Claire p.o.v

I woke up in the morning still huddled in the corner. All the guys weren't in the room, just me.

I got up with a head ache, from the alcohol, and a pain down my side.

I went to the door and tried to pull it open. It was locked.

So i screamed and knocked and screamed and knocked and then finally some guy i didn't recognise opened the door and came in.

"Hey babe. Why you being so noisy? Anyway. i thought you were meant to be dead?" said the guy sarcastically. They'd obviously figured it out.

"I'm not in the mood for sexual comments, touching or anything else." I said as i sat down in the corner of the room.

"I'm not in here for that." Said the approaching guy. "Orders from Frank"

Said the guy as he grabbed my hair and pulled me out the room.

"Get off!" I screamed as he pulled me in a big room where all the guys were sitting.

I looked at Shane who seemed to be looking really guilty.

I was thrown on a chair facing a desk which then had a camera in front. The guys were sitting, slouching or lying on the floor around, keen to watch.

"So babe, if you listen and answer. You wont get hurt and you know my knife skills" said Daniel flashing a grin as he approached the table. He took out a pair of those pink fluffy handcuffs, obviously not meant for interrogation purposes.

"I also know how you scream like a girl and left a women on the floor to bleed to her death" I snapped back at him

"Don't make me do it again" he said as he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled hard before releasing.

"How do you know Amelie?" Said an older guy, maybe around 40, asked.

"I don't. She never really talks to the community" i said keeping a steady gaze but trying to undo the handcuffs

"See. I would believe you, if we weren't watching you come out of the town hall with Amelie yesterday" said another guy, maybe around 30.

Oh shit.

"Looks like you've made a mistake, Clara" said Daniel laughing. No wonder why he was put in charge of interrogation "or should i say Claire Laura Danvers who lives in the Glass house residents with Eve and Michael"

They've been watching me for weeks.

"Stalker much?" I asked before the older guy with Daniel slapped me,on the opposit side then last time though.

"Look babe. You either do plan A, listen and be good or Plan B, aka the fun way." The older guy said right close up to my face. "What does Amelie know about us?" He spat

I froze. Amelie told me not to say, ever.

I didn't say anything, i looked down at the table. Thinking what i could say without saying too much.

"Look babe. I'm not messing" Daniel said as he walked over to me and pulled my hair back, dragging my chin into the air. "Your just as hot as i remember" he whispered into my neck.

He was so slimy he made me want to puke.

He then got a knife out and slowly dragged it along my cheek. I could feel it wasn't deep but still, it hurt like hell.

"STOP!" I screamed. I couldn't even run as my arms were attached to the table.

"Now, if you don't want to be cut to ribbons i would start talking" the older dude said.

"I went to Amelie about uni! She wanted to know how i was getting on! She said something about me working with Myrin." I said nearly crying

"And, has she mentioned us before?" Danny asked as he fiddled with my hair like we were dating or something.

"Not to me" i said as he looked down my top.

"Lying again i see" said Daniel as he bent down next to me and grabbed my chin so i was facing him.

He used the hand not holding my face to run his hands from my knee to the top of my shorts, and then he tried to keep going.

"Stop!" I yelled.

"No, i'm enjoying this" he said as the guys watching laughed.

"She said that she was expecting an epidemic soon and when i asked her what she meant she told me to forget it." I said as Daniels hand approached my pants. I had on short shorts so i had a thong on, he pinged the side of them.

I yelped and the guys watching laughed. I finally allowed myself to look up at the face surrounding, Shane looked a bit peeved off actually.

"Now babe. Does she know our plans?" The older guy asked leaning over the table as Daniel moved away.

"I- I don't know" i said as uncontrollable tears flowed down my cheeks. "She said she new you were meant to be coming soon but not when"

Daniel stared at me hesitantly before undoing the handcuffs and pulling me on to the table from my wrist.

"Hold her wrists" he said to one of the younger guys who took them and held them above my head obediently. I screamed as he undid the button on my shorts and then, he raped me with all of them watching.

"STOP" i screamed as he continued to as he made sexual noises. When he was done he pulled my shorts back up and his own trousers.

"Now, i could go again but I'm thinking you'd object. Now, what does she know about us?" He said in my face threateningly

"Everything" i whispered "your names, looks, bikes, out of town hideouts. Everything"

"Good girl" he said as he kissed me on the cheek without blood on.

They took me to the other room again and locked me in.

I cried and cried until the door opened and i was given some bread and soup.

I left it uneaten, like i did everyday for the next three days. I was taken to the toilet but that was it for days- until i heard a loud bang and swearing.

"Claire" a voice shouted

"Here!" I screamed as the door flew open and eve was standing there.

"Come on babe" she said as she helped my weak body up and dragged me past the biker bodies on the floor.

"Claire?" Shane's voice shouted behind me. Eve whirled round and aimed her gun at him.

"Please, let me come with you" he said as he held his hands to his head. Eve looked at me and i nodded showing my acceptance.

He followed behind us as we walked up to the car.

"We got them babe" eve said as she closed my door. She walked around to the front and sat next to Michael. Shane took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Somehow i know everything is going to be all right.


Sorry, got a bit bored of this story so i finished it as soon as i could. I'm working on some other things though so watch out!