We're reading this book in class, thought the book was good (unlike so many other ppl in my poor English class!:() Not much, but I thought this story was good. Thank you Mrs. Morris for all the hard work you did drilling this message through our heads!

Jem's thoughts on the Tom Robinson trial's sentence

Life Was Never Fair

It isn't fair!

He was innocent I tell ya, innocent! But what does that matter in this town, huh?

Nothing apparently!

A white man's story is ALWAYS taken over a black's, even if it's clear they're lying. It's the way this town is, the way society branded people. It's cruel, unfair, inhuman. I can't see why people do this sort of thing. Color shouldn't even matter- it's what God created, isn't it?

That's what happened today; they sent someone to prison for something they didn't do, that's what they did! The stupid jury, they let the guilty one off scott-free!

I feel sick to my stomach. Tom'll get the chair for this. Atticus already said rape's a capital crime here in this state. It shouldn't be, I think. Maybe that's just the anger talking.

Scout and Dill aren't fairing too well either. Neither of them's said a word all the way home. Even Atticus is saddened, keeps on muttering nonsense to himself about appeals before death row and the Grand Jury might throw the case out as it was judged by byist citizens.

Not one lick of sense if ya ask me. But no one is, so I'm not saying anything.

Aunt Alexandra keeps trying to say it's nothing to be ashamed of, but I don't think she understands. They just sent an innocent person to his death and get to sleep at night without a second thought about it.

Something's wrong with this town.

I once told Atticus I wasn't so sure about being a lawyer- I think I've changed my mind now. I'm gonna change those laws someday, make it so that racism is so illegal it'll get them death row.

Not the other way around like today.

Yep, I'm gonna be Jem Finch, Attorney at Law. That'll teach them, I'm sure of it.

We pass the Radley place, almost home. Scout inches away silently, almost unnoticeable, but Dill walks right on up and takes a big, long look at it. That old place still fascinates him.

I wonder what Boo Radley would've done if he were on the jury…..


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