way home, Kuroko passed the Maji Burger and decided that she would get a vanilla milkshake. The blue-haired girl sat down at a table for two and a few minutes later she was joined by Kagami, whom had a tray with a pyramid of burgers piled on it.

The Generation of Miracles, huh? Kagami had overheard three of his fellow freshmen talking about an extremely strong team from Teiko that had dominated the middle school circuit. If it's those guys then maybe they would be a challenge…

Kagami was currently looking out the window of the burger joint with his thoughts wandering. So when he turned back to his gigantic amount of burgers and saw the manager of Seirin's basketball club sitting across from him, he nearly flipped his entire tray out of fright.


"Hello. That is a lot of food, but I guess you are still growing, right?" The female commented with fleeting amusement, while sipping her straw.

"From where… Wait, what are you doing here?" Kagami shouted, earning a lot of glares from fellow customers of Maji Burger.

"Well, I was sitting here since the beginning. I was just people watching."

Ugh, she scared the shit outta me..! I seriously didn't even notice her... and wait, she was watching people? What the hell? Kagami thought.

"Anyway, can I ask you a few questions? After I'm done eating this, of course."

"… Sure."

A while later, Kagami and Kuroko were walking along the street in silence, when Kagami initiated the conversation, "I was in America until my second year of middle school. I was truly shocked when I returned to Japan; the level of basketball here is too low! I'm not looking to play basketball for fun; I want to play against challenging people who make my blood boil! But I heard something interesting earlier… There's a strong group called the 'Generation of Miracles' in the same year as us. Coach said you were from Teiko, so what do you know about them?"

"Well, as you know… they are incredibly powerful and they are all geniuses in basketball. They each have their own specialty and particular skill when it comes to basketball. They also split up once entering high school." Kuroko answered, staring straight into Kagami's eyes, which required her to crane her neck quite a lot.

"If I were to go one-on-one with them now, how would I do?" The redhead asked curiously.

Kuroko didn't even blink or bother censoring the truth when she said, "You would be annihilated."

"Ugh, do you have to put it like that?"

"That is the truth." Kuroko replied and Kagami just sighed, before saying goodbye and leaving.

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