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Prompt: Evidence


Councilman Joshua frowned to himself, carefully taking in every word of the report before him. Maintaining the floating city of Airlandis was no easy task, made all the harder by Aaron's near fanatical devotion to finding the Promised Land. If only he'd focus that same attention on the city itself! It didn't help matters that the older man's children were almost as bad as their father, likely brainwashed into believing that old tale. He could think of no other reason why such otherwise admirable adults would believe that children's story, though Peak's immaturity excused him for the time being.

Focusing again on his work, Joshua signed the appropriate spots on the report and placed it aside on top of a pile of other finished reports. He calmly picked up a second one and looked over it, stifling a sigh as he realized it was the same as the previous one, only with slightly different wording. Signing off on that one too, he began to go over yet another report, only to his surprise it wasn't one for him but actually Z'neth, detailing the ever common old problem of too many recruits for not enough young dragons.

Frowning to himself, Joshua's brain began to pick yet again at the problems that the Dragon Flyz presented. Their feats were an inspiration to the city, especially the youth, and time again they had proven their capability against the danger presented by Dread Wing and his minions. Yet they allowed a fantasy to rule their judgment.

Though the councilman would readily admit to the advantages a sizeable Oasis could provide Airlandis, the idea that there would be an area large enough to take in and support all of the city's population was absurd. With the city's travels all over the ruined world, an area that large would have long been found and colonized by now! Whatever Aaron had seen all those years ago, the ex-Dragon Fly had no evidence to support his claims but there was plenty more to debunk him.

Setting aside the mistakenly delivered report to give to Z'neth later, Joshua returned to the task at hand, ignoring the little voice in the back of his head telling him that Mount Alayas had once been a supposed myth as well.