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Prompt: Taxi

'talk' = dragons talking/Apex talking to dragons


Blaze Wind snorted as he came in for a landing on Airlandis. Apex let him take care of it, trusting him to set himself down without a mishap. The white and purple dragon began to taxi as soon as his feet touched the landing strip, easing off the last of his momentum from the short flight.

Once he stopped, Apex slid off the saddle to help lead him back to his stall, though she didn't need to. Blaze let her do so anyway, hoping she'd stay afterwards for a chat. They hadn't had one of those for a while and he wasn't above admitting that he was lonely for her company.

Of course he had the other dragons to talk to, but there was something different about having such a strong connection with his rider. Besides, her way of thinking and reasoning was interesting to consider in their talks, especially in the few times they had clashing opinions.

But that had to be interrupted by a petite brunette woman approaching Apex to talk with her. Blaze Wind snorted and tuned them out as he began to continue on to his stall, feeling he deserved to be a little grumpy right then. Apex stopped him though and he felt their connection open, 'Hey Blaze Wind, do you mind answering a few questions?'

He blinked once before replying, 'I don't. Could it wait until I've had a drink first?'

Apex nodded and motioned for the newcomer to follow them. She explained as they made their way to Blaze's stall, 'This is Holly, she's a researcher from the University. She's doing a study on my empathy ability and the bond between dragon and rider. She just has a couple questions for you regarding your end of the bond.'

Blaze Wind held off on replying as he took a drink from his water trough. Licking the water from his snout, he answered back, 'Certainly. What does she want to know?'

It wasn't the chat he was hoping for, but this could turn out to be quite interesting.