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Prompt: Writer's Choice – Aftermath

Part Six

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Exhausted, researcher Holly stumbled into Aaron's office to turn in her latest report at the appointed time. She was surprised to see Z'neth there but Aaron gave her a permissive motion to begin talking. Straightening up, she glanced over her data pad once more to make sure it was all in order before handing it over to Aaron, "Not much to say sir. Overall I don't think whatever happened is going to happen again, not unless Peak is put into a similar situation again. There is support for his ability though."

Aaron put the data pad aside to read later, attention focused on Holly, "Would you mind elaborating on that?"

She continued, "With your permission, I did check the family lines. Apparently one of Iranda's great great uncles could teleport small objects at will. He never did people though and supposedly the largest thing he teleported was a stack of books. The distant was never very far for him either, his maximum limit seeming to be about ten yards."

Rubbing the back of her neck, Holly added, "I've tried having Peak do some tests, but so far nothing's happening. Apex also said that she still can't feel anything from him."

Aaron prompted, "Tests?"

Holly answered, "Small things, like trying to see if he couldn't teleport an apple or move it. Most of the time he didn't seem to get what I was asking him to do, which supports his claim that he doesn't remember the incident itself. Like I state in my report, this could have just been a one-time thing."

Aaron nodded at her, "Thank you for your work Holly."

She nodded back and left, grateful that she had some down time at last. As soon as she was gone, Z'neth turned back to his father, "So what do we do now?"

Aaron picked up the data pad to skim over it, trying to arrange the information into a plan. After a while, he answered, "Just don't talk about it for now. If Peak has questions, answer them but otherwise try to avoid the subject. We'll have to think of a more official statement later but for now, let's leave it at a stroke of luck."

Z'neth nodded, feeling the stress of the last few days wearing down on both of them. Dealing with the aftermath of both rescuing Peak and their apparent teleportation to Airlandis had not been easy and very likely was going to cause headaches for many people for months afterward.


Peak grumbled to himself as he viciously jabbed his spoon at what the nurse had claimed was lunch. The tasteless, watery excuse for soup just gently sloshed in the bowl, mocking him with its existence. Choosing to ignore it, he picked up the apple that had come with it for dessert, having already eaten the toast first with some of the soup in a desperate hope it'd taste better. It hadn't.

Biting into it, he was surprised to hear a knock at the doorway. Glancing up, he saw Apex stepping into the room, giving him a cheery wave as she did so. He quickly chewed and swallowed the bite of apple, mumbling, "Hey sis."

She smiled at him, coming over to him to give Peak a brief hug before handing him a box, "Hey Peak. How do you feel?"

Examining the box in his hands, Peak shrugged, "Not too bad, still sore in places though. I still don't like the haircut."

Apex smiled at him again, lightly running her fingers through his now short hair, "They had good reasons for cutting it, you know that. Besides, it looks good on you."

Peak half-heartedly swatted her hand away, finally opening the box. He immediately brightened at the sight of the baked goods inside, "Thanks sis!"

Happily biting into one, he nearly missed what she said next, "The doctor told me it was okay for you to have other foods now and I remembered that lemon bars are your favorite, so I made you some as a treat."

Unfortunately already swallowing the bite, Peak forced himself to smile back at her, waiting for the incoming pain. However, there wasn't any. No sudden stomach cramping, no instant nausea, no odd taste or textures in the lemon bar. Apex's food always reacted quickly too, so he knew that it was highly unlikely to experience anything horrible later on. Hesitantly taking a second bite, Peak was relieved that still nothing happened.

Now legitimately smiling back at a nervous looking Apex, Peak told her, "Thanks sis! They're great!"

Brightening up herself, she gently chided him, "Don't talk with your mouth full Peak and you're welcome. I'll make them again for you sometime."

He nodded at her as she made to leave, "Sorry I've got to go so soon Peak but we're due to go on an amber run in just half an hour. I'll see you later though."

Peak sighed but nodded again, waving bye at his sister as she walked out of his room. Closing the box and putting it aside on the nightstand, he laid back down on the stiff medical bed, wondering who'd come see him next. He'd been moved out of the quarantine room earlier that week into a private one with a restricted visitors list. Except for that researcher girl, Holly, only family were allowed to see him so far, though his siblings had told him of well-wishes from the other dragonators.

Yawning suddenly, Peak cursed whichever of the medicines he was on that made him drowsy but gave in to the urge to nap easily. It wasn't like he could do much else, not since he'd already completed his current school assignments for the week.

He woke up later right as his father and Summit stepped in, apparently surprising them. Blinking sleepily at them, Peak sat up on his elbows, "Hey."

Aaron hesitated in the doorway, "Should we come back later?"

Peak shook his head and moved to fully sit up, "Nah it's fine. It's just one of the meds making me sleepy. What's up?"

Aaron drifted over to stand next to the bed with Summit following him, "Nothing really, we just came for a visit."

Peak nodded, trying to keep himself from yawning again. Spying the box, the teen picked it up and opened it again, offering it to his father and brother, "Want one? They're really good."

Aaron politely turned him down while Summit accepted a bar. Peak picked up one himself and happily bit into it, waiting for someone to say something. However, that didn't happen as Summit suddenly choked and ran to the room's attached bathroom. The sound of retching was quickly heard from it.

Aaron immediately made to take the box from Peak, who just as quickly held it out of his reach, "It's okay! Apex made them for me!"

His father halted and stared at him, "Apex made those?"

Peak nodded, finishing the bar he'd been eating, "They're actually pretty good too."

Aaron kept staring at him, repeating, "Apex made those?"

Peak nodded again, starting to get a little creeped out now, "Is Summit okay?"

At that point Summit came out of the bathroom, drying his hands off with a paper towel, croaking, "I'll be fine, I think. Didn't actually swallow any of it."

The older blond looked at the box in Peak's hands and visibly shuddered, "How come you're not getting sick?"

Finally realizing it, Peak looked confused himself before shrugging and quietly saying, "I guess my stomach toughened up."

There was an awkward moment of silence before Aaron gently patted Peak on the shoulder, "Is there anything you'd like us to get you?"

Peak shook his head before pointing at the haphazard stack of papers on the room's single table, "Could you take that to my teachers? Otherwise I'm good."

Summit picked up the papers, "Got it lil bro. Sure you don't want a book or anything?"

Peak shrugged and yawned, "If you feel like bringing me one, sure."

One of the doctors chose that moment to poke his head into the room, "Aaron, could I speak with you for a moment please?"

Aaron nodded and gave his youngest a quick hug, "I'll be back tomorrow Peak. Sleep well."

After their father left, Summit gave Peak a one-armed hug himself, "Later little brother. Careful with that box."

Peak waved him off, already too sleepy to care much anymore.

As he drifted off again, there was a small part of himself that was oddly happy at not having to experience the aftermath of Apex's cooking anymore.