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Prompt: Lost


Aaron frowned to himself as he typed in yet another detail of the day he'd seen the Promised Land. It was so long ago but the details were so fresh in his head that it was like only yesterday that he'd seen it.

But then why couldn't he remember where it was?

His frown deepened when he again got to that part. On that day, he'd been out with his team, the previous Dragon Flyz, on a routine scouting and amber hunting flight. During that, they'd been ambushed by Dread Wing and some of his forces.

Actually the battle itself was sort of hazy. The reports filed by his team mates stated that Aaron had been knocked off his dragon by Black Heart and sent plummeting to the ground.

It was during that time of his fall, Aaron had gotten his glimpse of the Promised Land. He'd seen Oases before, but none of that gigantic size. It'd been beautiful, with lush trees, plentiful grass and the glimmer of a distant lake. Jupiter had rescued him with a simple diving maneuver and they'd gone back to finish the fight.

Later on Airlandis, Aaron had tried to memorize the co-ordinates of the Promised Land, but between the reports, the time in Medical and comforting his, at that time, young children as well as his sweet Iranda, he'd lost all of the information except for that one glimpse burned into his memory.

Which was why he'd started this exercise, re-recording the events of that day in the hopes of remembering some vital clue. Aaron knew that Airlandis had at best been a temporary solution after the Great Cataclysm. Though great strides had been made to adjust and change the floating city into a more permanent solution, there would be a time that it just wouldn't last any longer.

Reading back over what he'd written, Aaron frowned again and returned to his self-appointed task. The Promised Land existed and he would find it again.