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Prompt: Superstition


On Airlandis, the standard superstitions were missing. No one tossed salt over their shoulder if they spilled any, there weren't enough domesticated cats around for people to be wary of crossing paths with and the moon was just a rock in the sky.

However, some of the old superstitions still existed. Young children were careful to avoid stepping directly on any cracks on the paths and even some adults tried to avoid splitting the few poles that existed on the floating city. Any broken mirror was carefully tended to, though there was a quietly heated debate on the waiting time and even the length of the 'curse'.

There were even some new superstitions too. It was considered bad luck for a dragon to spit on a person, as well as a sign of extreme irritation. Each successive class of new dragonators got antsy until someone of their class swiped a pair of Ulrich's gloves, preferably before that class's graduation. It was considered a sign of really good luck for a dragonator to successfully bond with the first dragon they were paired with.

Overall though, most people just didn't think about it. Life on Airlandis was enough of an adventure without adding in the flairs of superstition.